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  1. Black Mole on Head
  2. basal cell cancer on tip on my nose
  3. Help! Indent after punch biopsy - will it fill in?
  4. Afraid I have skin cancer
  5. 2 days ago I got an irregular brown spot on my arm, I'm a bit afraid
  6. A new lump
  7. Shave Biopsy-Is it painful?
  8. Mole Removed - Growing Back
  9. Mole becoming painful in teenage daughter
  10. spot on lower back..
  11. Basal cell
  12. Stage 1B VERY confused:(
  13. melanoma recurrance
  14. Possible skin cancer?
  15. Scared of skin cancer?
  16. Plea to Dermatologists
  17. Tons of moles showing up
  18. Freckle growing after removal
  19. scar on face?... scared whats happening :'(
  20. Satellite moles
  21. Question About Shave Biopsy Healing
  22. Deep Mole Shave Having Issues Healing
  23. Can this be skin cancer?
  24. Mole on sole of foot
  25. Is this Melanoma or Fungus?
  26. Sore pink mole on neck
  27. When to stop?
  28. Freckle on palm?
  29. Skin mole removed and growing back
  30. Growing pink mole(?) on scalp
  31. Weird moles on shoulder [worried]
  32. Dermatologist had 5 moles biopsied - should I be concerned?
  33. Is this dark spot on my head cancerous?
  34. Amelanotic Melanoma
  35. Queries on Melanoma
  36. Bleeding spot on lip
  37. Actinic keratosis/Solar keratosis
  38. spot on my bicep
  39. So scared of new mole!
  40. How fast does nodular melanoma spread?
  41. 5th basal cell under right eye
  42. Strange Bleeding Growth on Back - Pictures
  43. Strange lesion on arm
  44. Mole or something wrist-picked it off
  45. Does it sound and look like a normal skin mole or not?
  46. dark mole suddenly turning red
  47. Nodular melanoma? Terrified!!
  48. Help interpreting biopsy results please!!!
  49. Is a punch biopsy good to take out a mildly atypical mole?
  50. 70 new moles - what is causing it?
  51. Mole on toe... risk of melanoma?
  52. Flesh coloured flat wart on scalp
  53. Perfect bright red ring around my mole...
  54. Severe atypia...melanoma.
  55. Severe Atypia result from mole biopsy
  56. Best place to take skin graft for upper bridge of nose
  57. Cover scars? Dermaflage?
  58. Black spot on scrotum
  59. skin cancer untreated
  60. Shave Biopsy on Nose
  61. So scared again - red nodular on arm
  62. Get A Yearly Full Body Checkup To Guard Yourself Against Melanoma..
  63. hmm? Cancer or not?
  64. how should a skin graft look?
  65. Anxiously awaiting nail bed biopsy results
  66. skin graft
  67. Biopsy/Nose
  68. Grey spot... is it cancer?
  69. excision biopsy question..
  70. black spots on vulva
  71. Bowen's Disease
  72. Spot on nose
  73. BCC or SCC on nose?
  74. Cancer On Nose...
  75. Large mole sent for biopsy...
  76. MOHS surgery on face: ISO advice
  77. Non pigmented toenail melanoma !!!!!!
  78. Punchy biopsy on face/nose - hoping its a sebaceous cyst
  79. Understanding biopsy results
  80. Aldara Cream twice day and Fluorocil (chemo) Cream twice day- for BCC skin cancer
  81. Flaky skin patch got me worried... /:
  82. Skin Cancer?
  83. I think i need a cheek or forehead flap..:(
  84. Worried about new moles
  85. Healing for Shave Biopsy
  86. scared possible superficial spreading melanoma
  87. Melanoma
  88. Malignant Melanoma
  89. Thinking of Going Making Another Appt..?
  90. BCC on scalp - excision
  91. Black spot on foot
  92. Could this zit like bump be skin cancer?
  93. Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma: Mycosis Fungoides
  94. Shave Biopsy; Healing Process Question
  95. A itching, bleeding mole can be benign.
  96. Freaked out about Mohs on cheek
  97. A 17 year old Basal Cell Carcinoma?
  98. Help figuring this out
  99. Pre melanoma? Wider excision?
  100. Mole update! Need answers
  101. Shave Biopsy VS. Shave Excision
  102. pink growth on back
  103. Skin Cancer Questions
  104. Skin Cancer? :( Scared..
  105. Anxiety and Melanoma
  106. Can new moles pop up at any time?
  107. mod to severe atypia
  108. Normal Round Mole that when touching feels like a blister
  109. Black mole the head..
  110. I think I have skin cancer??
  111. melanoma? help =(
  112. Concerned about birthmark.
  113. Husband diagnosed with Nodular Melanoma and struggling with it
  114. Concerned about melanoma at 24...biopsy
  115. old scar suddenly itchy and irritated... possible skin cancer?
  116. Pink mole just appeared.
  117. Maybe actinic keratosis
  118. Conflicting Dr Opinions about a mole
  119. Subungual melanoma questions
  120. I think I have melanoma -want honest opinions
  121. Extremely upset about biopsy-Doctor said she is worried-I am so upset
  122. Really worried about skin biopsies
  123. Tongue Cancer (Squamous Cell) - Prominent Lymph Nodes
  124. cancerous mole, need opinions
  125. Biopsy being sent for a second review by another pathologist
  126. Raised bumps on side of nose
  127. how many Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
  128. Is this normal?-Concerning moles-
  129. Squamous Post Op Healing
  130. How common is skin cancer on the finger PADS?
  131. please interpret these biopsy results
  132. Mole on boyfriend's back?
  133. Spot On Arm. Could it be skin cancer?
  134. New Red Bump on Wrist... help!
  135. Lump in cheek
  136. please, please help! I think I am losing my head over this.
  137. Peroxide and skin cancer
  138. Basil, Squamous - long term options?
  139. nodular melanoma?
  140. melanoma
  141. severely atypical mole on finger
  142. My Dad died from melanoma
  143. Curaderm for Skin Cancer
  144. "minor squamous cells cancer"....????
  145. Blood test and Scans for Melanoma
  146. Strange freckle, has 2 colors.
  147. worried about skin cancer
  148. Removing stitches on face
  149. Had Biopsy for Spot on Toe Yesterday
  150. Had BCC removed from nose this week
  151. Melanoma Biopsy Results - Questions to ask
  152. Severe dyplastiv nevus
  153. Wish us luck - atypical nevus on scalp
  154. itchy after biopsy
  155. I have a lot more moles on my left shoulder than my right... skin cancer sign?
  156. Worried I may have Melanoma
  157. Basal skin cancer lesion electrodesiccation and curettage
  158. anyone know about mole removal on feet?
  159. Dad - Melanoma
  160. Bleeding Mole
  161. Waiting for mole biopsy
  162. Smallest mole to qualify for a biopsy
  163. Is there a way to help prevent skin cancer AFTER sun exposure?
  164. Help Please...going out of My mind with Worry about Atypical mole.
  165. picked off mole
  166. Strange sensations around a mole
  167. Moles changing fast
  168. Just had MOHs for BCC on Nose - Lopsided and Swollen
  169. Freckle on Sole of Foot
  170. Basal Cell on nose
  171. Dark mole appeared overnight and I'm pregnant.
  172. Can a cherry angioma lead to skin cancer?
  173. New moles got me worried
  174. The urgency of getting a suspicious mole removed?
  175. Anxiety - BCC on Nose - Scheduled for Surgery
  176. Imiquimod (Aldara) - a bit afraid to use
  177. What does Atypia mean
  178. Red spot on my back
  179. Melanoma stats question
  180. White spot on mole
  181. Blue-ish/black spot under skin on my elbow
  182. New here and very worried
  183. Squamous Cell Cancer
  184. Lump found after Melanoma
  185. Moles that disappear
  186. Worrisome Mole
  187. chances melanoma reoccurs somewhere else?
  188. Another Melanoma Question
  189. Melanoma question--please help
  190. Rapid Development of 100 + New Moles
  191. Clear Mole Filled with Blood
  192. Please Help! Cost of removal of skin cancer?
  193. Little moles that grow together
  194. Two Wide Excisions scheduled for Monday
  195. should a shave biopsy hurt a week later?
  196. New diagnosised and finding more melanoma
  197. Mole biopsy abnormal. Now itching? Possible melanoma?
  198. picked mole SCARED!
  199. Lost biopsy; sentinel node biopsy--please help
  200. Husband Do Nothing - possible skin cancer
  201. Dark growth suddenly appeared on foot
  202. What should I expect?
  203. why do i have red spots on my breast
  204. Dysplastic Nevi
  205. Can Biopsy Spread Bad Cells
  206. Sever Dysplastic Nevi
  207. Mohs Surgery v. Radiation to treat a 92-year-old woman
  208. How do i use fresh aloe vera gel on skin and eyelids
  209. Red line across squamous removal scar - blood vessel? Has anyone heard of this?
  210. mole with pus coming out!
  211. Is this skin cancer?
  212. Biopsy on Wed...spot on nose...afraid
  213. Need opinion re: WHO best to remove a precancerous mole, and about type
  214. Worried about Nodular Melanoma....
  215. Going on Vacation after Melanoma
  216. Ear lobe spontaneously bleeding
  217. Mark on Leg comes and goes
  218. Terrified of a new mole....
  219. What is the best treatment for basal cell
  220. Malignant Melinoma
  221. MOHs 2 months ago, now Actinic keratosis in incision line
  222. Basil cell carcinoma causes, could surgery cause spread ?
  223. head mole
  224. melanoma how long has it been there
  225. Itchy spot, Should I be concerned?
  226. ruff mole
  227. Are spots that blanch when pressed fine?
  228. Four Months after Mohs Surgery on upper lip
  229. Bowen's disease
  230. Just diagnosed with squamous skin cancer
  231. Dysplastic Nevus - what does it mean?
  232. do you get a fever after photodynamic treatment to the face
  233. Healing skin graft after Mohs for BCC
  234. Dark Spot Inside Shave Biopsy Hole - Other questions too
  235. when to worry about freckle
  236. Just diagnosed with early stage melanoma
  237. What happens if you burn off a mole??
  238. Tanning Beds Are For Those Willing To Gamble With Death
  239. normal Moles and Melanoma
  240. I'm freaking out.
  241. Rapid Development of Large Amount of New Moles
  242. What do you think? Melanoma or something else?
  243. Brown spots on my lip.
  244. Really needing some advice...
  245. New Spot came up overnight
  246. Graft v Flap for Basal Cell of the Nose
  247. 3 moles removed, strange reaction to surrounding skin
  248. A few questions
  249. New Diagnosis - Need Info on Mohs
  250. spots on skin after tanning bed