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  1. Corneal Ulcer Light sensitivity help
  2. Retinal Specialist/Opthalmologist
  3. What are these rings on my iris?
  4. Monovision/Astigmatism questions
  5. Flickering/Shimmering Vision After Retina Hole
  6. Exophoria info please
  7. Dark spots in vision when looking up
  8. what could be causing this??
  9. Eyes stinging horribly?
  10. Small black dot in vision
  11. Blurring with motion in videogames
  12. migrain or tear
  13. Is this a "floater" or something more sinister?
  14. Reoccurant red eye
  15. Looking for a cause of my eyes swelling up overnight, for no apparent reason.
  16. Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis
  17. Vision becomes 'smokey' after taking off new glasses
  18. Should my mother have cataract surgery?
  19. blurry vision for a few mins; what is it
  20. Cloudy Vision or Cataract after Vitrectomy
  21. Asymmetrical pupils
  22. Blurry inflamed and burning
  23. Unique question about glasses
  24. RCE here. Epithelial Debridement surgery Aug. 1. Scared & worried. Please read & help
  25. Retinoschisis Question
  26. DCR Dacryocystorhinostomy surgery for closed tear duct
  27. Glaucoma & Cataract surgery
  28. Confusion vision issue
  29. Slug sized white flash in vision
  30. Eye Floaters
  31. Constant Undiagnosed Eye Issues for 5 Years
  32. Eye sight issue
  33. New tentacle-like floater in my eye?
  34. Facing eye removal
  35. Purple Vein in Eye
  36. Unknown problem with right eye
  37. Amblyopia / Lazy Eye in adulthood
  38. Flying after Retinal Detachment Surgery
  39. A spot inside my eye
  40. Zioptan 0.0015% for Glaucoma treatment
  41. Asymmetrical eye
  42. High eye pressure.
  43. Blurred Vision After Eye Infection?
  44. BVL and Oscilllopsia
  45. Eye moving to the right off center
  46. blocked tear duct and other issues ?
  47. Tiny bumps inside lower eyelid with redness in one eye only
  48. This happens when I'm sleeping at night.
  49. Macular degeneration?
  50. Eyes sting when they water?
  51. Cataracts surgery : Should my mother get multifocal IOLs?
  52. macular scar after ablatio retinae
  53. Incidental dot retinal hemorrhage
  54. Cystoid macular edema comes and goes
  55. Weird quirk improves vision??
  56. Voluntary Eye Shaking
  57. Is cataract surgery really necessary?
  58. Steriod shot for chalazion and hypo pigmentation
  59. eye won't go to the right
  60. IS PTK surgery PAINFUL?
  61. IS PTK surgery PAINFUL?
  62. Eye numbness?
  63. Contact lense to correct -0.5 to -0.75 in one eye?
  64. Thin Cornea from Corneal Ulcer... What should I do?
  65. central serous retinopathy
  66. Biopsy on eyelid results back ...
  67. Had chalazion surgery
  68. Redness, extreme watering, photosensitivity in one eye
  69. Floaters?
  70. Lack of sleep Photophobia
  71. Strange visual symptoms -spots both eyes
  72. Is this a retinal detachment!?
  73. Seeing colored After images in am after drinking
  74. Can I take Viagra with Losartan and eye drops for glaucoma?
  75. Floaters
  76. Does this mean that I have Macular degeneration?
  77. Ball of light in peripheral
  78. Vision symptoms or MS?
  79. eyes hurt, doctors dont know what it is
  80. Am I going crazy?
  81. Moving eyes to right cause grating sound in head
  82. Eye floater (problems?) Very weird conditions.
  83. Black spot/patch when I look up or to the side. Both eyes.
  84. Does seeing your nose at all times bother you? SEE THIS
  85. Fresnell prism and binoculars
  86. Rainbows and Starbursts?
  87. How often do you get eye exam after 50?
  88. Choroidal nevus/eye freckle please respond!!!!!
  89. Eyes swell after crying
  90. Eye freckle
  91. Glasses and dizziness
  92. Lagopthalmos
  93. Mysterious deposits forming on RGP contact lenses?
  94. Unable to see out of left eye after orbital decompression
  95. Vitrectomy with silicone oil
  96. vision exam with dry eyes & allergic conjunctivitis
  97. Cataract Surgery Concerns
  98. Worried about my eyes : floaters, red, light sensitive etc
  99. Unusual floaters/optic phenomenons.
  100. Spots when looking up or to the sides
  101. Cyst on eyeball? What was your solution?
  102. Which prescription to use?
  103. Eye Vision Problem in Day Light
  104. Unexplained Vision Loss, Crossed Vision
  105. right eye twitching
  106. pulsating lines in peripheral vision
  107. Clarifying eye diopters
  108. Seeing a transparent circle in each eye!?
  109. Thygeson's SPK - Personal Success Story
  110. What is going on?!
  111. My eyes
  112. Ophthalmic..
  113. Difficulties with progressive glasses after cataract surgery
  114. eye flashers fallowed by small blind spots?
  115. Am I going blind?
  116. twitching in left eye
  117. Dry Eye - long term, how to manage?
  118. Vitrectomy for Vitreous hemmorage and retinal tear
  119. Seeing weird 'noise' in night
  120. How to tackle RCES on your own
  121. Retinal detachment recovery
  122. Failed in keeping contact lenses in stock ... so now what?
  123. Vision problems, doctor can't find anything wrong
  124. Alternate anisocoria nasal cicle
  125. Drop Shadow Vision in Right Eye
  126. Grainy vision
  127. Shaking vision etc please help
  128. ERM/Macular Pucker and Sudden Vision Loss
  129. Vitrectomy Recovery
  130. Dark spot
  131. Peculiar Stroma?
  132. Blur in Vision
  133. MRI confusion, should I be worried?
  134. Jones tube
  135. how much blepharitis take to disapear! help
  136. Contact lense to correct small prescription in one eye?
  137. Blurry and monocular double vision
  138. Eye pressure and glaucoma
  139. Visible Under Eye Veins
  140. Weird Visual Problem
  141. vitrectomy recovery
  142. Conjunctival cysts
  143. PLEASE help with Blepharitis Disease
  144. Vitrectomy - 3 Months
  145. What to expect after a surgery of 1-year old Chalazion
  146. Did I mess up?
  147. Blepharitis Disease
  148. Balls of light on sides of both eyes
  149. Unstable Vision
  150. Strange small 'camera flash' spots in vision.
  151. Redness and pain in my eye(s)
  152. Can my glass RX vary this much in one year
  153. plz ,eye sight problem
  154. Prescription reading glasses versus store bought
  155. Eye tired ness
  156. Vision Anomaly
  157. Bladeless LASIK?
  158. strange light
  159. Quality or quantity of tears
  160. Eyes and computers
  161. Dealing with a bad eye.
  162. Headaches with contacts
  163. Really Worried
  164. Dry eye assesment
  165. Vitrectomy Recovery
  166. Ocular Migraine Clusters
  167. Eye drops making my eyes dryer
  168. Eye Dilation - eye drops
  169. Scared!!!
  170. Is there a way to measure floater severity?
  171. substitute for Genteal Severe Dry Eye Gel?
  172. Flashing lights in my eye
  173. Eye twitch for 8 months! HELP!
  174. Has anyone found relief for pingueculitis?
  175. Hazy/cloudy vision.
  176. Bold bright pastel like vision?
  177. Many floaters & clump of floaters - Vitrectomy
  178. Durezol steroid drops - swollen retina - Do they work?
  179. Am I making it worse??
  180. Does using water as an eye drop is detrimental to the eye?
  181. High eye pressure confusion!
  182. Blepharitis and wet ones
  183. Floaters that move and swirl
  184. Copper chip flew into eye
  185. Post Vitrectomy for Macular Hole
  186. adjustment to new glasses
  187. Eyelid mystery - please help!
  188. Vision Disturbance When Looking At Moving Things!
  189. ERM peel 2013, ILM peel now needed?
  190. Swollen upper eyelid?
  191. Should I look for a new eye doctor?
  192. Dry eyes, floaters, mild double vision and so on.
  193. Optic neuritis, Med or no med and stomach question
  194. Eye bubble on my Conjunctiva
  195. Eye strain without digital devices
  196. vision issue
  197. Retinal detachment or retinoschisis.
  198. Seeing large moving bead of light in peripheral visoin
  199. Tiol Lens Testimonials...
  200. Flickering in dark, vision dark for short moments, seeing colours in dark, pain
  201. Hard contact lense intermittently correcting my vision?
  202. Post Surgery
  203. Blurred vision indoors
  204. Recurrent acute uveitis
  205. Field vision test
  206. Filamentary keratistis
  207. eye pressure and dry eyes
  208. I had cataract surgery at 12 yrs old, I'm now 25 ... Question ...
  209. Why Does My Vision Improve when I Push on My Eye?
  210. Yag laser surgery
  211. Chorodial Nevus in both eyes?
  212. Uncomfortable pressure around right eye
  213. Distortion in Peripheral Vision
  214. 20/30 vision in my right eye
  215. Is inderect LED light harmful to the eyes?
  216. Eye pain only in one eye when looking to the left
  217. No one can help
  218. Blind Spots near central vision
  219. Retina Tear Repair with Laser and Blank Spot in Peripheral Vision?
  220. Off Balance
  221. Recovery from TRAB360 surgery
  222. Intraocular lens (IOL) not implanted
  223. Contact complication
  224. sparkles and wavy blurry vision
  225. Blurry Vision in Right Eye Following a Hangover
  226. Can I ignore sudden CYL in glasses? (Lasik + Keratoconus)
  227. Focal Points or What?
  228. Blockage of view of left eye
  229. Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy (AMN)
  230. something on my eye
  231. scar on macular blur on central vision
  232. Iritis related problems?
  233. post vitrectomy
  234. Why does my new glasses make everything weird?
  235. Seeing pink in vision
  236. severe dry eyes. need help.
  237. Flickering & vibration Vision
  238. Need reading glasses with light
  239. eye floaters
  240. Pressure Feeling
  241. Shadowed vision? Doctor doesnt know..
  242. Objects emit light
  243. Clear lump on white of eye that comes and goes!
  244. ive got a scar on my macula..
  245. Glasses prescription help
  246. Seeing my nose and related difficulties
  247. Vertical rays/streaks of light when squinting
  248. Seeing bright spots like I looked at a bright light
  249. IOL lens implant testimonials wanted
  250. Round shadow spot off to the side of left eye!!