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  1. Pneumonia
  2. Strange Abdominal Pain
  3. Iron Deficiency Confusion
  4. minor pain/ache in right side of throat when swallowing for 3 weeks
  5. head pressure
  6. after filling pain
  7. why does a mole get sore for no reason?
  8. Stomach ache and dizzyness after anxiety attack
  9. Hiccups for the last 3 months.
  10. natural bigger breast NO implants, pills or creams
  11. Collar bone + Pectus Carinatum
  12. Can Vodka Help With Weight Loss?
  13. sesame or apple looking seeds in my stools
  14. Jaw makes Cracking noise...why?
  15. swollen tongue or uvula
  16. Thirsty, swollen stomach and tired
  17. Bone & Joint Pain
  18. Unusual Breast Growth
  19. sore adams apple
  20. Blood Clot in my finger?
  21. Constantly hot face & neck
  22. White spot near heart area...
  23. what doctor should i see if my hands turn purple
  24. Does mold form inside of plastic bottles?
  25. water sound in stomach area
  26. I need advice on something sticking out of my chest.
  27. Eyebrow Loss
  28. Extremely sore and weak muscles
  29. Shaking When Hungry
  30. After effects of pneumonia?
  31. Blood Test Results...what dietary changes should I make?
  32. All these symptoms but standard blood test are fine. What could it be?
  33. Potassium Levels Elevated
  34. i have two black dots in my mouth
  35. Headaches/TMJ/Thyroid issues?
  36. What is the deal with this rash on my butt?
  37. when you can't stop coughing
  38. random pain, vomiting, diarrhea what symptoms are these?
  39. Stopping prednisone
  40. Ear Pimple/Cyst or worst....
  41. what to do with eyelids that got sunburn
  42. what is the feeling like a stitch in my left hand side under my ribs
  43. my fourth fingers are bent
  44. What doctor do i go see for an abcess in the belly button / pain in the belly button?
  45. hyzaar/lisinopril
  46. Thrush and antibiotic therapy
  47. Strange bumps under middle toenails
  48. Tongue / inside of mouth crewing and biting...HELP...
  49. Right hand keeps locking up, help?
  50. Run down/sick/abdominal pain/headaches
  51. heart beat on the back of the neck clervical region
  52. lymphonoids
  53. to pass a kidney stone
  54. Getting Worried - Long lasting throat pain/swelling and recent armpit pain
  55. Feeling very sick/terrible. Help?
  56. pulsating sensation in my head
  57. I'm suddenly nauseous and have heartburn after eating
  58. what is the lump i get on my lower back tail bone area
  59. How long are you contageous with the common cold?
  60. pain under ribs on right side
  61. Ovarian Cyst/ Abdominal Pain
  62. eyebrows turned white
  63. Shoulder/Arm pain
  64. fever and lightheaded.
  65. swollen knuckles with red bumps
  66. centrum cardio vitamin with phytosterols
  67. Your advice didn't work.. what now?
  68. lymph nodes everywhere
  69. little white bumps
  70. Numbing of fingers when they get cold
  71. Is it okay that I took sleeping pills at night and had an energy drink the next AM?
  72. arthroscopic surgery for labral tear
  73. triple arthrodesis
  74. Last call for help, as mystery condition destroys my life
  75. dark on side of the nose
  76. how long does a bone bruise last
  77. To Much Benefiber?
  78. Unexplained pain right under ribs?!?
  79. why is the left side of my body sore to touch
  80. lack of feeling in legs.
  81. Light headed & pale
  82. eGFR
  83. please help belly button pain
  84. Severe vomiting/fever/diarrhea
  85. Yellow discharge from nose...???
  86. Left shoulder and upper arm pain
  87. painless lump in forearm
  88. Aching Pain under left breast, difficulty catching beath!!
  89. Really freaked out...
  90. is my nose broken and can it be fixed? Please help me!!
  91. death due to laparoscopic rectopexy -please guide
  92. Arm weakness after shoulder twitch?
  93. why burning sensation in feet and hands
  94. Stomach issues directly after eating, but not every day
  95. aching armpits
  96. do tonsils effect your singing voice
  97. cuts on legs that don't heal
  98. Bleeding Inside the Nose, ... Why?
  99. Can a viral cold turn into a bacteria infection?
  100. Shoulder blade pain
  101. Cuban coffee to cause stomach cramps??
  102. post op tonsillectomy.... is this normal?
  103. my feet look fine when i get in shower i go in and they start turning purple after a
  104. HELP!! Very bad abdominal pain
  105. Stomach pain around navel
  106. Is this nerve pain??
  107. Right sided neck swelling. Horrible headaches. Thoughts?
  108. All tests normal .. but what is this pain?
  109. Anyone out there with Marfan Syndrome?
  110. Bruises & calf/shin pain?!?
  111. throat clamps shut when laughing
  112. fluid behind the ear mean
  113. Hematoma on buttocks
  114. feeling drunk dizzy tired
  115. ARVD - What you need to know!
  116. Burning sensation when sitting in left bum cheek.
  117. Is My Industrial Piercing Pierced Wrong?
  118. Small hard nodule under skin on my right shoulder
  119. what is upper middle gastric pain
  120. Vericose Vein removal, is it dangerous?
  121. cost of injection
  122. how long can it take for a kidney stone to pass
  123. when I look up or lay down I get off balance and my vision gets shaky
  124. People Seem to be Allergic to Me...
  125. chest pain when all breath is exhailed?
  126. groin pain ,right side,female
  127. head feeling stuffy
  128. Passed out the day after drinking?
  129. Fingertips frozen a week ago, still numb.
  130. polycemia
  131. Infectious Bursitis?
  132. Too much Iron? - I'm 18.
  133. Can't stop shaking.
  134. My Father needs help
  135. why would the tip of my nose tingle and feel numb
  136. kidney stone
  137. Is this nerve pain?
  138. Dizzy
  139. carotidynia
  140. Long-term prognosis with Frozen Shoulder?
  141. Swelling in a cast
  142. high tryglcerides
  143. Upcoming surgery, when to discontinue suboxone??
  144. not sure which category to put this,various problems for over 15 years !!
  145. Serrapeptase
  146. what is a ventral thecal sac
  147. Rib Pain?
  148. pain on right side under rib cage and burning feeling in my neck and right shoulder b
  149. sharp shooting pain under my left breast
  150. 11 month old baby has constipation,what should i do
  151. white dots at the tip of my tongue
  152. lump in armpit /chest pain
  153. Lump on roof of mouth?
  154. no taste on tip of tongue
  155. Veins after blood tests
  156. considering Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy?
  157. when I blow my nose i feel like my ears are going to explode, why?
  158. what causes a high PTT
  159. why do my hands keep going numb, could i be diabetic
  160. Left sided chest pains
  161. Baking soda + Hydrogen Peroxide +whiter teeth?
  162. pus spot on elbow + armpit and tiredness
  163. Whooping Cough
  164. left trapezoid pain and slight drooping of right shoulder
  165. Swollen Knuckle
  166. Why does the BONE hurt??
  167. Lump on leg after an injury
  168. Odd tongue color.
  169. Coughing ALL night long
  170. Multiple Symptoms...What's going on?!?!
  171. what's wrong with my hand and arm
  172. enlarged blood cells
  173. hematoma after angiogram
  174. alcohol and blood donation
  175. Flu with no Fever?
  176. unsteadiness/nausea
  177. Tripped & Fell on My Face
  178. Painful lump on my lower back and buttocks area
  179. pain over the belly button, burning sensation, random dizziness
  180. Stomach Problem
  181. homosestine levels
  182. MPV at 11.7
  183. Tingling face, tongue,with neck/shoulder pains....HELP please
  184. what is your heart rate suppose to be at
  185. Cusion Diease
  186. Procrit Injection
  187. Numbness in fingers
  188. Low Potassium
  189. nose bleeds when vomiting
  190. Shoulder surgery again?
  191. Fatigue and sleepiness with no other symptoms
  192. Staph infection in my breast after augmentation
  193. low calcium syptoms
  194. Strange bowel problem.. help please?
  195. i took 2 aleve and now have stomach pains. what do i do?
  196. I can only use one kind of chapstick!
  197. Strep Throat, Mono, Tonsils swollen
  198. My brother mentally unstable?
  199. What is this fleshy bulb on my neck?
  200. do i need a cast after i remove my pin?
  201. constant mucus in the throat, what does it mean?
  202. Question on Lidoderm Patch
  203. slammed finger in door treatments
  204. faint, headache and fatigue
  205. Does Anorexia Cause This?
  206. Im Male, 19, Nipples stick out...
  207. overheat easily
  208. thyroperoxidase
  209. Unexplained vomiting 5yr old
  210. disorder when an adult acts like a child
  211. Chapped lips won't go away...
  212. why does cold cause me to cramp?
  213. Aching neck and heavy head
  214. Albuterol and no insurance
  215. afternoon fever
  216. Acid reflux followed by flu like symptoms
  217. Left Leg Pain?
  218. Mono
  219. eosinophilic gastritis
  220. stomach flu or food poisoning
  221. Is diarrhea a part of influenza?
  222. Halls
  223. Blacked out after having back popped.
  224. Abdominal Pain with chills
  225. Please help me figure out my boyfriend's illness
  226. im always cold, tired and irritable what's wrong?
  227. Does this sound like a pinched nerve?
  228. Sudden unprovoked severe calf muscle pain
  229. very difficult for me to breath
  230. Severe leg pain, please help!
  231. sweaty armpits
  232. Slight constant pressure in leg
  233. Glenoid Labrum Tear - Arthroscopic Surgery
  234. Constant Nausea really worried
  235. Shin splint?
  236. Yogurt and bloating in upper tummy
  237. constant stomach growling
  238. Any way to prevent headache after drinking?
  239. macrobid
  240. Aquagenic Pruritis
  241. how can I stop the burning sensation on my gums?
  242. red streak up my arm
  243. Dizziness From Neck And Shoulder Strain?
  244. Not sure what is wrong with me, help would be appreciated!
  245. Needing help on what could be causing my chest pains
  246. extreme fatigue/hunger for no good reason what is wrong with me?
  247. Can Someone Point Me In The Right Direction, Please!
  248. i have a very dry mouth and throat and sore throat and buring sensation - what is it?
  249. Pulse in knee and back and leg ache
  250. Lack of energy, feeling fatigued