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  1. Mild Chest Pain
  2. anus pain.
  3. question on muscle spasms and gas pockets?
  5. Please Please Please Let Me Eat Grapefruit!!! :)
  6. Bubbling in chest, under pecs?
  7. Tired of doctors who don't know anything!!!
  8. Rare Hand Condition
  9. Z-Packs and Alcohol
  10. little lump on inner thigh at the top
  11. Meningism with severe headaches
  12. Best anti-biotic for strep throat?
  13. wierd itchy red rash all over body
  14. Ribs popping out of place while sleeping???
  15. Mono?
  16. How to treat a "knockout" victim?
  17. Banged Head Bad, Still Hurts, Ouch
  18. 5 year old always sick!
  19. Low body temperature
  20. Swollen gland, sores on tongue
  21. Can't Focus, Blank Mind!
  22. what could this more than likely be?
  23. Tongue Piercing?
  24. Very VERY sore bump lower back
  25. swollen lymph nodes causing constant headaches?
  26. Often nauseous...(not pregnant.)
  27. Small lump close to my ear
  28. are these symtoms of anxiety?
  29. Cyst inside my ear canal?
  30. Pitting
  31. Question on low body temp.
  32. Low body temp
  33. anxiety or something else?
  34. Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC)
  35. Numb in fingertips/jerking movements
  36. Pneumonia Vacination
  37. Burning Lips
  38. What is this taste?
  39. Bumps 'under' skin in palm of hand
  40. Barrettes Esophagus
  41. Top of Thighs Really dry!?
  42. sweaty hands!! ahh!
  43. How long does phlebitis take to clear up?
  44. sore lump under surgery site
  45. weird chest pains that sort of feel like hunger pains but hurt worse
  46. Black ball on anus
  47. Lump on back of ear.... please help!!
  48. Red line in butt crack, what is it?
  49. steroid shot.. side effects?
  50. Black Teeth
  51. Very healthy lifestyle, but always tired..?
  52. pains in my spleen and trapezius
  53. strange feeling
  54. squeezing, pressure in brain while ASLEEP
  55. Has anyone had appendicitis?
  56. Pain when I sit on hard surfaces
  57. Can one doctor talk to another about you?
  58. Recuring Throat "Infection"
  59. fatigue & brainfog & beyond
  60. Dead lips?
  61. Seeing blue spots
  62. Problems with pain after Heimlich Maneuver
  63. suden shaking spells!!!!!
  64. Can anyone help!?!?! What is wrong with me?
  65. high heart beat? chronic hyperventilation?
  66. Is it okay to drink on these tablets?
  67. Low Grade Fever But Normal Blood work? Help
  68. Numbing/Tingling Upper Right Quadrant Teeth
  69. shaking non stop
  70. Tonsil Stones - Ever had them/Have them?
  71. Zithromax, side effects from Antibiotics?
  72. Removing moles?
  73. Low low LOW blood pressure!
  74. Crease in my thumb??
  75. girlfriend had/has glandular fever
  76. LCL/Knee Problems?
  77. Joint problems.... permanent damage?
  78. white tongue?...
  79. crick in neck = dizziness?
  80. extreme changes in energy levels
  81. Low prolactin level need help
  82. worried about weight loss from stress!
  83. Muscles have remained "pulled"...but for 4 months?
  84. Ow, my wrist!
  85. weird long stringy thing came out of bloody nose??
  86. Enlarged Parotid gland
  87. Help! What is wrong with me?
  88. Bone bigger one side than the other
  89. Foot Patches - another snakeoil?
  90. occasional numbness in left hand
  91. Petechiae...cause for concern?
  92. Nyquil/sleeping pills
  93. indention in toddlers leg??
  94. Doctor gave me the wrong shot - help!?!
  95. HELP!Daughter, vomits mucous every morning
  96. TOo much Afrin??
  97. Ear drum vibrating..
  98. please help can barely swallow!!
  99. Geographical tongue
  100. Sudden sensitivity to smells?
  101. inability to sneeze anyone?
  102. Can you imagine pain?
  103. epididymitis
  104. Ears are plugged???
  105. sick of feeling sick
  106. Pain and swelling in fingertip?
  107. constant nose bleeds?
  108. Uneven Skull
  109. Constant feeling of UNREALITY!
  110. Chest infection gone to knee?
  111. Neck glands
  112. Stomach
  113. Navel irritation and odor.
  114. Unknown pain in upper left lung
  115. Creeking Neck Problems
  116. Tiny lump above and beneath belly-button
  117. Strange Testicular Lump?
  118. Bump on butt-crack
  119. Lump on anus
  120. little bumps around the nipples
  121. HELP ME! Brain tumour???
  122. Stinging, burning pain below rib after cough
  123. random nose bleeds
  124. Is it okay to drink alcohol while on antibiotics?
  125. Cold sensation on right side
  126. White blood count ranges..
  127. Blood with stools, please help!
  128. Sundowner question
  129. Sickness/Pain after exercise (and other unusual symptoms)
  130. lump in throat?
  131. Throat pain and bad taste
  132. Angioedema Sufferer, Questions
  133. Someties I wake up with a severe hangover, BUT I DON'T DRINK! Something is very wrong
  134. weird bumps when i tighten my muscles
  135. Alcohol causes burning in my neck/shoulder..extreme pain
  136. bronchitis.. how soon till a difference?
  137. Ingrown Toenail...
  138. lump in neck, above collar bone
  139. Tailbone, bump, but no pain
  140. Sudden Dizziness?
  141. swollen thumb, weird line.. blood poisonning?
  142. Should the Curtains match the Drapes?
  143. Arsenic level in drinking water?
  144. Scuba diving and ear problems!
  145. A pain in the butt!
  146. hard particle in throat
  147. back pain and excessive urination
  148. Streaks of blood?
  149. Depressed or nutrition-deprived?
  150. Tonsil/Throat Irritation
  151. Tonsils and singing?
  152. Not sure what to do?
  153. creased earlobes
  154. red/purple hands
  155. Bump on forehead -- could it be an embolism?
  156. has anyone had growth in their 20's?
  157. I am gettting my tonsils out what do I have to look forward to?
  158. Pain And Swelling Of Back Right Lower Ribs
  159. Cold Sores on my lip-Please HELP!
  160. Dizziness
  161. side effects from Zithromax(antibiotic)...can anyone relate?
  162. why does me knee hurt all of a sudden?
  163. Weird Symptoms, doctors don't know...
  164. Mother in law with so much thirst.......
  165. Proving to a friend that she is beautiful inside and out...
  166. Tonsil Stones
  167. Quitting smoking and shortness of breath
  168. Light headed, weak in legs...extremely scared and worried...PLEASE HELP!!
  169. Cracks in corner of mouth
  170. Would coughing hard do this?
  171. Soreness from chest down to pelvis...any insights?
  172. What is it? butt crack bump
  173. Little white bump on lower lip???
  174. sore throat in airplane
  175. Strange tumor-like lump on back
  176. Pain Under the Left Ribcage
  177. a loud crack and now this horrible pain
  178. Sounds trivial I know...hygiene question
  179. could this be a hematoma?
  180. 24 month old with hight fever, again......HELP
  181. feeling dizzy all day
  182. Swollen Renta from Pink Eye?
  183. Bronchitis
  184. Therapeutic range for Lamictal
  185. Weird Pain when urinating
  186. itchy painful skin??
  187. Withdrawal from antibiotics?
  188. tiny piece of glass in my foot
  189. Off Balence after Roller Coaster Rides in May 04 - Opinions?
  190. Always Cold!!!
  191. Painful lump on right niple. Im 13 year old male.
  192. Metallic taste
  193. Need some help please
  194. Severe neck pain
  195. Serrapeptase/ice packs/advice please
  196. Taking medications with water?
  197. What is wrong with my husband?
  198. stabbing, intermittent pain in armpit region
  199. Chiropractor
  200. Hives and Other Symptoms...
  201. multiple symptoms
  202. Bump near my belly button
  203. dull ache in back
  204. Pain in fingers...heartache?
  205. Does anyone else freak out to belly buttons?
  206. Bloody nose, should I be concerned?
  207. Belly Button Problems
  208. Chapped lips
  209. Skin rash, no other symptoms
  210. Please Help... Friend had a heat stroke!
  211. Why is my mom so obsessed with money matters?
  212. Why nose-bleeding?
  213. Faint when I hurt myself?
  214. Shaky hands/fingers
  215. How soon should antibiotics work?
  216. What did I cough up?
  217. Very bad metallic taste in my mouth
  218. Elevated CO2 in blood test
  219. breathing difficulty...
  220. I'M SO COLD!!! Any remedies?
  221. Prednisone and Oral Thrush?
  222. dented nails
  223. Dizzyness - room-spinning
  224. Damaged Eardrum?
  225. 17-year-old asks about possible causes of chest discomfort
  226. unable to take in deep breaths
  227. audible clicking in the neck
  228. Glandular Fever.. How long is it contagious for?
  229. sharp chest pains
  230. swollen lip
  231. Long Term Antibiotics?
  232. I Pierced My Ear Myself...
  233. ears won't pop
  234. Right side submandibular gland swollen
  235. Lump in mouth above tooth - what is it?
  236. Vomiting Mucus PLEASE HELP!
  237. I think I broke my sternum
  238. Constant nausea, part 2
  239. itchy mouth/sore throat due to certain foods?
  240. is Neti safe?
  241. Dry patch size of 1/2 dollar coin...?
  242. Birth Control Pills contributing to my candidiasis
  243. how can i grow taller after 16
  244. Can Water make you nauseated?
  245. If not lymph nodes, then what?
  246. always sick - worse since viral meningitis
  247. Flu or a cold?
  248. Painful circles on my tongue
  249. Two very small white bumps on my tongue?
  250. Question about my ribs