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  1. clexane and warfarin issues
  2. will i be taking to much iron?
  3. what does it mean to have 89 on platlet count
  4. Anyone with Factor V Leidens disease?
  5. bloody mucus in the mornings when i' brushing my teeth
  6. fever, low white blood cell count
  7. Swollen Lymph Glands under the armpit
  8. Coumadin/Warfarin Issues
  9. Blood Clot symptoms? opinions wanted
  10. High MCV, MCH and what it means
  11. Normal Range in CBC and Comprehensive Panel
  12. possible phlebitis?
  13. my platlets are still high what could be causing them to not go down
  14. low platelet count and eczema, help please
  15. Low lymphocytes...
  16. High RDW of 18.5, low MCV, MCH, MCHC
  17. High Platelets and WBC, Had Bone marrow biopsy and need help.
  18. Downward Trend in Platelet Count
  19. Why Have I Got A High Platlet Count
  20. Can a blood clot reform in its original location?
  21. Polycythemia Please Help
  22. Homocysteine cvd and cardiolipin IGG,IGM,IGA
  23. what is dangerously low iron levels
  24. what's an alarming number for platelets
  25. how can you raise platlets in blood by natural means
  26. Drop in Platelet count over night
  27. ITP, Jaundice and ANF positive
  28. 5 Month old son has ITP
  29. pulmonary embolism ?
  30. Difference between Lupus Anticoagulant and Lupus Like Inhibitor
  31. Lymphocites
  32. Planning a trip to the mountains with a blood clotting disorder
  33. do i need to worry about giant platelets
  34. Enlarged Spleen in pregnant person....
  35. Fatigue, pain, low white blood cell count, upcoming surgery
  36. DVT (deep vein thrombosis) blood clot
  37. Coumadin and Movie Popcorn
  38. A week in to the DVT/Coumadin ordeal and have questions
  39. Thigh Hematoma
  40. what is protime suppose to be
  41. i have avery high platete
  42. Blood test results- can anyone give me a general idea?
  43. what is considered a high white blood cell count?
  44. Red Blood cells
  45. What causes a big bruise on my leg, I take Coumadin
  46. High blood platelets
  47. regiment for controll blood clots
  48. ET + JAK2 gene
  49. Low Platelets
  50. Essential Thrombocytosis and Surgery
  51. Hemochromatosis Woes
  52. ITP and Remicade
  53. high red blood cell count
  54. Essential Thrombocythemia support for my mum
  55. Thrombocytosis - anyone experience back pain
  56. low lymphocytes
  57. low platelet question
  58. Vein protruding, arm stifness
  59. My blood results. Please take a look. My doctor doesn't explain anything.
  60. Blood clot discharged in breast milk
  61. need opinion on neutropenia
  62. Health Anxiety and CBC's
  63. Low lymphocyte level, need advice
  64. Can somebody please help?
  65. elevated platelets & high lympocytes
  66. Doctor said to take 12 advil a day while on coumadin...!
  67. HELP - LOW HCT and RBC - HIGH Platelet, MCV and MCH
  68. Question about aspirin
  69. Abnormal CBC's????
  70. ITP? Menstral periods?
  71. Need Opinion on Blood Results, Having Bone Marrow Biop
  72. Elevated Platelets need advice
  73. Mysterious blood disorder...please help me find out what I have!
  74. what to do if platelets are out of normal range?
  75. low white blood cells - what to do?
  76. Small Rod Shape Red Blood Cells
  77. Worried about 19 month old with elevated lymphocytes???
  78. Help with Lab Results
  79. what is anisocytosis and poikilocytosis
  80. Mysterious Sporadic Tearing Pain Moving Down My Leg
  81. how long does it take for lung clots to dissolve with Coumadin
  82. high neutrophils
  83. NO surgery and have foot long clot in right leg!!
  84. spit out blood
  85. patient with an enlarged spleen should see a gastroenterologist or a hemotologist doc
  86. Alternatives to Coumadin/Warfarin?
  87. high platlets,joint pain,low h&h, knots in lower bACK
  88. Coming Off Coumadin...
  89. how to cure with a low count platellete
  90. Enlarged spleen and high white count
  91. how long does it take to dissolve blood clot
  92. alternative medication for high platelets
  93. Essential Thrombocythemia - Which drug to take? Life Insurance?
  94. Low HDL, High CHOL/HDL Ratio & MPV/Monocytes
  95. high platelet count
  96. Blood pressure questions
  97. why do my platelets clump?
  98. Polycythemia Cluster in PA.
  99. how long does it take for a clot to dissolve in dvt
  100. Platelet counts
  101. Update kinda, and SCARED!
  102. Elevated Platelet Count
  103. Blood work
  104. demargination
  105. Prednisone causing problems
  106. Blood results sending me to hematologist.
  107. Does flu shots cause high white blood cell count?
  108. Essential Thrombosytosis - High Platelets
  109. HCT Count
  110. low platelet count
  111. Does parent have to have Factor V Leiden for child to have it?
  112. bone marrow aspiration for ITP
  113. red dots under skin
  114. Patekia on the hands
  115. Petechiae question
  116. My blood count is always top end of normal
  117. PCT Anyone??
  118. what does high platelet levels and high esr levels mean
  119. what is normal blood preasure readings
  120. Blood dissorder related to anorexia?
  121. blood in diarrhea
  122. High Bilirubin Level dangerous?
  123. Reactive vs. Essential Thrombocytosis??? Can anyone help me??
  124. what would cause a high myelo % on blood test
  125. platelets count
  126. what vitamins can i take with warfarin
  127. High cholesterole, high bilirubin
  128. what kind of pain reliever can i take while taking coumadin?
  129. low wbc count - only if blood taken midweek
  130. Very High iron count in blood and low folic acid
  131. DVT questions... drinking & coumadin?
  132. how do i know if i have a blood clot in my leg
  133. Bilirubin level high?
  134. Low MPV with High Blood Platelets
  135. can you donate blood if you are a protein s deficiency patient
  136. what does it mean to have normal absolute lymphocyte count and low lymphocyte count?
  137. can anyone interpret these results of a blood smear?
  138. Help! Doctors having a hard time diagnosing.......
  139. Healing After DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis
  140. High Hemoglobin - does this mean anything?
  141. High Platelet count and donating
  142. what is lymphocites
  143. what does orange blood mean?
  144. Does anyone know anything about macrocytosis?
  145. Lupus Anticoagulant and Factor V
  146. how serious is it to be 4 pints low of blood
  147. how long for a blood clot to dissolve
  148. meaning of low rbc and wbc on blood tests
  149. what foods affect the medication warfrin?
  150. what does a high platelet count mean
  151. Driving long distance after DVT...anyone done it?
  152. blood test
  153. what would enlarge red blood cells
  154. Questions about blood tests
  155. What Does a High MCV Count Indicate?
  156. Low Iron Level. Taking Slow FE, What Else Can I Do?
  157. cbc tests
  158. how long does it take for a blood clot to dissolve
  159. Life Expectancy - UNTREATED Polycythemia?
  160. lymphocyte count
  161. fluctuating WBC
  162. Blown blood veins
  163. what does low platelet count mean
  164. Low white blood cell count -15 year old daughter
  165. waterfairy, update on coumadin
  166. how long to dissolve blood clots on coumadin
  167. can a child who is has 2 copies of factor v leiden play sports
  168. Enlarged red blood cells
  169. Anyone with phlebitis?
  170. Low MPV, High Platelet count
  171. lukemia white blood cell count is 25 what does that mean
  172. Low RBC, Low WBC, Low Hemoglobin...
  173. Rbc 3.2?????
  174. Question about WBC...........
  175. My Blood Results - All inputs Require, Does this indicate infection
  176. what does it mean if your blood is a dark red
  177. what causes high blood platlets
  178. how long should women be off Imuran before getting Pregnant
  179. My Globulin is High and My A/g Ratio is low How can I get it back to Normal
  180. hemangeoma
  181. high platelet
  182. Can Coumadin make your hands and feet cold?
  183. Multiple Myeloma? I am scared to death..
  184. Chance of Blood Clot?
  185. Polycythemia itch relief
  186. Blood in semen?? And a few ?s HELP!
  187. Going off of Coumadin for dental work (or a short period of time)?
  188. side effects of warfarin
  189. Diet,Herbs,Vitamins and Pregnancy with Polycythemia Vera
  190. Elevated Hemoglobin
  191. should i push for MD to test for hemochromatosis?
  192. hemochromatosis???
  193. Polycythemia Vera Question
  194. Low White Cells, Neutropenia
  195. enlarged red blood cells
  196. Can a DVT return?
  197. Could this be hemochromatosis?
  198. Blood test results, help
  199. Sore hives and elevated hematocrit levels
  200. DVT from BCP
  201. High iron, High tsat, High tibc, Low ferritin ... huh?
  202. Low ferriten
  203. How does it make you feel Polycythemia
  204. Hematoma
  205. raised haemoglobin level and red blood count
  206. Coumadin and Soy Milk
  207. 17-year old daughter has 3 DVT's
  208. Throbbing vein in neck????
  209. New: Macrocytosis
  210. high platelet count
  211. Mylodysplasia Questions
  212. what could cause a low lymphocyte count?
  213. polycythaemia vera
  214. Blood test results??
  215. Odd blood test results
  216. High Neutrophils , Low Lymphocytes
  217. Low platelets count and giant platelets
  218. polycythemia vera?
  219. Unexplained bruising and pain in my fingers(the joints)
  220. Coumadin and foods to avoid
  221. My Daughter has low white blood cells
  222. marijuana and coumadin
  223. low platelets
  224. coumadin / gout
  225. white blood count (low)
  226. Polycythemia vera info
  227. High white blood cell count and alkaline phosphatase
  228. Heamacromatosis
  229. enlarged red blood cells
  230. Recently diagnosed with Prothrombin Gene Mutation 20210
  231. High white blood cell count
  232. autoimmune haemolytic anaemia
  233. High ANA titer count
  234. High blood platelets I am scared please reply
  235. My moms platelet leval is high and I am very vervous.
  236. Essential Thrombocythemia
  237. FVL and LOW platelets??
  238. Question about Bone marrow Biopsy
  239. Is it Polycythemia??? HELP
  240. thalassemia & aerobic exercise?
  241. newly diagnosed Factor V Leiden - Homozygous
  242. high platelet questions & answers
  243. Can you clot while on Coumadin?
  244. Do DVT's hurt all the time or
  245. coumadin and diarrhea
  246. First Neutropenia, Now Polycythomia
  247. low wbc count, low rbc count, low grade fever...
  248. PE's Blood Clots in lungs
  249. DVT questions about numbness in leg
  250. define high MCHC result