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  1. Extreme weight loss
  2. Does nicotine cause IBS?
  3. Finding relief and getting a life again
  4. asymmetrical abdomen problem
  5. Does this sound like ibs?
  6. Alternative Treatments?
  7. bloating/constipation AFTER period? anyone had this experience with ibs?
  8. IBS - Scared to eat
  9. what is the right shape of stool
  10. Could I have IBS?...
  11. New Symptom...Trapped Gas
  12. mucus
  13. Anal burning pain
  14. Frequent urination?
  15. discomfort under ribs and constipation
  16. Anybody used a product called 'Oxypowder' for IBS?
  17. Pepto Bismol and flatulence
  18. how often can someone take a 10 day course of Xifaxan
  19. Afraid to go after impacted stool caused fissure
  20. Splenic Flexure Syndrome
  21. Save me
  22. Dicetel
  23. I'm currently having CBT, I soiled myself today :-(
  24. fast heart rate
  25. FYBOGEL - seems to be working
  26. can't take this anymore
  27. Pain in left side and breathing problems
  28. update with metamucil and avoidance of milk
  29. Soft Stool Constipation / pain right side of anus / Smelly Anus
  30. Does Anyone Take Bentyl?
  31. Dr said it was IBS, but I have to wonder
  32. Digestive system shut down?
  33. VSL3 - Is it really worth taking?
  34. metamucil
  35. Having a Social Life with IBS..
  36. safty concern with LIBRAX
  37. Fiber supplements
  38. Reducing IBS Pain!
  39. Symptoms of IBS?
  40. Pain from spasm of colon?
  41. IBS linked with ovulation?
  42. ibs and frequent urination
  43. one year almost no IBS symptoms
  44. how long to take flagyl
  45. IBS and acid reflux/heartburn
  46. white ribbon in stool
  47. IBS or is it. bloated gas cramping SIGH
  48. Abdominal Pain; Diagnosed with Probable IBS; Questions About Imipramine
  49. Spasmonol
  50. Miralax question
  51. Has anybody tried active manuka honey for IBS?
  52. Vsl 3
  53. Nausea caused by having to go to the bathroom?
  54. antibiotics and water retention
  55. Burning Hot Gas...
  56. Menstrual cycle and IBS
  57. Is sweating normal with IBS??
  58. What if my intestines have loud bubble like noises?
  59. Testicular Pain with IBS
  60. Florastor probiotics...
  61. Belladonna/Phenobarbitol for IBS...anyone else?
  62. consnent unbearable burning sansation and pain in rectum
  63. could there be a health issue when you have extremely foul gas
  64. Severe IBS Attack - Scared!!
  65. pain in abdomen after bowel movement
  66. How Long Is C Diff Contagious
  67. Would Nexium/Pravcid/Prilosec help with bloating?
  68. what is the noise going through my stomach and intestines
  69. IBS and Massage
  70. Years of IBS symptoms cured!!
  71. what foods can I actually eat with IBS?
  72. align
  73. Need Advice - IN CONSTANT PAIN
  74. brown bread
  75. Bad diarrhea while taking Antibiotic
  76. Thin stools & pain in l. Side
  77. Lower abdominal pain..CT & Ultrasound negative
  78. dr hubba
  79. Pencil Thin, Constipated, Hemhorroids...
  80. IBS troubles and "gurgling" stomach
  81. Sulfer/Sewer smelling gas...PLS HELP!!
  82. imodium
  83. sharp stomach pain and upper chest pain
  84. Severe Abdominal Distension- Please Help
  85. Arthritis and IBS link
  86. IBS and sciatica...can they be related?
  87. abdominal pain after bowel movements and excessive gas
  88. Please tell me if i have ibs!!!!
  89. can this really be IBS? PLEASE HELP!!
  90. Pain that is difficult to define in IBS
  91. Why Does My Stomach Hurt Everyday
  92. Lexapro as a trigger for IBS
  93. having problems with Metamucil and fish oil...
  94. Best Antispasmodic Medicine To Use?
  95. Late Night Nausea
  96. what effect does smoking have on ibs
  97. Self-Diagnosing IBS??
  98. Barium enema after effects?
  99. my son just started on VSL #3
  100. Pencil size and smaller size stool
  101. dicetel
  102. narrow spastic sigmoid colon
  103. Pain for nearly two months! No clear answers! :( Is this IBS?
  104. I hope to find some answers with this please!
  105. Magnesium and diarrhea--Mag=the cause?
  106. IBS Mucus
  107. Mixing meds
  108. Nausea AFTER bowel movement
  109. depression pills make you gain weight ?
  110. IBS or not IBS
  111. Does anyone get severe back aches with IBS?
  112. IBS?? Please help!!
  113. question for those with IBS
  114. Help- scared today with weird flare-up with fever? HBP?
  115. stabbing pain??
  116. IBS or something else?
  117. Question about IBS and miralax
  118. Would Colectomy help for IBS-C (and pain)
  119. Miralax for IBS-C?
  120. Ibs and Lactulose...
  121. Lactulose for IBS??
  122. Your IBS Horror - What is the Worst Place You Got IBS?
  123. Severe pain before a bowel movement
  124. Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Acne
  125. IBS-C Treatment with SSRI drug
  126. abdominal swelling around belly button area after c section
  127. Could IBS be caused by Magnesium Deficiency?
  128. Flaxseed Oil/Fish Oil and IBS- it works
  129. feels like a baby is kicking in abdomen but not pregnant with severe constipation
  130. My stomach is always bothering me
  131. IBS Related?
  132. Can you get IBS at any age?
  133. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  134. Told my pain is IBS???
  135. Fed Up With IBS - Suggestions?
  136. What symptoms is ACTIVIA supposed to help?
  137. 4am -6am abdomnial pain
  138. Does this sound like IBS or colon cancer ??
  139. pain in left side under rib when driving long distances
  140. Dos says it is "probably" IBS - Worried and waiting.
  141. stomach clenches anxiety causing ibs
  142. Something that is helping me considerably! :)
  143. do digestive enzymes help with diarrhea?
  144. Not sure what I have....help?
  145. rumbling tummy & diarrhoea
  146. Timing of probiotics question
  147. Anyone tried the Sherry Brescia program?
  148. Sudafed and Claritin may help?
  149. Any antidepressants for IBS D
  150. 95% Improvement with VSL3
  151. Weird Symptoms...Been lead to IBS board..Please Help!
  152. Blood mucus IBS and anxiety
  153. IBS for years, now total colectomy!
  154. can anyone help me with suggestions for my colonoscopy this week
  155. Does probiotics make your constipation worse??
  156. Severe bloating please help
  157. Nervous Bowels and Imodium
  158. IBS and new Aspirin
  159. abdominal tenderness ???
  160. Does IBS lead to tiredness?
  161. Abdominal Pain...almost like period cramps
  162. No stool for a week
  163. could it be grains?
  164. just cannot bulk stools
  165. is this still IBS-how can you tell??
  166. frequent and bad odor bowel movements
  167. constipation and pain!...also can anyone see their spasms?
  168. imodium
  169. Unbelievabley Stinky Gas and lots of it!!!! - Please help!! - Thank you for help!
  170. Heal LIVER to rid IBS!!
  171. Intestinal spasms?
  172. why does lettuce upset my ibs
  173. Does IBS really exist?
  174. IBS & Flat stool?
  175. Does anyone have this reaction to Starbucks Frappicino's?
  176. major gas problem?
  177. Positive steps that I have found really helpful- please share yours
  178. Does IBS cause Kyphosis (Hunchback)?
  179. Help, barium test fear...
  180. problem with lidocaine cream
  181. Does anyone else have right sided abdominal pain?
  182. Question about Amitiza/side effects
  183. Problems with constipation, using coffee to go, is it safe?
  184. Am I the only one with pain AFTER a bowel movement?
  185. Extreme body pain with Amitiza???
  186. IBS, muscle strain or diverticulitis???
  187. Sudden Onset- What do these symptoms sound like to you?
  188. Inital diagnosis IBS now undiagnosed upper left quadrant pain
  189. Side Pain
  190. what causes thin stools
  191. Mild IBS symptoms
  192. Mucous discharge when passing gas?
  193. Why does the rectom burn when having a bowel movement
  194. IBS and anxiety?
  195. does salads make ibs worse.ive got terrible pain under left ribs after a salad
  196. Sharp pain when bending over with ibs
  197. pain all over stomach
  198. Rifaximin
  199. very bad wind and pain on the leftside
  200. Stomach Ache And Lots Of Gas
  201. IBS?or Colon cancer?
  202. IBS & chemical sensitivity
  203. bicarbonate of soda
  204. My IBS Cured
  205. Advice on Sitz Marker test experience
  206. Elavil/Amitriptyline and nausea
  207. Gnawing in stomach, is it IBS?
  208. left dull ache in lower abdomen
  209. is beef broth ok to drink during prep
  210. Diarrhea anytime I eat anything.
  211. when is rectal prolapse severe?
  212. is ibs and sad related
  213. does aloe vera stop stomach growling
  214. Major Bloating
  215. bowel change after mexico trip
  216. what in the world is up with my body???
  217. Anyone with NO "D" or "C"?
  218. Pinching and burning sensations
  219. In the depths of despair...please help
  220. Miralax
  221. Weird Symptoms... Anyone Know?
  222. What Foods Can I Eat With Ibs
  223. Naltrexone for IBS-D??
  224. Anyone Out There With Ibs D Living In Paris
  225. use laxatives permanently ?? is it harmful ??
  226. Someone pleasee help...i don't know what to do anymore..
  227. Annoying Stomach noises
  228. Cramping after eating certain foods?
  229. Elavil (Amitryptline) or Ultram (Tramadol)
  230. does IBS cause ribbon shaped stool
  231. Florastor
  232. Size and shape of BM's
  233. Getting Married..
  234. Why have a barium enema?
  235. Tired of major bloating....
  236. Question about Miralax...
  237. I never feel good
  238. So i don't want to sound gross..but i could use some advice...
  239. Unexplained diarrhea.....found cause?
  240. Hyoscyamine Sulfate
  241. What does blood in stool look like
  242. Amitriptyline for IBS
  243. Antibiotics help IBS?
  244. Afraid To Get In Car - Imodium Gives Me Diarrhea
  245. Help with IBS
  246. Possible solution for embarassing stomach rumbling in meetings/classes/lectures!
  247. Pain up under left ribs after orgasm
  248. IBS pain and shock.
  249. Can IBS cause Tenderness?
  250. when I press on the lower left side of my abdomen I get sharp pain