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  1. hemogloblin
  2. How long is it safe to take oral cytoxan?
  3. Warm antibody
  4. what does this mean?
  5. Increased RBC, HCT & HGB - Concern?
  6. Could I have a blood clot in my calf
  7. Old Arm Injury from Donating Plasma Constantly Hurts
  8. essential thrombocytosis
  9. small veins
  10. High Neutrophils and Low Lymphocytes
  11. how long does it take for a blood clot to dissolve
  12. Freezing cold fingers/toes...??
  13. Low White Cell and High Monocytes??? my 15 yr old daughter....HELP
  14. what causes the blood vessels to break
  15. Constant nose bleeds. What can this be?
  16. when neutrofiles production are too high
  17. Please help...High platelets and raising WBC
  18. Blood Mercer AND diabetes
  19. what causes warm sensation in leg ?
  20. High Blood Platelet count!
  21. can you still take B12 when you are diagnosed with polycthemia vera?
  22. enlarged red blood cells
  23. Biophysical 250 Anyone?
  24. Very very low hemoglobin help!!!!!
  25. Confused trying to read lab results
  26. Thumping in right ear with exercise?
  27. low platlits
  28. Help understanding blood results - Haematocrit & Hemoglobin
  29. Low White Blood Cells, Very High IgE--Feel Terrible
  30. does 3.3 white blood cell count too low
  31. can another blood clot form even when the INR is 2.3
  32. high ESR reading
  33. Platelets
  34. Throbbing in the legs
  35. platelet count from 137 to 124 in one week
  36. High RDW/RBC, Low MCV, MCH, and Hemoglobin, Normal Hematocrit
  37. Does ibuprofen use cause high blood pressure?
  38. New here - need help understanding labs
  39. Lupus Anticoagulant/ Facto V Leiden
  40. Bruise behind the knee and upper leg
  41. Macrocytic anemia, IgA deficient, vasculitis
  42. Methahemoglobinemia
  43. Carotid Bruit Quiestion
  44. what mean of esr (westergren)
  45. High Esr rate
  46. what if your mcv is low
  47. Essential Thrombocytosis
  48. Red/Orange Blood?
  49. Pregnancy and high white blood cells
  50. after a blood clot to lung, how long before resuming activity?
  51. how to reduce ESR ??
  52. vasculitis
  53. high lymphocytes and very low neutrophils
  54. Hematologist visit tomm - please tell me what to expect
  55. New to board - have some CBC questions
  56. Blood test what does MCV indicated
  57. what symptoms do you get with high red blood cell count
  58. red blood count keeps dropping
  59. Elevated ESR
  60. how long do lung blood clots last
  61. How to raise low white blood cell naturally?
  62. how to naturally reduce high platelets
  63. patekia?
  64. what to expect at a hematogist vist?
  65. Blood clots in the head
  66. What disease cause high white counts that antibiotics do not cure
  67. Hematologist???
  68. High White Blood Cell count in Pregnancy
  69. what could cause high platelets 700,000
  70. AHIA & Splenectomy
  71. painful vein in leg
  72. Polycythemia at 22 years old - My story
  73. Blood Clots to Dissolve
  74. Spontaneous bruising
  75. my lipase level on a cbc is 61 is that high what could cause this
  76. why do blood vessels break
  77. Polyecthemia
  78. Bad Blood Test Results. Help
  79. Blood Pressure
  80. itchy palms and feet and feeling faint with nausea
  81. what does an elevated platelet count and a low MPV level indicate?
  82. 3 yr old with high platelets, low moocytes and other
  83. black lump waistline
  84. Unstable Blood Pressure
  85. what number would be considered low for WBC
  86. MCHC why low?
  87. calf pain
  88. upper arm blood clots
  89. Hematology
  90. Warfarin--crossing time zones
  91. how long do blood clots last?
  92. Von Willow Bran Blood Disorder Help
  93. if my neutrophils count high what i do?
  94. Any one with ET taking Bromarex or Thrombotab?
  95. low lymphocyte count
  96. how long does it take for a blood clot to dissolve
  97. PLEASE help....high white cell count!
  98. what level of bilirubin in blood is considered as dangerous?
  99. what can low lymphocytes and high neutrophils indicate?
  100. Iron low and platelet count high
  101. how to reduce ESR?
  102. thalassemia trait
  103. anemic, blood disorder questions
  104. low white blood count and fatigued
  105. Please Help...Abnormal Blood Tests
  106. how long does it take for a dvt to form
  107. how high is high ferritin
  108. probably lupus
  109. SED rate
  110. what does a blood clot look like
  111. clot dissolve using Warfarin
  112. how to heal severe hematoma
  113. Is DH's platelet count to high?
  114. 26 yr old has stroke from factor v lieden mutation
  115. what is westergen in blood
  116. how long does it take for a blood clot to dissolve
  117. can high folic acid make B12 levels appear normal?
  118. High wbc since age 25,now 51
  119. Carotid artery lump
  120. Low White Cell Count - Dr's Can't Diagnose?
  121. Correlation between high platelets and root canals?
  122. what is dangerous bilirubin levels
  123. High Protein Level in Blood
  124. veins in my wrist and hand
  125. Bruises & calf/shin pain?!?
  126. Low neutrophils and high eosinophils
  127. Very Low Hemoglobin HELP....
  128. what you should do if you have high platelet count in blood
  129. What to expect after starting B12 therapy
  130. what would cause coumadin levels to drop
  131. High serum calcium levels?
  132. High Lymphocytes High Neutrophils?
  133. my neutrophil leucocytosis is high
  134. Platelet fluctuations??
  135. Belly Bar Piercing.
  136. can donating blood reduce ferritin levels
  137. High WBC Low Platelets - HELP
  138. do blood clots dissolve on their own
  139. elevated Vitamin b12
  140. High white blood count in pregnant women
  141. White cells and neutrophils
  142. Estrogen & high iron saturation?
  143. High WBC,High Platelets,,Scared
  144. lymphocites
  145. high blood platlets
  146. Can a cold/respiratory infection cause low platelet?
  147. Decreasing platelet count and lower back pain
  148. Factor V Leiden and Surgery
  149. Dietary changes for Von Willebrand disease
  150. Can someone help me?
  151. Low Lymphocytes/High Neutrophils
  152. ferritin levels
  153. platelets
  154. Large platelets
  155. high platellete
  156. effects of donating blood
  157. does synthroid cause platelet increase
  158. blood vessels
  159. Essential Thrombocytosis/Pheresis
  160. Essential Thrombocytosis
  161. Wbc
  162. high platelet level
  163. My son has low blood platelets
  164. Frustrated with docs and a bit worried
  165. I have an appt with a Hematologist
  166. high plattete count and methadone
  167. elevated red blood cells
  168. What about low platelets
  169. High blood platlets 800 plus.
  170. Blood Rushing Throught The Veins
  171. functional B12 deficiency and high platelets
  172. functional B12 deficiency and high platelets
  173. Up & Down IRON
  174. What does low MCV and High Platelet count mean
  175. What do all these blood tests mean????????
  176. Thrombin Time
  177. Low ferritin, high iron saturation
  178. Low WBC, Low Platelets
  179. Persistent high white count, raised platelets, clotting out???
  180. Pregnancy--blood going from O+, to O-... Can someone help?
  181. Blood Test Results
  182. what causes coumadin levels to drop
  183. What could cause these blood test results?
  184. high platelets, high red blood cells, all iron levels borderline, liver level bad
  185. what is low MCV?
  186. what do you do if you think you have a blood clot
  187. low lymphocytes & hematuria
  188. blood clot symptoms
  189. Could this be Leukemia? Im sooooo scared.
  190. low mpv...what does it mean
  191. CBC Results - Help
  192. Does Omeprazole and Prednisolone affect your sperm count?
  193. How do I know if I have a blood clot in my leg?
  194. D Dimer Results
  195. Red streaks
  196. how long does it take for a blood clot in the lung to dissolve
  197. Polycythemia Rubra Vera.
  198. what to do if you have a high platlets?
  199. hematoma that will not go down
  200. what does rbc morph means
  201. Father and mother are O+ is there any problem for baby
  202. Low anti-body level in 3 yr old
  203. 6 Blood Levels Low/3 High
  204. what does mpv mean in blood work
  205. I fell down the stairs while on blood thinners
  206. what is wrong when MCV and MCH levels are high
  207. is this a blood clot, or does it sound like carpal? or a pinched nerve
  208. low hemogloblin, low hematocrit and high transferrin saturation
  209. what is a high number for hgb and hct levels
  210. polycythemia rubra vera
  211. Platelets and Plasma Viscosity
  212. low mch and mchc with no anemia
  213. are blood transfusions safe?
  214. what is warfarin and how is it different to clexane?
  215. Blod Clot after recent surgery
  216. Hemochromatosis
  217. haven't had period in over a year
  218. Anyone taking Nattokinase to prevent blood clots?
  219. essential thrombocythemia
  220. Period for 6 weeks straight/heavy clotting
  221. Internal bleeding & blood clot near kidney - please read and help!
  222. What blood thinner can you breast-feed on?
  223. What Does a High Esr Result Mean
  224. what would cause a plt cnt to be high
  225. Fatigue, weight loss, aches/pains & abnormal FBC?
  226. Low wbc and neutrophils high lymph,mono,and basophils
  227. Can Celiac Affect Amount of Blood Platelets?
  228. Warfrin
  229. What does it mean if blood is very dark?
  230. High Hemoglobin, HCT but low MCV, MCH, MCHC?
  231. Hemochromatosis question...
  232. HI Newbie to this board- Monocyte Count Question
  233. Hemolytic Anemia
  234. Low Hemoglobin Count
  235. what happens if you do not take cumadin for a couple of days
  236. Enlarged red blood cells
  237. hematoma how long does it last?
  238. what is the cause of enlarged red blood cells
  239. Polycythemia Vera or Secondary?
  240. 13yo w/Peripheral veritgo - High SED, Lymphocyte & Platelet count any clues?
  241. How do I know if my leg blood clot has moved
  242. how long do blood clots take to dissolve
  243. Idiothrombocytopenic Purpura
  244. High Absolute Eosinophil Count
  245. what if your blood clot never clears
  246. Enlarged/Ruptured spleen caused by stress?
  247. elevated platelet function scn assay
  248. how long to get coumadin out of your system
  249. what does a low red blood cell count mean?
  250. losing blood. don't know where it is going