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  1. how long does 1 cup rice take to digesT?
  2. what does blood look like in stool
  3. Pico Salax
  4. Gatorade and Miralax colon prep
  5. hida scan with contrast??anyone
  6. pain around belly button
  7. Diphenhydramine & IBS
  8. Upper Stomach Cramps after Bowel Movement
  9. pressure on right side of abdomen
  10. how long does it take for laxatives to get out of your system?
  11. Can Nexium or Bentyl give u black stools?
  12. metamucil
  13. noisy abdomen
  14. pain on left side and low abdominal spasm pain
  15. why are my bowels as thin as a pencil
  16. anyone else have a constant feeling of heavyness / discomfort in rectum?
  17. questions about activia yogurt..
  18. intense abdominal pain, need advice
  19. Sorbitol Problems?
  20. adhesions or ibs
  21. Dizziness before BM
  22. Ibs And Shortness Of Breath
  23. Completely depressed, with symptoms
  24. why I cannot wipe clean after bowel movement
  25. Bloating
  26. xifaxan
  27. Digestive Advantage
  28. Problems when eating leftovers
  29. 85 Year Old Mother troubled by DIARRHEA
  30. Is this IBS? feeling hopeless!
  31. Is excess bowel sounds a symtom of IBS?
  32. suitable cure for constipation .. Mint !
  33. Metamucil and thin stools
  34. prune juice, apple sauce & all bran cereal for constipation
  35. newly diagnosed with IBS
  36. Small Intestinal Overgrowth Syndrome plus IBS with Constipation
  37. hemorrhoid or something else?? :(
  38. Hardening of bowel wall?
  39. LOwer back pain and stomach pain, could this be ibs
  40. been off work for over a year with ibs please help!!!
  41. irritable bowel syndrome causing rough anxiety!!help please
  42. Very Tired-does anyone else feel this way with IBS? Need reassurance
  43. Do any of you have really frequent nausea with IBS?
  44. Yellowish coated tongue, is this a symptom of IBS?
  45. Life of an IBD sufferer?
  46. Help for Chronic Constipation - Amitiza
  47. Gas what is left to eat-??????
  48. Laxatives aren't working
  49. Rapid Gastric Emptying?
  50. Dose of Culturelle or Enzymatic pearls for IBS???
  51. Familial Mediterranean Fever (recurrent polyserositis)
  52. IBS? or something eles?
  53. Coconut cure?
  54. feeling of unfinished defecation
  55. nettle tea
  56. Severe pain above pubic region
  57. Frequent Bowel Movement and Frequent farting
  58. Abnormal Stool Shapes
  59. Cold Sweats, Dizziness, Crazy Diarrhea, Cramps...
  60. Pooping Rocks
  61. Does immodium stop working if it is used to much?
  62. how do you hold down a job with ibs?
  63. Scared to death I'll ---- in my pants in public
  64. 5 weeks and no natural output - What's up?
  65. Feel like I've been kicked
  66. bile salt diarrhea
  67. Perimenopause and IBs
  68. Constant Rectal Pain
  69. question about immodium..
  70. trapped gas in chest (help!)...fast pulse questions
  71. IBS - Constipation - Mineral Oil
  72. Lower ribs hurt? Anything to do with IBS?
  73. IBS/Blood in stool
  74. Abdominal distension/bloating
  75. Fleet prep and blood pressure meds...
  76. Colonoscopy Prep Preview (Visicol)
  77. Lower Abdominal pains
  78. about amitiza caps
  79. What to do about 10-day constipation
  80. Does spearmint or peppermint work better for gas/cramps?
  81. 5-HTP cures IBS !
  82. I just want to die
  83. Does anyone bowels react this way?
  84. Nightime pain and pressure from gas
  85. Sharp stabbing pains?
  86. Proctalgia Fugax
  87. Where is your pain located?
  88. IBS and drinking alcoholic beverages?
  89. Metamucil in the UK
  90. Sharp pain just above pubic region?
  91. question for those with low IBS abdominal pain
  92. Anyone have probiotic side effects?
  93. Peppermint Capsules for IBS?
  94. need help only 15 thinking i might have ibs? please help
  95. Digestrin, for IBS does it work?
  96. Connection Between IBS and Allergies?
  97. Digestive enzymes?
  98. Can I get IBS now at age 56?
  99. stomach pain to the point I almost passed out.
  100. Whey protein & IBS w/ constipation
  101. Sinking feeling that precedes diarrhea
  102. Question about Xifaxan
  103. anyone suffering from dry burning mouth
  104. Can you get a charley horse...down there?
  105. Does anyone get cramps after sex due to IBS?
  106. Protonix anyone?
  107. back pain and IBS
  108. Bad breath and IBS
  109. What Do You Mean By "Pain"?
  110. hepatic flexure
  111. Is this ibs? Morning trouble!
  112. Malabsorption or IBS cause mental health problems?
  113. Does any one have this problem with IBS?
  114. WARNING-Probiotics
  115. Post diarrhea next day pain spasms...
  116. Rumbling and sharp pain under left ribs
  117. Symptoms-Too Much Fiber At Once?
  118. Has anyone tried Sunrider?
  119. anyone get dizzy or light headed?
  120. rapid heartbeat and chest pain with IBS?
  121. Something is finally helping with my diarrhea!
  122. anyone pregnant with IBS?
  123. My symptoms
  124. Not eating give me bloating and pressure
  125. Question for Harry about fiber
  126. The IBS/PMS Connection
  127. Constant bloating for 8 months
  128. Upper abdominal pressure with IBS?
  129. Probiotics - are there side effects?
  130. for those using fibre to help with diarrhea
  131. IBS and bad taste in mouth?!
  132. What symptoms do you feel with flare ups?
  133. Joint pain with IBS?? Anyone have this?
  134. CT scan, pain in lower right side
  135. Diagnosed with IBS..Gas and Pain.
  136. Anal Fissure and Irritable Bowel
  137. vomiting while voiding, bleeding - anyone have this?
  138. mucous in stool?
  139. IBS Medication
  140. hip pain with ibs??
  141. Activia for IBS
  142. Clostridium difficile - can it give false negatives?
  143. Red wine???
  144. Hot flashes caused by IBS??
  145. Recipes for IBS sufferers
  146. Horrible stomach pain out of the blue
  147. Medical Accomodation = Employee Nightmare
  148. Librax, is it a safe drug, addiction/withdrawal potential ?
  149. OMG, Help me now.........Please
  150. cant take much more
  151. IBS - Dully Achy Stomach?
  152. Pain, pressure, burning feeling and swelling in abdomen -- IBS? Any help please.
  153. Constupation and bloated stomach
  154. Anusitis and Diet! What do you eat?
  155. Anyone have flat stools?
  156. Dizziness and digestive problems??
  157. Discomfort under ribs...........
  158. shaking & etc
  159. Rectal pain?
  160. so bloated its hard to breathe
  161. Still Underweight
  162. Bananas
  163. IBS worse during menopause?
  164. Empty versus Full Stomach
  165. IBS caused by SSRI?
  166. Wellbutrin for Gastroparesis?
  167. Digestive Enzymes- question"!
  168. Symptoms act up while standing
  169. Bowel movements 3 or 4 times a day
  170. What does blood in the stool look like?
  171. Non-diarrhea IBS?
  172. Freaking Out - Does This Sound Serious?
  173. lower right pain and upper right and left pain under my ribs!!!
  174. can ibs cause bloody diarrhoea
  175. Very worried and dont know what to do anymore.
  176. Back Pain and IBS
  177. Upper abdominal pain along with left side abdominal pain
  178. Exrutiating pain from touching belly button gently
  179. Abnormal blood test results
  180. Dicyclomine????
  181. Right sided dull ache?
  182. Chronic Chron Constipation
  183. IBS and Menstrual problems!
  184. has anyone ever tried fennel tea or acacia fiber for their ibs symptoms?
  185. Just diagnosed with IBS
  186. Bloating on empty stomach - no gas
  187. Anyone with IBS have pain under right rib?
  188. Frequent Flatulence. Don't Laugh! LOL
  189. Anyone take Librax long time, and then Quit ???
  190. Does IBS ever go away???
  191. Morning diarrhea! and potato?!
  192. Anyone used Miralax?
  193. anyone tried Dr. Pimentel's Ibs treatment?
  194. IBS or Colorectal cancer?
  195. Lomotil
  196. oh my gosh will this ever end???
  197. Pubic bone pain
  198. Swollen stomach
  199. diarrhea & throwing up at same time?
  200. relentless left lower quadrant pain
  201. anyone have mucus with IBS?
  202. Metamucil
  203. What is this awful pain?
  204. IBS caused by Fruit
  205. Could I have IBS? Help Please
  206. Antidepressants and Constipation
  207. Digestive Enzymes and Diarrhea
  208. Bleeding
  209. Colestid question
  210. Hi Newbie here in need of help
  211. Worried about the bloating?
  212. Does ibs change pattern?
  213. Zelnorm, IBS-C, Long colon
  214. Supplement Helping my IBS
  215. Gastrazyme/Acupuncture?...anyone use this for IBSc?
  216. Upper-ibs
  217. nicotine helps
  218. Every morning lower abdomen discomfort
  219. Who takes medication for IBS? and what?
  220. Question for Harry concerning calcium
  221. Colofac
  222. Stomach gurgles..
  223. poo problems
  224. Bloating and IBS for 3 weeks.Please help.
  225. Can bread crusts or heavier bread make IBS worse?
  226. Bloated ALL the time
  227. Having REALLY hard time with IBS/diarrhea
  228. Abdminal sounds/liquid bowels?
  229. Has anyone tryed this for Gas and Bloating??
  230. IBS-C and sphincterotomy
  231. Chronic Morning Diarrhea
  232. Different types of IBS
  233. bloody mucus
  234. LDN & IBS
  235. does anxiety/nervousness lead to IBS?
  236. Whole body symptons and IBS?
  237. Random bloating?
  238. Help Managing symptoms
  239. Levbid...Side Effects
  240. Indigestion/heart burn/acid burn
  241. Blood test for IBS
  242. Stong stomach pain that lasts till I have a bowel movement
  243. is being sick a symptom?
  244. Metamucil
  245. ?????
  246. Advice needed...lomotil
  247. Is stomach pain after BM IBS?
  248. IBS flare ups with aches & chills?
  249. causes to IBS- a must read
  250. Meds: Grandaxin or tofisopam