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  1. Super Glue on Cuts?
  2. Bones sticking out.
  3. Deep Vein Thrombosis
  4. Irritated throat after kissing
  5. Canker Sore
  6. Navel won't heal after GB removal
  7. Bathroom Breaks: What Is Considered Normal?
  8. Pain on left side under rib cage.......
  9. sorry another post (cellulitis)
  10. stinging Heart?
  11. Need Advice - Should I Request a CT Scan?
  12. help!! my eyes are practically swollen shut!
  13. Need help might be sick from mold
  14. Pain in abdomen from sitting too long?
  15. Torn Superior labrum in R shoulder
  16. "neck ache" or something more?
  17. Adults and Thrush???????
  18. Can alcohol kill infections in the mouth?
  19. Am I dehydrated?
  20. A little scared.
  21. Can Someone Please Help Me???????
  22. blood nose every day!
  23. Chest Pain
  24. cloudy urine
  25. light headedness and mild headaches
  26. Water consumption and water retention
  27. Not sure whether a simple pimple or something else
  28. allergic reaction to surgical drape
  29. Cyst in neck, becoming painfull.
  30. Constand salty taste on left side of tongue and mouth?
  31. Is it normal to always be shaking a little?
  32. Dark Spots under eyes?
  33. One finger turning to "ice"
  34. paint fumes
  35. Glandular Fever
  36. Cost of Mole Removal?
  37. penicillin cause drowsiness??
  38. Ow!! muscle calves sudden twisting pain! HELP!
  39. pink mucous?
  40. Sudden Intensificaton of Aches
  41. brusing that wont fade
  42. Low to high blood pressure
  43. Gritty coating in mouth
  44. Is this just a persistent cold?
  45. I keep getting sick, Please help!!!!
  46. Bad taste in mouth
  47. hard painfull lump behind nipple
  48. so I swallowed a bay leaf
  49. Nausea when lying flat
  50. abdominal pain sent me to the er
  51. Swollen gland in right armpit, no other symptoms.
  52. Lump on earlobe
  53. Persistent cough, with nausea and loss of appetite
  54. Ring worms?
  55. Constant cough?
  56. laceration with no pain?
  57. Strange Liquid/air stomach noises
  58. constant head rush feeling
  59. Dryness ALL OVER. What could this be?
  60. Blood Brothers
  61. Strep Throat/Antibiotic Question
  62. fecal urgency
  63. slammed thumb in car door
  64. torn labrum in shoulder?
  65. 1st time seizure/nose bleeds/high BP
  66. I've been sick for more than a week now, constant throat pain
  67. Occipital lymph node
  68. Am I done growing?
  69. Feels like a "Side Stitch" but won't go away ??
  70. Really bad thigh pain
  71. Beltline bruising and pain
  72. Sleeping on and off, on and off...
  73. I had knee pain, now it's Tibia pain
  74. Masturbation, feeling sick
  75. Is this Gout or something else? Please Help!
  76. Motion sickness? or something else?
  77. bump behind ear
  78. Strange sensation in right ear
  79. My infamous lung "pop"
  80. Lymph Node Questions
  81. my temperature is never normal...?
  82. Losing strength and feeling in left hand.
  83. B12 -- Help!
  84. Feeling of "fullness" in my head... Please read ...does anyone know what I mean?
  85. Knee Pain,and Spasms in Patella
  86. can't get a good deep breath!
  87. what the? metallic taste and muscle spasms
  88. ok i dont have a canker sore so what is this????
  89. tongue sores~help!!
  90. Has anyone here had any speech therapy for there lisp?
  91. Swollen foot/ankle
  92. Low Temp and many symptoms
  93. What else causes night sweats?
  94. Very Odd Knee Sprain!!
  95. Excessive Sweating
  96. stomach pain
  97. Hair On Breasts?
  98. Shocked myself. Very scary. Need feedback please.
  99. Spitting up blood
  100. Pain in lower right of abdomen - please help
  101. panic and viral labyrinthitis
  102. Extreme Thirst
  103. Sudden sharp pains
  104. Rapid Pulse
  105. Belly button is red, swollen and looks infected, why?
  106. Boney Lump!
  107. bruised sternum?
  108. naturally hyperextended knees
  109. Palmar Hyperhidrosis (Last Quick Question)
  110. Pain in upper left of abdomen
  111. Vinegar Smell On Bed Linens
  112. Bruises on arm after working out
  113. Tetanus questions
  114. Looking High all the time?
  115. I Am Making Myself SICK !!!!!!!!!!
  116. Laryngitis - help!
  117. Light Headed/ Leg Discomfort
  118. Painful lump in armpit - 3rd separate complaint in a week!!!
  119. NOSE - Nostrils have cuts, both sides, not healing and sore, petroleum no help.
  120. Persistant cough and small lumps - any connection?
  121. Charlie Horse - Right Calf - Ouch!!
  122. Head, face and neck pain
  123. Pain/discomfort all day - lower chest/upper abdomen??
  124. Unknown Virus
  125. Very Scared
  126. Strongest Cough Medicine?
  127. Laryngitis
  128. Ouch my legs are killing me..................
  129. HELP CANt SWALLOW FOOD I am going crazyyyy!
  130. Could Not Fit In Mri Machine ? Embarrassing!
  131. Strange Jaw pain (both sides) - Doctor or Dentist?
  132. chest pain after drinking alcohol...
  133. Hello Nail Fungus!!On TOES!
  134. Question: hip pain and pelvic mass (?)
  135. Lymph node size
  136. Shaky Hands. Please Read.
  137. Feels like Thorns under my toe
  138. tired, pain below ribcage, nausea -wth??
  139. Ear bleeding: unexplained
  140. Trapezium Muscle Injury
  141. cat scan tomorrow
  142. How long does ambien last?
  143. When I cough ...
  144. Feels like lungs are being squeezed. Smoker recently quit.
  145. Breathing Pain
  146. Feeling "drunk", spacey, anxious and disoriented
  147. How much is too much advil?
  148. Can anyone explain the chills?
  149. Red Streaks & Spots on Uvula???
  150. what is this?
  151. Sam-e For Treatment Of OCD.
  152. HELP Please-4 yr old child very constipated
  153. not dandruff but i don't know what it is .
  154. Allergy/Asthma/Anxiety/Reflux
  155. Paranoid I might be dying.
  156. Woke up sooo sick this morning, what is it?
  157. High ESR Level, any ideas why?
  158. trying to burp?
  159. postnasal drip,sore throat, white spots.
  160. Ganglion Cysts
  161. Lumps at back of my head? cant move neck?
  162. Head feeling weird
  163. Hard lump on back of Head. PLEASE HELP
  164. Sexual issues, or Male/Female Anatomy issues: READ THIS
  165. Lung "pop" when breathing in.
  166. Recovering from food poisoning
  167. side effects of alcohol
  168. talk on cell phone while in tanning bed
  169. Ugh, tooth issue.
  170. Any ideas? rotten eggs + burping!
  171. Something weird going on inside my head!HELP!
  172. Does the scalp get more tender as we get older?
  173. Pneumonia
  174. Tylenol stuck in throat
  175. sick and always losing voice
  176. Symptoms of not eating enough?
  177. Very Painful Lumps on Back
  178. Groin issues...
  179. I became very sick in a second
  180. Cracking sound in chest when move my shoulders?
  181. Pressure behind eyes
  182. Bunched up blood vessels on the eye?
  183. Pain ABOVE right ear
  184. Couldn't Breathe Very Scary HELP
  185. Chronic runny nose. Help!!
  186. yellow spots on thigh close to testicle?
  187. can't stand to touch my belly button
  188. What causes post nasal drip?
  189. Whats wrong with me?
  190. Mystery White Line in Mouth
  191. "CANT EAT PLEASE HELPl -clogged Throat After Using Nebulizer- Almost Choked
  192. Help Please I am at my wits end and worried sick
  193. ulvua problem (the hangy ball thing in the back of your mouth)
  194. Multiple symptoms very confused need opinions
  195. Cut on thumb
  196. my ear hurts
  197. Husband was sick on saturday and now still dizzy!
  198. White Fuzzy tongue! eww!
  199. Low WBC count but otherwise healthy. is this a problem?
  200. Globulin Level
  201. Symptoms: Off-Balance, Feel like I'm on a Boat all the time
  202. Discomfort in throat
  203. Symptoms: High body temperature, dehydration, red face ?
  204. Bad/Poor circulation in hands?? What to do?
  205. Bits of skin peeling off just below my finger nails?
  206. Please help, I'm way underweight
  207. Aetna PPO vs Blue Cross PPO (BCBS IL)
  208. Painful Soar Throat
  209. Red spots with white rings
  210. Please I need help!!!, Emetophobic
  211. "spaced out" all the time??
  212. Pain in Sternum
  213. Immune system after contracting mono
  214. A sore in my sons nose
  215. I picked my nose with tissue and blsck bits came out!?!?
  216. chances of getting pneumonia again
  217. Weird Feeling Under Chin
  218. Waking up with stomach pains
  219. Sternum and Back Pain?
  220. Hard swelling in elbow
  221. Winged Scapula/scoliosis/dizziness help???
  222. Sharp pain in stomach then nausea
  223. test results negative, still a carrier?
  224. mastoid infection
  225. Small lumps under skin - any ideas?
  226. the told me i had pneumonia, but....
  227. My mom has Pneumonia
  228. Is my septum deviated?
  229. Bit inside of mouth pretty bad, wont heal!
  230. Can penicillin aggravate a yeast infection?
  231. Chief complaint - right flank pain and also under rib cage
  232. shortness of breath?
  233. Shooting pain a few inches left of the pubic bone?
  234. sick again! Not even 24 hours of feeling good and then wham!
  235. Intestinal/Urinary/Reproductive Pains
  236. Blood and mass in urine
  237. Can somebody please try and diagnose me....
  238. pounding pulse in my head?
  239. ThumbNail Damage!! TODAY
  240. Remedies or BODY ODOR
  241. what's wrong with me?! - hard to breathe at night
  242. Need help i feel so low
  243. Can anyone ease my mind (blood in urine)
  244. Internal shaking??
  245. Staph Infection
  246. anyone ever been diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning
  247. Too Much Vinegar Bad For Stomach?
  248. Is this a mouth ulcer?
  249. wart on my nose ...
  250. sick pain in ribs..