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  1. Throat Chock
  2. Muscle tightness throughout entire body
  3. Sharp shooting pain from rib to knee?
  4. Weird feeling/numbness from left pectoral muscle down inside of left arm into palm?
  5. Body sensitive to Medicines
  6. Which hand do you wear watch on? Left supposed to be bad for you?
  7. Pilonidal Recurrance -10 years later
  8. C-Reactive Protein of 6.99?
  9. Pea sized lump in lower abdomen...
  10. I have too much energy; can i stop / reduce this?
  11. FL Law - is it OK to leave bedridden patient alone in house?
  12. blood testing before mri
  13. thumb stiff/weak/injury
  14. Swollen lymph node under jaw & tongue pain
  15. Black/ Red Dots/Sores in mouth
  16. Nausea,Burping,Pain under right rib
  17. Elbow cracking/tight sensation
  18. biocellular analysis
  19. Flonase question
  20. Painful Bulge On My Lower Abdomen
  21. Prednisone Tapers and Side Effects
  22. Tired and cold all the time
  23. dry, itchy, bleeding patches?
  24. how do you get a dent out of your leg
  25. Shoulder pain, cracking, popping - extends to neck and jaw
  26. Does Blood dry a bright red or a darker red?
  27. Possibly a pinched nerve?
  28. Frozen Shoulder & Cortisone Shot?
  29. Brown hair, blond eye brows and facial hair
  30. 1/2 RX pill stuck in throat, what do I do?
  31. Iontophoresis...
  32. Are Electric Toothbrushes bad for health?
  33. Why do my lower legs swell after bathing?
  34. Lesions found on right lung and mid back
  35. Mono, thyroid help
  36. Coughing, sore chest, trouble breathing
  37. Left ribcage problems
  38. Diarrhea.
  39. Swollen scrotum after abscess surgery
  40. Stomach aches
  41. Big Vein for years? Got smaller overnight?
  42. lower leg spasms/twitching/cramping/
  43. Please help!!
  44. Callous on TOP of hand
  45. Confusion/nausea/faintness after using tanning bed
  46. FOOSH Injury/Scaphoid
  47. stomach problem please help
  48. Low lymphocytes and lymph nodes
  49. Could this be symptoms of a Blood clot in calf?
  50. Bad elbow pain
  51. Tired and bad headaches after eating
  52. Shaking fingers
  53. 18 years old with little body hair
  54. Possible salivary gland stone? Symptoms..
  55. vibrating head, any cure?
  56. Can prilosec help lower abdominal pain
  57. Pilonidal Cyst??????
  58. Eye tik and face muscles problems related, meaning tumor?
  59. Itching
  60. Painless bump on finger...
  61. Lisinopril overdose possible?
  62. Light Case of Sunburn Poisoning??
  63. Understanding a radiologists MRI report
  64. lower leg pain (tib/fib)????
  65. Chicken Pox questions
  66. Sweating For No Reason
  67. Chronic swollen lymph nodes
  68. Weird and Severe Hand Pain
  69. I feel like I'm dying emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.
  70. How I got rid of hives.
  71. Lung and spinal pain, please help.
  72. Pain in right leg and thigh
  73. Hyperhidrosis relief
  74. Chest Pain... what could be causing it?
  75. between Alzheimer's & encephalopathy
  76. left buttock numb when sitting
  77. Abestos Exposure from Home Renovation
  78. My mom; itchy hand palms.
  79. Help, need a diagnosis
  80. Young adult with chest pain after blood donation
  81. Bruise after dog bite
  82. Is my all over numbness an Ambien side effect?
  83. Won't stop sweating even after Prescription strength.
  84. Yearly recurring sore (strep) throat. Why?
  85. bottom lip throbbing
  86. Lump on both shins
  87. white spots on face in summer but not any other seasons?? help!
  88. Collarbone
  89. wound healing question.. is this normal? Please help
  90. Body froze up while donating plasma!
  91. "goosebump" like bumps on my arms..
  92. Are foam earplugs dangerous with overuse?
  93. Is it possible to have part of a blood vessel poke through the skin?
  94. Arms asleep when waking up
  95. Is there such a thing as "fever prone???"
  96. when i drink cold drinks i get a pain on the right side of my chest
  97. Daily Headaches and Fatigue
  98. Burn on end of thumb won't heal
  99. Does creatine make you smarter? Yes or NO?
  100. Very sick, nauseated, heachache after going out
  101. 18 y/o athlete getting total hip replacement
  102. Spacing out. Scary!
  103. Help: Self-test Kernig's sign? Possible meningitis? Or just a delusion
  104. im throwing up and i have hives and rashes on my face and all my body
  105. Spot on lungs found prepping for bypass surgery?
  106. Pilonidal Abscess
  107. Worried about loose, bloody stool
  108. broken toe loss of feeling?
  109. "Numbness" in lower abdomen/groin
  110. My boyfriend lives an unhealthy lifestyle and has not seen a doctor in years.
  111. Sore Throat
  112. high wbc 14.3
  113. larger than quarter sized bump on head no injury / not acne
  114. painful chest lump
  115. Swollen lymph nodes with normal CBC
  116. Shaky after hot showers
  117. Sick feeling and very lightheaded
  118. Bright white flash pop inside of head
  119. Persistent Bad Breath =(
  120. sick often and take long to recover - 29yo male
  121. Pins and needles in my feet
  122. Bruised arm:- It's now aching and feels weak??
  123. Ganglion Cyst Battle...
  124. Dehydration?
  125. Leg Cramps - Why Won't They Go Away?
  126. I have way too many health problems for my age
  127. Post nasal drip and white spots in throat
  128. Low Latent Inhibition Test?
  129. Benign reactive lymph node
  130. Bad thigh pain in the morning?
  131. Left supraclavicular swelling
  132. vomiting and diarrhea
  133. severe pain left side clavicle area and lower rib area
  134. Small bubble or blister under tongue
  135. stress and std's
  136. Complete intolerance to spicy food.
  137. dreadful pain in the right side of chest
  138. Painful White Bump On My Palatoglossal Arch
  139. I am 19 and 5'6'' tall, will i grow taller?
  140. Very fast pulse one second, then unable to feel any pulse at all shortly after
  141. Stomach Cramps
  142. lump on back of skull
  143. Need suggestions. B12?? Cardiomyopathy??
  144. breathing and fresh cut grass
  145. why do we feel cold after taking bath
  146. Zinc Deficiency?
  147. Really, really bad canker sore???
  148. magnetic implant for seizures???
  149. Don't know what's going on - please help if you can!
  150. Blood mole
  151. Blood after doing number 2, any ideas?
  152. My girlfriend has a lump on her back...
  153. Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.
  154. why do i faint when i hurt myself?
  155. coming down with a bug?
  156. Blood test results?
  157. Pulling sensation behind left ear when i tilt me head right
  158. Anorexia & Diazepam?
  159. Bug Bite and Red Streak
  160. Need help with lice please! Lots of questions..
  161. One side of my body is...smaller?
  162. This doesn't make any sense. I'm freaking out.
  163. Sharp pain in my abdomen.
  164. full body edema
  165. Too many MRIs/ultrasounds/CT scans/xrays?
  166. Excessive Hair Growth in teenage girl
  167. atrial fibrillation
  168. Weird Itchy Joint Pain in Thumb
  169. Chronic “drugged,” “drunk-like,” “woozy” feeling in head
  170. Thirsty, Hungry, Shaky - Debate
  171. W-Sitting and Hip Problems
  172. red circles with white dots in middle
  173. I never run a fever
  174. Dizziness, tinnitus worries
  175. Found a tiny lump just inside anus
  176. Can't catch my breath!
  177. Collarbone Pains
  178. Help! I have bee feeling so weird
  179. Why can't I get my neck strain to go away?
  180. Bump on back of head/skull
  181. penicillin making me itchy?
  182. Constant nausea after food poisoning
  183. numbness in upper stomach
  184. Very, very tired!
  185. Ingested Black Mold, please help!
  186. Clicking neck causing headaches?
  187. Was sick for over a month (March-April), symptoms returning plus more, what's wrong?
  188. Enlarged spleen on CT scan
  189. Yellow Mark on Upper Arm - looked up, but can't find a diagnosis - Not a Bruise
  190. bad pain in my glands. causing pain in neck head arm pit, arm and breast, any advice?
  191. Feeling Off Balance When Lying Down
  192. Stinging breast pain!
  193. Possible loss of height or bad measure???
  194. pain in back of thigh and calf
  195. Suddenly I never feel full after eating!
  196. 8 year old, periodic leg pain and falling down for months now.
  197. Sudden Change in Behavior/Thinking/everything...Please Help...:(
  198. severe lower back/pelvic pain
  199. lower lip throbbing
  200. Shen Min DHT blocker
  201. Husband/new father is acting really weird with sleep. Really concerned, a little scar
  202. Oily sheen on urine?
  203. Often smelling blood, and seeing it in my mucus
  204. Angry, Lethargic, Depressed?
  205. Do I have parasites?
  206. Abdominal spasms (cramps)
  207. SEVERE Hangovers after little aclohol
  208. Uncomfortable breathing / muscle vibrations in chest / yawning lots
  209. lump in my scrotum
  210. weird ring around upper leg
  211. Sternum and ribs not expanding!!!
  212. edema, pitted edema in legs & ankles
  213. heavy metal poisoning?
  214. Need help with all around discomforting feeling on the left side of my throat
  215. Canine teeth clashing together.?
  216. Seven years of vomiting, still no answers.
  217. Debilitating Malaise--Diziness--Fatigue
  218. Lump on my head
  219. Swelling
  220. Chronic joint pain worsening over course of 6-7 years. 21 yrs old.
  221. When should you brush your teeth after eating sugar?
  222. penicillin and phentermine
  223. Cervical Spondylosis/ MRI Results pls help
  224. Brain Fog - Phosphatidyl Serine
  225. What are the chances of a 19 year old having a heart attack?
  226. Want to gain weight
  227. Lump in neck below jaw, pain in tongue
  228. Weak, feeling sick every day, eye sight continues to get worse…
  229. lungs hurt whenever i breathe in deep
  230. Pain Swollen lymph nodes everywhere? Please help
  231. Puffy eyes, unusual tiredness, fatigue... Please Help!?
  232. Horrible Joint Pain and Swelling
  233. Neck pain sore throat head pressure
  234. tongue
  235. Left chest muscle pain
  236. Chest pain for a year, new symptoms.
  237. Brain fog, unawareness, stuffy nose etc.
  238. bump near naval
  239. why do i feel like i have rocks in my stomach
  240. Unsual felling of tongue
  241. Arm pain. Can anyone relate?
  242. Prickly feelings in chest
  243. Any Advice - A little Concerned!
  244. My son fainted
  245. Taking isoniazid (INH). What would you have done?
  246. loss of voice
  247. anxiety? or heart problems
  248. Blow to head. Brain Damage?
  249. why would you crave crayons?
  250. I feel like I am falling apart...