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  1. calcium deposit found in ultrasound
  2. Skin itches at night - why???
  3. tri-oral mouthwash
  4. stop Medrol dose pack?
  5. Dead spot on my thigh
  6. Cold Feeling In Thigh(s) and Waist Area when Sitting
  7. Hard lump in center of my sternum
  8. Leg pain and numbness - blood clot?
  9. Could This Be Some Kind Of Ulcer?
  10. I get itchy bumps when I am cold
  11. Yellow Vomit???
  12. Cold, red, blotchy hands
  13. Anyone have C-Spine issues/symptoms confused with ALS ??
  14. my naval piercing appears to be dry, what type of lotion can i use on it?
  15. Long standing abdominal problems
  16. Very afraid I did some major damage w/ chronic alcohol consumption. Rib cage hurts
  17. Constant shaking....hard to function
  18. Cast getting wet
  19. Swollen, tender and painful underarm!
  20. Knots in back and Chest Pains...
  21. why does it feel bruised?
  22. Therapeutic Boarding Schools for troubled teens
  23. What is happening when the bad breath smell is coiming from my nose as I breath
  24. spider veins? please help
  25. upper lip splits at night
  26. Undiagnosed chronic condition-constant spasms in head, neck, mouth, spine.
  27. Very Painful Elbow
  28. stomach pain?
  29. Annoying mouth sores
  30. sharp pain
  31. 13 year old with depression
  32. Lightheaded/Dizzy After Sports
  33. nasonex
  34. Sudden severe abdominal cramps
  35. dead leg & poor blood circulation in L Leg. wart on knee too. poss. related?
  36. Why do I feel movement on top of my ribs?
  37. Help! Large Bumps in my arm
  38. Weird stuff going on, what is this?
  39. neck is in extreme pain
  40. getting your tonsils out
  41. red patchy marks on my nose
  42. Friend has been water fasting for 26 days....worried
  43. Eye Twitching
  44. Statins\Lipitor
  45. Hot Hands ?????
  46. Any Tittinus (Ear Ringing) Advise?
  47. small hole in tonsils
  48. what is congestion in the pelvic blood vessels?
  49. Various problems.. not sure whats wrong.
  50. Mixing suboxone with seroquel and lamictal
  51. Bleeding Gums 2 days after dental cleaning, my tooth is full of blood
  52. Tired everyday??
  53. body itching
  54. Ischemic Colitis - TMI WARNING
  55. Fatigue/tiredness/laziness bothering me, help and advice please...
  56. Feels like I'm overheating..
  57. So many health problems... What's wrong with me!?
  58. Sharp Left Shoulder Pain After Eating
  59. What is This ? Lympocyte : 56 and Segmented Neutrophil: 37
  60. Clenching abdominal pain and soreness
  61. black dots on lips
  62. Ringing in ears after concert.
  63. I seem to have the doctors stumped
  64. Horrible stomach pains
  65. dna test
  66. 'Heavy Head' + Blurry Vision
  67. Spasm-like Excruciating Pain in the Upper Left Leg
  68. gallstones?
  69. broken blood vessels in ths face
  70. Physical/Blood Work
  71. Left Shoulder/Arm/Chest Discomfort/pain ... heart ruled out.
  72. bloating after swimming
  73. Vomiting before meals
  74. Very low Triglycerides and very high c-reactive protein? Help!
  75. Cigarette Ash in coffee
  76. There's a dent in my ankle...what the heck?!
  77. Side Effect?
  78. what is laryingitus
  79. pain of the side of my ribs & collar bone.
  80. Normal?
  81. indented vein
  82. Left Shoulder Pain
  83. ugh pinworms
  84. Need help understanding blood test results...
  85. Lipitor and Grapefruit
  86. Possible parasite on mouth wall???
  87. swollen kee?
  88. Hard lumps in neck feel like bones
  89. Neurological Problem.....or something.
  90. Weird Symptoms; Stiff Neck Tiredness, Swollen Glands?
  91. hard palate burning and irritation
  92. Chantix and unstoppable Diarrhea??
  93. Tonsil stones or food?
  94. Lump in centre of chest
  95. Weird tingly/lightheaded/butterfly feeling
  96. Muscle twitching on right rib.
  97. Citalopram Headaches ?
  98. I feel like my chest bone is popped out or something..
  99. Multiple symptoms... what could it be?
  100. Dime size lump on groin
  101. I am curious how people in coma and with brain dead (after some time without oxygen)
  102. temp blindness, numbness, headaches...
  103. Kissing a smoker, advice needed!!
  104. I see a lump under my arm pit when I workout
  105. hypopigmentation of lip
  106. Tendon injury to hand
  107. How To Get Rid Of A Cold/Virus Quicker!!
  108. Attention Seeking Behaviour
  109. Bad bellybutton pain
  110. i think i have a problem
  111. Back Thigh , BUtt, Itching and feeling burning any idea?
  112. B12 level at 168 and doctor prescribes 1000mg OTC supplement?
  113. Lower abdominal pain
  114. child w/stomach cramps, anal itching & bloody stool
  115. Sweat Smells Of Onions Why
  116. smelling things noone else does.
  117. I feel a flutter in my right arm, what is that?
  118. Scalp flaking and scabs on head
  119. UTI Blood In Urine
  120. How long does it take an antibiotic to be absorbed so I can vomit
  121. Itchy scalp
  122. post-op infection???
  123. how do you know when ringworm is gone?
  124. Right side discomfort...
  125. please help!!!!!
  126. Frequent Urination
  127. Ammonia level reactions
  128. What kind of specialst doing stomach probing?
  129. I just don't want to go out anymore
  130. i have a lump behind my ear.
  131. tonsils out affect singing?
  132. What is wrong with me??
  133. scared to spread my warts
  134. Lost 10 pounds in a week or less is that normal?
  135. Peeing a lot
  136. Electrical Sensations up spine
  137. Lactulose
  138. When I drink alcohol i get chest pain
  139. Hard lump on arm
  140. Strange knot after car accident
  141. Does my blood work indicate HIV infection or anything ? STD ?
  142. Strange Chest pains
  143. My girlfriend has something wrong with her but too scared to go doctor
  144. stomach problems or enlarged spleen?
  145. shock induced muscle paralysis
  146. Bicycle Injury - Pitting Edema
  147. Clear urine in the morning?
  148. Extreme Hunger linked to food intolerance?
  149. ribcage measurements
  150. Itchy ear and inflamed tonsil?
  151. white dots on lips
  152. Premature Grey Hair
  153. Can meditation replace sleep?
  154. What could be in the chest here?
  155. About POTS, ADHD and Disability
  156. FunnyBone
  157. Blurred Vision When Exercising/Running/Physical Exertion????
  158. Funny fluttering in chest
  159. pea sized bump in palm of hand
  160. Does Laughing hard make you weak?
  161. tastebuds
  162. what color shold my urine be if all i drink is water
  163. Not sure what it could be!!
  164. Constipation when I travel
  165. why is there a sore lump on my ribs?
  166. Getting your knee drained
  167. Is 175 U/L a normal result for an LDH test?
  168. Canker Sores - any advice out there?
  169. planter's faciatis
  170. Weird problem in throat caushing gagging
  171. Cause Behind Tightness Of Left Side Of Forehead, Head And Neck?
  172. constant low grade fever and swollen lymph nodes
  173. Mouth Ulcers
  174. What is this lump/bump on my mid back?
  175. Losing Blood
  176. Not-So Dissolvable Sutures
  177. Stomach Problems
  178. Smoking and test results
  179. Swollen left neck above collarbone (HIV?)
  180. weird pain in neck and ear problems please help me
  181. hard palate question
  182. HELP!! Swollen Upper Buttocks area...
  183. Pain/Burning Feeling
  184. Structural deformity in throat causing gagging
  185. vascular calcifications
  186. ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
  187. Can bronchitis return once it's gone?
  188. Hot Weather Intolerance
  189. Trouble swallowing...food gets stuck on soft palate
  190. Stop prednisone on 12 mg???
  191. Black area on Toe Nail and surrounding skin (I need help please)
  192. soft markers
  193. Low grade fever for a month...
  194. HELP PLEASE! Two years, no answers.
  195. Male with nipple problem
  196. burning feeling in one leg
  197. High Liver Enzyme and Stomach Pains
  198. My voice changed sounds much different for almost 2 months now. Can some1 help me?
  199. strange and strong stomach pains
  200. Stomach virus - vomited blood
  201. ???? Neck ache/ Heavy head ?????
  202. Abdominal pulsation
  203. Really need help with chronic bad breath
  204. acute very intense abdominal pain
  205. Rush of heat to my neck and shoulders?
  206. Intracranial Hypotension
  207. uncontrolly shaking head when feeling cold
  208. Bad taste in my mouth..won't go away!
  209. Peculiar stomach problem?
  210. Unable to control retching or gagging during running!
  211. Incessant Throat Clearing / Non-Productive Cough 10 Months
  212. Can I give my 9 1/2 month old son 2% cows milk?
  213. I am sick of this, I need help, I can't move on with my life , like this..Please
  214. Feels like water running down my legs? What in the world?
  215. persistent low grade fevers
  216. Unusual pain on head
  217. swollen stomach
  218. sores in corner of mouth, suggestions?
  219. Food poisoning from eating expired foods?
  220. Unexplained Bruising
  221. Can someone help me figure this out?
  222. psycho-somatic symptoms while sleeping?
  223. Profuse overall sweating???
  224. Post appendix surgery
  225. Fever with strep throat
  226. Reoccuring nasuea and vomiting at random times.
  227. Fever Lasting from 2 weeks comes only in the evenings please help me.
  228. Son with bruising that won't go away?!?!?!
  229. Desperate for help! Huge lump on JUGULAR!!....
  230. What could this BE??????
  231. Hematospermia
  232. Please help, multiple symptoms: Uriniary issues/vision problems
  233. My girlfriend attacked
  234. Feeling hot
  235. Under left ribs in back pain/weight loss/fevers/left shoulder pain/fatigue
  236. Question about Ginkgo, Ginger, and Grape Seed Extract
  237. Long term Fever
  238. Sharp, stabbing chest pain...
  239. Cold sores
  240. White blood cells
  241. Upper chest and head get very hot??????
  242. I pick on my scalp to carve out dandruff, and it bleeds
  243. Contact Dermatitis from body lotion
  244. Rectal/ anal pain going on 3-4 weeks is scaring me to death!
  245. pins and needles in thumb.
  246. fever while getting wisdom teeth?
  247. Suddenly High WBC!??
  248. Stomach pain on lying down
  249. Body lice?
  250. Never ending post nasal drip and gagging