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  1. focal moderate dysplasia
  2. Thirsty but not diabetic.
  3. Upper Left Chest+Upper Right Chest Pains. Listen to my story.
  4. Kidney infection without a fever?
  5. A summer cold that lingers...
  6. Bruise Question(Is red bad?)
  7. Depression, Wellbutrin, Insomnia! Help!
  8. Brown Urine
  9. Night sweats,sleep paralysis, stomach cramps, swollen abdomen
  10. Weird tight feeling in lower right abdomen
  11. Ears ringing. Urinating 4+ times a night/early morning. Now pain in right kidney!
  12. Blood clot/DVT or Anxiety?
  13. Painful spot under jaw
  14. Pulled Something In Neck?
  15. HELP: Splinter feeling under the skin of foot and hands!
  16. Strange:Dizzy when drinking cold drinks
  17. HUGE bruises without injury ... appearing nonstop!
  18. weird vision after eating.
  19. Constant feeling of being in a daze
  20. Vicodin for sunburn?
  21. HELP?? numbness and tingling and face droop!!!
  22. male nipple white tip swollen irritated
  23. Petechiae??
  24. Chest/Rib pain for 7 months now, NO Solution?
  25. Lymph Nodes...
  26. Death after smoking for few months? :-/
  27. *SEVERE* Right Groin/Lower Hip Pain (Female)
  28. How much time does it take for the effects of tannin to wear off?
  29. Scabies - Dog shampoo with permethrin/sulfur?
  30. Growing back a toenail?
  31. Just got my Blood Report. Some abnormal values.
  32. Unreal Fatigue - Please Help!
  33. Arms feel numb after fainting
  34. Help - Brushed my teeth with face wash by accident
  35. Wheezing/Whistling sound on inhale and exhale
  36. Strange shocks in my arm while working out.
  37. Extreme Shin Pain
  38. Reverse Fevers
  39. my nose throght
  40. Swollen Tongue; Unable to pronounce Correctly
  41. Six day headache.. Need Help!
  42. Elevated White Blood Cell Count
  43. Sore stitches
  44. Too much Iron in diet
  45. Systemic ligament issues--is there a connection?
  46. Fingertip Avulsion
  47. One moment I breathe through the left hand side of my nose, next the right hand side
  48. Dry Mouth/Hair Loss/Throbbing Pain in Tongue.
  49. All over body Itching in warm sunny weather when active
  50. cholesterol 7.1
  51. Please help and offer suggestions before I take myself to the doctors
  52. Dripping sensation on leg?
  53. High Potassium / Low Sodium
  54. Destroyed lips...over a year now
  55. Lump on leg, upper thigh
  56. Swollen knuckles
  57. Chest and head pain.
  58. Got hit by a waterballoon on left ear now i cant hear properly
  59. My little toes don't touch the floor..
  60. Weird lump in groin/leg joint area
  61. Pain after sex? almost lasting a week
  62. pain and numbnes in hand after iv drip attempt
  63. Claritin-D
  64. Pneumonia continues?
  65. I've been feeling extremely and fatigued the past few weeks...
  66. Food getting stuck in the esophagus
  67. I get sick on average of once a month, what is my problem?
  68. Sick for Over 5 years - doctors keep telling me I'm fine
  69. Bone Fusion and Medicinal Marijuana
  70. Dizzy on a regular basis
  71. Afrin and saline
  72. Creepy Crawly Skin Sensations
  73. First & sudden Left knee pain question
  74. Problem with ear/face going numb
  75. Fever/Chills/Ache after Barium Swallow
  76. bump on neck!
  77. Pure liquid diarrhea for 3 days help!
  78. Upper Throat
  79. Scared that something is going on with my throat/lungs
  80. Urine smells like cider!
  81. What does "Reactive White Blood Cells" mean?
  82. Feel like vomiting after eating and other issues
  83. Very worried - tiny patches of pin ***** blood on legs
  84. Weird shortness of breath after excercise
  85. pain all over the body - very worried
  86. Pain under right rib cage- only at night!
  87. bowel problems & tongue and nerve sensitivity
  88. Level of vitamin B12
  89. My Doctor isn't being much help, if you have some insight please help!
  90. I have extremely bad memory and feel slow/stupid. Other problems. Please help.
  91. One thing after another
  92. How dangerous is eating wild berries? (echinococcosis)
  93. Still Searching / Same Symptoms 2 Yrs
  94. Pain in left arm
  95. Took 15-20 Painkillers! Help!
  96. missed days on antibiotics, got back and took two cycles and have a fever now
  97. Repeatedly high absolute lymphocytes
  98. Strange sensation in index finger?
  99. Deep-seated left leg pain
  100. Random symptoms. Need suggestions!
  101. my ribcage has moved in past couple of months!
  102. high hemoglobin and hematocrits
  103. I'm sick so often - any ideas?
  104. Help!! scared.. enlarged thymus gland, 3mm nodule on lung
  105. Pain and lump in calf
  106. Ankle sprain that doesnt heal...
  107. Hit to neck, difficulty swallowing
  108. Weak/woozy drunk feeling...
  109. Chest pressure, anxiety, GERD, and no diagnosis yet!
  110. Low WBC, NE%, BA%, NE%, PLT going down, LY% going up
  111. have had mass attached to testicle for 9ish years
  112. Temperature Drops When Not Feeling Well
  113. cystic ovary or complex mass?
  114. Spontaneous bursting of blood vessels in fingers
  115. Freezing hand and foot... but burning... ?
  116. Terrible Probiotics Side Effects
  117. nagging dull neck pain
  118. Tightness in intestinal region/pelvis followed by soreness on left side
  119. I have too much energy; can i stop/reduce this?
  120. I feel my back head heavy,pain,nick stiff along with shoulders pain and slight dizzy
  121. Swelling on one side of face
  122. Dry Cough just won't go away!
  123. Friable Internal Organs
  124. Vomit that looks like scrambled eggs..Happening a lot
  125. 12 years later BCG vaccination scar swells up and oozes puss?
  126. Back pain and tender nodules under rib cage
  127. Unhealing sore
  128. Low Platelet Count 87 Year Old Male
  129. Muscles tremors
  130. Chest/Heart pains ... Uncomfortable feelings.
  131. Blister/Scab after wart removal
  132. Soft wrist lump, what could this be?
  133. Passing a 9mm kidney stone
  134. Rectovaginal Fistula Repair questions? Finding the right specialist. Please help!!
  135. MCV Blood levels
  136. Fever days after right side pain
  137. Sleeping problems / stomach noises
  138. I was so sure it was hyperthyroidism.. help :(
  139. Dimpling/Puckering Skin after Laparoscopic Surgery
  140. Headache, neckache, fever, nausea, dizziness, sore throat
  141. Constant Yawning and Computer/Machine fans make me sleepy
  142. Spider vein cream
  143. too many wrinkles for 27
  144. Gagging when eating.
  145. Concerned... is this just a pulled muscle or worse?
  146. My body rejects water?
  147. Stomach problem
  148. melatonin side effects
  149. Bronchitis? Persistent fever.
  150. Lower left ribcage pain, sometimes elsewhere.
  151. Why do I get 8 - 12 colds each year?
  152. Internal hemorrhoids?
  153. chronic right rib and shoulder pain
  154. constantly sick with throat viruses and infections..
  155. worried about what is wrong with me (swollen tonsils, swollen lymph nodes)
  156. flu like symptoms, loss of balance 7 months no one knows what's wrong
  157. Staph aureus, P. aeruginosa immunostimulants
  158. Enlarged - Spleen
  159. 10 month old possible dehydration?
  160. Weird circular rash on arm.
  161. Bumps/dent in skull
  162. Possible bitter almond / mild cyanide poisoning?
  163. wrist sprain
  164. Reaction to Energy Shot
  165. burning up constantly (neck, face) shooting pains everywhere,veins more visible HELP!
  166. bad memory
  167. Large dent in thigh
  168. Weird pain in head, throat, ears when bending over.
  169. Fever symptoms but no temperature
  170. Recurring red blotch on upper lip
  171. Strange feeling in the left side of my head
  172. Knee sprain or something worse?
  173. I can't figure this out...
  174. Hemochromatic one test, anemic the other?
  175. Difficulty breathing and other symptoms, 19 year old athlete
  176. Bump on neck and ear pain in head?
  177. Enlarged lymph nodes, tightness in throat
  178. Any dangers to using mouthwash that has alcohol in it?
  179. weird feeling in index finger after spray painting
  180. Brian Zaps & Sleep Paralysis.
  181. Is moisturizing your face everyday bad?
  182. Accidentally stabbed between my front Teeth with Fork
  183. Is there a way to become shorter?
  184. Sudden Dizziness
  185. Magnetic bracelet ???
  186. my cheeks are not balance!
  187. Very loud ear ringing at Night
  188. high platelets, mpv and pct
  189. 4 days sick with different symptoms each day?
  190. Dip in Chest
  191. V. healthy gal with 13 c-reactive protein
  192. What would cause these symptoms?
  193. sore crusty cracked nipples
  194. Lump in thigh, under skin
  195. help in understanding blood test
  196. pain down the left side of my body?
  197. Painful lymph nodes in groin area? Other symptoms, plz help :)
  198. left side stomach pain
  199. What would cause someone to vomit and break out in hives?
  200. Bloated, Anemic, Heavy Periods, Frequent Urination
  201. Thirsty!!
  202. Pilonidal Cyst
  203. Diaphragm muscle cramps
  204. Cold moved to chest :(
  205. Diane 35 stopped it, now start again help?
  206. Painful muscle tension in feet sometimes.
  207. is oral thrush contagious please help
  208. 2ND opinion
  209. MRI question...
  210. Hives from Smoked Oysters???
  211. Odd sensation in hands and feet. Help?
  212. Daily Nausea and Sudden Change in Sleeping Habits - is there a link?
  213. Can't seem to hold weight on?
  214. Given penicillin to prevent infection in a wound
  215. Blood in stool. Hypochondria.
  216. High lymphocytes in blood
  217. health questions for people who wear belts or tight clothes or tight bands
  218. Fast heart beat&blood taste in mouth?
  219. Spleen growing larger
  220. Strange Diarrhea... Is this something to worry about?
  221. Feels like im in a dream & really tired, Whats wrong with me?
  222. Help itchy skin and prone to boils on face
  223. Please Help / Hair Falling out, 27F
  224. Tight throat feeling with possible mental disorder
  225. Major Lower Back Pain - Can't really walk or sit up
  226. been sick for 8 weeks now plz help
  227. Side effect of Nuru Gel
  228. Did Not Finish Antibiotics; Need Help
  229. Appendicitis??
  230. Swollen lymph nodes for over a year, 19 year old.
  231. Blood Test Results Good?
  232. Stomach spasticating and Lungs Not Working!
  233. High Total Protein/Globulin
  234. Low ABS Retic - Normal RBC
  235. Moments of blindness and Tunnel Vision
  236. Is it okay to look forward to drinking on the weekend?
  237. Muscles locking up
  238. armpit tendons
  239. Ears Ringing & never happened before
  240. Symptoms-Thyroid or Something else
  241. Sniffing Laundry Detergent
  242. High Folate and B12 in child
  243. Shoulder, Wrist, Big Toe, all painful!
  244. Vicodin or Xanax effects?
  245. Ears itchy after chewing
  246. Sore chest and lungs from breathing in cold winter air
  247. Panic Attack or Allergic Reaction?
  248. Causes of High WBCs and RBCs?
  249. Extreme fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, purple toes....
  250. What could be causing my spleen to swell?