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  1. Possible Eyelid Dysfunctions!? Please Help me...
  2. Reproductive problem vs. pulled muscles
  3. What does this temp. reading mean?
  4. Gassy, but nothing's coming out (Indigestion related?)
  5. Throat Lump problem
  6. Scar tissue on right arm vein
  7. Been throwing up and ligth headed during workout
  8. mouth ulcers
  9. Pain In Left Arm/Leg, and Left Side Of Neck..with numbness in leg/arm at night. HELP!
  10. grapefruit juice and hydrocodone
  11. Pneumonia shot
  12. dont really know
  13. Had minor surgery ... then lump on leg
  14. Hormone shot to prevent miscarriage in 1956
  15. Broken wrist!
  16. "Pain" in stomach feels sort of like hunger
  17. any chance of growing at age 18?
  18. Numb and tingling pinky finger
  19. psycho./emotional pain causing lack of sleep
  20. Miscarriage but..
  21. Eyes feel warm with headache?
  22. Zenker's Diverticulum-tight esophagus
  23. Continuous colds
  24. Styrofoam Plate and Microwave
  25. Sudden severe abdominal cramp...should I be worried?
  26. Tingling and visible muscle movement in legs
  27. sore pubic bone
  28. Delayed reaction while on antibiotics??
  29. Tongue numbness after oral surgery
  30. Numb after surgery
  31. Stomach Pains & Diet colas?
  32. Painful lump in the armpit
  33. Alcohol induced pain?
  34. Antibiotics and itching like crazy
  35. Grapefruit?
  36. Why am i heaving all the time?
  37. We think our mother has Chronic Cough???????
  38. Poison Ivy/Oak - Need help fast!
  39. growing taller at 20...unrealistic or realistic?
  40. Armpit/Side Pains???
  41. Bleeding Scrotum
  42. crackling ear problem
  43. Sore Legs with NO Exercise
  44. stomach virus/food posioning...?
  45. Too late for a frenectomy? (tongue tie surgery)
  46. numb fingers
  47. cold hands
  48. Intestinal Parasites!!!
  49. What do vericrose veins look like?
  50. Blood Vessels
  51. for those who have had swollen lymph nodes..help
  52. Tightness of throat
  53. Vomiting
  54. Ingrown toenail
  55. Another MONO question from Icky Vicki.
  56. Wierd Lump
  57. Weird problems for the past month
  58. Blood Whilst going to the toilet?
  59. what is the lowest ana positive titer?
  60. lymph nodes swollen or not?
  61. Constant chest pain for 2 weeks...help!
  62. [B]When can i kiss??? (mono) HELP[/B]
  63. Edema under eyes, help required.
  64. Is this heartburn or something else?
  65. fever blister question
  66. Yellow weird stuff in my mouth
  67. Serious Question, Punched in the ear. Please Help.
  68. unexplained adrenaline rush type feeling
  69. Using Mouthwash While Taking Antibiotics...
  70. Multiple lumps in groin area
  71. Any Ideas?? Doctor says anxiety, not convinced
  72. Help!!! Weird blister, or something in back of throat...really conerned!!!
  73. Don't know where to post, I hope someone can help me.
  74. Itchy tummy
  75. Getting braces! HELP! SPACERS? EXPANDERS??
  76. Pain After Swallowing
  77. Can you get whiplash from a ride?
  78. Does ammonia kill cold germs?
  79. More nonspecific symptoms...please help, I don't know what's wrong!
  80. Leg Muscles
  81. Lotion and Earrings?
  82. Varicose vein symptoms...HELP
  83. GRRRRR Always thirsty
  84. I can't gain weight!
  85. Scared to be on Levaquin!!!
  86. Very Bad Pain in lower left abdomen...
  87. constant Nausea anybody?!
  88. Been sick for so long, Please someone help!
  89. When talking low, voice is distorted and cracked.. vocal cords?
  90. sore throat out of nowhere???
  91. how long does it take for sever congestion to go away??
  92. headache won't go away
  93. White Spots on Nails
  94. recurring sore in right nostril
  95. Any foods to instantly help lower blood pressure?
  96. Not sleep walking, but sleep stripping?
  97. Patellar Tendonitis That's Not Getting Better
  98. Something "grinding" in my foot
  99. Swollen Finger joint
  100. my son had an abnormal EEG in the occipital lobe
  101. Push ups and a broken wrist
  102. My finger.....
  103. one tonsil bigger then other
  104. Weird, unexplainable symptoms...
  105. Erythema? (pic)
  106. Is it *normal* to write your doctor a letter?
  107. mono
  108. Out of breathe, numbness(tingling) on hands and feet
  109. How do you know if your Lymph Nodes are swollen?
  110. Injured while having blood drawn for a blood test...
  111. Heartburn ... Abnormal
  112. My smell gets hypersensitive....
  113. Loestrin(Junel) 1/20. HELP???
  114. I fell...could I have hurt more than just my tailbone?
  115. How do you tell if you have a concussion?
  116. Missed Miscarriage???
  117. Dark visible veins
  118. When I bend my legs, I get this weird sound...
  119. Excessive Burping HELP I"M SCARED!!!!!
  120. Hi. Banged head - Sore head and Chest/Neck?
  121. A resiliant infection or something else?
  122. CBC A1C translation Help please
  123. mayo diet/grapefruit diet/vinegar diet
  124. All Over Swelling...
  125. left side tightens up
  126. Bone bruise?
  127. Strange Itch in my Throat! Im fairly concerned. Please help!
  128. anti nausea meds!! what r the best ones?
  129. at a loss with some symptoms
  130. Bloated
  131. Pitted nails sign of?
  132. Lump near pelvic region
  133. Chelation: Did it help anybody???
  134. Lactose intolerance?
  135. Excessive forehead sweating
  136. Small Lumps
  137. Swollen upper lip!!
  138. Lump in throat?
  139. queesy in the mornings
  140. Nasal drip? mucus always in throat, can't spit it out
  141. Coated Tongue (not thrush)
  142. Is this a sprained ankle?
  143. anyone who can help.
  144. Blood Test Dizziness
  145. Can you get stretch marks from running?
  146. Bleeding belly button
  147. A couple of questions (Shots, NF)
  148. certain dri stopped working!!!!!! :(
  149. Scary Head Rush Spells ??????
  150. Help. Need advices about fatigue, difficulty in concentration.
  151. Female Question-Pain I can't detect where it's coming from....
  152. Taking immodium AD regularly dangerous?
  153. Extreme burning... (adenovirus?) PLEASE HELP
  154. Birth Control, Melasma, and Tanning
  155. Complete Blood Count
  156. Pain in arms/legs when exhaling...?!
  157. Tetanus Shot question
  158. Too thin?
  159. Burns, healing, what degree?
  160. A Pulse In My Abdomen???
  161. Gookinaid ERG
  162. Rebound Congestion!!!!!!! Nasal Spray Addiction!
  163. white marks on nails
  164. Lower Abdominal pain that won't go away
  165. Sore Mole
  166. pain after sneezing
  167. Buzzing/twitching muscles,Dizziness,Uncontrolled heart and more. Help
  168. Therapeutic level of Metadate for adults??
  169. Shoulder pain with deep breaths
  170. weird questions. I can't do a "male" spit
  171. vomiting blood
  172. Lump On Side of Head
  173. Red Patch on my tongue.. what is it?!?
  174. Extremely strange stomach sound.......Help?
  175. Feels like Pill is Stuck in my Throat
  176. Throbbing in testicals
  177. Small lump behind ear..?
  178. lumps in my scalp
  179. Ache/Pain in Finger Joints
  180. Cough, dry throat and mouth
  181. What is this sensitive skin spot on the back of my leg? It hurts!
  182. Coxsackie Virus in Adults (Hand, Foot and Mouth)
  183. Scars??
  184. Heart Palpitations
  185. Tinittis (Ear Noises)
  186. help some very weird upper body feelings.
  187. i have had a sore throat for 3 weeks
  188. Scraped inside of throat!
  189. Face constantly flushed... Wha- ???
  190. is this a low grade fever?
  191. Vicodin Doesn't Work!
  192. Belly button pain?
  193. Severe pain in right trapezoid :(
  194. Strange pressure in legs
  195. Anti-Perspirents Cancer Causing?
  196. Left Rib Cage question...
  197. Should I Get Stitches or Not? :confused:
  198. MOLD! Please help me i'm going mad!!
  199. Risk of infection after getting blood drawn?
  200. Ringworm from locker room?
  201. Twitching arm
  202. sharp pain in chest- what is it?
  203. really need help badly
  204. Hot palms/soles
  205. too young for heartburn?
  206. Yucky taste in mouth
  207. Swollen Stomach, Feels like there are rocks!
  208. sore ear after sleeping??
  209. Motion Sickness
  210. Is this normal for a bruise?
  211. Can't stick tongue out, piece of flesh attached from it to base of mouth
  212. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  213. white bumps on lips
  214. Plantar Warts, Complete Removal?
  215. Bruises are green?
  216. bump on hand....
  217. Soft Tissue Growth
  218. Heel and Achilles PAIN!!!
  219. Night time bleeding gums
  220. Bump on Neck
  221. Twitching, shaky and worried
  222. appendix??
  223. Anyone experience "Throat Clicking" ?
  224. Fractured Scaphoid
  225. Coccyx/tail bone Problem
  226. Arm is killing me
  227. Just how sensitive is the tongue?
  228. white lump on left tonsil, help! =)
  229. High granulocytes??
  230. Dark brown bump on lower area of penis...
  231. Sudden intense hunger
  232. red itchy blotches on face....
  233. "Glassy" eyes
  234. Canker Sores + Toothache?
  235. Too much caffeine and cigarettes.
  236. shaky and jittery feeling
  237. Dizziness Climbing Stairs
  238. Thrush+Kissing
  239. Iron Count too High
  240. Do blood test show cancer?
  241. Am I destined to not have kids?
  242. Waterproof band-aid mark scar?
  243. Large Pupils
  244. sootchers question
  245. Ugggh!!! Anyone know what can help my toothache?
  246. Surgery to reduce your height?
  247. Anybody Here Knows Anything About Anal Fistula
  248. Pain under lower left rib cage.
  249. Weird red ring in Bellybutton
  250. Lower back and abdomen pain