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  1. Sternum and Back Pain?
  2. Hard swelling in elbow
  3. Winged Scapula/scoliosis/dizziness help???
  4. Sharp pain in stomach then nausea
  5. test results negative, still a carrier?
  6. mastoid infection
  7. Small lumps under skin - any ideas?
  8. the told me i had pneumonia, but....
  9. My mom has Pneumonia
  10. Is my septum deviated?
  11. Bit inside of mouth pretty bad, wont heal!
  12. Can penicillin aggravate a yeast infection?
  13. Chief complaint - right flank pain and also under rib cage
  14. shortness of breath?
  15. Shooting pain a few inches left of the pubic bone?
  16. sick again! Not even 24 hours of feeling good and then wham!
  17. Intestinal/Urinary/Reproductive Pains
  18. Blood and mass in urine
  19. Can somebody please try and diagnose me....
  20. pounding pulse in my head?
  21. ThumbNail Damage!! TODAY
  22. Remedies or BODY ODOR
  23. what's wrong with me?! - hard to breathe at night
  24. Need help i feel so low
  25. Can anyone ease my mind (blood in urine)
  26. Internal shaking??
  27. Staph Infection
  28. anyone ever been diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning
  29. Too Much Vinegar Bad For Stomach?
  30. Is this a mouth ulcer?
  31. wart on my nose ...
  32. sick pain in ribs..
  33. Mono?
  34. Feels like something stuck in throat and having trouble taking deep breaths
  35. Warmer on my left side than my right.
  36. Badly pulled muscle?
  37. migraine cause arm weakness/clumsiness
  38. tonsil still not normal after antibiotics
  39. Urinating? and Can Pop make you urinate more?
  40. Appendectomy Recovery?
  41. Upper respritory infection. Please Help (Long)
  42. Brown dotted spot on tongue
  43. Best Time To Do Water Sample?
  44. Scaphoid/Wrist Surgery
  45. Yellow belly
  46. blood clots
  47. shooting pains in arms and legs??
  48. Mild pain around on/around upper left adam's apple
  49. Bump near belly button.
  50. Full body check
  51. blood clots when urinating
  52. lisinopril..dark urine..is this really bad
  53. knot/lump
  54. Anyone know?? Looking for alternate answers besides "You're Pregnant"
  55. I am soooo stressed out i got a huge presentation tuesday
  56. Bruising on palm of hand?
  57. Arm Numbness After Eating/drinking
  58. Severe breathing related problems - getting worse
  59. Brown bump with white center on foot
  60. Stinging in heart area
  61. Dandruff Problem MILLIONSOfFlakes:(
  62. Severe Chronic Tendonitis...aaeeehh
  63. Symptoms: lower abdo pressure, urinary frequency
  64. Nearly passed out after a hot bath.
  65. cold hands problems
  66. throat pain
  67. Painful arm a week after IV
  68. Please Help Can Someone tell me what this is... pics inside
  69. x-posted....resistant beta haemolytic strep group C...Help....need info...please.
  70. Rubber band litigation??
  71. sweating from one armpit began last week
  72. Constantly comparing myself with other girls
  73. Does anyone know what these symptoms could mean?
  74. Do I need a tetenus shot?
  75. Pain around rib cage
  76. Clicking in head
  77. Visible Veins :\
  78. Running and then lay down
  79. Alcohol Affects on Health (lets take a look)
  80. Salty taste in mouth
  81. dizzy/lightheaded for about a week with cold symptoms
  82. small lump under finger
  83. Persistant indigestion!
  84. mystery bruises on legs
  85. Topamax for Migraines
  86. SCM muscle problem
  87. Submandibular gland
  88. Knot on side..what could it be??
  89. Tonsil Coblation Surgery
  90. Ahhh, so scared...sore in throat, please help!
  91. Hemroids Cream and beauty use?
  92. armpit sore rash
  93. Tiny hard lump under skin?
  94. chronic tosillitis and fatigue
  95. Treatment of ganglion (bible) cysts...
  96. Varicocele, and related problems.
  97. Tired after I eat
  98. Unexplained Blackout
  99. finger still swollen
  100. Do common warts spread to genitals?
  101. accutane and basketball
  102. Swollen abdomen?!:S
  103. Aches and Pain around left rib cage and center of midsection.
  104. wound healing foods
  105. coughing up white things...
  106. Gray strip on finger nail
  107. Antibiotics = weight gain?
  108. Taking more than recommended dosages of Advil/Motrin?
  109. Serrapeptase
  110. Behaviour Issue: Sudden obsession with aeroplanes.
  111. Do these white spots in my forehead mean something serious?
  112. Questions about ozone
  113. What's the deal with the Protopic recall?
  114. Itchy after swimming
  115. Long lasting stomach virus
  116. Strange rock-like deposit under the skin
  117. 2 mos of symptoms, no diagnosis, ANY ideas?
  118. Bloody Nose With BM
  119. Autobody and paint shop making me sick???
  120. how do you convince a doctor you really are ill?
  121. Weird Fuzzy Head!!
  122. Left Side of Body Problems
  123. Serrapeptase...anyone use it?
  124. Good news here, hopefully, what do you all think
  125. Burned off tastebuds?
  126. physical therapy
  127. metallic taste in mouth & numbness
  128. Severe Pain in Left Leg
  129. Persistent Bad Breath/Taste in mouth, etc.
  130. Enlarged Thymus, Now Unlikely "Diagnosis" and New Symptoms -- Any Ideas WELCOME!
  131. Enlarged Thymus, New Symptoms, Surprising "Diagnosis" -- Any Ideas Welcome
  132. Cracking my ankles is starting to irritate my husband
  133. new pants cause a rash??
  134. lightheaded feeling and other symptoms
  135. Huge fear of blood clots
  136. Red Spots Appeared on my Arms, Please Help
  137. Ringworm Question: Update
  138. how to tell if nose is broken
  139. pain in lower abdomon
  140. Zap like pains in head
  141. Blacking out and fainting
  142. Enlarged Thymus Gland After Months Of Symptoms -- Help Please
  143. Body Odor-Smells of Strong Urine
  144. Dull Aching in Right Leg
  145. Severe Nasal and Chest Congestion
  146. little sore lump in my right armpit
  147. de Quervain's tenosynovitis
  148. Strange episodes....Need help!
  149. Please Help...Hot, flushed face
  150. what could cause constant bloating?
  151. My Boyfriend Thinks I Don't Trust Him
  152. Concerned about my weight (too skinny)
  153. Marijuana and its effects on the heart, etc..
  154. Ecoli infection in my mouth/throat?
  155. Small pimple-like bump on lip
  156. stiff tender muscles in forearms
  157. Taste of blood
  158. Pulse in neck...??
  159. feeling hungry and shaking problem
  160. Sunken Eyes
  161. Constantly Tired / Zoned Out
  162. Oh man...lumps on the back of my Tounge...VERY SCARED!
  163. Skin/Scab question, please try and help
  164. Frequent urination with urgency
  165. Sometimes in my dreams, my teeth close up very tightly
  166. Question about how the skin heals, and time it takes. please help!
  167. Best Way To Take Care of a "Fresh" Scar?
  168. kelp tablets
  169. Mild Cerebellar Ectopia
  170. Is my scabbing a good sign????
  171. Pain in lower right Abdomen
  172. Side Effects of General Anesthesia? Abdominal Pain/Cramps 1 of them?
  173. Weird feeling under middle of ribs
  174. Yellowish colored tongue...what is this a symptom of?
  175. WHat is considered a lot of petechiae
  176. My 4 year old seems to be bruising easily.
  177. Deviated Septum - cannot breathe out of my nose!
  178. Hard nipple
  179. Dothiepin/Alcohol/Pain killers
  180. Lump in hand???
  181. Pain on side of neck just under left ear/jaw bone
  182. indigestion all day
  183. Sudden loss of appetite
  184. Weird feeling after driving
  185. What is a COMPLETE Physical Examination?
  186. Sore throat will not go away
  187. difference btwn cherry angiomas and petechiae
  188. Hair falling out
  189. Arms go numb
  190. Ringworm Question
  191. Color Change Around Mouth
  192. Bad Chest Congestion!!
  193. Cramps behind Knee
  194. Cold most of the time
  195. barium drink
  196. Awful taste in my mouth
  197. There's a wierd lump on my cheek that won't go away.
  198. yellow furry tongue along with other probs
  199. Question about Subconjunctival hemorrhage
  200. Sore throat leads to pain in tongue and neck
  201. How do you know if your spleen is enlarged?
  202. Not Sure WHere This Goes. Neck Tightness and Wrist Pain, Please Help.
  203. Bellybutton!!!
  204. Male Nipple Pain
  205. Pain to the left of trachea...
  206. Removed little bitty tick..but dont know about head!
  207. Stomach pains getting worse!
  208. Protein in urine
  209. Excruciating Pain in Right Leg, PLEASE help!
  210. Hung out with somebody infected with mono
  211. Someone please help me and tell me what might be the problem...
  212. Pain in my Veins
  213. Swollen Cut on Finger
  214. my ear hurts and is swollen!
  215. Can Nerves make you urinate????
  216. Infection in my mouth - Klebsiella Pneumonia
  217. Husband may have mental problem. Can't keep job.
  218. Prominent forearm veins?
  219. Sweaty Hands
  220. Neck/Chest Choking Sensation
  221. Sore Bump/Lymph Node, lower back upper butt
  222. spacey, lightheaded, "out of it"...what could it be?
  223. Trying to make my butt bigger, does birth control help?
  224. Does any cancer's show up in a blood test?
  225. Blood Pressure
  226. 17 month old MRSA positive
  227. Human Parvovirus B19
  228. Left arm numb and tingly
  229. Feet pain from standing up at work all day.
  230. Left Arm Pain
  231. Help re Chipped Bone!!
  232. Pinching pain in lower left side
  233. Colonoscopy-awake throughout procedure!
  234. Worried I am visiting the doctor too much
  235. Ear Feels Closed
  236. Weird - Fluid moving in neck
  237. dull stomach pain
  238. Thick scar tissue on my forehead
  239. does anyone have muscle spasms in sides?
  240. Pain lower left abdomen with tingling in hands.
  241. lumps growing more all over
  242. Brain Tumour Question
  243. Horrible taste and horrible tounge
  244. Tingly Hand
  245. Lump on back of neck???
  246. submandibular gland removal
  247. Pupil dilation and grapefruit oil
  248. Sunburn and intense itching...
  249. Broken Nose?
  250. coughing virus followed by fatigue?