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  1. Ivf two week wait
  2. Female Infertility Day 4 Blood Results
  3. Female Infertility Is my anovulation potential infertility?
  4. Male Infertility Sperm freezing
  5. Female Infertility Degraded DNA
  6. help please
  7. Female Infertility What are the standard tests to test fertility?
  8. Female Infertility What to expect when going to a fertility clinic
  9. IVF - Blastcysts- Day 5 - 3 Transferred
  10. Female Infertility Premature Ovarian Failure (23 yo)
  11. IVF - 2WW - tested BFN.
  12. Male Fertility or Infertility
  13. Turners Syndrome and infertility
  14. Iui tww
  15. Help problem with periods
  16. Infertility Rollercoaster
  17. Clomid
  18. Undescended testicle, surgery at 6, now 17 and still undescended
  19. Female Infertility No period/infertility problems
  20. Laproscopy for infertility
  21. Should I cancel this IVF cycle?
  22. Can Methotrexate Make Women Infertile?
  23. 4 Unsuccessful Artificial Insemination Cycles
  24. Male Infertility low fsh/lh zero sperm
  25. Can numerous bladder infections cause infertility?
  26. Pcos
  27. want to have baby but poor semen alysis report
  28. Male Infertility Change in Semen Anaysis Results after drastic change in life style
  29. Male Infertility First IUI. Severe cramping day 5
  30. Anyone in CA with MTHFR? Looking for doc.
  31. Miscarriage at 17 weeks...
  32. Female Infertility Alberta(Red Deer Area) IUI Info Please!
  33. Scared I won't be able to have a baby.
  34. Male Infertility Please check my Semen Analysis Report
  35. Female Infertility HSG test not painful!
  36. Having doubts after 2 missed miscarriages
  37. HELP!!! Here are my lab results... can anyone help decipher them?!?!
  38. Female Infertility What if Clomid Doesn't Work?
  39. IVF cancelled, onto IUI
  40. Male Infertility Dry Orgasm/trying to concieve
  41. Failed IVF - When to give up?
  42. Male Infertility Erectile Dysfunction
  43. 5dp4dt and no symptoms whatsoever
  44. BFN 9dp5dt
  45. Female Infertility Does high testosterone mean infertility?
  46. 1st IVF Treatment started
  47. Female Infertility 27 diagnosed with premature ovarian failure
  48. Questions on IUI
  49. Pregnant but now have diarreha for the last three days
  50. 2ww-POAS and BFN. Any chances for BFP beta?
  51. progesterone suppositories
  52. Is this normal?
  53. Cramps... could it be progesterone?
  54. natural pregnancy after multiple failed IVF
  55. Trying Benadryl...
  56. Bleeding after hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
  57. 2ww after 4th day Fresh Embryo Transfer
  58. Preg Test Day 12 FET
  59. 10 days after embryos transfer
  60. Thin Lining after Clomid and FSH
  61. Female Infertility cramping after hcg trigger
  62. Female Infertility Brown discharge?
  63. strip the dna in a donor sperm and replace it with that of my boyfriend's
  64. Help w/semen analysis results
  65. Female Infertility Can someone help me interpret my FSH, LH, and Estradiol Blood Test Results?
  66. 13 Day Embryo Transfer ...No implatation bleeding is it normal
  67. IVF - Stopped because over stimmed
  68. Male Infertility 12.6million/ml sperm count
  69. Male Infertility semen analysis plz help
  70. First time IUI success ?
  71. Male Infertility Azoospermia, low FSH/LH, low T - HELP
  72. negative home test 13 days after transfer
  73. Female Infertility Progesterone Level 149 6 dpiui
  74. 7 days past IUI .... anyone else out there?
  75. IVF 11dp3dt
  76. Bulimia during pregnancy
  77. Progesterone to ovulate?
  78. Male Infertility analise of my semen test
  79. Femara, Follistim, Ovidrel, OHSS
  80. Can tubes grow back
  81. HCG level 16 to 40 in 48 hours
  82. Does wearing body lotions and perfumes on ER & ET days causes failed IVF ???
  83. Egg donor
  84. Female Infertility Painful intercourse following IUI
  85. Cramping 5 days post 5 day ET
  86. Male Infertility Borderline morphology and motility
  87. First IUI - 7 Days Post IUI
  88. Female Infertility Has anyone felt bad leg cramps afer hcg shot?
  89. 2 miscarriages after tubal reversal surgery. any hope?
  90. 3rd IUI with Clomid, Trigger shot - Doing Double
  91. Orchitis/Epidymitis
  92. Spotting doesn't stop after IUI
  93. IVF Rejection Appeal Letter
  94. Getting ready to start my first IVF - scared
  95. 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
  96. First IUI Today!
  97. Male infertility Methadone and clomid
  98. Anyone have IVF cycle cancelled due to high estradiol?
  99. with adenomyosis TTC
  100. IVF - HIV and hepatitis testing
  101. can i get pregnant with a 5mm lining ???
  102. Anyone heard of Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson?
  103. Spotting before period
  104. High FSH at age 34?
  105. 3 rounds of clomid and 1 iui...
  106. Negative hpt 7days after 6dt is there still hope??
  107. where can i get cheap HUMIRA injection?
  108. 2 week wait UGG!
  109. how many menopur injections should I take
  110. Rash/Hives while on day 9 of follistim, menopur, and lupron?
  111. retrograde ejaculation following rectal surgery
  112. Do leftover follicles reduce pregnancy?
  113. Day 5 of Stims and E2 level
  114. period after IVF
  115. how do you know if you have conceived
  116. over 40's how many ivf's have you done?
  117. anyone over 40 feeling hopeless after ivf?
  118. when do you get a period after iui
  119. How Long Do the Side Effects of Accutane Last?
  120. symptoms after IVF
  121. 2nd iui and feeling dizzy
  122. fibrovan and cramps
  123. What is it like to donate a semen sample?
  124. Fsh level of 24 is there any hope
  125. IUI over 40
  126. TTC IUI after 40, waiting for period to come...?
  127. when does AF start after Ovidrel? Please Help
  128. how fast can clomid work for me
  129. Ovary Stuck to Uterus..make egg retrieval more difficult
  130. Has anyone gotten BFP and live birth after IUI & Menopur Injections?
  131. Is Plusating pain after HSG normal?
  132. Painful Orgasm Post IUI..mild cramps...anyone with similar experiences!
  133. Has anyone had a neg OPK but still ovulated?
  134. FSH levels low, 1st IUI trial, & scared
  135. spotting after taking clomid
  136. starting Lupron Downregulation tomorrow
  137. Is day 12 too late for implantation spotting?
  138. Questions About Ovulating After Clomid
  139. Just did IUI after follistim-success stories anyone?
  140. question about positive pregnancy test
  141. LH & FSH blood test
  142. three day embryo transfer how soon can i take a pregnancy test
  143. Warning about Femara
  144. IUI or IVF with traveling DH
  145. Severe oligospermia
  146. vitex dosage for fertility
  147. Pain during IUI...
  148. when menopur start in short protocol
  149. iui n cyst
  150. Can birth control help w/ infertility?
  151. Anyone else over 40 and trying to get pregnant
  152. Frozen Embryo Transfer
  153. IVF with HGH (Saizen)...has anyone tried?
  154. If pregnant is it safe drink soy mik or ?
  155. January IVF Cycle Sisters
  156. after iui
  157. Effects of Methadone and Androgel on Male Fertility
  158. Beta HCG levels
  159. What happens if Provera doesn't even work...
  160. bleeding after egg retrival
  161. No Egg Production.
  162. Positive pregnancy test after iui
  163. Male Infertility - Young
  164. Male infertility: high estrogen low testosterone
  165. Change in Uterus Position?
  166. IUI - positive pregnancy test, now negative
  167. Period or Implantation Bleeding? Please Help me!
  168. Varicocele surgery?
  169. Chemical Pregnancy???
  170. Iui's/ivf's & miscarriages
  171. Bulimia and pregnancy
  172. Any husbands see a urologist?
  173. Anyone decided not to try ivf and accept infertility
  174. Anyone feel like AF was coming but had a BFP with IVF?
  175. Mid 40's & trying to get pregnant.
  176. i dont have enough eggs for ivf
  177. brown discharge during ivf pregnancy
  178. 33 and not pregnant yet
  179. Why do people wait so long to change from IUI to IVF?
  180. Anyone had a hysteroscopy during a FET cycle?
  181. how long do it take before chlamydia messes up your body
  182. Anyone had BFP without any early pregnancy signs
  183. High E2 levels at baseline
  184. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea & IUI
  185. Average # of days stimming on IVF cycle ?
  186. Day 3 transfer w ICSI
  187. How do I know if I'm infertile?
  188. Is it too early for a beta test?
  189. Timing of trigger shot & IUI
  190. First Time IUI Insights Please?
  191. Semen Analysis
  192. Advice for post embryo transferred
  193. Fresh IVF cycle
  194. Cysts after IUI?
  195. trigger shot timing
  196. Anyone trying for #2 after successful IVF?
  197. fsh 16.4, bad news ... again
  198. 11 days post iui should i do a hpt?
  199. 4.7 progesterone 7 DPO/IUI
  200. Advice on HSG Test
  201. estrogen dropped while taking Menopur
  202. Beta Results!
  203. My FSH has been lowered from 12.8 to 7.2 in 3 months! Ready for next IFV!
  204. Gonadotropin Inj w/IUI
  205. HSG under Sedation in NJ
  206. Does anyone know if testosterone supplements cause zero sperm counts?
  207. progesterone and emotions
  208. Off & on spotting & cramping after FET
  209. my husband's SA analysis
  210. did not take ovidrel trigger shot - when should period arrive after taking stim meds
  211. Successful IUI with low count?
  212. IVF Treatment - Missed Endometrin
  213. When to test after IUI?
  214. Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
  215. 22mm follie on cd 13 when will it release the egg
  216. Does Lupron affect the egg quality??
  217. Ovidrel "trigger" shot- different doses?
  218. How soon can you get a positive home pregnancy result after frozen embryo transfer
  219. IVF medications and weight gain???
  220. if you are infertile do you still ovulate
  221. Emotional and mental support....please help me help my wife
  222. how to know if your infertile
  223. Rife for infertility/natural treatments
  224. Preparing for 1st cycle of Clomind & IUI
  225. how do they dialate the cervix?
  226. Blockage in uterus
  227. Ovarian Cyst after letrozole/clomid/femara????
  228. Ovidrel...anyone have success with it?
  229. how long after a 250UG Ovidrel injection can you do a pregnancy test
  230. how long does it take to ovulate after an ovidrel shot
  231. Cancelled IVF after 2nd Ultrasound
  232. Confused after IUI#1
  233. Does HSG mess up your cycle?
  234. clomiphene citrate bp 50mg
  235. Can taking Endometrin for the last 10 days give you pregnancy symptoms?
  236. bloated stomach after IVF
  237. missed Crinone after transfer
  238. pls respond - day 21 spotting ***
  239. what is progesterone test for
  240. When should one expect to have periods show up after iui?
  241. IUI done with a sperm count of 4 million..........
  242. how long do you ovulate after ovidrel shot
  243. 2nd Failed IVF.....SO FRUSTRATED
  244. how long does a hcg shot last in your body
  245. how soon after having a baby can I do a frozen embryo transfer
  246. Can being somewhat overweight effect the success of an IUI?
  247. Endometrin suppositories pregnancy
  248. how many days after iui can you expect your periods
  249. how likely is it that i having implantation bleeding? I have slightly more flow than
  250. Thoughts on IVF embryo transfer