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  1. Numbness 36 hours after MOHS
  2. Efudex question
  3. Bleeding Mole
  4. Dad just diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma
  5. freezing of AK
  6. Itchy moles and scar :(
  7. malignant basal cell carcinoma
  8. Plastic Surgery or Mohs?
  9. newly discovered melanoma..need help quickly
  10. Bump on buttcheek
  11. Mom has melanoma - age 85
  12. Mole on head removed. Waiting
  13. Removal of moles: urine therapy (injection)
  14. Inflamed scar after mole removal with bloodroot
  15. mole that grew back
  16. Skin graft for MOHS surgery
  17. Basil cell removed Feb, still itches!
  18. magnifying glass burn
  19. New Tanning Bed Statistics
  20. Tanning Bed...I just can't help myself!
  21. Severe Sunburn
  22. basal cell on shoulder/collarbone confirmed
  23. squamous cell carcinoma of the nasopharyngeal
  24. Malignant Melanoma Clarks Level IV
  25. Small bump on nose; bleeds occasionally
  26. Moles Growing Back?! - Please Help!
  27. cansema capsules
  28. two moles..growing into one?
  29. MOHS on lip, have questions
  30. A mole becoming cancerous even covered?
  31. tingling skin
  32. Very Worried, any Advice or kind words
  33. mole removed then grew back ? ? ? ? ?
  34. Can repeatedly picking at a scab or scar cause skin cancer/melanoma?
  35. Need advice...new user of Efudex Cream
  36. Tanning without getting freckles and moles
  37. My mum and melanoma
  38. tingling near removal site?
  39. Melanoma question
  40. Does this seem like melanoma?
  41. Can doctor's Mis-diagnos Melanoma?
  43. worried about melanoma
  44. Wierd pink spot/sore on side of nose
  45. Wierd Red Bump
  46. Derm biopsied last week-result? Basal cell
  47. Efudex- again..in so much pain
  48. Deep Skin Biopsy
  49. Red head with freckles hair... sunburn frequently
  50. Shave biopsy today....
  51. Mole disappearing?
  52. Should I get this checked out?
  53. Superficial Spreading Melanoma
  54. How late is considered too late?
  55. Malignant Melanoma on leg...info please!!!
  56. Stage 1B Melanoma-SCARED
  57. Preliminary DX- Basal Cell Carcinoma
  58. Weird spot that won't go away!
  59. Should I be concerned?
  60. Husband has big reddish brown mole
  61. actinic keratosis
  62. Hard lumps inside nose, cancer??
  63. spot on my back feels like a knot looks like a bruise
  64. HELP! I am worried that i have Skin Cancer after Rhinoplasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. Can't Get Appt. For Dermatologist Till MARCH!
  66. story about melanoma
  67. black spot on lower lip
  68. does this sound like skin cancer
  69. nodal melanoma
  70. How Long does Melanoma take?
  71. Malignant Melanoma
  72. Very worried need some help Please
  73. Has anyone used Efudex ?
  74. Melanoma, do I need an oncologist?
  75. Re: Cansema black topical salve.....anybody used it on skin cancers?
  76. Im convinced i have melanoma
  77. Lots of Moles...
  78. What is considered early detection?
  79. First Visit to Dermatologist - 3 Biopsies!
  80. punch biopsy
  81. Are new moles normal with age?
  82. Melonoma - what were your symptoms and how were you diagnosed?
  83. White spot that doesn't tan?
  84. brown spot on stomach
  85. big, flat moles
  86. Weird Clumped Mole-Type Things
  87. mole removal on face/?'S
  88. Daughter just found out..asked me to keep it a secret
  89. Dermatofibroma
  90. Hard circular (but flat) cysts?
  91. Itching again
  92. ganglion cyst? bump on wrist.
  93. Blotchy skin on nose
  94. Skin Neoplasm NOS
  95. Dysplastic Nevus
  96. Pathology Results
  97. mole dried up fell off during chemo
  98. small bald spot
  99. pimple on ankle?
  100. Mole on scalp
  101. I have a weird mole growing!!
  102. When does Efudex itching start?
  103. Need another surgery
  104. A scab that wont heal. Help Please!
  105. Flax seed oil cures!
  106. mild dysplasia
  107. Melanoma
  108. Worried about a mole
  109. How long is too long?
  110. Spitz's Nevus? Advice Opinions...Ga Lady Or Anyone! SCARED!!
  111. Help
  112. New Here ~ Question on Malignant Melanoma
  113. Mole On Back
  114. scabby dry mole...
  115. Melanoma - is there such a thing as benign
  116. Rapidly growing & spreading basal cell?????
  117. Melanoma In Situ when to go further?
  118. Benign Skin Lesions
  119. Bruised mole
  120. Pregnancy & breast growth - effect on moles?
  121. New dx of Squamous Cell Cancer???
  122. P.D.Q. cancer cream
  123. Paranoid about a Mole
  124. how to deal with skin cancer
  125. Cutaneous skin cancer
  126. Can A Melnoma Look Relatively Normal!?
  127. Mole on Lacrimal canaliculi (I think?)
  128. Alternative Medicine for Skin Cancer
  129. Pink Bump
  130. Weird mole
  131. How Many Moles Can Be Removed At A Time
  132. Skin peeling on tip of nose
  133. Worried about my Moles =(
  134. mole on nipple
  135. Mole on scalp
  136. Moderate Atypia/Dysplasia Found in Mole
  137. A Strange Mole
  138. Biopsy results - what does it mean?
  139. Getting Atypical Nevi Removed
  140. Cancer Treatment Centers Of America
  141. A little Scared
  142. How to Get In to See a Dermatologist Quick
  143. Longitudinal Melanonychia
  144. Help! Mole removed! Very Worried!
  145. Mole in the corner of my eye?
  146. dark fleck under the skin of my bottom eyelid
  147. For those of you who know dermatology - why are shave biopsys still done?
  148. Yet, another question regarding this spot I have.
  149. Newly Diagnosed Basal Cell Carcinoma
  150. Basal Cell Carcinoma?
  151. Radiation "therapy"....
  152. Freckle On Lower Lip
  153. Sooooo tired of mole watching.
  154. Really looks like melanoma...
  155. Little Lump in throat
  156. 2 moles removed - a bit worried - need info please
  157. I have a weird mole on my arm.
  158. Can Squamous Cell grow back in 3 months?
  159. i have something growing out of my nose
  160. Need Help, concerned
  161. Skin Tags
  162. Weird mole on my back
  163. What is this spot on my head?
  164. Spot On My Arm
  165. Spot on Leg
  166. what does it look like?
  167. Mole removal
  168. Small lump under my skin on cheekbone
  169. Melanoma and MOHS
  170. Moles
  171. My son's mole got scratched off.
  172. Had the Excision.....Thank God!
  173. General Skin Cancer Questions--Frustrated!
  174. lump on the inside of my lower lip ??
  175. skin cancer on nose
  176. new a few questions
  177. freckles with fluid in them...
  178. Subungal Melanoma (toenail)
  179. New large spot on face
  180. Skin Answer for skin cancer?
  181. Mole
  182. Mole On Lower Lip
  183. Anyone, Tri-Luma for dark scar after BBC removal?
  184. Lumps
  185. Small dark spot on abdomen-scared!HELP
  186. scar turning dark
  187. Mohs tomorrow.. need advice
  188. Skin Graft Appearance
  189. Rash on Lips
  190. Can someone describe what "pearly" looks like?
  191. Lump on Arm
  192. Small Pinkish Soft Bump On Scalp
  193. My mole got scratched off by accident !
  194. HELP!! Mole looks like it may come off!!!
  195. Has anyone had a really suspicious mole removed and it was benign?
  196. Do you know to never have a shave biopsy with melanoma?
  197. my mole fell off??!!!!
  198. biopsy
  199. Changing Mole (checked all threads)
  200. bleeding "bump" on my face
  201. mole of sole of foot
  202. shave biopsy healing: Help, Belle2003?
  203. What is this bb sized lump under my skin?
  204. My Mole is flaking
  205. Bleeding mole - problem?
  206. Scratch through mole
  207. EFUDEX -- any users or past users -- HELP!!!
  208. Question about my mole..please help!
  209. Punch Biopsy - Suspected Melanoma-Waiting
  210. Moles Multiplying??
  211. Is this mole dangerous?
  212. Painful Mole appearing from nowhere?
  213. Melanoma and pregnancy
  214. Painful Mole
  215. Questions about moles
  216. small blackhead-like lump on side of nose
  217. Melanoma?
  218. Question for those who have gotten shave biopsies
  219. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  220. A mole 'down south' - treat it differently?
  221. Red (blood filled??) beauty marks on body
  222. can a dry patch be cancer?
  223. Does this even sound like a mole?
  224. biopsy = cancer?
  225. Tiny Black *** * - VERY scared.
  226. Stage 1 Melanoma Question
  227. Melonoma - both nipples turning brown...
  228. 3 Places on Face Keeps Scabbing
  229. Mole - Biopsy was Bowenoid Keratosis
  230. mole with 3 different shades of brown?? waiting result of biopsy
  231. freckle on nipple???
  232. freckles on palm?
  233. Don't ever want to deal with skin cancer on lip again
  234. My experience with "mole mapping"
  235. black spots
  236. Antibiotics either before or after Moh's surgery?
  237. Scarring after biopsies. Any suggestions?
  238. Tiny Lump in Earlobe
  239. Shaving a mole harmful?
  240. Got mole shaved for biopsy today. What is MOHS?
  241. Facial Moles/Freckles
  242. mole
  243. Strange nipple changes, please help
  244. possible biopsy questions: melanoma
  245. Melanoma it started as a blackhead?
  246. Little black mole...saw Derm
  247. Painful scab on nose
  248. Old mole, sometimes kind of sore
  249. Small brown life long mole with teeny tiny black spot
  250. Please Somebody Help Me!!!