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  1. Upset stomach for over a week, no vomiting, anxiety...(long)
  2. Cheekbone tingling. PLEASE HELP.
  3. inguinal lymph nodes
  4. SICK, NO INSURANCE, should i go ER or urgent care?which is cheaper?
  5. mid back pain that won't go away..
  6. Cheek Implant Removal
  7. Flonase and Getting over the Anxiety it caused. Please help
  8. Boils transmission
  9. flailing arms
  10. Perimenopause, upper gastric pain, anxiety
  11. blood test results
  12. I've been sick for over a year
  13. Feeling hot internally and lever problem
  14. Hot face/upper body.
  15. sharp pain radiating from eye socket in flight
  16. How long will this pinched nerve last???
  17. Inverted nipples
  18. sudden progressive joint pain
  19. Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
  20. Chronic urticaria detox diet
  21. Ambophyllina
  22. mildly complex septated cyst non menapausal
  23. Sore bumps on knuckles.
  24. Costochondritis and crying
  25. Swollen Lymph Node/Fatty Tissue/HYPOCHONDRIAC = Absolute nerveball! - Help please???
  26. Exhaustion especially after Hot Showers/Baths
  27. Enlarged left rib cage
  28. Afraid of Naegleria Fowleri after using neti pot with tap water
  29. Dr. Frank Eismont
  30. Constantly sick
  31. Help!!! Lower back pain left side pain after HSG
  32. I found a smallish lump on my upper thigh....
  33. input on cytenol?
  34. azithromycin dosage for suspected epididymitis and/or chlamydia?
  35. Lump between sternum/rib cage
  36. severe itching all over body
  37. Confused Tia or migraine
  38. can anyone help me interpret my test result
  39. Skin bump that turn into a freckle/mole
  40. Do I have Aspirin Poisning???
  41. Swollen lymph node behind ear
  42. Total Colectomy hydration
  43. Red spots that turn brown
  44. Forteo and Tingling
  45. Constant Head pressure/ eye pressure
  46. Need Help interpreting results please- Had MRI for Back Pain and possible ovary cyst?
  47. to: White worms under the skin
  48. can someone help me stop counting in my head
  49. Help!!!! Convinced myself I have MS
  50. Adderall in morning ritalin in afternoon
  51. Muscles contracting in left hand
  52. Cycles of Tongue Cracking/Fissure With Lethargy
  53. Stones after gallbladder surgery and ERCP
  54. Hives from anesthesia?
  55. Uriceria
  56. I'm back after 2 years of taking Magnesium.
  57. my body hurts when it gets cold
  58. hard lump on inside of wrist??
  59. Luvox and Klonopin
  60. Sores on one arm
  61. Itching and dementia
  62. enlarged Lymph nodes
  63. constant pressure in head/neck, chronic pain & fatigue, weakness, etc.
  64. Burning, stinging sensation; mid-back on left shoulder-blade area
  65. Ear fullness and brain-fog without vertigo
  66. Re: Sore Throat and runny nose
  67. numbness, heart pounding one scared woman...
  68. Unexplained Right Flank pain!
  69. teeth making clicking noises when pushed, please help me!
  70. Mystery - undiagnosed mix of symptoms
  71. OATS right ankle with brostrom and calcaneal osteotomy
  72. 1/2 my tongue swells at night! help!
  73. Foggy head/dizzy/confusion/feeling drugged up
  74. Bleeding out of Belly Button even after multiple Antibiotics
  75. pain in right side under last rib
  76. Can't move my ankle up or down..
  77. Severe leg pain after back surgery
  78. MRI of the brain
  79. lp299v
  80. Only 21 but going through 5 months of undiagnosed illness... PLEASE help!
  81. Scary radiation from my medical tests
  82. Bruised lower back spine. No pain when touched.
  83. Really bad neck pain when coughing
  84. unidentified chronic pain and fatigue with no help in sight
  85. Gastritis?
  86. headache after having blood pressure taken?
  87. Brain Zaps while taking AD
  88. hemorrhoids every month-like a clockwork
  89. Low grade fever for over 25 days
  90. Tinnitus, blurred eye, throbbing legs, painful prostate, erectile dysfunction.
  91. X-ray of Constipation?
  92. Pinched Nerve??? -Numbness/Tingling in face, arms, legs -Weakness
  93. Ulcer directly on Submandibular gland
  94. Doctors keep sending me away but I'm still in pain!!?
  95. high calcium in bloodwork?! ADVICE PLEASE?
  96. suffer from internal itch inside my body
  97. Mandible pain from TMJ to under angle
  98. Pain at end of sternum with pressure
  99. Right Flank/lateral back pain under ribcage
  100. I pulled the muscle behind my knee, should I see a doctor?
  101. Sore ears and very itchy throat with cough
  102. Swollen Lymph Nodes/Glands for over 6 months
  103. Weird visions when hungover
  104. Dressing coming off stitches! What to do?
  105. bed sweats!
  106. What would cause heart palpitations all day?
  107. Help! Seriously bad sore throat after surgery.
  108. TUMS and bedwetting
  109. Very brief but frequent vertigo attacks
  110. Gray Stool after colonoscopy
  111. Can this be Triggering my Panic Attacks?
  112. Weight gain help if there are any nutrition experts out there!
  113. Pain in Arm PICC line was in, 5 months after removed?
  114. Got hit in throat? Feels swollen and tightness?
  115. Did I re-injury my labrum post op?
  116. Bump on eye socket?
  117. Nauseous for 4 days and counting (any help would be greatly appreciated)
  118. Horrible heat intolerance, night sweats, Raynaud's... help... please...
  119. Blood on my pillow!!
  120. Is it normal to come down with a fever while on antibiotics?
  121. Waves of Cold Throughout Body
  122. Short breath, Panic, Light-chested?
  123. Tingling, crawling sensation on scalp/ears-hair loss
  124. Very sore throat with cough
  125. Chest pain/soreness/fatigue when talking (6 mos. -- ongoing!)
  126. Don't feel hungry anymore, is this kidney or some other cancer?
  127. Black line on palm(Dr.'s are stumped)
  128. burning/stinging sensation in roof of mouth/throat
  129. Fatigue, Dry Cough, Toenail Ridges
  130. Fell off bike - nausea, dilated pupils, weird heart rate
  131. High Histamine in Blood? Over 1300
  132. Pains in my legs when walking flat footed
  133. Exhaustion from moving or walking... help!
  134. Burned my thumb - Feeling nauseous/weak afterwards
  135. Neck/base of skull issues
  136. Muscle Pull around right hip?
  137. tired of feeling like a hypochondriac lots of health problems
  138. Pins and needles in thumb/index finger
  139. Biopsis during Endoscopy
  140. Another cry for help
  141. Red streaks on both biceps/armpits
  142. Neck, Head, Shoulder, Back pain and Tingling
  143. Sharp stabbing pain under left nipple, lasts 1-2 seconds.
  144. volar ganglion cyst surgery next week
  145. What does High ESR mean?
  146. Anyone had bad taste after taking antibiotics?
  147. Hemochromatosis
  148. burning sensation on toes
  149. Sharp pain often above spleen.
  150. Tramadol and Remeron question
  151. Lump near my eyebrow. What is it?
  152. Doctor cannot figure out whats wrong with me? Please Help!
  153. Headaches and short term memory loss going on 5 months.
  154. weird goosebumps
  155. What Should Happen During Physical Exam?
  156. Discomfort in lower right side of ribcage
  157. Neck Pain/Popping Noise? Help...
  158. constant nausea and stomach sloshing
  159. diarrhea, burning stool, yellow stuff on tongue
  160. Bug bite and red streak going up arm?
  161. Petechia, Muscle Weakness/Pain, Fatigure
  162. Help! Can't keep anything down not even water... Sick
  163. Loss of appetite and upset stomach after cold
  164. Purple Portruding Bump at Top of Buttocks
  165. Liver And Kidney Blood Test
  166. Year long headache with weird pop rock sound
  167. Painful lump on my jaw line
  168. Please help, do mice carry dangerous diseases?
  169. why do I feel so ill with this oral thrush? (at a guess)
  170. Odd scratching noise in chest; any ideas?
  171. Blue, Black and Orange swollen feet!
  172. Poor Memory and Lack of Sleep
  173. Congestion when "not" lying down
  174. Worrying Chest Pain
  175. My hematoma isnt' reducing in size.
  176. Sinus issues with hot cheeks, fatigue, burning eyes
  177. Dull ache in left flank
  178. Bleeding, passed out, seizing - Help! What's wrong?
  179. Does Carotid Artery move around when pushed?
  180. Numbness on right side of body. Quiet concerning!
  181. Red hot spot on left arm & left cheek bone reacurring
  182. Unintentional weight loss
  183. Can apple cider vinegar really prevent the stomach virus?
  184. ZYP2D6-mutation... Don't know where to post my question...
  185. What's this weird pimple/growth under my lip (pics included)
  186. Lead dust - one time exposure?
  187. Procrastination and general laziness
  188. I randomly get faint, weak, sad, tired all at once.
  189. Could I have klinefelter's?
  190. Extremely Sleepy After Eating
  191. Severe pain in fourth toe
  192. Black Lump On Leg
  193. The Number One Health Problem In The World
  194. Twitching while sleeping
  195. Undiagnosable Splenomegaly (Enlarged Spleen)
  196. Losing Weight and toning up - Protein vs Creatine
  197. Painful lump in chest
  198. Hard lump in center of chest below my sternum
  199. Painless, Immovable, Lump On Neck Right Side
  200. Allergic reactions to new dentures
  201. My temperature is 96.2
  202. jagged circle rash on swollen ankle
  203. Lipoma arborescens
  204. Recovery from Spine Surgery, mood swings, depressed
  205. Not sure what to do, might have hiatal hernia?
  206. Arm, shoulder, wrist and hand pain
  207. Can't eat meat anymore. Help?
  208. Stitch area from Cyst surgery not healing
  209. Irritation and pain between my thighs and vaginal area?
  210. Feeling clammy and having brain fog
  211. Cant get a full breath of air, Rib sticking out
  212. Is this nerve pain? Diagnosed and confused
  213. blood pressure of 96/40?
  214. Otoplasty surgery
  215. facial pain and pressure (not sinuses)
  216. Alcohol + shaking/shivering
  217. So worried about my son
  218. pain under rib cage right side and into the back
  219. Right side pain for 3 months - multiple locations
  220. Sausage Toe
  221. Stomach pain in right side - not appendix!
  222. Belly Button Stupidity!
  223. Pancoast syndrome/tumor?
  224. Pineal Cyst, NeW FINDINGS
  225. Sudden Electrical Shock in left thigh
  226. Why am I losing muscle mass?
  227. Pins and needles prickly pain in face and ear
  228. My heart feels like it's jiggeling in my chest, literally. Please answer...
  229. How long to tell if physical therapy is not going to work at all?
  230. My lungs aren't expanding enough? What the heck is going on? , please help !
  231. Arm pains after weight lifting, what do I do?
  232. Lower abdomen in pelvis area (between hip bones) is constantly distended
  233. Deadly fatigue, shortness of breath, back pain PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  234. I'm aging overnight.
  235. Is my white blood cell count too high to worry about?
  236. Getting sick at the same time every month, large painful lump on roof of mouth
  237. lymph node problems after antibiotics...
  238. Headache, dizziness, pressure in left chest, insomnia
  239. Extremely scary swelling sensation behind my left eye
  240. I'm feeling sad, anxious and worried?
  241. Aspartame, can it do permanent damage?
  242. Very concerned about my health... desperately looking for some answers
  243. Sharp pains in wrist, slightly pale skin in hand
  244. Back pain, Numbness in hands and feet, Vaginal bleeding
  245. Mucus, cheat pain, breathing problems--x-ray was clear..?
  246. Boyfriend severe pain in buttock
  247. High WBC and Neutrophils- Can Exercise be the cause?
  248. High abs eosin
  249. First trip to the hematologist tomorrow...
  250. Why am I shrinking in height?