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  1. Help please I am desperate for answers...MDDS, ETD, Inner ear virus???
  2. Tests say I'm all good but I'm most certainly not.
  3. unexplained fast weight loss
  4. Adderall vs. Mixed Salts Amphetam
  5. diagnosis no longer a mystery
  6. Why am i experiencing this?
  7. Brain FOG!! From Extreme Anxiety or ADHD?
  8. Serotonin Syndrome, Dysautonomia, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome?
  9. Pulsating head, Balance disorder, Myoclonic jolts
  10. What can cause chest pain when drinking water?
  11. Can a hard lump be cancerous if it has been there 4 years??
  12. chest pressure and can't burp
  13. Shaking
  14. So many things going wrong ... PLEASE READ :(
  15. Just wanna know?
  16. Multiple lumps under chin
  17. Is getting an xray without the lead apron okay?
  18. Shortness of breath
  19. My CBC differ. Wbc 10.2 and I'm always tired ... can anyone explain these results?
  20. IBS, Iron deficiency, fatigue, lack of energy
  21. Laxative Abuse
  22. Swollen Lymph Nodes & Other Symptoms
  23. Feeling pressure/fullness under sternum?
  24. leg numbness below the knee
  25. Alternative to Lyrica
  26. Does anyone if a brain mri scan can make people get ear problems?
  27. Showing strange Symptoms: Do i need to go to the E.R.?
  28. Which tests to discover reasons for unexplained weight loss
  29. Random Muscle Pain in Arms, Chest, Groin, Lower Back
  30. Help
  31. Flu > Strep Throat > Joint pain > Mild tiredness
  32. Chronic pain deep under left rib
  33. Sharp chest & ankle pains
  34. stinking like poo no matter what !!
  35. Symptoms since 2007 and still undiagnosed!!
  36. At a complete loss with my health
  37. Husband shot multiple times by Road Rage man.
  38. Severe Abdominal Pain
  39. Feeling sick, please help me!
  40. Prolonged upper chest and back pain/pressure??
  41. facial swelling in ONE cheek
  42. Why do I never really feel warm though.
  43. Living Abroad Temporarily, no access to Doctor - HELP!!
  44. Why do I have kind of a hard time when I walk around.
  45. Awful smell while sleeping
  46. Intermittent Pain right side above groin area
  47. wellbutrin stopped working. Upped dose and feeling discouraged
  48. Can anyone tell me about how getting general anesthesia is like though. Thanks.
  49. Seeking Advice/Moral Support Prior to Brain MRI for Spasms/Twitching/Buzzing
  50. No idea what's going on with me
  51. Rabies after 4 years??
  52. Cowdens Syndrome
  53. Leg pain
  54. Im worried
  55. low body temperature
  56. painful bones/muscles, hurts when pressed
  57. Pulsating neck?
  58. Polymyalgia rheumatica
  59. stomach pain
  60. 11 Months and no diagnosis. Please help
  61. My body is rebelling against me!
  62. constantly Light headed and feel like passing out
  63. high red blood cell count and low white blood cell count
  64. I have so many symptoms don't know where to post
  65. Pulsating and throbbing pain around sideburns
  66. Help!!!! Please!!! Strange undiagnosed debilated symptoms
  67. Hi ASO Titer ... do I have strep or rheumatic fever?
  68. Where can i go to find a diagnosis and get some help.
  69. how to hide spot on x ray?
  70. Random Body pains?
  71. What is happening to me?
  72. Worried about my blood test, high Basophils and Lymphocytes
  73. Severe pain in lower abdomen
  74. ketones - Negative, Leukocyte Esterase 1+
  75. Potassium Levels - Symptoms Not Improving
  76. Burning in my feet, legs , arms and hands
  77. Small lump near navel
  78. Low WBC and neutrophils :(
  79. sizzling and crackling noise in head
  80. Lab Results - Help
  81. Tingling, pins and needles in left foot and hands
  82. Unusual causes of fluid retention?
  83. What just happened?
  84. Nothing tastes right
  85. Zoloft withdrawal
  86. What is this condition called?
  87. Struggling with Polymyositis since 1994
  88. Scared 24 year old
  89. Chronic Abdominal and Chest Pain
  90. I know something is wrong with me
  91. Internal trembling when lying down for past 6 days
  92. temple & masseter muscle swelling when eating
  93. Meloxicam
  94. Numbness/weakness in legs, affecting bladder. Any idea?
  95. High White Blood Count and Lymph absolute
  96. Please Help - Blood test results
  97. Brain fog - no answers please help
  98. Chronic pain on right side rib area
  99. I am on a LOT of medications. I'm really worried about getting kidney problems.
  100. strange habit
  101. loss of stamina and muscle fatigue
  102. Anxiety Vs Heart disease
  103. Blackout causes strange happenings? Help!
  104. Sinus infection ? Eye pain ?
  105. Lab results can anyone give any input?
  106. Painful Lipoma
  107. scar tissue pain?
  108. Discomfort/pressure under right rib cage
  109. Burning hot all the time ... What's wrong?
  110. Leg "forgets" how to move when I run
  111. What is causing this pain?
  112. Muscle tremors
  113. blood blister on belt line
  114. I am always hot and need help
  115. Bizarre
  116. Interesting Lab Results ... Need guidance.
  117. Autoimmune/Thyroid/or something else
  118. Pain on left side of abdomen/blood in stool
  119. I've had a physical problem for 7 years, losing all hope, please help
  120. Not feeling myself: spacey, dizzy, headaches.
  121. chronic insomnia/anxiety HELP!
  122. Head pressure when standing up
  123. Chronic face pressure for 2 years
  124. Mystery Illness?
  125. Have blood test results have no clue of meaning need help
  126. Chronic Abdominal Pain
  127. Please help - spaced out and tired all day long
  128. very low vitamin d - fatigue - muscle and joint pain
  129. Weak Shaky Feeling after eating cereal
  130. middle right back pain
  131. I developed a real bad BO problem and I don't know were it is coming from
  132. Afraid of dying young
  133. going on 14 years sick now :(
  134. help
  135. Swollen and tender lymph node under armpit
  136. Looking for answers and direction to my problem
  137. Help - Looking for answers
  138. Lump on clavicle and in neck
  139. Need answers asap
  140. Indent in Thigh - Front Upper Right Leg
  141. whatever helps
  142. Pulsating in vein on left side of my neck?
  143. Strange head feeling
  144. Looking for help in North Texas
  145. help
  146. Weird symptoms that won't go away. Please help!
  147. .....so alone.....
  148. Vision difficulty at night with headaches... could meds be causing this?
  149. Motion Sensation
  150. Rapid Accumulation of Medical Issues
  151. Recurring Coxsackie in an adult
  152. chest pain, back pain, pressure in throat, tingling sensation ...
  153. lump on neck
  154. Temporal Arteritis/Polymyalgia Rheumatica
  155. Teen male - very scared/concerned
  156. scared to death!
  157. Abdominal pressure, gas and peripheral neuropathy. Please help!
  158. Desperately seeking advice on my Health Problem
  159. Pain in upper right abdominal area
  160. Full foggy head, vision feels off, feel drunk/hungover
  161. Problems with caffeine, alcohol and painkillers
  162. should I see the dr?
  163. What's wrong with me? 😕
  164. abnormal ultrasound pancreas, possibly kidney
  165. Drawing blood from non-vein
  166. cold urticaria or raynauds
  167. excessive sweating!
  168. Severe tingling and pain
  169. Celiac Test Done: High IGA and IGM Levels: Is This Precursor to ...
  170. Accutane (isotretinoin) cured something in my body
  171. Constant Upper Right quadrant Pain
  172. Broken Ribs and Back Pain
  173. Terrible smell i can't get rid of
  174. methylprednisolone and trileptal
  175. Has anyone experienced this? (Lyme/Bartonella, Gallbladder, ?
  176. Frustrated and Scared - Help
  177. I need health advice
  178. Feeling tired, difficulty breathing, feeling weird
  179. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome!
  180. Swollen lymph nodes on back of head
  181. Diminished Smell Risk Of Mortality?
  182. Will I ever be normal again? (Several symptoms, long post..)
  183. So confused! Please help!!!! Maybe DVT?
  184. Strained Hamstring?
  185. Paxil Withdrawal
  186. Painless lump under armpit
  187. Constant upper left and middle abdominal pain and tightness
  188. I need help interpreting FSH and LH results.
  189. low ferritin levels
  190. Help please ! 30yo male with subcutaneous elongated mass from buttocks to perineum
  191. heavyhead
  192. New to the HealthBoards 9/20
  193. blood clots
  194. Swollen lymph nodes near collarbone and neck
  195. abdominal pain
  196. What could be causing these symptoms?
  197. What's a girl to do?
  198. Just because you don't have it worst, doesn't mean it isn't important.
  199. I need answers
  200. Recently Diagnosed - Hypopituitarism
  201. is 28 too young for a nursing home ?
  202. Large black and blue marks on the forearm
  203. Splenic Infarct
  204. Weird Contractions in chest
  205. Please help me, I'm desperate (what could this be?)
  206. 19 Year Old Athlete, Inexplicable Trouble Breathing, Other worrisome symptoms
  207. confused about head flushes
  208. Help understanding Lab results
  209. lymph nodes
  210. Constant Buttock and Leg Pain
  211. Good or bad diagnosis?
  212. Post Menopausal 1.2 cm endometrium
  213. mysterious upper abdominal pain
  214. idiopathic postprandial syndrome
  215. MS or not MS ... how can we know for sure?
  216. Could this be a hormonal imbalance?
  217. hey, heres one for you from someone who has been terribly ill/still in the woods
  218. My husband is 30 and has very low hormone Count and Low vitamin D
  219. high temperature in palm and feet while rest of the body is cool
  220. odd pain
  221. Feeling Sick Almost Every Morning
  222. 7 mm lung nodule deep in the anterior left lower lobe
  223. pycnogenol effect on cortisol?
  224. Itchy/tingling feeling on my scalp
  225. neck pain and meningitis
  226. my 17 year old daughter, cant find a diagnosis
  227. Z-line
  228. Aches, Pains, Stiffness and Acid Reflux.
  229. carotid surgery
  230. What is wrong with me?
  231. Everything hurts all the time
  232. Carcinoid? Or paranoid?
  233. Rare lymph found in CSF
  234. Fainting/concussion
  235. Nasal Nausea?!
  236. Mystery Illness
  237. Feeling very unwell for several years
  238. Accumulation of fat caused by steroids that still remains after 16 yrs
  240. Talking to my doc
  241. Eagle's Syndrome
  242. Chronic dizziness , migraine , vertigo , anxiety , panic , depression
  243. Need help desperately!! any advice??
  244. Foods with flour in them make me sick? Why?
  245. Dull Ache/Upper Right Quad
  246. Please help! undiagnosed symptoms possible anemia??
  247. eye pulling sensation, can't sleep
  248. Thumping in head
  249. I keep passing out, is it because of lack of protein?
  250. Chronic Mouth Sores