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  1. life expectancy?
  2. My head
  3. Nothing to Eat or Drink After Midnight?
  4. I Inhaled gum.. HELP please..
  5. Pressure above right hip when sitting.
  6. Versed anesthesia side effects
  7. how do know if my apendix is bad
  8. I was completely awake during my colonoscopy O.O
  9. Sudden widespread joint pain
  10. Anyone here got Poland's syndrome.
  11. food poisoning lasting over 3 weeks
  12. bruises
  13. what makes my leg feel like ice water running down it
  14. Why do my muscles get so tight
  15. Bit the heck out of my tongue but should it look like this???
  16. feels like hot water running down my back
  17. Cleaning yard pricked index finger with rose bush thorn
  18. why do I repeatedly get ill?
  19. muscle twitching
  20. Bruises on legs that come and go
  21. Kidneys and albumin/globulin ratio? help?
  22. white/yellow stuff back in throat, smells really really bad
  23. Post nasal drip
  24. Chest Pain/Discomfort
  25. Pain on my left side / Sometimes in my stomach / Cramping
  26. how long is strep throat contagious
  27. black spot
  28. what will happen if you drink caffeine while on a antibiotic
  29. Yellow tongue
  30. Non stop cough and nasal drainage
  31. why can't the doctor find infection
  32. Jones Fracture recovery?
  33. Breathing hurting between my neck and shoulder on left side
  34. 2 Dr's...2 different results??
  35. Any ingredients I should be concerned about in Arm & Hammer Enamel Care toothpaste?
  36. pain when swallowing
  37. Pain coming back after shoulder decompression
  38. what causes the twitching?
  39. dizziness blurred vision and headaches what could be causing this
  40. Thyroglossal Duct Cyst Anybody????
  41. Steroid shots....a few questions.
  42. Humidifier dilemma
  43. strange dehydration problem
  44. Numb Fingers after Broken Collar Bone
  45. Gag Reflex...Can it be eliminated?
  46. hot flashes without menopause?
  47. i have a lump the size of a golfball in my armpit and numbness in my arm/hand
  48. what does it mean to have body odor smells like a skunk
  49. Lingocaine, local anaesthetics
  50. strep throat how long contagious
  51. Weird sick feeling, chills, and shaking, no fever
  52. Heart Burn/Fever?
  53. Head pressure, numb face, persistent disorientation
  54. Upper body MRI or MRA in chicago?
  55. please help, possible overdose?
  56. i keep shaking and feeling sick sometimes but i dont know whats wrong with me
  57. Temple Twitching
  58. Can untreated respiratory infections cause damage?
  59. 25 yr old female, "newbie" unexplained health problems
  60. Heart palpitations when pressure on calf
  61. Do I have a Thyroglossal cyst?
  62. does milk create mold and is it dangerous
  63. dog bites with lyme disease
  64. Dizziness and slight loss of feeling after taking indomethacin?
  65. what would the result be if an enzyme malfunctioned or wasn't present
  66. worried about kidneys!!
  67. Is there is significant pain on the left hand side of the chest during heartburn?
  68. what is chemical used to kill root during ingrown toenail removal
  69. Are Urine Particles Harmful?
  70. Can your doctor test you to see if your vitamins and minerals, etc...???
  71. strange wet heat sensation in lower leg
  72. REALLY yellow urine...
  73. armpit tendons
  74. Subway Sandwich = congestion...... anyone?
  75. strange lump in abdomen
  76. shoulder surgery arthroscopic how long does pain last after surgery
  77. Do I Have Concussion??
  78. Unexplained Bruising-HELP!
  79. Bone Bruise Swelling - any recommendation?
  80. Weird leg sensations
  81. My 30 day challenge, and I need help from you!
  82. Please help diagnose me. I'm so scared. VERY wierd out of body experiences & +
  83. Cheekbone Fracture Surgery
  84. pain when breath above heart below collar bone
  85. how fit am i if my pulse is 60 bpm
  86. Clicking Noise/Sound
  87. "Extroverted Navel"--Should I worry?
  88. Blood in spit? What's up with this?
  89. Ear Ache and Pain in Mouth
  90. Shoulder Tendinitis...does it ever go away?
  91. What causes tightness in the head?
  92. Help me please. I feel my gums irritated nonstop
  93. Upper lip lost of pigment
  94. Yawning for hours
  95. my nose constantly blocked 24/7 some times can breat through my nose at all
  96. Sudden onslaught of symptoms. In bad shape.
  97. medical information+cold spot on abdomen
  98. Shoulder popping????
  99. Strange symptoms.. any ideas?
  100. Sore stomach with no other symptoms
  101. Watering eyes - EMBARRASSING!
  102. Is a Slightly Low Calculated Globulin Level in Blood Panel Okay?
  103. Does the pharmacy notify the doctor of when the prescription was filled?
  104. Persistent Dry Cough
  105. Unexplained shoulder pain
  106. Substitute for bubble gum for therapy use, anyone?
  107. Arms & hands numb
  108. above normal folate levels?
  109. small red dots on arm
  110. When hair grows fast
  111. flemmy cough
  112. Fatigue, Insomnia, Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath, etc... Ideas?
  113. My Chest/RibCage Protrudes Far More Than Other People's.
  114. Strep Throat & Glands
  115. Flu symptons for 2 months!
  116. what to do for itching at surgery site
  117. sore on roof of mouth - what kind of doctor do I see?
  118. Picking!!!
  119. Woke up and my big toe nail part of it is dark purple
  120. a fungus around my mouth?!
  121. what body parts can internal bleeding come from
  122. How to be sure you have Marfan Syndrome and what about having children?
  123. Sudafed causing high cortisol?
  124. Back pain when swallowing
  125. Is bright yellow urine bad?
  126. abdominal scar tissue, damages
  127. Sharp pulling/pinching in upper left chest/undarm when I yawn
  128. Insect Bite now lump
  129. Need help reading lab results
  130. what to do if Doctors can't find medical problem but you are sick
  131. pain in my upper abdomen
  132. Stomach issue leading to high BP, rapid heart rate, extreme dizziness
  133. Dent in top of head
  134. why would you get black and blue marks on your body
  135. what to do for antibiotic induced nausea
  136. Weird health problems? Anxiety? Epilepsy? Heart related? I don't know :(
  137. shoulder blade pain when breathing?????
  138. black dots in mouth
  139. Soft tissue injury or something else?
  140. Strange Black lump on the inside of mouth
  141. why do i get pain under right shoulder blade when i burp?
  142. how long does it take for you to feel symptoms of internal bleeding
  143. Slipped Rib Pain/Prolotherapy Treatment
  144. Grapefruit seed extract...pill or liquid?
  145. Pain in the Middle of my belly button
  146. Passed out after standing up
  147. what causes flem in your throat all the time
  148. cortison shot for shoulder bursitis
  149. Swelling and severe pain in neck and jaw
  150. Bacterial Infection reoccurance
  151. Burning shoulderpain spreading up to both sides of neck...
  152. Lump on leg
  153. Mom's hand shakes a bit and head
  154. hemorrhoid that just won't go away!
  155. severe sole burning sensation
  156. why does my leg feel like it has water running down in it?
  157. Shoulder Pain with weight training, please help!
  158. Throat feels like thorns when pass food
  159. EKG Normal, Endoscopy Normal, symptoms remain with no diagnosis?
  160. Enlarged Spleen? (Splenomegaly)
  161. why do i have a warming sensation in lower limb
  162. Post-Picc Arm Pain
  163. Inner Mouth Sore?
  164. certain unexplained body odor
  165. I think Kaiser is letting her die... She hurts far too much to be psycosymptomatic!
  166. 19 yr old, random pain & diarrhea + other odd symptoms all my life
  167. Get sick randomly but doctor's have no clue what it is
  168. weird feeling in left side of my chest!?
  169. Itching - please help me
  170. My tongue has little white bumps
  171. pain in lower kidney area when deep breath
  172. Aleve vs. IB Profin
  173. Lower rib poking out with discomfort
  174. mallaria and toiphoid treatment
  175. scapula pain & breathing
  176. Blood Blister?
  177. wrist sprain?
  178. ultrasound for deep vein thrombosis?
  179. White spot on X-Ray?
  180. Leg Pain related to Blood-Clot or Nerve under the skin?
  181. why do i have holes in tonsils
  182. Low Grade Fevers....Help
  183. blocked ears when lifting weights
  184. Enlarged Spleen
  185. Weird very sore skin on left side of face!
  186. lump after dog bite
  187. Started running again........now nose bleeds?
  188. I May Have Swallowed a Foreign Object - What Should I do?
  189. Testicle itch. please help
  190. odd pain in back/chest
  191. Head rushes while sleeping
  192. how to know if you swallowed a piece of glass/
  193. Allergies, Lymph Nodes, and Ocular Migraines
  194. Can't stand the pain in my legs any more
  195. constantly short of breath
  196. Help? Headaches, nausea and stomach twinges?
  197. Lightheaded and lower back ache
  198. Foot and leg neuropathy/ hand controls for auto
  199. couch bugs?
  200. Occassional Swellings around body
  201. Yellow Jacket Sting - anything more I can do?
  202. i need help worried about lump under skin
  203. Extreme Forgetfulness
  204. what does a yellow tongue mean
  205. Positive skin TB Test/Negative X-Rays
  206. how to heal anus sores
  207. Lump at top of leg / right of groin
  208. help me understand my test results!
  209. Long after scalp ringworm (still itching)
  210. sulfur smell
  211. effect of donating blood
  212. 1+ blood in urine
  213. Toe nail partially ripped off
  214. Bruised feeling all over
  215. Left chest/breast pain
  216. Coughing and no clinical diagnosis???
  217. Collar Bone??
  218. Open sores on breast
  219. Headache, Tired and not feeling well (strep)
  220. HELP left side rib pain?
  221. endometrial thickening
  222. Thowing up blood
  223. serrapeptase
  224. Sharp pain in my left side below my breast
  225. Do Dermatologists treat extreme dandruff?
  226. Random Symptons or Related to Blood Pressure
  227. warm sensation in lower leg
  228. small elongated lump in abdomen
  229. Chronic Abdominal Pain
  230. Why does my boyfriend shake??
  231. i have a really tight chest. :(
  232. Can Adenoids affect the gag reflex?
  233. noise in ear when leaning forward
  234. Quick sharp pains in shoulder??
  235. Pain in the lower-right abdomen
  236. Please Help! I am skinny and totally fed up...
  237. Menieres
  238. Do I have brain damage, or am I just overreacting?
  239. Breathing problem / racing heart causing lack of sleep:
  240. 2 Years Of Chest Pain
  241. Cut on leg infected? Not healing and redness...? -Advice please....
  242. ECG results
  243. broken toe?
  244. numbness in face
  245. A passing feeling
  246. weird abdominal pains.. MOLD? help!
  247. Got stung still itches and hurts after 3 days
  248. what is a charlie horse in your calf?
  249. temple area swollen after persistent headache
  250. Molluscum Removal