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  1. crown patch
  2. Dental Flipper
  3. failed #30 root canal ... I don't want to lose it.
  4. Are vision and dental insurance plans worth it?
  5. Need Advice - Impacted lower second molar
  6. Tooth extraction with an abcess
  7. odd smell
  8. My teeth aren't white
  9. Deep Cleaning?
  10. Unable to open mouth wide after dental work.
  11. Tooth extraction scare
  12. Bone graft
  13. Acrylic vs. Ceramic all on four implants
  14. help! dental fear
  15. Was my deep cleaning a bad mistake?
  16. Root canal tooth still hurts
  17. Fissured & dry tongue
  18. Just got a lower partial denture - ugh
  19. Tooth extracted still numb and pins and needles pain
  20. Crown problem
  21. Valplast
  22. I need long term payment plan or pro-bono dental treatment
  23. Sinus/tooth pain
  24. Tooth abscess
  25. Teeth really bothering me but dentist says nothing is wrong
  26. partial denture vs full denture on top inplants
  27. Going on 3 week vacation, root tip infection starting to hurt a bit :/
  28. Loose front tooth HELP!
  29. Dental Implants for supporting upper jaw denture: My Father
  30. Small red hard lump feels white bony
  31. Activated charcoal – good for your teeth or bad?
  32. Unknown White Spot on Xray
  33. My son was just diagnosed with ankylosis of his teeth ...
  34. Teen with baby tooth
  35. hopeless dental health?
  36. Dentist caused hematoma under my tongue.
  37. Wisdom tooth extraction question
  38. Underbite
  39. Who’s missing teeth and lives fine without one?
  40. Bridge problem
  41. What is it
  42. Apicoectomy Healing
  43. cavities
  44. teeth longevity
  45. Kissing someone who is having root canals.
  46. Hard Reline or rebase
  47. Pediatric Dentist Recommending Pulpal Therapy
  48. Gauze problems!! HELP
  49. Made a bad decision - smoking after bone graft
  50. 2 Dentists, 3 crowns, not the same teeth!
  51. Help Tooth #11
  52. itchy feeling in gum with kinda feeling something moving under gum
  53. Severe toothache pain, but no sign of needed dental work. Please help!
  54. Deep overbite caused by upper wisdom teeth
  55. Terrible toothache and no money for dentist
  56. Wisdom tooth extraction infection?
  57. Had a dental bone graft and freaking out
  58. Long time crown, earache
  59. herbst appliance
  60. Root Canal on abutments 23 and 26
  61. New dental implant hurting when I bite with it
  62. Crown Dilemma
  63. Father in rough place-- Need advice for implant(s)
  64. 1st crown
  65. Lump on gum
  66. Help
  67. What makes the gums grow over the tooth area?
  68. Do I have to get my braces taken off?
  69. What more can I do?
  70. Gum graft surgery
  71. Really Needing Some Advice- Please Answer ASAP!
  72. Loose plate
  73. Dentist doing Oral Surgery ?
  74. "Squishy" sound when tooth is pressed and pain chewing?
  75. I have an abnormal abcess in my gum
  76. Pericoronitis Paaaaain
  77. Fear of dry socket
  78. So scared - gum graft gone wrong
  79. Dentist won't give bite block for extraction. 😫🤐
  80. Does laughing gas cause itchiness? Please help!!!!!
  81. Flexible partial or full dentures
  82. Severe jaw pain after wisdom tooth extraction. Please help!
  83. Constant headaches from Root Canal
  84. Root Canal Questions
  85. So I have 11 cavities ...
  86. Black Dot on Gums after Teeth Extraction
  87. Wisdom Tooth Extraction Question(s)
  88. Chronic dentoalveolar abcess
  89. Wisdom Tooth Removed. Is this Dry Socket?
  90. Tooth ache and grinding
  91. Pain on the right side of my gums
  92. Exposed bone after tooth extraction
  93. Decay no pain
  94. Face change during braces
  95. Ongoing sore tongue, white body with sore red tip?
  96. Problem Under Bridge at Tooth #18
  97. Big hole in back molar
  98. Raging Nerves
  99. Tooth ligaments
  100. help me figure out why my tongue is yellow?
  101. lymph node pain
  102. Post Dental Anesthesia Facial Pain
  103. All on 6 implant supported denture problem eating
  104. Lower Wisdom Teeth Removed - Tongue lost taste in right side.
  105. Had To Stop Taking Antibiotic For Wisdom Tooth Need Help
  106. Wisdom teeth question
  107. Pus & recurring swelling behind last molar
  108. Bad bad after fillings.
  109. Long span bridge "feels" weird
  110. Implant problems
  111. Deep Cavity, weird sensation
  112. Doing It All At Once? Price Ranges
  113. Full mouth extractions
  114. I have a small hole in my gums right behind my left molar
  115. tooth extraction or Apicoectomy need reccomendations?
  116. Maxilla osteomyelitis
  117. #5 MOL Cavity
  118. Inflamed gum in between 2 front top teeth
  119. Are these gums normal?
  120. In so much pain
  121. temporary crowns- pain/sensitivity after 10 days?
  122. Bonded front tooth
  123. Please Help regarding Veneers
  124. Exposed root --"decay" entry point?
  125. Pulled large blood clot
  126. "Lump" on gum line near where wisdom tooth was extracted?
  127. Has anyone had any experience with LANAP
  128. Surgery!?
  129. After advanced perio treatment ...
  130. Lost papilla (aka gaping hole) after gum graft
  131. Periodontist Advice and Help Appt tomorrow
  132. Tooth Loose
  133. Abscess?
  134. Lower lip is still drooping after 2 years, please I need serious advice.
  135. Dental impressions help
  136. Dentist Shaved Molar ... Feel kinda weird.
  137. Multiple Extractions 3 wks ago, still having a lot of pain
  138. Bubble in Extraction Hole
  139. More extractions
  140. Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Is bone grafting necessary?
  141. Deep Cleaning Does It Hurt and What to Expect?
  142. Pain in all teeth and dentist doesn't know what is wrong
  143. Loose tooth
  144. Unbearable pain; Any help?
  145. LANAP or RPE
  146. my experience
  147. Filling Problems
  148. Crown or tooth loose
  149. Question on pimple on gum
  150. Bone disease
  151. Had a deep cavity filled in lower wisdom tooth - tingling sensation in lower left lip
  152. root canal questions
  153. Strange feelings in my mouth.
  154. Lower ridge pain
  155. Necessity of endodontic therapy for vital but small tooth needing crown (#7)?
  156. Can root infection cause dizziness, raised blood pressure?
  157. Water rinse Tastes Bad during Dental cleaning?
  158. Root Resection Issue
  159. Pressure sensitivity, and the dentist is stumped.
  160. Random throbbing pain and brown spot between two teeth.
  161. White skin tag in mouth
  162. Please Help Me, Im scared I might have Oral Cancer.
  163. Still have pain and cant eat hard things after deep filling.
  164. Full arch replacement
  165. Partial Denture
  166. Deep Cleaning
  167. can Malocclusion "deep bite" start in a late age
  168. Scared have to go to periodontist
  169. New denture, need help
  170. White patch in my mouth?
  171. Root Decay
  172. Just had first extracted tooth, how do I handle drinking water?
  173. I just had a deep filling with a pulp cap, will this tooth not last?
  174. Excess saliva/sinus drainage following tooth extraction
  175. Wisdom tooth trouble
  176. Dentistry fear and such shame over dental health
  177. 1 week after wisdom teeth removal
  178. Hybridge
  179. Pain under tooth after root canal and temporary crown
  180. Mouth pain after retreated root canal
  181. 64-year-old with six worn teeth on lower, doctor says crowns?
  182. Temporary crown and pain
  183. Lets talk about Xylitol
  184. tooth extraction
  185. Canine Crown
  186. Wisdom tooth removal
  187. 6 months after wisdom tooth extraction , I still have pain in the bottom jaw?
  188. tooth extraction suture pain
  189. Need help getting to the right specialist!!!!!
  190. Tooth pain from crown months later
  191. Dental Hygiene School
  192. Abscess or just irritated gums?
  193. Bumps on roof of mouth
  194. Toothache due to suspected cracked teeth
  195. pregnancy and dentistry
  196. Missed chance
  197. Tooth decay
  198. Please help - lost a filling while travelling
  199. Why the sudden increase in tartar?
  200. Adjusting stainless Steel Crown in the mouth
  201. Pocket Depths
  202. No Tooth left under Crown
  203. Pain 2 months after wisdom tooth removal
  204. dentist prescribed 2 antibiotics
  205. fillings
  206. 20 year old with dentures???
  207. Crown procedure
  208. Referred pain or sinus issue after filling ???
  209. Severe Pain In Upper Right Teeth: HELP!
  210. Root canal honest opinion
  211. severe sore tongue and inside lips and inside cheeks
  212. Pressure in ears after having wisdom teeth removed l
  213. bruxism
  214. Dental implants put in today and pain meds e not
  215. New dentures
  216. I wanna sue my dentist
  217. More teeth problem
  218. Private or NHS
  219. I'm scared. Pain for off bite?
  220. Dentist ripping me off about root canal???
  221. Receding gums
  222. Last crowns question
  223. Molar Denture
  224. Spoon Denture
  225. Cavity X ray help
  226. Tooth infection not going away with abx
  227. Fear of Dentist
  228. Had crown lengthening, dentist cut away a lot of gum ... will it grow back?
  229. Had crown lengthening, dentist cut away a lot of gum ... will it grow back?
  230. Ging8vitis won't go away!?
  231. Strange Oral Symptoms (Please Respond)
  232. Which Dentist to Trust? Upselling at play?
  233. Tooth Infection Antibiotic Question
  234. Dental Crowns
  235. Need help with my smile PLEASE !
  236. Ugh ... open Margin on new crowns
  237. Possible plaque build up and tartar on lower front teeth.
  238. denture canker sore
  239. Throbbing, sharp pain after filling 3 weeks ago
  240. My gums are RAPIDLY receding
  241. Dentures and lipstick
  242. Need help with tooth
  243. Avoiding Extraction
  244. Bleeding gums
  245. root canal and pain
  246. watery eyes and root canal
  247. Something relaxing before appointment?
  248. crowns/root canals
  249. Borders too short on bottom denture
  250. Teeth stains from chlorhexidine mouthwash ... Are they permanent?