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  1. Medication issues
  2. enlarged tonsils and adenoids causing seizure
  3. epilepsy moods
  4. Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  5. Side effects.
  6. Seasonings , herbs and epilepsy & other triggers
  7. Magnesium
  8. memory problems
  9. mood changes
  10. seizures
  11. What happened?
  12. Mini seizures, symptoms?
  13. New here, would appreciate feedback and advice!
  14. Does this sound like a seizure?
  15. Do Clementine oranges affect epilepsy in any way
  16. Epilepsy - Cayenne pepper & Cinnamon
  17. Do epileptic seizures ALWAYS have a trigger or do they have some without? Questions.
  18. Knocked Unconcious now 2x seizures within 2 months
  19. Could this be epilepsy? Partial seizures
  20. No diagnosis yet, but anyone relate to these symptoms?
  21. Wife with Non epileptic seizures Please help
  22. Help
  23. Odd Episode
  24. Seizure
  25. Long-term permanent changes in cognitive function after seizure?
  26. Mildy abnormal EEG - on Topamax?
  27. Did I have another seizure? Please help!
  28. Epilepsy, Brain Issue, Lost ... help please. 14 year old Son.
  29. EEG today for 14yr old son
  30. This will be interesting
  31. Epileptiform EEG, no seizures
  32. can this be epilepsy?
  33. which type of epilepsy
  34. Seizures
  35. epilepsy - do you wear a medical id bracelet?
  36. I don't know what this is
  37. Waiting for neurology app & diagnosis
  38. What qualifies as a seizure?
  39. Bad breath
  40. Close to due date, needed answers on Keppra
  41. Would epilepsy relate more to Marijuana usage or lack of sleep, anxiety, etc?
  42. Levetiracetam and leg pain
  43. Do I have epilepsy?
  44. lamotrigine
  45. New Member!
  46. Possible seizure...how to not freak out.
  47. on holidays problems start
  48. Clobazam
  49. Eye pain in 6 year old
  50. I miss driving and my independence
  51. Lamictal and Insomnia
  52. Grip-like sensation on head
  53. Seizures returning after being gone for years???
  54. dizziness and abnormal eeg
  55. out of options
  56. Newly diagnosed, EEG question
  57. When to See a Neurologist?
  58. Newbie
  59. Coming off Ritovel
  60. Can high doses of dilantin trigger seizures?
  61. Please help after many months!
  62. Can anyone help decipher/explain EEG results, DESPERATE for answers!
  63. Im scared of seizures . No family History . i Never had one . im 18
  64. Think I had a seizure
  65. Had my first seizure, kind of scared
  66. Seizures
  67. Finding others with same issue
  68. black out spells
  69. Deja vu and seizure before period?
  70. Any new meds
  71. Juvenile myclonic epilepsy short term memory loss
  72. Severe myclonic jerks all night, possibly epilepsy?
  73. on vimpat again
  74. Any advice on getting my 3 year old to take Ethosuximide
  75. Another seizure no meds
  76. siezures only when lying down - even my doctor is confused
  77. Cps & mts
  78. Have a question about lamictal side effects
  79. EEG Help
  80. No meds seizures happen
  81. Epilepsy Medication: Levetiracetam (Keppra) Side-Effect
  82. Epilepsy ward testing
  83. new, going for mri and eeg ... nervous
  84. Going off Tegretol Advice
  85. Could I be having seizures and not realize it?
  86. In hospital don't want to go
  87. Blackouts
  88. Nocturnal seizures
  89. Recovery, Vagus Nerve Stimulator
  90. Grand Mal Seizure Question
  91. Had a Tonic-Clonic, and still feel strange?
  92. Dilantin and calcium/vitamin D supplements
  93. Why does laying down help seizures?
  94. My daughter and nocturnal seizures
  95. Vimpat discharge
  96. Partial seizures
  97. Epilepsy pills
  98. Lamictal Blood levels, what is OK, as long as med is working?
  99. Mum given the wrong drugs
  100. Ocular seizures at night??? What?
  101. what does it mean when your records read :partial epilepsy"
  102. Onfi works for some people!
  103. Need info on ER responsibility to a patient having a seizure
  104. Switch from sodium valproate (Valproic acid) to Keppra
  105. Simple Partial Seizures and Normal EEG????
  106. Dilantin white blood cell count
  107. keppra paranoia
  108. Need answers...
  109. Needing Answers (Job Possibilities)
  110. Daughter newly diagnosed with epilepsy.
  111. are these seizures?
  112. Just Diagnosed
  113. Opinions on Seizure episode
  114. Keppra/Felbamate and tooth decay
  115. question about Keppra
  116. Can someone explain to me what this is?
  117. new to epilepsy, daughter just diagnosed
  118. Partial Seizures with Clean MRI/EEG
  119. Will drivers license get pulled?
  120. Can Epilepsy Return?
  121. May be having some sort of seizures in my sleep?
  122. Complex Partial epilepsy
  123. Epilepsy
  124. What happens during a Seizures
  125. Seizures/talking
  126. Nocturnal Epilepsy?
  127. diet or right foods to eat - having epilepsy
  128. Keppra (Levetiracetam), Weight & Mood
  129. Seizures for the past 4 years
  130. epilepsy or migraine aura
  131. EEG... Migraine or Seizure
  132. SSRI Meds. What are the consiquences?
  133. My son has JME and he just knocked on
  134. Question About Epilepsy
  135. sun induced seizures?
  136. daughter has had 2 seizures
  137. Depakote ER, hand tremors and stiff upper arms/legs
  138. Seizures?
  139. head not ok after seizure attack
  140. feeling bad after my first seizure attack
  141. Epilepsy with Clenbuterol
  142. pregnant & on keppra
  143. Suddenly having multiple crazy seizures a day
  144. Keppra
  145. taurine
  146. sudden seizures at 27
  147. Left temporal lobectomy
  148. Scared to have another inpatient EEG
  149. Tegretol Side Effects
  150. Seizure prob need help
  151. What was this?
  152. Was that a partial seizure?? Face muscles were contracting, I couldn't open my eyes
  153. Keppra and Zonegran together?
  154. Side Effects from Trileptal -- Need advice!
  155. Nocturnal seizures or what in an adult?
  156. Dilantin vs Keppra
  157. do you think i could have a seizure disorder
  158. Is Alteril sleep aid safe??
  159. EEG Info on BCBS website says..
  160. Psychiatric Illness Versus Epilepsy
  161. Are My Absence Seizures Progressing Or Is It Something Else?
  162. Keppra/Levetiracetam and Breathing Issues
  163. Anti-seizure meds and Baby Aspirin
  164. Effects of taking Tegretol and Lamictal long term
  165. Feeling suffocated
  166. Anmio acids & epiliepsy.
  167. Making light of seizures
  168. Anyone heard of Coconut oil for treating Epilepsy
  169. 9 year old daughter had a seizure..
  170. PS- lately having seizures in my sleep
  171. Keppra, Retigabine and diarrhea
  172. Would you ever consider going off of your AED's?
  173. Arginine AKG Nitric Oxide Enhancer - coconut oil - gluten free diet - & Epilepsy
  174. Zonegran & Keppra pregnancy
  175. Seizures When Falling Asleep?
  176. Nocturnal Seizures and treatments
  177. Complex partial seizure... ???
  178. progesterone cream for catamenial epilepsy
  179. 6 year old's eyes roll back and falls back
  180. EXTREME Deja vu sensation
  181. Keppra and pregnancy Part II... Second baby on the way!!
  182. Trileptal with Adderall
  183. Please help - possible nocturnal seizures, very scared
  184. Vimpat
  185. Switch from depakote to keppra????
  186. Vimpat problems
  187. 19 year old son died from seizure. Why?
  188. Getting off Dilantin
  189. Seizure meds + kidney/liver function
  190. Keppra and the effects of sun
  191. Possible seizure?
  192. Dilantin almost killed me.
  193. Depakote and absence of periods
  194. Vision issues with Keppra anyone?
  195. Success with weaning off Levetiracetam (Keppra)?
  196. Simple Partial Seizures??
  197. seizure meds and stomach virus
  198. my story confused is it epilepsy or not
  199. Epilepsy - Starts with Blackouts then Trance - NEA/Atonic seizure - HELP!
  200. Question about Absence Seizures?
  201. Epilepsy/ESES; will my daughter's intellect and motor skills deteriorate?
  202. ESES diagnosis in daughter
  203. Mesio-Temporal Sclerosis
  204. First seizure age 61
  205. black out seizures
  206. I just feel so hopeless and lost...
  207. Incense can it be bad for people with epilepsy
  208. Vitamin D deficiency cause seizure/epilepsy?
  209. Tegretol, memory loss, and menopause
  210. Confused
  211. Infertility and Trileptal?
  212. brain tumour with epilepsy seizures
  213. What is "phase reversal" on EEG
  214. Nocturnal Epilepsy & Memory Loss/Celiac Disease & Lupus
  215. Any success stories taking Tegretol with Vimpat?
  216. Simple Partial Seizures... split-second episodes?
  217. A link between Dilantin long term use and breast cancer???
  218. vasovagal syncope or seizure?
  219. The Vimpat I am taking stopped working after a few months
  220. Tegertal
  221. Keppra Rage after 3 years?
  222. keppra sucks
  223. Seizure during EEG?
  224. A Question About Keppra
  225. Brain MRI and EEG
  226. Driving Privileges re seizures
  227. Trileptal effects
  228. Deja Vu after seizures
  229. Weaning off Keppra to become Meds Free. Fingers crossed!
  230. Simple Seizures causing loss of control of entire right side of my body
  231. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  232. Valproic Acid (Depakote) problems?
  233. Partial Focal Seizures and Aneurysm Related?
  234. possible seizure at night
  235. Seizure free for 30 years
  236. Seizure affter-effects
  237. Epilepsy & Parasite or other cleanse
  238. Is there any Protein Powder that will not interfere with Epilepsy or medication ???
  239. Brain Skips??
  240. Did I have a seizure?
  241. Switching from Keppra XR to Zonisamide.. need some help
  242. Is Grapefruit alright to eat with Lamictal & Keppra ?
  243. Maca & epilepsy
  244. Taken off a plane due to seizure
  245. Positive experiences on Keppra?
  246. I am only having seizures after taking a shower after swimming in the ocean
  247. Inside ears fluttering
  248. Epilepsy and memory loss
  249. Lamictal & Keppra
  250. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy vs Nonepileptic Behavioral Events