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  1. Black eye..still have bruising after nealry 2 months
  2. varicose veins - signs and symptoms?
  3. Too many CT scans - How many have you had
  4. Blue "freckles" on the fingerprint area of my fingers???
  5. Multiple issues, trouble figuring out what's wrong ?
  6. Severe ankle problems
  7. Swollen back of my hand
  8. popcorn stuck in throat
  9. Constant brain fog with fever etc for 6 months!
  10. Severe sore throat
  11. Knee troubles, nobody seems to want to do anything!
  12. ingrown toenail infection
  13. Frequent Urination but NOT pregnant....?
  14. Severe, sudden onset dizziness weakness
  15. Why does breathing in too much air make you feel...
  16. Waiting on Blood test results Do you think a Doctor would call if blood work was bad?
  17. constant tired/irritable stomach health condition
  18. I'm scared and no drs will listen
  19. Worried about mis diagnosed labrum tear
  20. lump on side of head and swollen glands
  21. Does This Mean Anything!!
  22. Anyone used Serrapeptase Enzyme?
  23. Wait and see attitude for "possible" spleen injury
  24. Sharing sweat--dangerous?
  25. Small lump on hand...
  26. falling asleep in a tanning bed
  27. Too much Aleve? Horrible stomach pains
  28. pressure feeling in groin-no bulge
  29. Antibiotics - How long do the side effects take to "wear off"
  30. Retaining water in eyelid?
  31. wheezing or gurgling
  32. Stomach cramping, chest pain on right side, and neck pain
  33. Body Shaking
  34. Husband vomits, chills, fever 5 x yr.
  35. Ridiculously ticklish
  36. What is this??? Undiagnosed "upper left quadrant" pain
  37. arthritis after surgery
  38. Chest pain - young person
  39. Strange Lumps
  40. Can a severe tongue bite be serious?
  41. Mouth ulcer won't go away
  42. left font thigh cramp along with groin pain
  43. Why do I keep getting sick?
  44. Is it possible to break your neck by just turning it to far to one side and upwards?
  45. Shoulder constant pain months after lifting boxes
  46. swollen legs
  47. What are the after effects of an abscess?
  48. Glassy Eyes as a Symptom
  49. bump below my belly button
  50. cold hands/cold nose
  51. what happens if you donate 1 Liter of blood?
  52. Feel light-headed, queasy and have a headache
  53. Weird hand problem
  54. Lumps under neck.
  55. Shrinking in height
  56. painful bump in my hand
  57. 13 year old son
  58. what are white freckles
  59. Why does cold air make me unable to breathe?
  60. Had Fear of Choking & Resulted In Nutrition Imbalance
  61. numbness in my nose
  62. Tight shoes caused bruising under toenail. Now dry but still there
  63. been ill for 3 weeks whats wrong with me
  64. Scars
  65. Question about armpits.
  66. i think i have an infected belly button, please help??
  67. Kind of a weird question...talking to myself?
  68. Just when I thought knew what I was dealing with.... Someone please Help me.
  69. MRI Results? How long??
  70. Bump on thumb
  71. Veins under tongue?
  72. constantly tired, lifelong history of low-muscle mass related?
  73. Need Help! Adrenal Or Thyroid Problems? Or Both???
  74. Frequent Nose Bleeds
  75. Damaged Vein(s) Causing My Health Problem?
  76. Complications post abdominal surgeryand mid line incision issues
  77. Hands turn purplish almost black/gray
  78. Lost weight now my health sucks! HELP please!
  79. Anti Rabies Vaccine
  80. Eyebrows Falling Out?
  81. Help 11 Year Old Son With Testicule Pain And I Am A Single Mom
  82. pinkish blood in my stool
  83. Severe URQ pain & nausea, undiagnosed for 2 months
  84. Left Arm Stiffness and Tingling Fingers
  85. Pain after car accident
  86. Scared plz help...memory loss..tiredness..pains..back..chest..wea kness...help
  87. Living with hemorrhoids
  88. Ringworm in cats
  89. Strange Edema ~ Only in one ankle...
  90. Infected Hair Follicle ???
  91. being cold all the time is a symptom of what?
  92. ribs randomly hurting?
  93. Is it safe to take 4 benadryl's?
  94. Can carpel tunnel come back after surgery?
  95. Anyone familiar with Chaga?
  96. Cyst or Lymph Node? Very Painful.
  97. Dizziness
  98. What's with my knuckles?
  99. "Questionable" scaphoid (wrist) fracture?? I'm a little confused.
  100. Something is in my nose and it's driving me nuts
  101. I feel like im dying- COULD SOMEONE HELP ME OUT
  102. Painful wrists and fingers (clicky sounds) - Since last June!
  103. Thin purple veins under eyes
  104. Bump on my right butt Cheek
  105. Toxic and therapeutic effects of medications
  106. Left lower rib hurts, crampy below rib cage, problems breathing and swallowing
  107. new white circles on chest
  108. Crape-like neck skin
  109. Calcified lymph node
  110. Any reason not to open a liquigel to avoid having to swallow a pill?
  111. Everyting I eat taste bitter
  112. fluid behind the ears what to do
  113. Mass found on esophagus
  114. Geo Tongue (patches on tongue)_
  115. Dizziness & Heart Problem?
  116. Incredibly dry patch of skin on my foot.
  117. Hand wart question
  118. could i have copd/emphsema
  119. Pain in shins when walking at a rapid pace.
  120. Troubles with nipple ring
  121. pain in right lower ribs & back
  122. severe kidney pain
  123. Weight Gain and Decreased Appetite...how is that possible?
  124. Multiple symptoms - not sure what's going on - (tired, bleeding gums, rash, anxiety)
  125. under my tongue....inflamed, sore.
  126. Hiccups from coughing???
  127. spinal anesthesia
  128. abdominal pain in one spot
  129. Pins and needles feeling in left big toe
  130. internal piles
  131. Turner's Syndrome???
  132. Unexplained bruising + tiredness
  133. Brainfog/confusion
  134. What Could This Be? Tinnitus, brain zaps, tingling, twitching. Please Help.
  135. Neck and Clavicle Pain
  136. Weird taste in throat???
  137. Feels like kicking in stomach????
  138. Increasing dizziness
  139. Throat problem.
  140. Why are my tongue and gums sore?
  141. belly button ring pussing?
  142. Worried & dont know whats wrong
  143. Food Poisoning or Gastroenteritis?
  144. Broken bone not growing back together.
  145. I think i'm having a stroke?!
  146. Lumps on fingers and toes
  147. Bruising to knee, weird colour and no pain
  148. Weak Back of Tongue...Can Anyone Help?
  149. my white blood count is 15.9 why is it high
  150. ? does low monocytes indicate hiv
  151. Why I feel so "dried out"?
  152. Pain Pills and Weight Loss
  153. Dizziness, pressure headaches, and my teeth hurt!
  154. cold feet
  155. I can't get warm
  156. Pulse in Stomach?
  157. Bleeding Navel
  158. Left arm went numb
  159. Meloxicam for tendinitis/arthritis
  160. STRANGE STRANGE Feelings
  161. Bone density question..
  162. ear drum tic?
  163. Pain in right side, from armpit to hip - no bruising
  164. bioxin
  165. HELP, my daughter is in constant pain!
  166. For Women Only
  167. Pain in finger from a ring
  168. muscles feel like they have fever
  169. Looking for finely ground psyllium husks
  170. abdominal pain
  171. black dot in mouth
  172. Sinking veins associated with pain
  173. pain in shoulder when i bend over
  174. Spices & Body Odor
  175. Weird feeling in chest:/gas/bloating/heartburn/racing heart/ANNOYING!!
  176. Heavy Stomach Feeling
  177. Nerve damage? tingling feet and fingers! help!
  178. muscular cramps, legs, arms, hands and face!
  179. Rabies?
  180. how many times a year can you have a safe ct scan
  181. how do you remove lingual tonsils?
  182. Is cat scan's contrast material pretty safe now?
  183. Sudden, Severe elbow, forearm pain
  184. Wrist pain - Should I get a second opinion?
  185. LOwer back feels SUPER tired just from walking
  186. Rib cage specialists doctors
  187. Bump inside nostril on the bridge
  188. Minor pain on upper stomach-Something minor or something serious?
  189. Bactrin
  190. Blood test - xyrem will come up positive?
  191. Been On Prozac For 3 Weeks. Can 10 MG Be Therapeutic?
  192. Pain in Left Side under rib cage and it feels like there is a lump there
  193. what causes a yellow coating on the tongue?
  194. Does torn cartilage around rib cage hurt during healing process?
  195. Appendicitis?
  196. Why Do People Vomit?
  197. Pain above Clavicle / Humerus joint
  198. why do I have a blister on the back of my throat
  199. cat and dog feces
  200. prostate cancer
  201. dizziness/lightheaded
  202. Ribcage issue, fracture or pulled muscle?? please help.
  203. Swollen Bump In Mouth By Lip And Swollen Under Tongue
  204. Does vitamin C prevent canker sores?
  205. Is weighing 8 Stone 12 bad for me?
  206. help please - unhealthy neck/back habbits
  207. Sloshing Stomach
  208. Strep throat + Gum & Mouth problems??? Scary. help!
  209. lump at hairline on the back of the head
  210. tight trousers - will they give me problems?
  211. what is the causes of burning sensation in abdomen
  212. short sensations of the inside of my head burning
  213. severe diarrhea after taking strong antibiotics
  214. What causes rapid weight loss...
  215. I ve recently developed really sweaty armpits, what can I do?
  216. sharp pains??
  217. itchy hands and feet with fever
  218. sulphur burps:(
  219. Compulsive/Pathological Liars
  220. Causes of shortness of breath?
  221. All over aching in my legs....
  222. medication and rapid heart rate
  223. Upper rib pain with deep breathing and back pain
  224. Too much ear wax, always visible.
  225. Neurofibroma tumour
  226. Swollen ankle and rash with no injury
  227. Is this lump dangerous?
  228. Excessive Mucus buildup.. Night time (HELP ME)
  229. Trouble Breathing, anxiety?
  230. "Fruity"-smelling urine, other symptoms...but I'm not diabetic(??)
  231. what to do if a mole falls off
  232. Does anyone know what might be wrong with me?
  233. Pectin to help the Prostate and lower cholesterol but how do you dissolve it?
  234. Azithromycin And Medrol Dose Pack?
  235. Is this appendicitis?
  236. pain in chest,side and back
  237. "Cold" feeling on left side
  238. Stabbing pain under ribs
  239. Why am I so tired? HELP!
  240. Whats wrong with me?Pain in side
  241. Bumps On My Hands
  242. Mep 282
  243. Recurring fever and night sweat
  244. how bad can an ulcer get in the stomach
  245. My head feels like its on FIRE..... help
  246. Constant low fever
  247. Wake up with numb heels?
  248. calcium deposit found in ultrasound
  249. Skin itches at night - why???
  250. tri-oral mouthwash