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  1. Bad taste in my mouth..won't go away!
  2. Peculiar stomach problem?
  3. Unable to control retching or gagging during running!
  4. Incessant Throat Clearing / Non-Productive Cough 10 Months
  5. Can I give my 9 1/2 month old son 2% cows milk?
  6. I am sick of this, I need help, I can't move on with my life , like this..Please
  7. Feels like water running down my legs? What in the world?
  8. persistent low grade fevers
  9. Unusual pain on head
  10. swollen stomach
  11. sores in corner of mouth, suggestions?
  12. Food poisoning from eating expired foods?
  13. Unexplained Bruising
  14. Can someone help me figure this out?
  15. psycho-somatic symptoms while sleeping?
  16. Profuse overall sweating???
  17. Post appendix surgery
  18. Fever with strep throat
  19. Reoccuring nasuea and vomiting at random times.
  20. Fever Lasting from 2 weeks comes only in the evenings please help me.
  21. Son with bruising that won't go away?!?!?!
  22. Desperate for help! Huge lump on JUGULAR!!....
  23. What could this BE??????
  24. Hematospermia
  25. Please help, multiple symptoms: Uriniary issues/vision problems
  26. My girlfriend attacked
  27. Feeling hot
  28. Under left ribs in back pain/weight loss/fevers/left shoulder pain/fatigue
  29. Question about Ginkgo, Ginger, and Grape Seed Extract
  30. Long term Fever
  31. Sharp, stabbing chest pain...
  32. Cold sores
  33. White blood cells
  34. Upper chest and head get very hot??????
  35. I pick on my scalp to carve out dandruff, and it bleeds
  36. Contact Dermatitis from body lotion
  37. Rectal/ anal pain going on 3-4 weeks is scaring me to death!
  38. pins and needles in thumb.
  39. fever while getting wisdom teeth?
  40. Suddenly High WBC!??
  41. Stomach pain on lying down
  42. Body lice?
  43. Never ending post nasal drip and gagging
  44. Can some one use to much chapstick?
  45. Elevated Serum Creatinine - please help
  46. 32f just diagnosed w/pericarditis
  47. Stomach cramping; only at football practice in heat
  48. Biceps tendonitis and numbness
  49. Baby Oil Gel - "For external use only."
  50. Red Cheeks
  51. What does it indicate when a ear lobe gets extremely hot/warm?
  52. Tripping while fast walking or running
  53. Undiagnosed: Desperate For Help
  54. Bulging varicose veins in my legs...Help!!!
  55. well... the danger on Splenda is coming out....
  56. Concerned about insecticides in mothballs
  57. Spicy foods- burning in head!
  58. severe pain in head, had for years but getting worse, any ideas?
  59. Worried about groin lymph nodes, is it normal that they are not movable?
  60. food poisoning, 24-hour bug, or something else?
  61. Bright red toes??? what is this?
  62. Pencil lead under skin?
  63. weird "ticks" (not the bugs)
  64. What caused this wierd jaw problem
  65. What type of Dr. do I need to see?
  66. Somewhat high pulse/ weakness and tiredness
  67. Bad taste with everything I eat and drink??
  68. hyperhidrosis - certain dri use/drysol?
  69. Recent Wisdom teeth removal
  70. cyst on forearm
  71. Girlfriend has these bumps & rashes
  72. Can you have food poisoning without vomiting and diarrhea?
  73. Dry Mouth
  74. Spider bite, not sure if I should leave it or have it checked by a doctor
  75. Numbness and Tingling
  76. Question on heat exhaustion
  77. 21 and still Growing????
  78. BM's are black! Very Sick!
  79. on warfarin and coughing up bloody sputum,is this normal.
  80. Getting rid of the double chin
  81. Don't know if this makes sense
  82. abilify - therapeutic dose?
  83. What is going around? Please help! Whole family sick!
  84. I'm really worried because...
  85. I ate mould. :( (Aspergillus, most probably)
  86. spironolactone edema and weight loss
  87. My back and arms ache for no reason!
  88. yellow tongue meaning
  89. How long does it take for a lymph node to go down?
  90. Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  91. Dislocating joints and arms that get tired easily
  92. 4 day long headache?
  93. facial swelling????
  94. Doctors can't find out what's wrong. I fear the worse
  95. Hello. I Don't Know Where Else To Turn. Please Read.
  96. Hyponatremia
  97. Oral thrush: PCP or dentist
  98. Episodes of dizziness and digestive problems... What could this be?
  99. Odd chest feeling, shaking, and other stuff.
  100. yellow diarrhea
  101. Constant feeling of need to spit during tonsillitis
  102. Problem with Doing number 2 and having stains on underwear
  103. feel weak after going to the bathroom
  104. Lymph nodes swollen??
  105. Bump behind ear lobe
  106. Tiredness, worn out, sweating and being too hot... please help!
  107. Itching inside the ears!
  108. Green Blood Vessels on upper Shoulders and near Armpits, What does it means
  109. Strange symptoms... help please, very sick.
  110. cigarette burn
  111. Warts!
  112. BAD PAIN Behind EARS when I LAUGH? HELPP
  113. Unexplained brusing
  114. Night sweats
  115. muscle twitching/jumping whats going on?
  116. odd episodes of lightheaded pressure in head feeling... need answers
  117. Tremor, palpitations and sore throat. Any ideas?
  118. tiny bumps on lip...please help.
  119. Hard Bump on Butt
  120. Tongue Question
  121. never ending stomach pain
  122. Stiff neck. Need some help.
  123. Can something wrong happen when you get your foot numb many days?
  124. White dot on tonsil every now & then
  125. Nosebleeds-when to worry?
  126. Everlasting bruise...
  127. what are the chances of me getting tetanus??
  128. When does pinworm itching stop?!
  129. Elderly abuse at the hospital
  130. sleeping/numbness is pinkie
  131. Something is wrong with my lips...HELP
  132. Bubble in chest... scared
  133. Upset stomach with new meds - but which one?
  134. My symptoms - what is it?
  135. No one can identify the problem...some advice?
  136. swelling on that bit of bone that sticks out in your neck!!
  137. Cough.........
  138. Will i lose weight and gut if i keep shadow boxing everyday at work?
  139. Help suddenly i wake up and everything looks double!!?
  140. Have been checked already but Is it nerve pain, is it muscle pain( upper right ab)?
  141. Mesenteric Adenitis
  142. Sudden onset of being constantly tired
  143. Every evening frog-in-throat/phlegm
  144. Yellowing of skin after bad ankle roll.
  145. Any ideas based on my symptoms (lightheaded, tingling with food/noise/light)
  146. how to stop drinking alcohol correctly?
  147. Problem in throat causing me to gag
  148. Scabbing in Belly Button
  149. HELP-Extremely PAINFUL CRAMPS' in front of NECK/THROAT?
  150. Strange pain in neck...arteries???
  151. Lymph nodes
  152. throat pain with alcohol?
  153. Intense stomach pain, cramping... Help!
  154. Almost hairless (female).
  155. lying down after eating
  156. Heavy Legs after swimming
  157. Neck pain after shoulder exercise
  158. Tanning bed
  159. Puffy male nipples.
  160. Does ativan lower blood pressure
  161. Very concerned about boyfriend - health mystery? Please help!
  162. Severe pain
  163. Weak Legs Turn into Stiff and Sore Legs
  164. Thigh Lump
  165. Pain in upper calf muscle...
  166. vascular obstruction - Mothers legs may be amputated please help
  167. Easy Bruising
  168. Sudden Onset Severe Wrist Pain
  169. Lipoma 1st thought but now not
  170. Post Brain Surgery - Advise appreciated
  171. Pain in both sides of stomach
  172. pinched vein
  173. Coughing and heavy feeling in my chest
  174. Not sure where to post this...nagging shoulder pain
  175. strange mouth sore
  176. left shoulder pain & arm and hand have sensation of falling asleep
  177. What causes RBC to be slightly elevated?
  178. Cortisone Injections. What to expect?
  179. Why am I afraid to swallow pills?
  180. I used to get heart palpitations
  181. Itchy throat
  182. I would love an answer-enlarged spleen
  183. Pinched nerve? B/c of one leg being shorter?
  184. Artificial Sweeteners and Various Symptoms
  185. Various Torso Problems
  186. Tingling between toes
  187. I can't sneeze?
  188. Sleep paralysis or something much more serious? Really weird!
  189. Why do I no longer enjoy/crave beer
  190. Lack of thirst. Why?
  191. periodic fever
  192. Extreme pain in the tailbone
  193. any remedies for swollen lymph nodes from new hiv infection? thanks
  194. gurgling, bubble feeling in heart?
  195. pelvic/abdominal pain, low back pain, low grade fever....
  196. Swollen lymph nodes in groin area
  197. Mystery longterm illness...dizziness, sensation of movement, sometimes anxiety??
  198. Can't use all my muscle strength
  199. old lawn mower
  200. Height. Am I shrinking?
  201. Petechiae
  202. Black Spot
  203. Terrible Blood Test results, strong Fatigue
  204. Weird feelings, mostly my head.
  205. DIZZY DIZZY DIZZY cant stand it ..HELP ME
  206. Facial Pain when drinking alcohol?
  207. Anyone Else Like Me?
  208. Swollen Legs & Serrapeptase
  209. Cough that is confusing
  210. short sharp shock in neck
  211. Anybody had this Happen?
  212. Mono...Don't Know About It But I Will Work W/Someone Who Has It
  213. Forehead tingles when i eat cheese?
  214. temp too low since fever broke?
  215. Sore Throat, Neck Pain, Headache, Fever
  216. What's in toothpaste that makes you sick?
  217. Is syringing/vacuuming/waterwash ear wax removal good for Hyperacusis people?
  218. Stomach Virus Questions
  219. waking up to fast heart rate
  220. Pain in both sides: could it be kidney stones?
  221. Lots Of Visible Veins
  222. Edema...do some just live with it?
  223. Humidity + Me = Tired
  224. Bug bite question
  225. Low heart rate, shallow breathing
  226. Dark bubble around the anus!!!
  227. anti-streptolysin O elevated.
  228. Please help....I have so many symptoms
  229. Whooping cough...
  230. Always tired but not because of depression
  231. dizziness after getting up from reclined position?
  232. Pounding Heart beat
  233. My right thumb twitches off and on..?
  234. endoscopic surgery for trigger finger?
  235. fingers keep going numb
  236. pain after IV insertion
  237. Recurring Spider Bite Sore?
  238. Red pinprick dots all over arms and chest
  239. Swollen Glands (7 Years) & can't breath...
  240. What makes you disabled or not disabled?
  241. Strange symptoms - need a doctor?
  242. Abdominal twitching
  243. Shinles, Migraines, Back pain Please Help
  244. Appendix surgury 4 weeks ago...
  245. Throat / Breathing...
  246. kidney stones
  247. lymph nodes?
  248. Frequent nausea
  249. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  250. Neck questions