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  1. i've had this weird feeling in the back of my throat for months now...
  2. left side rib pain
  3. Body vibrating!
  4. Swollen Costal Cartilage??
  5. a week after a car accident, i still have pain in my chest - should I go to a doctor
  6. Horrendously awful taste in my mouth
  7. Higher than normal body temperature
  8. Skin Damage?
  9. Tailbone Pain?
  10. Best Bandages To Use On Armpits?
  11. White lump on tongue...PLEASE help!
  12. when chest rib won't heal
  13. diarrhea and excessive urination immediatly after eating and drinking.
  14. Blood test results Question
  15. Airways completely close up after coughing
  16. pain up the entire side of my leg?
  17. Severe shoulder tension
  18. Runny stool, some blood, and stomach ache/pain
  19. Constant Dull Headache For Days
  20. weird reaction to small ammount of alcohol??!
  21. Pulsating vein
  22. blood clot in arm
  23. Oregon Grape Root Extract & Strep throat
  24. 20 Years old, blood in stool every couple of months..
  25. Sternum pain/pressure
  26. pale gums? almost white!
  27. How to provide stability for double jointed elbow?
  28. Surgery after a Antrectomy and concerns about the "Dumping Syndrome."
  29. Feeling of Lump in throat
  30. need help finding the cause! (chronic fatigue & chronic dry irritated eyes)
  31. Stiff hands with no grip for 3 months- what is it?!!
  32. Large red sores on my belt line (waist)
  33. White spots on my sholders
  34. Symptoms that worry me. No sufficient medical attention
  35. Strange Muscle Ache - Arm
  36. I think i have internal Hemorrhoids? how do i treat this?
  37. Shocking pain
  38. Swelling in my legs and leaking
  39. Burning Tongue and achy joints
  40. Why does my right leg go numb when I stand
  41. what does pain in left armpit mean
  42. head pulsing/vibrating/pressure
  43. CBC Blood Tests
  44. NEED HELP BAD!!! Large cut on bottom of foot!
  45. seeing stars?
  46. Badly sprianed ankle in March-still having problems
  47. question about multiple lumps
  48. cuts on the inside of my mouth
  49. lump on left side of ribs
  50. does anyone know what i can do about pityriasis rosea and the itching thank you
  51. If fever goes away does that mean infection is gone?
  52. Acquired Left Undescended Testicle Causing Left Head/Forehead Tightness?
  53. bone marrow test indicated I had no iron
  54. Mosquito bites and Vitamin B5, HELP!!!
  55. Hot forehead and scalp!
  56. Staph infection part 2 - antibiotics still won't work
  57. Waking up with headache
  58. Undiagnosed and I'm getting worse, do you recognize my symptoms?
  59. Maybe this will help my shoulder & ques on tendonitis..
  60. Fever Chills Aches Pain Nausea diarrhea
  61. what is treatment for side effect of diahrea caused by taking an antibiotic
  62. Toddlers and herpes Please help someone
  63. Are the dangers of germs overrated?
  64. Puked green but didn't eat anything green?
  65. Excedrin - nausea?
  66. what is going on in my head??
  67. Shoulder tendonitis diagnosis, still ongoing after phys rehab
  68. Dry mouth/throat, twitchy, Breathing problems.. (fast reply?)
  69. Excessive sweating, feeling dizzy, ready to pass out?
  70. Do I Need A Tenenus Injection
  71. every day head preasure on my skull.. advice please
  72. plurasey
  73. craving salt by the spoonfuls, what does this mean?
  74. If knee cartilage damage, must never run/jump even if heal?
  75. Can antibiotics trigger any illnesses to flare up?
  76. bump growing on my head
  77. Do I have Deep-Vein Thrombosis?
  78. Rage/anger issues
  79. Diagnose me! My doctors can't.
  80. Doctor says I have a staph infection
  81. Cold Foods= Gas??
  82. Prednisone: is it good, bad or dangerous medicine?
  83. I feel like I am losing my mind
  84. Black feces
  85. Dilated Pupils
  86. What could this be? High fever, nose bleeds, shivers, sore throat
  87. Are these shin splints?
  88. Spots around chin & mouth
  89. Scared of taking new meds
  90. Mosquito bites and swollen, painful finger :(
  91. Started as neck pain
  92. 19 year old/ feel like 80 year old please help
  93. Orange mouth
  94. Cat scratch, developing symptoms similar to rabies?
  95. Pulled a neck muscle, please help!
  96. Office( sitting)job will make Hemorrhoid symptoms worse?
  97. What causes my shoulders, arms, thighs, knees, shins, and ankles to hurt and swell?
  98. general anesthesia needs to use a catheter to help urinate ?
  99. why would I feel so full after eating small amount
  100. how to recolonise with good bacteria
  101. Knots in tendon/ligament..does it mean tear???
  102. Feel terrible in the mornings
  103. Can X-Rays Be Wrong?
  104. Little red thing on my neck?
  105. Weird (almost no) feeling on side of big right toe
  106. Nasal Congestion without Allergies...any clue?
  107. Fatigue, pain, low white blood cell count, upcoming surgery
  108. CT scan accident
  109. Pain in Right side of Back, Chest and Under Arm!!!
  110. Arm weakness & Neck pain
  111. Questions about Hantavirus & Mice/Rats/Other Pests
  112. rash from cement mix
  113. Why so tired?
  114. Serrapeptase - Silkworm Enzyme
  116. SERRAPEPTASE - ENZYME for pain?
  117. why is my bottom eyelid throbbing
  118. When I scratch my arms blood comes under skin
  119. Blood or something else??
  120. Am I having... seizures?
  121. So apparently i have Marfan's Syndrome( to a certain extent)
  122. round dotted bruise
  123. what's the cause of pain in the chest, back and stomach all at the same time
  124. Lump on roof of mouth
  125. Tingly feeling in feet/legs
  126. Hand Tremor
  127. Is it normal to be able to breath like your stomach jumps up?
  128. Can stress/anxiety cause nasal congestion/head pressure?
  129. Off and on rib pain.
  130. Heat exhaustion and Intolerance
  131. Anyone have any experience with amitriptyline?
  132. "Kissing Disease?"
  133. Internal Tremor
  134. Proctalgia Fugax
  135. New Knee cracking After Knee sprain...Normal?
  136. Very very odd.. need help!
  137. how to tell you have a concussion
  138. Frequent Big Bruises
  139. is my fat lip permanent?
  140. Unexplained dizziness
  141. HELP! Mercury thermometer broke!!!!
  142. tight calve muscles
  143. Eye Slime
  144. Feeling very down about my weight
  145. Healing from a knee Sprain, knee feels Kind of tight
  146. feet feel like fiberglass in socks, trouble breathing
  147. Unexplained Tiredness
  148. what is it exactly when you have minor involuntary muscles movement?
  149. What is the best way to deal with cold hands and cold feet?
  150. dull pain
  151. 4 days After Knee Sprain and getting better. Am i seriously Damaged?
  152. Bruise like spot on my leg...Please reply
  153. growth near anus... what might this be?!
  154. wheezing when I breathe
  155. Help with Boils ??
  156. Severe leg cramping in the night
  157. what to do for a consistent cough
  158. Think I swallowed a whitening strip?
  159. sore throat for seven days
  160. Can Dust and Dirt blowing cause sore throat?
  161. Confusion and disorientation - Before and after Prathyroid surgery
  162. help - pain in right butt cheek - any ideas?
  163. Twitching toes.
  164. red hands/palms
  165. Intolerance to alcohol?
  166. Pain on greater trochanter after a fall
  167. Pulsating Swollen Gland
  168. bump on sternum
  169. Back pain and arm weakness
  170. Get cold easily and sweat easily...huh?
  171. Post-nasal drip that won't stop
  172. Will Actimel help me put on weight??
  173. Feeling shakey and weak
  174. Bloody urin and lower left abdomen pain!
  175. Mystery Illness - just need peoples thoughts
  176. Powerful Sedatives?
  177. 41 yr old f, with years of morning nausia vomiting, not pregnant
  178. paralyzed vocal cord
  179. desperate, looking for anwers... have you had symptoms like this?
  180. Boxing, after getting hit, lumps don't go away ?
  181. Shoulder arthroscopy--pain, recovery?
  182. random pains in ribs, stomach and back
  183. Fatigued, Feeling out of it, Periodic racing heart rate, what's wrong with me?
  184. I might have scabies.. i'm not sure.
  185. antibiotics/alcohol
  186. Question about Huntington's Disease
  187. Lump in upper outside of left arm
  188. Rib Cage Pain
  189. Can I Be Poisoned From Old Rice?
  190. legs swelling
  191. Blackouts - Please Help
  192. Pain in wrist - NOT carpal tunnel
  193. Pls help! Grandmother passed away - how to break the news?
  194. Health problems and amusement park rides
  195. My nose bleeds when I blow it, 4 days in a row. What's wrong?
  196. Tremor
  197. Cefdinir/Omnicef-Alcohol?
  198. Yearly Physical Lab work
  199. Strange lump
  200. Beware of elective CT scans. - Other's experiences?
  201. Feelbad, Chest/Rib pain
  202. Memory foam mattress causing shoulder pain?
  203. Long lasting virus . . . can anyone relate?
  204. Lumps in abdomen area
  205. My tooth is about to kill me....literally!
  206. sharp pain in left side? help please!
  207. Allergic reaction to deodorant (underarms itch badly)?
  208. My mom has pneumonia.. what are the chances she will die?
  209. Lentil soup and abdominal pain
  210. medication questions- what can i mix?
  211. Benign cysts vs hormones - please help
  212. Tonsils make me feel like I have to swallow
  213. Hives?????
  214. empty stomach/full stomach and medicine
  215. Wash Cloth? Or Plain old hands? body wash or soap?
  216. How to Get Insurance to Pay for Vericose Veins??
  217. Burning Tip Of Tongue
  218. dizzy/lightheadedness
  219. leg aches and pains
  220. Ganglion cyst on wrist
  221. Iron level too high
  222. Redness from a TB skin test
  223. Pinky Tremor.
  224. i need help (oral mouth)
  225. Dizziness and pressure
  226. Sudden loss of muscle mass, numbness in calf...help?
  227. Strange feeling in head
  228. Persistant Cough
  229. deep pain during sex not after.
  230. Lower Abdominal Pain
  231. Please help with Gout flare-up!
  232. rib/chest pain?
  233. help, barium test danger... alternative?
  234. I Hate My Digestive System
  235. very sick for 3 months, cant figure out what is wrong, please help!
  236. severe dysplastic nevus - complete removal - plastic surgeon or dermotology group?
  237. Spreading bruise
  238. CT scan with contrast
  239. Posture pains under the centre of ribs
  240. dizziness and lightheadedness, please help!
  241. scrapes appearing out of nowhere
  242. Veins...
  243. IV site still hurting after three weeks
  244. nausea, vomiting, lightheaded for a long time now.
  245. Is a week-long low-grade fever normal with pneumonia?
  246. I think I have multiple fungal/yeast problems (Dandruff / Angular Cheilitis)
  247. wrist pain after blood drawn
  248. Shinbone bumps
  249. Is dry heaving normal after running?
  250. Shaking muscles under slight strain