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  1. split second blackouts
  2. severe back pain and weird side effects
  3. Nausea, lack of appetite after taking antibiotics
  4. Sick for months
  5. B12 levels
  6. ameritox giving false positives HELP
  7. Earache, upper body rash, fatigue
  8. Do you experience insomnia on advair?
  9. Chicken pox and lymph nodes
  10. Unexplained vaginal and urethral burning.
  11. High Eosinophills, Lymph, low Neut.
  12. Metronidazole/Flagyl and Nerve Damage
  13. High Cut Circumcision Scar Still Painful
  14. Help interpreting blood tests
  15. Remicade a life saver for me.
  16. why do i have to eat every 2 hours?
  17. Why does it hurt when I get poked?
  18. hives daily
  19. Funny feeling in my head and nausea
  20. cortisol/cushing's
  21. Tenolysis and *** treatment
  22. Undiagnosed Nerve Symptoms
  23. A chronic collection of bewildering, worrying symptoms of mine...
  24. Ovarian cysts and missed periods for 3 months
  25. Pain in my left side and other symptoms
  26. my left leg feels water warm while my right one feels it cold
  27. Progressive stroke symptoms
  28. Weird marks on chin??
  29. Left flank pain, swelling in feet, fatigue
  30. High reverse t3' mthfr gene, scared
  31. bleeding due to severe allergic reaction to medication or first time anal sex?
  32. Constant pins and needles on scalp
  33. Ulnar nerve elbow pain years after surgery?
  34. Surgery for an Osteochondral Defect
  35. Help me please I m dying everyday... bad breath
  36. Is A Myelogram headache dangerous
  37. Recurring blister on pubic area
  38. Reoccuring under arm boils in teen
  39. filling 2 different prescriptions
  40. 2 1/2 year old Sore throat/ swolen lymph nodes in neck
  41. Tongue Biting and Jaw Clenching
  42. Novocaine like numbness
  43. Medtronic Pain Pump for Fibromyalgia, and Phantom Pain
  44. I have small, larva looking parasites
  45. Aggressive Fibromatosis in the hand
  46. Hard Lymph node or lump on collarbone
  47. Forgetting Things and Feeling Spacey
  48. Low Platelet Count and low White Blood Cell Count
  49. Thigh muscles ripping from my bones
  50. calf muscle twitching
  51. Flank pain, extreme fatigue,
  52. Constant thick, mucousy, feeling in the back of my tongue and throat
  53. Air Hunger, HVS
  54. I have multiple health issues.
  55. gnawing burning pain under right rib cage
  56. Upper respiratory infections and spleen...
  57. Help understanding my symptoms
  58. Forearms breakout after sun exposure
  59. Pain after swimming
  60. 14 yr old with Petechiae, joint pain, photosensitivity and no inflammation
  61. Pain in Right Buttock & Nausea
  62. I'm obsessed with my therapist... already know about tranference...
  63. Red palms
  64. How low is dangerously low for iron levels? Are mine to low?
  65. Teeth Chattering and Stuttering
  66. Abdominal pain in the lower left and right side (flank pain)?
  67. Mini boils all over the body
  68. My experience with spiro for acne: beautiful skin (and nasolabial folds gone) but...
  69. What's wrong. Help! (warning, it's long)
  70. Extreme Unintentional Weightloss...
  71. My heart problems ruin my life.
  72. Bumps on elbows
  73. please help me !
  74. Care of burst abscess
  75. clanging in the head
  76. misdiagnosis?
  77. Sliding hiatus hernia, duodenitis and oesophagitis
  78. Stomach pain/feeling need to put pressure on my gut
  79. High Lymphocyte and eosinophils count
  80. gallbladder symptoms all negative tests
  81. Leg Pain Started in upper thigh - Aches
  82. Need biopsy. no insurance what do i do?
  83. Crohn's dx, positive ANA and malar rash, lupus too?
  84. pfapa
  85. Forehead/eyebrow tingling/numbness
  86. Battling CRMO
  87. skin rash/blister-like after blood drawn at lab
  88. Rubbing cold/painful spot causes burping
  89. smoking plus drinking combine effect on liver, MPV and cholestrol levels
  90. Is this a flare?
  91. anyone with similar symptoms and had any diagnosis ?
  92. Persistent Swollen lymph nodes. Could it be HIV?
  93. upper abdominal pain and hardness undwr ribs
  94. Unexplained nausea, am I alone?
  95. sore 2 inches right of bellybutton
  96. unsure what all this means
  97. Night Sweats, Blood Tests normal
  98. Please help! Overreacting or melanoma? Itching periodically
  99. Sweating and overwhelming sense of heat
  100. Fungal infection of my cuticle and rash on my hand
  101. Is it an ovarian cyst?
  102. Undiagnosed Flank Pain 5months
  103. 8-year old daughter with omental infarction
  104. Autism or typical 2 year old???
  105. Laser tattoo removal is very dangerous and can cause you health problems
  106. lump after black eye
  107. Occasional Head rushes or false memories or not feeling real.
  108. Dizzy feeling head, burning hands and feet
  109. Postnasal Drip and Chronic Bad Breath (Solution)
  110. Complications from previous Histoplasmosis
  111. Switching from klonopin to Tylenol pm
  112. dizzy spells
  113. Hi new here had to post for 1st time
  114. Severe pain in lower abdomen and anal region
  115. Chest Pain with Normal ECG and EchoC
  116. HCTZ and Prediabetes
  117. Abdominal Neuroma after complete robotic assisted hysterectomy
  118. Depression Causing Chronic Nausea
  119. incision site pain 7 weeks post op abdominal hysterectomy
  120. Headaches/dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite... help?
  121. Melanosis coli from laxative abuse
  122. "high absolute neutrophils"
  123. TMJ concepts - Help, I have a nickel sensitivity
  124. scalp itch and rash on skin also sensitive to foods
  125. Phlegm/Mucus in throat and mouth every morning
  126. Lump above right clavicle - not a swollen lymph node.
  127. inhalation of CuSO4...
  128. Autoimmune mystery
  129. sore tight rib cage, breathing
  130. Electric-Like Feeling All Over Body
  131. Low Creatinine, what does it mean?
  132. Hemicrania continua and pregnancy
  133. What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Belly Hair, Stretch Mark, And Dark Skin Betweeen My Legs.
  134. Inverted t-wave... Should I be concerned?
  135. dizziness, blurred vision, balance problems and bowel movements
  136. Just Diagnostied w/Kienbock's Disease
  137. Just Diagnostied w/Keinbocks Disease
  138. Cortisone shot
  139. Swollen infected sebaceous cyst on back
  140. Lucency on kidney
  141. What is WRONG with me???? I'm being labelled - Hypochondriac?!?
  142. BACK MRI - Need help reading it, please.
  143. Recent MRI for neck, shoulder, arm pain with pins and needles sensation and numbness
  144. 93/51 blood pressure
  145. Pain After Brostrom-Gould Surgery
  146. Is there such a thing as an Antihistamine Withdrawal !!
  147. Arm dvt?
  148. ribs ache, whole ribcage, muscles spasms, breathless
  149. dry blood in nose and headache
  150. I think I have lymphoma, I don't know what to do
  151. burning in stomach and little pinkish blood on the tissue and sometimes in stool
  152. Tongue sores/tongue bumps. And more larger pink bumps on my tongue
  153. Weird Jaw Feeling and Nausea
  154. Blood and high Glaucose in my urine
  155. Painful burning and cramping in lower abdomen
  156. Experiences of unintended weight loss of a TB & Diabetes patient
  157. Churning feeling in stomach/feeling hot.
  158. Switching from vyvanse to concerta
  159. What does a -3.5 hip T Score mean to me?
  160. Fluttering In lower chest
  161. head rush.....seizure?
  162. what dose my dads white blood cell count of 23 mean
  163. wondering if I have an underlying condition
  164. Help! Anxiety? Diseases?
  165. Small Amounts of Blood in Phlegm
  166. After aspiration of ganglion ankle cyst, should the cyst be gone or still there?
  167. Antinuclear antibody titer is 1:80 with nucleolar pattern, what does this mean?
  168. Generic Oxycodone
  169. Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Toronto, Canada?
  170. Swollen Collar Bone
  171. Can't fall asleep - eyes moving under eyelids
  172. Blue sweat - Chromehydrosis / chromehidrosis
  173. Sharp pains above belly button- gallbladder removed...help!
  174. Joint/bone pain, loss of appetite, fatigue- help
  175. fell on my butt, slammed head off ground
  176. 10 year old with itchy tongue
  177. discharge/smell/lump above belly button
  178. Blood Test
  179. Flat foot reconstructive surgery
  180. unexplained bruise with a lump in the middle on daughters arm
  181. Red, itching, and swollen lump on thigh
  182. Urinalysis
  183. random blood in urine 1x per month no pain
  184. cost of Echo Cardiagram
  185. white tongue problems
  186. I'm 33 trying to have a baby and am worried I'm going through early menapause
  187. Endocrinologist or Gynocologist for Hormone testing?
  188. Just got lab results. Urgent advise needed
  189. 2 weeks after stomach bug, my 5 year old still vomiting...
  190. One side of my jaw feels stiff?
  191. Fluorescent lighting is killing me
  192. PVC's w/neck and shoulder pain
  193. Lumbar Laminectomy 6 weeks post op
  194. Please help me explain symptom
  195. Hard, pea-size lymph nodes noticed in groin
  196. Begging for help. I'm fading away.
  197. Pain radiating from back to front
  198. irregular periods FROM last 3months
  199. feeling like my head is floating
  200. shrinking on right side of body
  201. pvc's or asthma or both!!!
  202. Air hunger (dyspnea) - looking for any help
  203. my girlfriend was raped before i dated her
  204. Tickly sinuses and watery eyes.
  205. Myofascial Release & Drop Foot
  206. Macrocytic Anemia, Myelodysplastic Syndrome
  207. Lightheaded/dizzy and confused?
  208. unable to take a deep breath or yawn
  209. chin surgery / mentalis resuspension
  210. Chest tightness, difficulty swallowing
  211. stool changes during antibiotics
  212. Itching and rash with hydrocodone
  213. Water Fasting
  214. undiagnosed parent
  215. Possible Brain Aneurysm? Help?
  216. Recurring fever, chills and muscle aches
  217. HELP! Bug bites moving up just one leg...
  218. Doctor Error on called in Rx
  219. iron infusion
  220. kenalog/decadron shot
  221. I need advice on what to do
  222. Confused about lymph nodes!
  223. What could be causing my arm pain?
  224. First Post - Numerous Health "Quirks"
  225. Pain in shoulder/numness in hands and legs
  226. head shaking--does my 8-year old have OCD? Tourettes? or mild autism?
  227. Hypercalcium, hypothyroidism, hypoparatgyroidism
  228. feeling tightness under breastbone
  229. Non-stop shortness of breath/ breathing attacks causing seizure-like symptoms
  230. buttock pain upon sitting.. etc..
  231. body rocking slightly while standing still
  232. Something "snapped" in my left breast - pain - clues??
  233. Large lump in upper arm muscle; what is it?!
  234. High MCH High MCV High Folate, Normal B12 and normal H&H
  235. Spotting on prednisone. Pregnant or side effect?
  236. Pain after colonoscopy - worried
  237. Can anyone help?
  238. Burning scalp and Hair Loss
  239. 60 mg paxil to 37.5 effexor xr
  240. Adrenal fatigue and amalgam fillings
  241. Help please!
  242. stomach ache in the mornings
  243. Confused, worried, wondering what is wrong!!
  244. Gastritis or Esophageal Spasms? Please help!
  245. Koch's infection and mild infiltration fatty liver
  246. Headaches, tired and stinging eyes, Fatigue, every two weeks? Any ideas...
  247. inside my head feels like a pinball machine
  248. Terrible taste in mouth
  249. Weird stomach/back pains.
  250. Elevated Blood Calcium