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  1. Tetanus vaccine reactions
  2. Inverted Papilloma
  3. How to get rid of a nagging cough!?
  4. Sore throat?
  5. Pain in tailbone?? Cyst?
  6. Can’t stop Burping! Please Help!
  7. Constipation...4 days now...
  8. Can't feel pain in my left arm...Please help.
  9. Dizzy, nausea, off-balance.
  10. Fell asleep in wrong position, chest seems a bit sprained?
  11. Low voice, nobody can hear me, making me anti-social
  12. Gritty Crackling Sound When I turn My head
  13. Swollen glands and rash
  14. Modafinil headaches - do they go away?
  15. Is my nose still bleeding?
  16. Severe muscle cramping after antibiotics and codeine
  17. cracked heels?
  18. Arms fall asleep with out pressure on them?
  19. Upper arm pain in left arm
  20. Is eating Pizza that bad, if i eat occasionally????
  21. Knee feels weird..like it gets sudden pulls
  22. Is the head suppose to feel the same on both sides?
  23. What is the strongest OTC gas medicine?
  24. Spots on hands suddenly appear out of no where
  25. Food Poisoning?
  26. Permanent ear damage due to concert?
  27. Antibiotic withdrawl????
  28. Sorry long post- Trying to get to root of my problems
  29. Louder Hissing After 2 day ear clog( frm wax)?
  30. right submandibular gland very swollen
  31. Possible ear infection? I need some way to relieve pain, please!!!
  32. "Colon Cleansing" Anyone?!
  33. Plethora of symptoms, what can it be?
  34. Muscle Spasms/Knots
  35. Can't get rid of my cough
  36. oral thrush question?
  37. Spider Bite or Infection Maybe??
  38. strange stools: dark with thick white stuff on them
  39. Can a sunburn make you ache?
  40. remeron? anyone take his?
  41. Spontaneous Black and Blue Marks
  42. short version - MONO
  43. Hand hot flashes???
  44. Can too much water be toxic?
  45. Food cravings
  46. Nerve damage
  47. Another Mono Question
  48. Mono question
  49. Veins On My Legs
  50. Grey around mouth???
  51. something wrong with my appendix? HELP!
  52. Pulse On Stomach! Help Please?
  53. Urgent Belly Button Discharge
  54. May have eaten glass ?
  55. Can mild hyponatremia caused by overhydration be treated by...
  56. How can I convince my doctor to switch my med?
  57. HELP Ear is Clogged up still after Ear Tubes inserted &Tinnitus PLEASE DESPERATE
  58. Taking VitaminB12 1000 mcg/daily,is it too much and will cause problem?
  59. Inexplicable Pain
  60. Constant Dehydration
  61. Pain in legs, feet, and butt.
  62. swollen glands-come and go?
  63. Skin color and odor
  64. Whooshing sound in ears...?
  65. Can herbs be addictive, dependency forming?
  66. No fever, but feel warm?
  67. Blood test results - what's going on?
  68. Sleepiness, Laziness, Lack of concentration..please help me!
  69. What is your pulse supposed to be?
  70. fluid behind the ear....
  71. virus or infection??
  72. Pain in left eyelid when blinking
  73. HEELPP PLZ! Feeling very faint with walking!!
  74. Feeling Faint with walking
  75. Stomach pain - possable Ulcer?
  76. Numb, swollen fingers
  77. Leg still hurts from dog bite - four months ago
  78. Strep Throat
  79. Sick feeling in stomach before I eat
  80. Sugar Substitute Complications
  81. Aqueous cream
  82. Car exhaust fumes damaging to a baby?
  83. Shin Bruises gone down to foot, swelling for over a week
  84. Strange body odor solved?
  85. Bleeding in the brain
  86. unusually high heart rate during exercise
  87. Parathyroid, Anion Gap, etc
  88. Back of throat - bump??
  89. Daughter Has Hyperkalemia, Elevated WBC, & Low Glucose
  90. Bloody Nose?
  91. Left Arm Upper Inner Pain...what could it be?
  92. Muscle/Nerve Pain near Lower Left Ribs
  93. How To Control Sweating?
  94. PULSE HIgh at 158 and Fever 102.9? HElp is this the FLU or infection
  95. burning throbbing red lips itchy lungs,ear and throat after breathing in spice fumes
  96. unusual blisters
  97. Head vibrating when I sleep...
  98. What is the best way to keep potassium up?
  99. Please Read - There are so many pysical things i feel...
  100. Left Arm Feels Strange
  101. MUCUS, help me! I have to swallow every 15 seconds!
  102. What is the difference between dizziness,ligh-headedness and nausea?
  103. hand shaking
  104. Weird feeling in lower right chest
  105. could it all my related to my eating disorder
  106. Cipro 500 question
  107. Neck/Lymph Node...Not Really Sure...Issues...Somebody HELP!!
  108. Back Pain- Not Muscular
  109. starting to get a cold and having surgery in 5 or 6 days!
  110. Using Grapefruit Juice to induce Ovulation
  111. Can deep tissue massage cause swollen lymph nodes?
  112. Had some kind of bio scan to test antioxidant and toxic levels. Legit??
  113. Never-ending Cold!!
  114. Help!!!! Surgery tomorrow...and I'm scared!
  115. Bump on roof of my mouth. What is this?
  116. Shoulder Injury Not Healing...
  117. help with excessive sweating
  118. Feels like something is pushing on my ribs!
  119. many of us... shift workers, ugh!!
  120. I have had this burning sensation in my right shoulder all day long,
  121. pressure in neck, jaw and shoulder. large muscle or mass?!?!
  122. Weird Stomach Pain
  123. CBC(complete Blood Count)what all does it check?
  124. Warm spreading sensation in lower leg
  125. 5 Years Severe Stomach Problem. Needs Diagnosis
  126. Contagious For How Long (Strep Throat)
  127. CSF leak questions
  128. Can you be immune to chicken pox?
  129. White Spots On Shoulders??
  130. Different sized pupils!!
  131. Does anyone know what this could be?
  132. Is coffee bad for you?
  133. numbing & tingling in legs
  134. Pins And needles/numbness. Help!
  135. Allergic Reaction to Medication?
  136. flu and ringing in the ears?
  137. Using Potassium Sorbate in Skin Care Products
  138. potassium & lying down
  139. Pain and swelling in shin and ankle -- can this be from hip?
  140. How long does Internal Bleeding take to show up
  141. at what age does girls stop growing?
  142. I have round worm! but how do i get rid?
  143. Nose spray for decongestion
  144. Red Palms
  145. Rabies in deer in massachusetts?
  146. white rings on tongue
  147. stomache bug..
  148. Food poisoning and loss of appetite, for 2 months
  149. What is this in my muscle
  150. Multiple Swollen Lymph Nodes
  151. Black vomit?
  152. What is the difference between a headache and a migraine?
  153. Poor circulation?
  154. Big stomach, not fat
  155. Parasite cleansers??
  156. weird sensation in abdomen
  157. Breaking incurable habits: Nose picking?
  158. Blood Thinners and the Cold
  159. Throat feeling weird....
  160. advice for my mom (afraid of the doctor)
  161. Gout and Cellulitis Not Going Away Please Help!
  162. Lunesta-waiting period?
  163. That "Angry" Look...How Do You Get Rid Of It??!!
  164. Odaban for excessive sweating?
  165. Pain in left arm/leg after starting HRT
  166. Sore vein following IV
  167. Snowboarding Accident - Concussion?
  168. Swollen gland under chin
  169. So... I get distant headaches now and then.
  170. Back and abdominal pain, any ideas??
  171. Bleeding Ulcer question
  172. Damaged blood vessel
  173. Gastritis
  174. Oral Bumps
  175. mild redness only affecting one side of face (cheek)
  176. Itching - Surgical incision scar
  177. Grapefruit Juice & Supplements
  178. Gout or Diabetes?
  179. Waking up gasping for breath?
  180. Finger Injury
  181. Bleeding navel
  182. how long does it take for an antibiotic to be absorbed?
  183. Arrival of small lump on front of head! Diagnosis concern!!
  184. Eyelid twitching for over a week?
  185. Hard taking a deep breath WHY?
  186. Crushing caffeine pills
  187. Sick every morning for 9 years... what is going on??
  188. Dark circles under my eyes
  189. Group c strep???
  190. Wierd lumps under skin below chin
  191. Please need advice asap! My husband is very sick.
  192. Odd-looking lump on underside of my tongue
  193. Flaking Ears, Scalp and Face
  194. Red warm face, red hands
  195. Random Severe Dizzy Spells
  196. Help! embarrassing gas problem
  197. swollen lymph nodes-- anyone else get these?
  198. Generally not feeling well
  199. hemorrhoids ??
  200. Food poisioning or the flu?
  201. Pain by my belly button
  202. Drs cant figure it out, plz help
  203. first meeting with new Primary doctor
  204. Is nail glue harmful?
  205. Sharp pain directly in back of head during workout
  206. Appendicitis
  207. Waking up to urinate..flomax??
  208. Deep chest cough, wheezing, no fever?
  209. Re : twinges legs and arms
  210. why does my urine sometimes smell like amonia?
  211. low white blood cell count
  212. blood pressure
  213. Unexplained dizziness…unable to walk
  214. Appendix surgery
  215. My girlfriend won't drink water. I need advice...
  216. Is using bubble bath bad?
  217. Could swallowing a piece of glass hurt you?
  218. Why am I always thirsty?
  219. Health Problems - No Diagnosis - Help Please
  220. legs EDEMA, numbness, strange pain...please help!
  221. Black out in the shower
  222. glandular fever?
  223. edema HELP PLEASE!
  224. Lump on head/other symptoms connected?
  225. What are the most common causes of death in the U.S. / World?
  226. body bugs?
  227. Anosmia due to concussion?? HELP!
  228. Sore Right Armpit?
  229. I have what looks like a blister in my mouth that gets big and smaller
  230. Torn Trapezius Muscle
  231. Torn Trapezius Muscle
  232. Throat worries -- please advise
  233. Blood under big toenails
  234. Pain just Under Rib Cage and Nuasea
  235. Electric blankets?
  236. How to gain weight? face?
  237. Deep horizontal ridges across middle of both big toenails
  238. I have been feeling kinda woozy
  239. Sciatic nerve damage from injection
  240. Is it ok to take all these medications at the same time?
  241. Fluttering in the ear
  242. Best test for Helicobacter Pylori ?
  243. Pinching soreness in inner thigh, deep vein thrombosis?
  244. Urine test and Urinalysis different?
  245. Piles, what can i do?
  246. Dercum's disease anyone?
  247. Cracking joints and arthritis
  248. Nausea from Teflon?
  249. Question about male growth after 18
  250. Stomach pain and vomiting...