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  35. Cat's Claw
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  40. ibs or ovarian cancer????
  41. newbie with metamucil question... am I taking too much?
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  43. Fodmap
  44. IBS ! And lower abdominal cramps for months?? is it normal ?
  45. ibs? bacteria? colon cancer? or what ...plz help!!
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  56. vanilla chi
  57. Gas / bloating for 4 months, now loose stools today. Please give me some ideas
  58. Does anyone have interstital cysitis as well as IBS?
  59. Anyone hate to use a public restroom to have a BM?
  60. I smell bad all the time. Help!!?
  61. Has IBS ever RUINED your life like it has mine? please read =(
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  65. Deptram
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  79. smelly, offensive feet
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  83. sever abdoman pain
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  85. Empty stomach bad, full stomach better
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  94. stomach sinking in
  95. Mucus wrapped around stools
  96. Mucus Question
  97. Cure for Loose Stools
  98. Doc said it's IBS, but i really doubt that it is, please help its ruining my life!!!!
  99. Backbone blood clotting
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  108. Madsam
  109. Faecal Impaction
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  111. Link between Colon cancer and IBS. ?
  112. Mucus and Flagyl
  113. Taking Florastor with Flagyl for C. Difficile -best time to take the Florastor?
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  115. help with IBS after the stomach flu
  116. Hope this helps people with IBS
  117. Apples Causing a Problem?
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  120. Sibo
  121. Ginger tea is helping me...
  122. Hemorrhoid Staple Procedure- Can you tear the staples out?
  123. ibs / colon cancer
  124. Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
  125. Bentylol vs. Buscopan for agonizing colon spasms.
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  130. not sure if this is IBS-dull "gnawing" like in lower right quadrant
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  132. colonoscopy diet
  133. Help! Double whammy!
  134. Is coconut milk considered a fruit?
  135. anema with occult blood in stool
  136. multiple(some hard) stools per day
  137. Cold and weak
  138. when coughing, area of IBS pain gets unbearable
  139. Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Snow?
  140. IBS Pain
  141. Colonoscopy indications for referal
  142. Helpful Supplements for IBS
  143. Possible to get tailbone pain from Constipation?
  144. This cannot possibly be JUST ibs... can it?
  145. prilosec for treatment of ibs
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  147. Testicular Pain, Gas, Abdominal pain
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  150. Tenesmus & Incomplete evacuation - Question
  151. IBS, Colon Cancer, IBD What could it be? any ideas?
  152. Is this normal with spasms?
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  154. Ice Cream.....arrrgh!
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  156. VSL3 - capsules or sachet?
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  159. hard stool followed by soft, large amount?
  160. will you have higher WBC with IBS ?
  161. Anyone use Devrom?
  162. IBS, diverticulitis, IBD, or worse?
  163. Flour/grain fibers seem to be a culprit for my IBS-d
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  166. I just don't get the urge...
  167. Is muscle cramp a symptom?
  168. No stool for 7 days
  169. Ibs + mexican food = bad!!
  170. pain in upper stomach and under left rib cage
  171. Severe IBS and my symptoms
  172. My story...can anyone relate and ease my mind?
  173. Constipation, Mucus, and Smelly Gas
  174. Severe anal and vaginal burning
  175. Metamucil with Culturelle
  176. shedding intestinal lining?
  177. When laying down, putting pressure on stomach...
  178. Cholestyramine/Questran and stomach cramps
  179. Ibs or pregnant?
  180. Bloody stool, blood clots, and abdominal pain with bloating
  181. IBS-D any help ?
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  184. brown mucus
  185. I feel like my IBS is gone and here is what I did!
  186. when will i start feeling better after flagyl
  187. Florajen for IBS?
  188. Imodium as Preventive , Ginger Capsules
  189. Anyone else have issues with tomato sauce?
  190. Females: Do IBS cramps feel like period cramps sometimes?
  191. Can IBS cause upper stomach pain
  192. Stomach Irritation
  193. Discomfort under left ribs and sore hips
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  196. New here-IBS question
  197. Painful bulge upper right abdomen?
  198. IBS-D : Ruining my life..
  199. cotrimoxazole dose for b. hominis
  200. after defecation burning in the rectum what does it mean
  201. Lomotil...on back order still!!
  202. Switching Probiotics
  203. YoPlus and diarrhea
  204. How long does it take for cholestyramine to work for IBS with diarrehea?
  205. painful burping, help please
  206. Does this sound like IBS?
  207. does any have these symptoms
  208. very, very worried mother, please read
  209. Is there a such thing as too many prunes every day?
  210. Horrible Experience with EDC and Colonoscopy
  211. Anxiety Causing IBS or Ulcer?
  212. ibs vs colonoscopy
  213. Is an incomplete BM same as constipation?
  214. Sibo
  215. Fiber supplement for IBS
  216. Not sure it is IBS
  217. Anyone ever try UniFiber?
  218. does glycerin suppository aggravate IBS
  219. Ensure
  220. Can IBS and tailbone discomfort go together?
  221. does anyone use Golytely to treat
  222. Carrots causing diarrhea??
  223. Rifaximin for IBS
  224. ibsacol?
  225. Prebiotic or Probiotic....Need help with gas :(
  226. incomplete BMs
  227. How to wean off Librax without withdrawal
  228. digestive system shutting down
  229. Does even the smell of food bother anyone else?
  230. IBS and Alli question
  231. Few tips on IBS, plus a question on mass gainer meal replacements
  232. Barium Enema
  233. Lomitil, help or harm
  234. IBS-constipation
  235. Diverticulitis
  236. Tightness around upper stomach
  237. I just want someone who knows something to help
  238. DX IBS, Lumps under skin/on ribs, pain THINK DOCS are quacks! Help appreciated!!!
  239. PLEASE ANSWER can IBS make stool look like what you ate
  240. Pain killers and IBS?
  241. Blood clots in the stool
  242. Probiotics: how many "billions" of microorganisms do i need?
  243. Extreme weight loss
  244. Does nicotine cause IBS?
  245. Finding relief and getting a life again
  246. asymmetrical abdomen problem
  247. Does this sound like ibs?
  248. Alternative Treatments?
  249. bloating/constipation AFTER period? anyone had this experience with ibs?
  250. IBS - Scared to eat