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  1. I get nauseous very easily
  2. Adderall withdrawal?? CONSTANT CHILLS
  3. Shooting pain in hand and strange sensation
  4. 'popping' sensation in the back of my head/neck, confused. Any advice ?
  5. A question about my heart.
  6. Soy Milk -> Itchy Throat
  7. Why do i feel the urge to urinate while running ?
  8. Muscle spasms in stomach causing restless nights
  9. why am i having PVCs ? please help, very scared. thank you.
  10. Odd feeling in throat whenever I swallow... flap-like feeling?
  11. Chest pain and passing out
  12. Stomach Bug for 6 weeks?
  13. High RDW
  14. standing makes me feel sick after awhile
  15. phantom smoke smell in nose
  16. Familial Hot Flashes
  17. Enlarged Red Blood Cells
  18. Falling feeling while awake and "kick" feeling at back of skull
  19. Abnormal total protein value from lab test?
  20. Not feeling good after using baking soda to brush teeth
  21. Adapting to use of one arm
  22. Tingling roof of mouth and numbness feeling in upper lip
  23. Uterine AVM
  24. Problem of swallowing saliva
  25. Weird feeling behind knees
  26. question about rabies transmission
  27. Weird numbness on left side followed by shaking? Please help!
  28. Chest pain/Light headed/Short of breath
  29. My belly button has been oozing, bleeding, and smelling bad
  30. Lack of awareness and dull mind? Aged:17?
  31. My girlfrend seems to have what looks like blue lines and blue spots on her stomach
  32. Problem with Lower Right Abdominal Pain
  33. Lump Near Right Carotid Artery
  34. Enlarged spleen with no underlying diagnosis, HELP!
  35. Pain just below xiphoid (sternum) + other strange things
  36. Feeling like i need to burp, but just feels like vomit. Why?
  37. Constant headache after mononucleosis
  38. Weird feeling in stomach, bloating
  39. Prickly throat (back of tongue region)
  40. Feeling Surreal/Confused/Foggy
  41. Bad taste in mouth and shortness in breath
  42. Fatigue, Dizziness, Shakiness, Palpitations
  43. Why does barley give me diarrhea
  44. aneurysm?? all advice greatly appreciated
  45. Lump on jawline under ear lobe
  46. head aches/dizziness :(
  47. Lump under right temple
  48. please i need some answers
  49. Pinching pain in lower left abdomen
  50. Memory Loss, Ringing Ears
  51. Pain after arthrogram
  52. After gynecomastia surgery why do I have a skin ulcer?
  53. Low Platelets and high MPV
  54. Please Take A Stab At This!
  55. Loss of Feeling on Top Front of Tongue
  56. Pain in neck and shoulder on left while eating
  57. Doctors out of ideas - any help?
  58. diagnosis of mild leukopenia
  59. what's going on with my health? is death knocking on my door?!!!
  60. Stomach pain after a few drinks...
  61. Bad head pressure - panic attacks, mucinex d, or allergies?
  62. Can I take Benadryl to control itching caused by meds?
  63. Weird reaction to Flonase
  64. Intense stomach pain after i pee?
  65. Purple spots around mouth :(
  66. Please, please help me out
  67. Need help with my blood test results
  68. Mystery diagnosis (having weird symptoms for a long time)
  69. Injuries during sleep
  70. Burning stinging lips for months help
  71. Sharp pain down outside of leg
  72. Is this normal with a fever of 39 C (102 F)?
  73. Abdominal pains, 24/7 bloating
  74. Fever, but feel perfectly normal?
  75. I don't know what is going on.
  76. Low white bloodcell test results
  77. Chicken pox - am I immune if I had it before?
  78. Armpit temperature warmer than oral?
  79. Muscles feel like they are covered in bumps
  80. So cold I can't stand it
  81. Reaction to DDAVP
  82. Petechiae? Vaculitis?
  83. Vibration Feeling in index finger?
  84. Tightness under tongue and my jaw is uncomfortable. Why?
  85. Please Help-Constant Hunger, Dizziness, Palpitations
  86. Need help can't breath
  87. Blood test results.....strange results...
  88. Chest Pain bottom of ribs, back pain, neck pain
  89. smv blood clot
  90. Bone bruise ankle
  91. Cold, Tired, Irritable....
  92. Strange Pain Deep Inside Palm of Hand
  93. Ten years ago I had an anterior cervical discectomy and my health went downhill.
  94. Swollen lymph nodes that won't go away...
  95. Terrible stomach pains after overdose!
  96. Painful "rash" for 8 months
  97. URGENT HELP - Recurrent Neurological attacks after I stoped taking HYDREA/ Anagrelide
  98. stabbing pains in head/face/entire body
  99. Entire body is sore
  100. White Bump in Back of throat, no pain?
  101. Severe abdominal pain!
  102. left lovehandle feels swollen and has dull pain
  103. Close to abnormal/baseline??
  104. Lots of issues, havent been to the doctor in 10 years
  105. Loss of strength in fingers (scared, please help!)
  106. shooting, intermittent pain on left side
  107. Chest tightness, difficulty taking a deep breath, constant yawning...
  108. Right Stomach Pain and other issues?
  109. PLEASE HELP! My girlfriend has been getting worse.
  110. has anyone ever gone to Chiropractor while having had a Cervical Fusion
  111. Alpha 1 Antitripsin Deficiency
  112. Symptoms like Dizziness, burning leg pain...
  113. bad cough going around
  114. My life keeps getting worse
  115. Extreme pain where rib cage meets
  116. Constant need to pop joints - RLS?
  117. rbc 4.94 what does it mean? help ls!
  118. Weird Recurring Symptoms - Help
  119. H. Pylori, stomach Ulcer, Anxiety
  120. Knot on left Bicep - Painful
  121. Please Help
  122. Bruised/Soreness Feeling All Over Body
  123. What About Worms In The Knee?
  124. What causes a fizzing sound in the back of head?
  125. Dizzy, Light headed just before being sick
  126. Pain in Arm/shoulder
  127. weird bruising
  128. Pain on left side just under rib cage!! HELP
  129. Hematoma a year later
  130. Chest Pain / Pepcid
  131. Sudden Chills, Extreme Fatigue and just overall bad feeling
  132. Daughter has lump on arm with bruise
  133. Diarrhea from Cold
  134. 10 months after flu - still feel awful..
  135. strange symptoms please help swelling joints extreme bloating
  136. stomach cramps after drinking water
  137. Coxsackie B virus in adults
  138. lower right quadrant stomach swelling
  139. Unexplained stomach cramps? Any ideas?
  140. My right arm fall's asleep,Severe pain occurs
  141. Can antibiotics cause muscular/joint pain?
  142. Post-Mono Penicillin Allergy???
  143. Top of thigh/lower buttock pain
  144. Strange Tingling sensation on face/scalp
  145. Enlarged Spleen in 2yr. old
  146. Why is my forehead tingling and I'm short of breath?
  147. mass found at right fourth anterior rib
  148. Does coffee lower your immune system?
  149. Pleurisy? Breast cancer? WHAT?!
  150. Middle finger numb
  151. swelling under the back of the thigh
  152. Painfully cold nose.
  153. Is it Bad to Scratch head a lot when have Itchy Scalp?
  154. Blood Work for High Platelet Count
  155. Side stitch for a week?
  156. Vision Strange, Mild Headache & Tightness - Please Help
  157. Can Alcohol/smoking cause sores back of mouth/throat...sore throat?
  158. Hematoma on thigh - advice re it getting worse
  159. Mystery pains & symptoms, falling apart in 20s
  160. Pain in left breast. What is it?
  161. Woke up with rib (Not sure but near chest) pain
  162. High platelet count, low mpv, bleeding gums?
  163. Arm pain after a week
  164. Essential Thrombocytosis-High Platelets
  165. Do I have a parasite? (hives + diarrhea after being in a foreign country)
  166. Unexplained health problems in early 20s
  167. 128000 Low Platelet Count??
  168. Long lasting low grade fever and cough
  169. High Blood Platelets - any advice?
  170. red lump in belly hole/navel
  171. Doctor's diagnosis inconclusive
  172. Do I have appendicitis?
  173. Re: Deep thigh hematoma
  174. Something on the Side of my Tongue
  175. Hip is hurting what could it be?
  176. Help! Is something wrong with me? I feel like I'm dying...
  177. Brain fog, Ear ache, tooth ache
  178. What is wrong with me? Is this life threatening?
  179. horrible leg and shin pain
  180. Low WBC and low Lymph Abs. Count
  181. Pain, top of sternum
  182. RightFoot swelling and pain at ankle and top of Foot
  183. What qualifies as a feverish I have a lower than average normal temp?
  184. Skin turned black after dog bite
  185. Appendix or something else please help?
  186. yellow tongue
  187. pins and needles rush all over body, feeling weak
  188. Difficulty finding veins.
  189. Weird muscle spasm in chest?
  190. looking for UT split tear trained doctor
  191. Burning in lower abdomen...cramps, pain, gas.
  192. Red line along spine
  193. Deep Tissue Hematoma
  194. Numbness in fingers/arms and Neck Pain
  195. Black /Grey Stools - side effect?
  196. Sore throat, phlegm, tiredness. Post-glandular fever.
  197. Choking while eating certain foods
  198. Does New Vitality, Ageless Male work?
  199. Heart palpatations
  200. CBC shows platelet count rose rom 110k to 175 in 4 days - Is this unusual?
  201. Abnormal Lab Values with scary symptoms
  202. Blood clots and white cell count over 20,000
  203. Burning under cast
  204. Cast or splint for broken thumb (adult)?
  205. Having lack of sleep, feeling weird after taking pain meds.
  206. Metallic Taste in mouth
  207. can swollen glands cause throat pressure?
  208. HELP:High WBC; High HGB; High Neutrophils;Low Lymphocytes;High Granulocytes;Low Monos
  209. My mom has been in the hospital for a week.
  210. Mucus in Stool due to Alcoholism.... Help...
  211. Might attempt to drain Pilonidal Cyst, thoughts?
  212. Nurse didn't wear gloves
  213. blood pressure/pulse
  214. Onion Body Odor
  215. 5 year old with stomach pain and mild fever
  216. Random lightheaded/faintness, also triggered by alcohol
  217. Stabbing pain in lower right ribs on my side
  218. Any advice on neck, shoulder, and jaw pain?
  219. How long for blood clot to harden
  220. Unexplained bruising and weird brown discolorations
  221. Vit. b12 deficiency and pins and needles
  222. CT Thorax & Abdo & pelvis with contrast
  223. Sharp pain after urination?...
  224. Wisdom Teeth Recovery
  225. Random bouts of late-night nausea
  226. two muscle spasms in neck leads to fainting?
  227. Enlarged lymph nodes run in family?
  228. RBC in urine
  229. Costal Chondritis - Desperate
  230. aching calves- muscle pain
  231. sharp pain in the lower right side, near hip bone
  232. tongue twitching
  233. SCM muscle larger on one side of neck
  234. Vein enlargement. blood pressure?
  235. C- Difficile
  236. Red painless flat dots in my mouth.
  237. food getting stuck in tonsils
  238. SCM Muscle?
  239. Painful and swollen ride side and back
  240. Dull and sharp pain in right hip, thigh & side of leg
  241. Can someone help me decipher blood test results?
  242. Allergic reaction?
  243. Tingling/Itching sensation in left palm little and ring finger?
  244. Hot drink low-cal with no tannin in it??? Lookin 4 tea substitute.
  245. How To Get Prescription Meds While Traveling Abroad
  246. Can't sleep, when I try I feel sick with a headache and nausea, help?
  247. Stomach Cramps, headache, and sharp pain in the front of my right shoulder
  248. Lump near collar bone? Help!
  249. Stomach fat...
  250. Headaches, neckaches, tightness in throat