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  1. Possible arachnoiditis
  2. Numb toe nerves
  3. 9+ years with arachnoiditis and still fighting!
  4. Possible Arachnoiditis - HELP ME!!
  5. New Diagnosis
  6. Not a question, just an introduction
  7. 14 months Post PILF L5 S1
  8. Opana ER and severe side effects
  9. Anybody been taking OPANA? Please, help!
  10. New To Arachnoiditis -- May Have Leak
  11. Wow opiod dependency on my chart
  12. MRI Reading for Arachnoiditis
  13. I feel like I'm dying - possible Arachnoiditis
  14. need some advice
  15. possible arachnoiditis diagnosis
  16. Need 2nd Opinion in Dallas
  17. question on a ANA Titer postitive
  18. MRI Interpretation
  19. New to Arachnoiditis - need advice
  20. Arachnoiditis has taken over my life
  21. Arachnoiditis not sure
  22. Arm Nerve pain
  23. want to talk with another AA patient!
  24. bladder vs nerve compression
  25. dizziness
  26. have Arachnoiditis & can't walk on my foot!
  27. Is it for real, I finally found? :-)
  28. Sooo many questions!!!
  29. Does Cauda Equine syndrome heal on it own
  30. Would some one please explain my MRI results in a book for dummies format
  31. Had surgery and was given a diff pain med
  32. Parasympathetic sweating after lumbar fusion
  33. S1 Sacroiliac joint pain
  34. Question about nerve root on mri help please
  35. Help Me! Been on meds for years and they want to give me more meds!!
  36. Ulnar Shortening Osteotomy
  37. so over it but now what?
  38. MRI report, please help - back surgeries, resulting in RSD
  39. chronic pain poss fibro jax, fl
  40. Lower severe back pain management
  41. One year anniversary
  42. Collateral damage of the war on pain! Need advice
  43. Nerve root clumprd mri help???
  44. Failed surgery twice HELP
  45. How to deal with chronic pain
  46. Lyrica...
  47. Severe back hip and leg pain... help
  48. Nerve pain spreading
  49. Back surgery nightmare!
  50. Spinal Fibrosis
  51. 9 months post op and feel like I"m setting back :(
  52. arachnoiditis and climate
  53. ct scan
  54. Help! Painื30yrs, narcotics & side effects
  55. Epidural injections in Thoracic spine
  56. Could use suggestions on diagnostic possibilities.
  57. Spinal Hematoma?
  58. Car accident
  59. Pain management doctor retired after 10 years
  60. Ketamine infusion for tolerance reduction anyone?
  61. Just about had enough!!!!! Help please!!!
  62. Cervical bone spurs/osteophytes
  63. Long Time DDD-Now Cervical Osteophyte Spurring
  64. Spurs on SI Joints thinking of getting them Fused
  65. Surgery done I'm HOME
  66. HELP. Scoliosis & Abdominal Pain
  67. New meds to try... Anyone ever heard of this one???
  68. need help soon
  69. Cervical Stenosis, received opposite medical recommendations
  70. ulnar shortening post op
  71. Please Help Me Understand my MRI
  72. cauda equina syndrome
  73. Firbromyalgia or MS
  74. Microdiscectomy
  75. Racz procedure??
  76. Want MRI results interpreted, please
  77. Feel bad calling doctor office? let me know if you are nervous..
  78. Severe Leg Pain When Sitting/Standing post fusion
  79. help understanding mri
  80. Help please - opinions needed
  81. oh! what to do!! Need YOUR advice for pain & arachnoiditis!
  82. Purple colored big toe nails
  83. lower back pain when sitting
  84. FRUSTRATED: Disc Tear or Epidural Fibrosis
  85. i was so blessed but didnt know it
  86. Back pain /Sacroiliac joint injection
  87. SCS Trial/Implant
  88. severe scoliosis and clumping of the nerves
  89. 13m post-ALIF, not the success story i hoped to share
  90. Fentanyl Withdrawal/Pain Pump-Removal
  91. Spinal cord stimulator surgery
  92. Biologic Question Any help is appreciated
  93. Lumbar fusion progress
  94. Disc Protrusion L5/S1
  95. Are you living with arachnoiditis
  96. Was in a car accident and...
  97. Still in very severe pain 14 months after fusion surgery so depressed.
  98. Back pain and exercise
  99. Large Menstrual Blood CLots, Lower Back Pain, Headaches
  100. Spine problems and abdominal pain
  101. Arachnoiditis - what do you know?
  102. Interpret MRI results
  103. entrapped nerves
  104. Fusion Surgery 2 Years Ago Needed Again
  105. Do I need to take medicine if my pain is moderate?
  106. Constant pain but, why?????
  107. arachnoiditis?
  108. EMG Post Fusion, How accurate and a few questions
  109. a bit of hope?
  110. On The Record Decisions?
  111. SSDI Hearing Scheduled 10/13 - Brand new/just finished his training Judge - pray!!
  112. Groin and leg pain after back surgery
  113. post op pain after discectomy with prolonged standing/sitting
  114. leg height difference after fusion L4 L5 S1,double discectomy,triple laminectomy
  115. Spinal cord stimulator
  116. Unexplained "new" pain after a Caudal Injection
  117. Help understanding NCS
  118. Arachnoiditis? Anyone had this?
  119. Vocational expert
  120. Please - need quick help! Sciatica numbness/pain is unbearable
  121. Not doing good. Long Vent.
  122. Arachnoiditis
  123. Pain in Arms and Legs 2 wks after Facet Joint Injections
  124. Thank you Jenny for your help...
  125. Advice, please - an MS attack?
  126. Fibromyalgia and Costochondritis???? Pregnant and scared...
  127. Abusive Doctor
  128. An arachnoid cyst developed after routine lumbar epidural
  129. Neurontin for nerve pain
  130. temporal lobe issues
  131. Bacterial Meningitis from a Caudal Epidural
  132. Rectal and Tailbone Pain~Perianal and Presacral Varicies
  133. All over pain. Just keeps getting worse
  134. pain meds and facet injections
  135. Painfull & sometimes violent twitches!
  136. Post Double-Fusion Lumbar and the Pain. Why?
  137. Back Pain and pain managenent
  138. any alternatives to a colonoscopy?
  139. Neck and Upper/Mid Back Pain with Other Weird Symptoms
  140. Fear of losing Gall. Pain/Symptoms of Calci Stones?
  141. Recall on fentanyl patches (DURAGESIC, SANDOZ)
  142. Have been professional detoxed off of Actiq? Suboxone?
  143. I need to vent about ASKING for pain control
  144. Newbie. Was said to have. Seems so. Questions.
  145. First Post: Need Help and Encouragement
  146. Neuropathy or Neuritis?
  147. 18 months post op fusion
  148. What is a Laminectomy Defect?
  149. Not a good day--family acceptance
  150. Morphine & Respiratory Depression
  151. Restless body pre and post cervical fusion
  152. Scar Tissue treatment after back surgery
  153. Blood Pressure
  154. Epidural shot today...questions...
  155. Angry-Chronic Neck, Back, Shoulder, Ankle, Foot, Jaw Pain!
  156. palatal & pharyngeal & laryngeal myoclonus...
  157. Missed work again today - feeling a bit disappointed/down
  158. Post Rhizotomy pain!
  159. My PM Prognosis......Not Good
  160. How Does Dilaudid Compare To Other Pain Meds
  161. Lumbar L5s1 L4/5 Fusion--Bowel Dysfunction.
  162. info. on arachnoiditis?
  163. How many steroid shots are safe in a year
  164. second steroid injection..big problems..please help
  165. Quivering sensation internally
  166. Anyone familiar with laser for scar tissue?
  167. UPright MRIs
  168. Gabapentin - how did you determine effective dose?
  169. My Pm First Appointment
  170. epidural vrs nerve burning
  171. I learned something new today...
  172. Anyone Have Experience with Opana?
  173. Starting to back away from the idea of the fusion on my back
  174. Failed back surgery syndrome? Pain implant?
  175. I am scared and no one understands...
  176. Msnik
  177. Long-term muscle relaxer use
  178. Does anyone here suffer from adhesion pain?
  179. What Questions Do I Ask A Pm Dr.
  180. Does anyone have any experience with Prialt?
  181. Out of all of you,after having lumbar fusion
  182. Hoping someone can help
  183. arachnoiditis
  184. Update from Deb....
  185. Epidural complications - anyone have this happen?
  186. Narcotics and Hormone Levels
  187. Nearly a year post surgery and beyond frustrated.
  188. Question about Pain Medicines and Doctors ???
  189. Steroid Overload?
  190. Laminectomy Surgery Results
  191. Cauda Equina
  192. Neurostimulation / Does it help?
  193. Prolotherapy for sciatica
  194. Daggers through feet...severe electricity in ankles..Anyone have scar tissue removed
  195. Autonomic Nervous System Disorder or Neurological Disorder? Please Help!!
  196. Arachnoiditis..info. needed