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  1. Health is deteriorating. Issues with employer.
  2. Pressure in back of head, dizziness, eye sensitivity and blurry words? Please help.
  3. Severe Worsened Pain Post Rhizotomies 4wks
  4. platelets
  5. Am I going mad !!!!!! I get very short of breath a lot. Is that normal !!!???
  6. Possible hyperthyroidism. No meds
  7. Ultrasound results
  8. Upper right abdomen/back pain
  9. Copd/strep pneumonia w/blood infection
  10. Bipolar MIL
  11. Occasional heartburn brought a lump in my throat?
  12. Lots of anxiety for appointment.
  13. I'm not sure what's happening
  14. Loss of appetite Lisinopril or other Ace Inhibitor
  15. red hands feet/imprints
  16. strange symptoms
  17. What could cause such a high platelet and rbc?
  18. pain from milk of magnesia?
  19. Isolated recurring head pain and symptoms?
  20. Not sure what to do about vacation with all these tests
  21. Sudden Lump in armpit
  22. Cramps
  23. Fibromyalgia misdiagnosis
  24. Positive ANA
  25. I'm having multiple things going on and I'm not sure what the issue is
  26. my girlfriend has lyme disease
  27. Cervical Spine Issue
  28. I need HELP!!
  29. Overheating
  30. Bubble in throat, dizzy, nausea.
  31. Can Vitamin D deficiency really cause all these symptoms?
  32. Had RSD in Eyes, now I need cataract surgery
  33. Just diagnosed with non-rheumatoid degenerative inflammatory arthritis
  34. Lupus? Or something else?
  35. i smell like poop
  36. POTS Heart Rates
  37. ACDF surgery
  38. Ganglion cyst
  39. Anxiety, Blood Pressure & Heart Rate
  40. Hi Everyone, long read looking for insight
  41. Low Ferritin/Not Anemic - dizziness
  42. Whats does my lab results mean
  43. Can anyone give any suggestions
  44. Cloudy Vision after macular pucker surgery
  45. Beta blockers
  46. Not sure what's wrong but at my wits end always sick.
  47. MRI Results Help Interrupting
  48. Perimenopause?
  49. withdrawal from 3mg morphine pain pump
  50. Health anxiety ... ?
  51. Upcoming Surgery
  52. Weird head symptoms
  53. Heaviness under Eyes and brain fog
  54. Pain in right side of face cheek sore below eye and muscles stiff
  55. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
  56. Inconclusive diagnosis
  57. Urgent please
  58. Widespread Twitches, EXTREMELY ANXIOUS - Anyone??
  59. I.V. Blowout during CT contrast abdominal scan.
  60. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  61. What is the cause of my dysphagia
  62. Open sores do not seem to be getting any better after 1.5 wks and 5 days on valtrex
  63. CT Scan found multiple liver lesions... Scared
  64. Pharmacist did not change gloves between patients when administering flu shot.
  65. Drug Testing at PCP Office.
  66. Fibromyalgia (?)
  67. Third fundoplication?
  68. Could this be RA?
  69. Problems of a Holographic Nail Polish Junkie
  70. Persistent Open Wound
  71. Questions about lab results.
  72. Spinal Tap
  73. Stomach pains
  74. Deep tissue massage scam?
  75. First post with a weight loss question.
  76. Undiagnosed Symptoms
  77. Desperate for answers
  78. Nauseousness and anxiety
  79. B12 Injections
  80. Passing out - mouth tingles/paralysis - migraines - body ache
  81. Does Crestor cause Itching
  82. Amlodipine Withdrawal
  83. Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and Digestive Issues
  84. Adverse reaction to Pneumonia Vaccine Should I worry?
  85. Hyperhidrosis
  86. scaphoid fracture and cyst
  87. Hungry Bone Syndrome
  88. BV Finally Cured
  89. Numb lip caused by TMJ?
  90. Vitamin b6 toxicity - twitching, tingling, crawling
  91. Varicocele Embolization Coil/horrible side effects and reactions
  92. a comet-shaped scotoma that does not start at the blind spot
  93. Swollen lymph nodes
  94. Scared and feel like I have HIV
  95. pain on right side across from naval
  96. Chronic Abdominal Pain ... help!
  97. my symptoms like candida overgrowth?
  98. husband is ill
  99. First thought running issue, then MS and now Lupus
  100. Understanding Lab Results - GFR and Anion Gap
  101. Gallbladder related?
  102. Pregabalin/lyrica and MAV advice please
  103. Polycythemia Vera
  104. A little worried (about my liver)
  105. Mysterious illness making life impossible
  106. Do I Have MS?
  107. Pain everywhere, armpits and everything else
  108. Anxiety or something more serious?
  109. Prevalite
  110. Hallux Rigidus surgery advice
  111. Lipoma or Something else? :(
  112. What's wrong with my lips?
  113. Limb twitching and full jerking ... why?
  114. What are symptoms of MS
  115. What Does This Sound Like?
  116. How can I get rid of brain fog?
  117. What could possibly be going on with my stomach?
  118. Very low iron levels
  119. Pain when peeing
  120. black cohosh
  121. Looking for a little advice or input
  122. Recurrent respiratory infection with conjunctivitis (pink eye)?
  123. Bad breath through Nose
  124. ANA screen positive .. .but <40 titer ...
  125. Infant Itchy Skin Rash On Underside of both thighs
  126. Lithium and metabolism?
  127. Chronic, episodic vomiting and diarrhea
  128. Groin Ache and Frequent Urination
  129. Iron, TIBC and Ferritin panel
  130. Need Advice about Fluid Leaking from Leg
  131. Out-of-range Blood Work - Help me decipher this please!
  132. depressed about my head size
  133. Lumps in Thigh - Pursue ultrasound via ER?
  134. need help finding out what is wrong with me.
  135. Should we redshirt for Kindergarten?
  136. Diagnose me?
  137. Long term hydro and zanaflex side effects?
  138. Heart pounding in head after eating
  139. Labyrinthitis and Vestibular Neuritis or migraine?
  140. Candida or something else?
  141. Sinus and chest
  142. Giant cell tumor, left thumb, 1st metacarpal
  143. Adrenal Insufficiency???
  144. Abnormal bloods, dr not concerned?
  145. Significant Decrease in Urination and sudden weight gain. Please help
  146. Scared
  147. MND or Stroke
  148. Ativan Withdrawal Symptoms or Buspar Side Effects?
  149. Buspar
  150. Shortness of breath ONLY. No cough, wheezing, phlegm or itchiness
  151. Episode of feeling disembodied
  152. Absolutely Confused and Miserable
  153. Prenatal blood testing
  154. Why is my health so bad for my age??
  155. Problems for 2 months, please help!
  156. Cervical myelomalacia
  157. Stress related or serious?
  158. Bilateral Jaw Joint replacement surgery
  159. MRI results - what does this mean?
  160. I have relief of my tmj
  161. Is it gallbladder?
  162. Chronic Idiopathic Uticaria
  163. Help Blood on Phlegm after sleeping ...
  164. Allergies. Itchy throat and stiff neck
  165. I don't dream of my dead wife.
  166. classic heart attack symptoms but er says it's not a heart attack
  167. Should I See a Psychiatrist?
  168. Going Crazy Over Symptoms, Help, Severe Hypochondria or Something Else??
  169. Sour taste in mouth for two years
  170. Hormone imbalance? Or something else?
  171. ALS, MS or something else
  172. Cushing's syndrome
  173. What does appendicitis feel like?
  174. Little bumps "under" skin?!
  175. 10+ Years unwell, in pain and depressed
  176. Multiple areas of pain, Lyme misdiagnosis?
  177. Tinnitus Cause by ETD Success
  178. New here: Anxiety, twitching, tremors, fatigue..
  179. Bugs in sputum
  180. Found 1 small worm on my boxer in hotel room
  181. *PLEASE HELP* twitches, muscle loss/weakness, and tremors (but not ALS)
  182. Overwhelmed and confused
  183. POTS Syndrome
  184. bleeding but no flow?
  185. Lymph node swollen. Help!
  186. I have received the results from my blood work
  187. Abdominal & Back Pain
  188. Tingling/Pins & Needles in Hands & Feet
  189. Scared - help ... almost fainted
  190. ymbalta and low ejection fraction?
  191. Really worried about bite on my arm!
  192. swollen lymph nodes after ESI steroid injection
  193. Constant Abdominal Pain for 3 Months
  194. Urgent please help
  195. Headache, Possible Lymph Pain, Canker Sores
  196. Atenolol
  197. why do I always think someone I love is going to die soon?
  198. Pain in the lower right rib cage
  199. Help, I feel like a mystery.
  200. Help with LEF test results
  201. Do you think you drink enough?
  202. Hematology Report
  203. Chest pain/other symptoms. Malaria or not?
  204. Neck problem
  205. Reoccuring hematoma
  206. 6 weeks abdominal pain and weight loss
  207. Face sweating
  208. Thyroid disorder?
  209. Armpit question
  210. What on earth is wrong with me?!
  211. I hope someone replies :(
  212. Minty menthol taste in mouth
  213. Why my health is getting destroyed day by day ?
  214. Pending Diagnosis
  215. Ritchie Block III blood test
  216. Desperate to help my husband
  217. Exhausted all the time -- possible reasons?
  218. Light headed, brain fog, blurred eyesight
  219. rib injury
  220. Dehydration: how long does it take for a person to become hydrated again?
  221. Chest pain left side, fatigue, rapid heart rate, dizziness
  222. Feel like I'm falling at times when I move
  223. Muscle in eye won't stop twitching....
  224. Fluoxetine
  225. Elevated AST ALT, normal abdominal ultrasound
  226. Weird Symptoms?
  227. stopping Protonix
  228. Weird pressure in eyes, dizziness, eyes rolling back for a quick second a lot
  229. Health is really bad this year?
  230. Always tired
  231. Weird pressure, swelled feeling in head
  232. Tight muscles and ligaments in the whole body
  233. First Symptoms
  234. Tired, poor memory, slow brain, twitching
  235. Strange Sensation in Stomach When Standing Up
  236. Rib pain
  237. Stimulant intolerance, IBS symptoms, histamine intolerance?
  238. Lupus? Autoimmune? What's wrong with me? Help!!
  239. Desperately needing help and insight.
  240. Horrible metallic taste in my mouth from coffee
  241. Medical Tests to find out cause for low appetite and underweight !!
  242. Need ideas - Cosopt After Vitrectomy
  243. Rumbling under left rib
  244. How long is withdrawal from Coreg?
  245. Blood Platelets Count
  246. Symptoms and Results
  247. Random lower abdominal/back pain?
  248. Celebrex withdrawl symptoms
  249. Stomach pain and other symptoms
  250. Left chest pain over breast radiates to upper back