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  1. Gastric Emptying Study
  2. Upper GI fear
  3. Father has bile leaking out of post-op incision
  4. Longshot but worth it....
  5. Undiagnosed symptoms
  6. Is Align probiotics the best or can I use another brand?
  7. I am starving to death!!! Help me!
  8. upper endoscopy
  9. Strange Stomach/Low Mid Back Lft. Side Pain
  10. question
  11. Does She Have To Die Because Of No Insurance???
  12. that gnawing hunger pang thing
  13. Severe Gastritis
  14. Relief for Digestive Problems
  15. Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy help
  16. Dry Mouth - saliva disappears
  17. HIDA Scan
  18. Ascending colon removal surgery
  19. Major Malabsorption issue
  20. I'm really freaking out now. Help!
  21. spincter of oddi dysfunction
  22. alum
  23. how to get stuck food to go down the esophegus
  24. how long does duodenitis take to heal
  25. Severe Diarrhea
  26. Post Nissen Fundoplication Burning
  27. What would happen if you swallowed a bit of plastic
  28. Questions about Live Blood Tests
  29. What are Vascular Calcifications?
  30. Got my sonogram results back
  31. why do my burps smell like rotten eggs when i'm heartburn meds
  32. Seeking Colitis Conclusion
  33. left side under ribe i have pain
  34. HELP!!! Cannot control bowel movements (sometimes)
  35. Interesting Digestive Issue
  36. eat too much then abdominal distension two weeks
  37. Gastroparesis
  38. Anyone with either slow or fast stomach emptying please read...
  39. Chronic Nausea
  40. watering down Colyte with juice
  41. Gallstones...
  42. 2 Days Post Celiac Plexis Block
  43. What do my resuls mean?
  44. Colon cleansing products
  45. Cure for lactose Intolerance?
  46. Adek vitamin what is it?
  47. Recurring H-Pylori - Need Advice-HELP PLEASE
  48. how long after taking PrevPac should one be retested????
  49. HIDA scan results...
  50. when I eat a big meal I get diarrhea and the color is grey
  51. pain after bowel movement
  52. Need some input
  53. Dialation of Pancreatic Duct
  54. someone please help me figure out board
  55. EGD "Normal" so why the biopsies?
  56. Anyone been offered Lyrica for stomach pains?
  57. ulcer removed yrs ago--now Digestive problems-??
  58. Terminal Ileum: Lymphoid Hyperplasia?
  59. abnormal HIDA, no stones or inflammation
  60. Sour Stomach? Help Please!
  61. having abdominal and severe back pain
  62. H pylori and campylobacter, gas and gastritis
  63. 5 Month Stomach Ache
  64. loopy bowel
  65. Stomach Pain/Digestive Trouble
  66. Why did my doctor tell me this?
  67. Do I have celiac?
  68. high liver enzyme levels
  69. diarrhea question
  70. Any ideas?
  71. im not sure if i'm ill
  72. high ALT levels
  73. ongoing abdominal pain
  74. HIDA scan pain (it still hurts the day after)
  75. settling in...
  76. Father Keeps Throwing up after Meals
  77. Digestive Enzymes
  78. food will not go down
  79. Morning Issues
  80. First Endoscopy and doctor told me I have stomach inflammation?
  81. Small intestine and Questions after Small Bowel Series
  82. Sympotmatic gallstones
  83. Chronic Constipation after Cholecystectomy. Anyone else?
  84. 0% Ejection Fraction,11 year old. Night pain. Surgery? Common?
  85. Lower right abdominal pain
  86. stomach always jumping
  87. Pain in stomach
  88. Sour Taste in mouth - only when i breathe deeply and no bad breath
  89. HELP! Unexplained stomach back testicle prostate symptoms
  90. when i burp .. i taste sulphur what does that mean
  91. causes/treatments for sulfur-smelling gas?
  92. Tired of being sick
  93. Bile reflux: Carafate & nausea
  94. Symptoms that flare-up before bedtime....
  95. Proctalgia or something else/ Stabbing in anus
  96. Laxative Nightmare - Rectal/Intestinal Bleeding
  97. Not able to eat any food
  98. Medication for habba Syndrome
  99. Please Asap advise on colonoscopy prep!!!
  100. Stabbing pain in bowel region
  101. why am I burping so much?
  102. Pleaseee help im going crazy
  103. Surgery for diverticulitis? Should I?
  104. Why would my GI order a small bowel x-ray
  105. What Is Wrong With Me?
  106. Where under the ribs is your pain?
  107. Pain when swallowing--could it be GERD
  108. Anyone, please--look at splenic flexure post!
  109. need some reasurance!!
  110. Help! Terrible Gas Pain after GB Surgery
  111. Please help..whats going on
  112. unexplained GI/back pains
  113. Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...
  114. chronic gastritis
  115. Diagnose my daughter
  116. About Colitis Antibodies
  117. what to eat after removal of gall blader
  118. Gastric mucosal abnormality
  119. same odor in burps and gas
  120. About Different Contrasts
  121. H.Pylori
  122. Acid reflux after consuming food
  123. why does my blood pressure stay to low
  124. why does my stomach hurt after i eat?
  125. whats wrong
  126. Gastritis or Pancreatitus
  127. Splenic flexure syndrome--treatment???
  128. what does it mean when you feel there is pressure inlarged in your throat
  129. focal nodular hyperplasia
  130. Fast Heart rate after eating
  131. why does food get stuck in my stomach
  132. Still in pain even after ERCP
  133. Tenderness, Lump to left of belly button?
  134. when i get nervous i have to go to have a bowel movement
  135. food wont stay down
  136. white flecks in stool
  137. can a person feel where the Nissen fundoplication is from touching the body
  138. results from EGD with Biopsy
  139. Nausea Medication Promethazine?
  140. fluttering in my upper abdominal area like a baby kicking
  141. do you feel like throwing up all the time with h pylori
  142. what can cause a bile taste to come from head down back of throat
  143. Chest discomfort and belching...
  144. HIDA Scan with Gallstones
  145. How long till the laparoscopy gas leaves your body?
  146. Please explain your SOD pain
  147. what to eat when you have a polup
  148. small bowel follow through test
  149. why do my burps smell like eggs
  150. K2626 Answer about Pancreatitis
  151. Question about Occult stool sample
  152. Had Endoscopy yesterday-Yipee!
  153. Esophageal Spasm or something else...Does this sound familiar to you?
  154. taste egg when i burp
  155. Pain in my right side with the following
  156. why do i have gas all the time
  157. More than just gas
  158. upper middle abdominal pain
  159. Dark patches and a sense of heaviness along the bra line
  160. left rib pain and high amylase level
  161. my stomach hurt after i eat what is it?
  162. what is a loopy bowel
  163. Infectious Colitis Questions
  164. what is wrong when you are losing blood within and not outward?
  165. Gall stones and statin drugs
  166. So anxious about sedation! Help!
  167. why do i keep burping bad eggs
  168. stomach ache off and on .back pain, tired...
  169. Activia
  170. Question about colonoscopy and gastrointestinal endoscopy
  171. Digesting too quickly....is it a problem?
  172. Anyone here hear of Autoimmune Pancreitis?
  173. Abdominal pain
  174. Alcohol after gallbaldder removal
  175. drinking water cause nausea
  176. Digestive Issue
  177. Help in Choosing GOOD Magnesium and Calcium
  178. memory loss
  179. upper abdominal hardnesand upper rib pain
  180. 24ph testing reveals what problems of the esphogus
  181. abdominal discomfort
  182. elevated lipase enzymes
  183. nissan fundoplication complications
  184. stomach pain
  185. what if the prevpak does not take away h.pylori
  186. I can't burp...
  187. Factual info on complications of repeated use of pain killers over long time
  188. Dilated Common Bile Duct - ERCP recommended to find cause. Help?
  189. Help in Choosing GERD med...I Appreciate it
  190. plz help me
  191. Question about preparation for colonoscopy and EGD
  192. severe abdominal charlie horse like cramp
  193. Chronic Nausea...IBS or Nissen?
  194. what does acid reflux have in common with aspiration pneumonia
  195. Scared of my symptoms!!!
  196. Help! Diarrhea and nausea after eating McDonalds.
  198. pills caught in chest cavity
  199. multi-enzyme complete dietary supplement
  200. Stomache pain - test clear - please help!
  201. Colonoscopy and Endoscopy on CD
  202. cat scan with iv contrast
  203. ache in stomach for 30 years
  204. Advice Please
  205. gastroenteritis
  206. Gas...or worse?
  207. gastrotitis
  208. need help GAINING weight
  209. HIDA scan results.. scary!
  210. Tests negative, yet pain is still here
  211. trouble swallowing (GERD)
  212. Its me again
  213. Pain from gallstone or not?
  214. why does my stomach hurt after i eat
  215. excessive belching
  216. calcium with magnesium
  217. swllon bile duct
  218. Pancreatitis? In pain and need feedback
  219. what makes a person hurt in the chest area through to the back?
  220. Stomach aches
  221. My story...RUQ pain
  222. Resected bowel--malabsorption query
  223. how to get rid of pressure from gas in stomach or chest
  224. diarrhea from tomatoes
  225. Please help im scared!
  226. Functional Dyspepsia, Gastroparesis and Domperidone...
  227. does irritation at the top of my stomach that showed up on my endoscopy mean an ulcer
  228. nexium hp7
  229. taking acidophilus
  230. Coughing up small smelly deposits
  231. Breathless just speaking!!
  232. ' loopy bowel '
  233. what causes white stools
  234. Gastroparesis - sour taste, etc.
  235. how long does it take for metamucil to work
  236. Stomach pain I've never felt before..
  237. Another question about H-Pylori and IBS
  238. H-Pylori question - Help Please!
  239. H Pylori Question- Need help
  240. How can i digest my food if i dont have a stomach
  241. Need help
  242. What's with the hands?
  243. Help please!
  244. Gastroparesis
  245. small bowel follow through x-ray
  246. If my Barium Swallow was negative does that mean that I can't have Celiac's?
  247. Upper Burning, Stabbing, Constricting Pain
  248. Been having severe stomach pain and feeling sick to stomach
  249. Please help!
  250. Sudden and Newish Upper Right Quadrant Pain