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  1. fiber is working for diarrhea!
  2. Pain and burning in right side
  3. IBS? Look like I'm 6mo pregnant! HELP!!!
  4. Digestive Enzymes? Help or not?
  5. Is burping a symptom of IBS?
  6. 9 year old newly diagnosed with IBS
  7. How i beat IBS
  8. citrobacter fruendii ........help!
  9. anyone have any idea what is wrong, didnt know where to post
  10. IBS is RUINING my life!
  11. What is irritable bowel syndrome
  12. affects of long term use of Imodium
  13. Does Levison help anyone? Yes it does
  14. Help! Have to go to dentist and am panicking!
  15. mucus and diareaha
  16. Symptoms of IBS?
  17. IBS and stomach pain/cramping?
  18. Problems with Fish
  19. For all who are IBS with alternating constipation and diarrhea and anti-depressants
  20. I can't believe it could really be IBS
  21. Protein pump inhibitors (purple pill)
  22. IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad
  23. Constipation, now this
  24. Chinese Food
  25. BENTYL for IBS
  26. LLQ PAIN and lump to go with it.
  27. Right Upper Quadrant Pain is it IBS
  28. Difference between IBS C and D?
  29. Has anyone had loss of appetite with IBS?
  30. Has anyone had dark stools along with constipation?
  31. IBS and YEAST
  32. Immodium how many is too much ?
  33. IBS Commercials
  34. Question for dating with IBS?
  35. Citrucel for IBS-D
  36. Dicetel
  37. i think i may have ibs? could you help me?
  38. constant gas/pain only 4 weeks b4 wedding!
  39. Feeling like your gonna blow up???
  40. my butt is bleeding plz help me
  41. Are these normal IBS symptoms? What would you guys do?
  42. Start Librax.... I'll post my progress..
  43. Desperately need advice...
  44. Constant Pain In Lower Left Quadrant
  45. Stringy BM?
  46. What Helps you?
  47. medication for Ibs??
  48. Is this normal?????
  49. Does Levsin Help Anyone??
  50. Is ground flax seed a good source of fiber for IBS?
  51. Anybody here take Kristalose????
  52. IBS? or something else?
  53. Have anyone had Endoscophy done and Have nasua feeling ?? ** please help **scared
  54. every month
  55. Pain in left side- IBS or diverticulosis?
  56. anal discharge & stomach pain
  57. worse after bowel movement
  58. Colonics & IBS??
  59. Medication for IBS with constipation?
  60. Hyoscyamine
  61. IBS and Fosamax
  62. neone tried aloe vera for ibs...?
  63. My IBS caused by Lyme and tick coinfection...
  64. Bacteria May Cause IBS!!
  65. severe abdominal pain... need help
  66. i think it's IBS
  67. Where is all this gas and cramping coming from?
  68. IBS worse in spring and fall
  69. Study on Bacterial Overgrowth of Small Intestine and IBS
  70. IBS and Bacterial Overgrowth in the Small Instestine...
  71. IBS,anxiety,or both?
  72. ibs-d, taking donnatal but am becoming constipated. help!
  73. Shape of Bowel Movements
  74. Bloated 24/7
  75. drinking tons of water and still constipated..thyroid?
  76. Excessive Mucus...ONLY mucus?
  77. IBS-D People Please Read
  78. New to this PLEASE HELP ME!
  79. my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!
  80. buscopan for IBS?
  81. could this be ibs?
  82. Anxiety and IBS
  83. Dicetel
  84. Foods that help diarrhea?
  85. Anybody taken "floramax"?? Im scared & need advice.
  86. Stomach Acid Reducers Cause Acne?
  87. "Butt-load" of questions about colon cleansing, colonics, and herbal teas
  88. Does anyone else get mouth sores quite often?
  89. Upper Stomach Spasms with IBS
  90. New Research in colon cancer link
  91. Pregnant with IBS anyone?
  92. How can I stop taking laxatives..addicted?
  93. Fiber has really cured diarrhea
  94. IBS and Working & Driving
  95. What has worked/improved/cured your IBS?
  96. Pain Overdose! Girls w/IBS and [email protected] time
  97. Digestrin for IBS?
  98. Any vitamins that give energy?
  99. Tafronil - Anti Depressants - Linked to IBS? Is it Safe?
  100. stinky farts
  101. IBS D & Getting Weak & Still Young & also want to die
  102. Primal Defense & IBS
  103. Pain under left rib!
  104. pain in upper left abdomen
  105. Lotronex?
  106. anal problem
  107. rotten egg burps!!
  108. Question for fellow IBSers and anyone who can help
  109. Does anyone use Bentyl?
  110. Fatigued And Tired
  111. Developing new intolerances - Eggs
  112. Help
  113. Question on IBS
  114. Colestid and muscle aches
  115. Librax? I just tried it and it helped!
  116. colonoscopy next tuesday scaredddddd!!!!
  117. Anyone have IBS whose main symptom is Bloating/Gas?
  118. Question to whoever is taking Calcium!
  119. Has Anyone tried Digestrin?
  120. Is it IBS..or what? Lower left side pain.
  121. muscle relaxers
  122. eat for survival, not for pleasure neone?
  123. IBS With Constipation
  124. sudden excruciating pain
  125. How to Live with IBS D
  126. I just want the NOISES TO END!!!
  127. Intestinal flu or something has left me in excruciating pain!
  128. Chronic Diarrhea - only at night?
  129. foul smelling anus!!!
  130. heart palpitations and ibs
  131. after 2 years of IBS I found a fix
  132. IBS Question
  133. Quick Question to IBS'ers
  134. Anyone ever have bloody mucus?
  135. laxatives
  136. Colon, spotting, vaginal pain
  137. aloe vera juice ?
  138. Frustrated with constant LLQ pain
  139. need help...pressure in my back from gas...
  140. Will it ever get better????
  141. Scared
  142. Colistin
  143. Levbid/Levsin questions
  144. Fiber and starting off slowly
  145. body image issues
  146. Sick of IBS C
  147. End of My Rope
  148. Does Lomotil cause addiction even with atropine?
  149. Have you actually tried this?
  150. IBS and vomiting??
  151. Skin rash? Possible symptom?
  152. Is it safe to continuously use Enemas for several weeks as part of a detox program?
  153. Ibs? Been 5 Years And Still Nervous
  154. How many of You are Women who get no relief for their IBS from anything??
  155. Not sure
  156. supplements/herbs for IBS!! all u need :)
  157. New to IBS, need answers...please help
  158. Colestid,cholestyramine, lotronex for severe ibs-D
  159. CT scan results-has anyone else had this?
  160. Feel so much better on South Beach diet
  161. Question about fiber
  162. gas x vs. beano
  163. Welchol side effects? (Bile salt Diarrhea)
  164. IBS-D & Lipitor Connection
  165. Colon Contractions
  166. Nexium or Pariet...help anyone?
  167. Recent flare up - abcess on colon?
  168. Huge, Huge Amounts Of Gas In My Belly...
  169. Colitis questions???
  170. Bulge in lower abdomen?
  171. Spastic colon - Any effective drugs?
  172. Best toilet for flushing hard stools
  173. Can years of constipation stretch out colon?
  174. Do you have these SYMPTOMS?
  175. IBS and diverticulitis
  176. Do i have IBS or Lactose intolerance?
  177. confusion
  178. IBS and upper back pain?
  179. Is chest pain a symptom too?!
  180. feeling of a bubble in chest
  181. Any alcoholic beverages safe?
  182. Does IBS affect heart-rate and back pain?
  183. Fatigue
  184. Is this normal for IBS?
  185. Can you help me?
  186. Metamucil vs. Fibercon
  187. Question about IBS-C and colace
  188. Fibercon/Probiotics
  189. Opiates for Severe IBS
  190. Stomach and Vagina Pressure
  191. Xenical & IBS-D Question
  192. Can IBS Change?
  193. Prune Juice with Pulp for "C"
  194. Bubbly tummy/intestines....
  195. benefiber
  196. can someone help, please? i dont know what to do
  197. Question about Ginger Ale
  198. Early Morning Diarrhea
  199. Reglan....Does it help?
  200. Leg Pain And Fatigue???!!!
  201. Portable bidet for cleaning better
  202. IBS started after my son was born, is this the case for any one else?
  203. Spasm question
  204. excrutiating gut pain
  205. Weird pulse in tummy
  206. Canimakeit2 and others: Magnesium & Free Lax
  207. IBS or not?
  208. Better watch your fiber types!
  209. Another newbie here diagnosed with IBS (m)long intro
  210. Chest Pain and IBS
  211. Insecurity
  212. embarassing stomach/abdominal sounds
  213. Atkins & IBS-D
  214. overcome imodium addiction...HELP!!!!!!
  215. Has anyone heard of Juice Plus+
  216. peppermint oil capsules?
  217. acacia powder?
  218. IBS or Chrons????
  219. Magnesium
  220. oranges(acidity?)=bloated?
  221. Recognition of IBS in Canada?
  222. God help, is this IBS or Worse....
  223. Metamucil?
  224. Color of stool
  225. Not digesting some foods, please help
  226. Pains for men with IBS
  227. Need Help. Post repeated on other relative forums. Hope okay.
  228. I have STOPPED my diarrhea
  229. If fiber helps, is it truly ibs?
  230. Spasms
  231. Psyllium seed husk? Help on hard stools constipation pls.
  232. Rib Pressure, Ibs?
  233. Bad odor
  234. IBS Related to reproductive system?
  235. Bad tooth and diarrhea
  236. Pamine
  237. Is urinary frequency part of IBS syndrome?
  238. Librax
  239. 27-M Terrified...HELP PLEASE Post
  240. IBS & left-side pain...common?
  241. 38 years of IBS, cured in one week
  242. Appendicitis or just IBS acting up again??
  243. is ibs contagious?
  244. I wish I knew?? irritable bowel/spastic colon
  245. Water Retention
  246. Codeine?
  247. Prelief
  248. Terrible Acid Indigestion ... Help !!!!
  249. Vitamin C & IBS-D
  250. Has anyone tried NuLev?