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  1. Just Approved for LTD now I have a job offer
  2. SSDI and Medicare subjects - use the Health Insurance SSDI board.
  3. 'Emergency' transportation
  4. Does anyone use home care?
  5. CP and Driving Assistance.
  6. Growing up....and older.....with Cerebral Palsy
  7. Handicap Driving Controls
  8. Illegal firing of employee?
  9. does your employer make your environment easier on you?
  10. Shame and guilt.....
  11. A place to hang my Hat
  12. Disability and Weight Loss Surgery
  13. 1st cdr nervous!
  14. How dd I ever work for a whole year like this!
  15. The emotions of living on disability?
  16. On disablility, and feeling worthless!
  17. Removable car hand controls ?
  18. Must surrender abusive cat having hard time
  19. disabled women
  20. I want to tell my therapist how bad I feel but I am too scared
  21. what do you use?
  22. How do you survive?
  23. Going to lose it all
  24. How Do You Deal with the Negativity?
  25. Funniest or Strangest Job They Said You Can Do
  26. Going back to work?
  27. Without a job, how do you spend your days?
  28. Curious everyone, how often do you see your doctor?
  29. silver sneakers
  30. Well, what are the results to trample out isolation?
  31. Help With Neighbor !
  32. What do you say when people ask "What do you do?"
  33. working with a disability
  34. We all need a helping hand...
  35. Please help
  36. Happy Valentines Day
  37. Something I need to get off my chest
  38. How do you get a Disabled Parking Tag?
  39. Just some advice....
  40. I feel im SOL
  41. On SSDI and Moved. Need Psychiatrist in Knoxville
  42. And becoz we are a close knit little group
  43. SSDI morphing into SS Retirement...
  44. Getting Denied Many Times, Feeling I should give up
  45. Dr.'s sign says no form filled out here. What to do?
  46. ALJ judges are a rare breed !
  47. FINALLY got a hearing date!
  48. Missing S.S.I. Payment amount line in online Social Security account?.
  49. Partially Favorable Decision, No Back Pay, Should I Appeal?
  50. Dec 13th hearing
  51. Anyone else's lawyer do this?
  52. Awarded partially favorable decision with onset date changed
  53. ALJ hearing next week
  54. Unfavorable!
  55. Extension for filing a appeal
  56. Win SSDI battle - anyone ever fought the Onset Date?
  57. Onset date..?
  58. 68 days since my ALJ hearing, and counting
  59. Entitlement date? And update
  60. Question regarding Family Benefits
  61. My Nov 18, 2011 hearing results.
  62. How long?
  63. Other peoples hearings...??...
  64. Has anyone ever recieved SSI from the sickness caused....
  65. help/advice needed
  66. New here need advice
  67. My hearing and Decision
  68. No OTR i have hearing scheduled
  69. how long from WRITERS...?
  70. Social Security COuldn't Screw up anymore if they tried!
  71. 1st SSI phone interview tommorrow! so nervous...
  72. Hearing soon. Need advice and encouragement
  73. Am I messed up with Social Security?
  74. Received my decision today....
  75. Still waiting for approval letter after bench decision
  76. LTD benefit offset
  77. Award Letter
  78. Success at Federal Court level?
  79. Prescription records
  80. alj hearing set
  81. Frustrated and at the end of my rope
  82. ..thinking about hearing...!!!!!...
  83. Soooo frustrated!!!!
  84. ST Disablity - Unclear about doctor approval
  85. Did I get both SSDI and SSI?
  86. SSA online check status
  87. After SSDI approval, make sure you register everywhere online
  88. Wondering about other peoples hearings!!
  89. CDR review Form-Can't deliver
  90. Does Everyone Get a Review?
  91. OTR and Bench Decisions
  92. Keeping Track
  93. Denial or Approval
  94. When Do You Typically Receive Your Money?
  95. Update about my case
  96. Nerve test coming up...
  97. Anyone in TN filing for OTR?
  98. ..wondering... hearing...??
  99. Survivors Adult SSI question
  100. Enough
  101. Switching from Medicare Only
  102. Do They EVER Call You Back?
  103. Putting Money in the dedicated Account
  104. my review, if it helps others
  105. Ssdi hearing in 3 weeks.
  106. extra help with medicare?
  107. just won SSI and survivors adult. now getting a work report? they trying to take away
  108. SSDI Back Pay
  109. Mental Health Question... But I have a heart condition, not mental issues
  110. Things are looking up.
  111. Insurance question
  112. Confused on onset date
  113. 2nd ALJ Hearing
  114. Waiting, waiting, waiting.... how hard is it to type a letter!!
  115. Spinal Fusions and SSDI
  116. ssdi offset
  117. Rep payee problem
  118. CDR- is this statement true?
  119. RSD & Workers Comp Lawsuit
  120. ca ssdi/college
  121. ..v.e..???
  122. My reasons for applying... need advice
  123. I have a question about Medicade/Medicare
  124. Had my alj hearing....any thoughts?
  125. Appeal of erisa ltd extended by ins co need suggestions
  126. Question...
  127. Got my Decision in Yesterday.....
  128. R.r.b. Help
  129. LOVE, LOVE to all who have helped me!
  130. Community Information Referral
  131. SSI and Survivors back pay.
  132. ...please help...
  133. Post ALJ Hearing - Questions...
  134. Adult disability child back pay dedicated account questions
  135. We're getting a raise!
  136. Disability hearing for Ulcerative Colitis
  137. I believe
  138. Taxes for SSDI backpay/monthly payments
  139. ..ve question..??
  140. Meeting a listing
  141. Finally!!!!
  142. Had my hearing yesterday (10/13) - my attorney said I won!
  143. Question about Medicare
  144. Medical vs Non-Medical...what's the diff?
  145. Just saying hi
  146. Supplementary Ins
  147. Scared
  148. SSDI Onset date questions - can anyone help answer?
  149. What more can i do?
  150. Hearing in 5 days and I am physically ill just thinking about it ~
  151. Final Determination Stage..what is that?
  152. Another Appeal Council question..
  153. Eligible for Disability: Asthma/Sinusitus/Low grade infection
  154. Amount per month
  155. Short term disability denied because physician sent paperwork late
  156. Ssdi back pay and garnishment
  157. Hearing date!
  158. SSI? SSDI? SSD? What????
  159. 1 800 #
  160. STD/LTD Questions
  161. What do u think about my chances?
  162. Will I lose my back pay if I start a new claim?
  163. You can no longer file for appeal council and file a new claim.
  164. SSI approval SSDI question
  165. Received disability award letter by mistake???
  166. Onset date and Backpay Delimna
  167. First time denied...Now what ?
  168. Filing a new claim.
  169. SSDI hearing - when you contact Sentator, can you still get an OTR?
  170. ALJ approval/denial rates
  171. What do I do now??? After being denied at hearing level.
  172. Back Pay
  173. wow lawyer said dont start a new case
  174. What NOT to do at a SSDI hearing - does anymore know?
  175. Just curious....Is there a min SSDI award amount?
  176. Notice of award letter
  177. called 1-800 number!!
  178. Physical has been received... How long now ?
  179. unappealed review
  180. recalculating ssdi payment
  181. Approved for both SSI and SSDI 2011
  182. Had alj hearing still waiting
  183. 4 and a half weeks and case closed...good sign?
  184. 4 weeks and disability case closed is this good?
  185. Which Date To Use To Determine Start of Disability
  186. Worried, Confused and Scared
  187. Back pay How long a wait?
  188. Back pay question
  189. Medicare
  190. I've only been at my job for 5 months. Can I take a medical leave without losing it?
  191. Social Security told me I was denied on the phone...
  192. Waiting,CPP disabilty doctor shortage
  193. Spousal benefits SSDI at 62yrs?
  194. Confused !!!
  195. Update since ALJ decision- getting more confused!
  196. Short Term Disability Employee: Vent!
  197. Question?
  198. Hearing decisions delays
  199. Fibromyalgia, depression, arthritis and bulging disc
  200. A Decision has been made now a waiting game
  201. Attorney Question
  202. Supplemental Hearing
  203. Michigan 4 year welfare
  204. Unoffical Approval
  205. The Doctor-Go-Round game... Ya'll are gonna love this
  206. has anyone here been through the alj process in greensboro n.c.?
  207. Ssdi rfc forms.
  208. Inaccurate records.
  209. award letter
  210. what i have learned during this process
  211. ALJ Hearing Decision Received
  212. SSI and Survivors benefits question
  213. LTD and SSDI
  214. Can I leave country for few weeks while on long term disability
  215. letter from attorney
  216. Anyone in idaho??
  217. Letter from ODAR
  218. virtual scrn unit
  219. Disability Hearing on Thursday California
  220. good news coming
  221. Scared!
  222. 35 days and counting!!!!!!
  223. SS Cap on earnings.
  224. Direct Deposit Question
  225. Had my ALJ Hearing Today
  226. Got my Denial letter today
  227. After the SSDI approval letter ?
  228. Delays at the hearing level
  229. Concerned....
  230. Social Security Disability overload?
  231. Approved for SSI, but have to undergo separate Medical Determination SSDI.
  232. Back pay??
  233. Discouraged....
  234. Questions?
  235. letter today
  236. SSA Website
  237. something strange just happened
  238. Good News!
  239. SSDI adds to Compassionate Allowances list
  240. Update everyone!
  241. Job titles
  242. Backpay and test deposit
  243. Hire an attorney!
  244. verbal approval
  245. Vsu
  246. Disability Appeal went well I think?
  247. Backpay overpayment - Refund from LTD???
  248. SS-Funding
  249. Fibromyalgia specialist w/ knowledge of medico-legal disability issues in Toronto
  250. How does an attorney get paid