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  1. Diaphragm muscle cramps
  2. Cold moved to chest :(
  3. Diane 35 stopped it, now start again help?
  4. Painful muscle tension in feet sometimes.
  5. is oral thrush contagious please help
  6. 2ND opinion
  7. MRI question...
  8. Hives from Smoked Oysters???
  9. Odd sensation in hands and feet. Help?
  10. Daily Nausea and Sudden Change in Sleeping Habits - is there a link?
  11. Can't seem to hold weight on?
  12. Given penicillin to prevent infection in a wound
  13. Blood in stool. Hypochondria.
  14. High lymphocytes in blood
  15. health questions for people who wear belts or tight clothes or tight bands
  16. Fast heart beat&blood taste in mouth?
  17. Spleen growing larger
  18. Strange Diarrhea... Is this something to worry about?
  19. Feels like im in a dream & really tired, Whats wrong with me?
  20. Help itchy skin and prone to boils on face
  21. Please Help / Hair Falling out, 27F
  22. Tight throat feeling with possible mental disorder
  23. Major Lower Back Pain - Can't really walk or sit up
  24. been sick for 8 weeks now plz help
  25. Side effect of Nuru Gel
  26. Did Not Finish Antibiotics; Need Help
  27. Appendicitis??
  28. Swollen lymph nodes for over a year, 19 year old.
  29. Blood Test Results Good?
  30. Stomach spasticating and Lungs Not Working!
  31. High Total Protein/Globulin
  32. Low ABS Retic - Normal RBC
  33. Moments of blindness and Tunnel Vision
  34. Is it okay to look forward to drinking on the weekend?
  35. Muscles locking up
  36. armpit tendons
  37. Ears Ringing & never happened before
  38. Symptoms-Thyroid or Something else
  39. Sniffing Laundry Detergent
  40. High Folate and B12 in child
  41. Shoulder, Wrist, Big Toe, all painful!
  42. Vicodin or Xanax effects?
  43. Ears itchy after chewing
  44. Sore chest and lungs from breathing in cold winter air
  45. Panic Attack or Allergic Reaction?
  46. Causes of High WBCs and RBCs?
  47. Extreme fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, purple toes....
  48. What could be causing my spleen to swell?
  49. Medical Emergency!
  50. Mycoplasma pneumonia? Chronic low fever.... NEED HELP!!!!!
  51. Eye Pressure, Left Side Stomach Pain and Fever...Should i be Worried?
  52. Mouth ulcers & plural effusion
  53. Head pressure/ache, pain in ears and flashing lights
  54. Swollen lumps (lymph nodes?) near groin?
  55. let me know the disease or the blood test to be done
  56. Mouth ulcers/ swolen tongue after wisdom teeth removed
  57. Lungs or GERD?
  58. sudden sad feeling and concentration/memory problems. help!
  59. Question about bump/welt showing up on face
  60. Itchy/Red scalp
  61. Post nasal drip and Bloating?
  62. Lump Between Neck and Shoulder?
  63. Weird bump on leg...
  64. weird buzzing in my legs and pelvic area
  65. small bumps above ears
  66. Ongoing fatigue, lethargy, fainting
  67. stomach cramps after eating
  68. wierd clusters of small bumps in gum lining
  69. Eye Acting Weird When I Blow My Nose
  70. Huge Spleen Growth Please Help
  71. What can a surgeon do for an enlarged spleen?
  72. Sudden sharp head/neck pain during workout and sex
  73. Low white Neutraphils and no diagnose help!! Neutropina
  74. Help with strange body odor
  75. Eyestrain and neck/shoulder pain
  76. Cold Feet &Tingling in feet and in hands
  77. Nervous feeling
  78. Cold Housing
  79. High white blood cell count and chemical irritant connection?
  80. 97.5 Temperature, is this normal?
  81. Left ear numbness
  82. big lump on inside of cheek
  83. Weird feeling on right hip?
  84. Mystery Illness
  85. Bad rib cage pain
  86. swollen tongue and throat. earache, painful cough and stuffy nose
  87. Heart palpitations, numbness in arms when sleeping, chest pain & leg pain
  88. Abscess on scalp healed, now hair loss.
  89. Random, Sharp shooting Pain in Center of Chest. Why?
  90. Discovered I have Hunchback and Scoliosis
  91. eye lids always feel heavy
  92. Hands/Feet are always cold
  93. Nausea whenever I'm in my house?
  94. Can't sneeze anymore because of fear of pain
  95. 20 Year Old Male: Chronic Fatigue
  96. Strange symptoms after head CT
  97. Chest pain but only with SUDDEN or FORCE moves
  98. Lasting effects of Prednisone
  99. Tickle in Throat that Won't Go Away
  100. Had sort of a cramp in my perineal area..
  101. Pain in hands and arms when sneezing, fatigue and consant pain
  102. Everyday consistent gagging/puking
  103. Phytic Acid an antinutrient?
  104. Is it possible to fake appendicitis??
  105. Moderate lymphocytosis & low haemoglobin
  106. Internal itch
  107. I am always hot and need help
  108. Painful Lumps on armpits
  109. Just feeling an 8 year old swollen, hard lymph node, felt it deflate... FREAKJOB!
  110. Blood pressure issues 185/120
  111. Air Hunger - mine solved???
  112. This is weird...general abdominal, back discomfort and pain
  113. Chest pain and cramps since 2 weeks. Sleeping makes it worse
  114. Diagnosis for blood in stool, weight loss, fatigue
  115. I need medical advice now?!
  116. Vacuolated neutrophils
  117. feeling crappy last few months swollen lympth nodes
  118. HELP! Red Spots/blotches in corners of arms after workout
  119. Blood Work
  120. Chest pain for 6 months
  121. Thought I had a ganglion cyst
  122. mole on face inflamed and hurting, help!
  123. Non-visible lump in upper left abdomen
  124. Extreme Fatigue, Pain, Dizzyness & CRP raised to 26
  125. Leg & feet aches, headaches, extreme thirst
  126. Sharp Pain on right side
  127. Stitch left in chin
  128. Symptoms & Cure, but donít know Cause
  129. Antiogen I Conversion (ACE) Serum testing
  130. Consistent Mucous/Phlegm
  131. Chest Pains - Stinging Sensations
  132. "Claw" hands?
  133. Woke up with sprained chest. How do i sleep?
  134. Neck and Shoulder Issues...
  135. Severe armpit sweating
  136. Edema, Shortness of Breath, Depression, Tiredness, etc.
  137. Bronchitis - Prednisone?
  138. I need some serious advice on treating severely chapped lips
  139. Hypercalcemia, parasites, diaphragm? It's just my back?
  140. do Pilonidal cyst go away
  141. Constant stomach pressure and worst after meal why?
  142. Omnicef for Sinus Infection and early Bronchitis?
  143. Torn ligament in thumb?
  144. Sick for 2 months
  145. My Furred up tongue
  146. What is on the toilet seat?!
  147. Dizzy/Faint when driving & heavy arms with elbow and shoulder ache
  148. Hands, feet and nose freezing cold on a daily basis; diagnoses/treatments?
  149. Pain in the arse literally
  150. Fracture hand with K Wires
  151. Concerned about new Meds
  152. Shin bump, slightly discolored
  153. Feel like I'm dying - fatigue
  154. what causes one leg to be bigger than the other with excruciating pain
  155. Random Pains in Torso?
  156. Dizziness, trouble sleeping, pain in body
  157. Woke up with Chest pain that doesn't go away. Can't breath
  158. body vibration at night
  159. Constant Tingling in Fingers and Toes
  160. Small Red Bump on Front of Neck
  161. My four year old says that he is seeing flashing lights in his head.
  162. Hair Loss on Legs - Male, 19.
  163. Constant Shortness of Breath, Sharp Stomach Pain, Bloating, Sore Throat, Bloody Mucus
  164. side effects for Cipro??
  165. Car sickness while reading
  166. Pregnant and just fell on ice
  167. Bruise accompanied by sweliing. Normal?
  168. Constant dizziness with episodes of "drunk feeling"
  169. Need help I am scared.
  170. Dilute UA's
  171. Lump Above Belly Button
  172. Lump above abdomen
  173. Blood in my semen during ejeculation..
  174. Just got electrocuted...err shocked I guess
  175. Weak Memory Problem?
  176. Right arm pain from below shoulder to hand
  177. Chest pain, shortness of breath, FATIGUE, palpitations...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  178. Muscle Aches Malaise but No Fever
  179. Swollen Taste Buds
  180. Strange body feelings - does anyone have any answers for me?
  181. Could swallowing excessive amounts of mucus cause bloating?
  182. How much Advil is too much?
  183. Feeling spacey/difficulty concentrating/brain fog
  184. Blood test...results a bit worrying?
  185. upset stomach and pain whe pooping
  186. Very weird dizzy spell
  187. How to deal with Multiple injuries at same time?
  188. Do I have a sporadic fatal insomnia or a normal one?
  189. Tiredness in the gym?
  190. Help me understand ANA, Cardiolipin and Angioten results
  191. Throat and prickly feelings ????
  192. Everyone in my apartment is sleepy
  193. Effects of repeated use of Chesteze?
  194. constant chest pain front and back
  195. Inverted lump/cyst on upper inner thigh /.
  196. Shortness of breath, and chest pain!
  197. Flu Shot Side Effects
  198. Tachycardia and neurological problems?
  199. Heavy Burps
  200. Nasal Sores and Tickly Throat.
  201. lump where leg connects
  202. Blue Veins all over body and other symptoms
  203. Feeling good after taking Motrin IB
  204. Leg still sore after cramp.
  205. Feel strange after eating
  206. nausea and vomiting for 3 weeks
  207. Tore/Damaged thumb ligament, and now the other too
  208. Drug resistant thrush!
  209. heavily coated tongue
  210. broken wrist/misery
  211. Accidentally ate fried plastic. What will be the outcome?
  212. Strange Back Pain
  213. Rapid weight gain (10 lbs in 2 days)
  214. Do I Have Mono or Do I Have Strep???!!!
  215. 20 Years old and Blood in stool
  216. high po2 levels
  217. Spirometry Results - Anyone Know How to Read Them??
  218. bilateral finger numbness,same 3 fingers each hand
  219. Sore Throat/Fever
  220. Attention Wart Haters!
  221. Sharp stabbing pain inside nose
  222. Chest pain, lightheadness, weakness, vomiting, and low energy
  223. Pleurisy to for two months? Ideas? Suggestions? Help?
  224. Pre syncope??? Please someone read!
  225. woke up with a cold--should i hold off on starting prednisone treatment?
  226. Never ending cold
  227. sore enlarged knuckle
  228. Neck and Shoulder Pain, no idea what's wrong :( Please help!
  229. polyclonal proteins
  230. How do you know when you hit your head..too hard?
  231. Constant dull headache for 10 days...
  232. Blurred peripheral vision, numbness in hands and headaches.
  233. swollen lymph nodes, CT results, mold exposure? confused
  234. Lightheaded near passing out
  235. Neck & shoulders sore, headaches, chills
  236. one red spot on tongue...any ideas?
  237. Bad odor!
  238. Armpit Irritation
  239. EXTREME dry lips (not chapped- please help)
  240. cord under armpit
  241. High MPV
  242. Unexplained Body Odor I can't smell
  243. Warm sensation in chest
  244. Hip pain and lump in 21 y/o Please Read
  245. Why have I lost my appetite for meat?
  246. painful lump
  247. Tingling throat
  248. Can you be obese and have low blood pressure?
  249. Throat Chock
  250. Muscle tightness throughout entire body