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  1. Articles that debunk the IDSA Guidelines doctors
  2. 1 positive band on Western Blot-Lyme or some other infection?
  3. Lymes in Australia
  4. Daughter has significant infection in blood
  5. re-test for lyme disease not possible?
  6. LD-With Disc Degeneration, Osteoporosis..
  7. Is a bulls-eye rash always considered Lyme?
  8. lyme doctors in springfield, mo
  9. Can't get treatment in CT - Need Help/Advice
  10. Need LLMD in GA
  11. need help with nutrition and abx
  12. Look for advice for my mom
  13. LLMD in Richmond, Virginia?
  14. i don't have symptoms but tested positive for lyme
  15. lymes and the chills
  16. Lab Results from son and how much can we take
  17. Help for my husband doing IV Rocephin-scared-sorry, long thread
  18. lyme and ms
  19. Anyone have success with something else after unresponsive to Ceftin
  20. When will I start feeling better?
  21. Help with bone aches in hands, tremendous swelling of feet, please??
  22. HELP!! could this be a Herx reaction
  23. llmd doctors CT
  24. I am in dire need of a LLMD
  25. My story....
  26. Detox salt Bath
  27. IGX Results
  28. What happens when you take a break from antibiotics for a week or two??
  29. I need a SC Lyme literate doctor recommendation
  30. Feeling better
  31. Huge migrating tendon and muscle knots?
  32. ? undiagnosed Lyme?
  33. Question
  34. chest pain?
  35. Please, how long for Doxy to be out of system, in terms of sunsensitivity?
  36. Positive test results but feel fine. what should I do?
  37. I've seen sooo many doctors...
  38. Help please kind people on antibiotic info, would be so grateful?
  39. trying to work it out
  40. Still feel bad after a month on Amoxicillin...
  41. update few ??'s
  42. Cracking joints - Healing? Restoration?
  43. I'm Done!
  44. 4 days of IV and midline had to come out ..Any1 else have problems
  45. does it help to get a deep tissue massage before going for lymes testing
  46. PA specialist?
  47. How do you survive the herx?
  48. Looking for Family Doctor for Spouse - Chronic Lyme
  49. How to tell what kind of tick is on pet?
  50. Please Help, so Confused!
  51. Dr. M appt next week! (Rockville)
  52. Suppose to Start IV treatment on Friday/ any advice please
  53. Numb Chin and Lips is this Normal ?
  54. internal bleeding and black stool
  55. help.
  56. Is this the right blood test?
  57. Leaky gut/lyme disease
  58. Plaquenil
  59. zithro + rifampin + mepron + heparin + diflucan - anyone else?
  60. LLMD's
  61. What do you tell your other docs about your Lyme Dx?
  62. why should you get tested for lymes desease
  63. living with chronic lyme
  64. do i have lyme????
  65. Does lyme cause prostate/testostorone problems?
  66. Is Flagyl (or Tinidizole) for everyday use?
  67. I am confused-meds or getting worse?
  68. Ladies only, please
  69. What are these tests?
  70. Finally being treated!
  71. How many have been on Minocycline and Benicar?
  72. A Question about Dr. M. in Rockville
  73. How Long Does It Take Doxycycline to Work
  74. Questions on my antibotic plan
  75. Diagnosed with lyme
  76. 8 year old son's WB results
  77. new to lyme -help please
  78. Daughter got some results
  79. Colloidal Silver as First defense?
  80. does flaygl with biaxin treat bartonella?
  81. 25 year old "newbie" lyme disease?
  82. Need your advice-what would you do?
  83. lyme disease literate doctors in ky
  84. not sure what to do
  85. Entire family affected????
  86. muscle spasm
  87. how long can lyme lay dormant?
  88. oh, the things docs don't know about spirochetes and uteri
  89. my 15-year roller coaster ride, and which doc?
  90. Requesting info on Babesia (W-1) Type
  91. Got the test results; not Lyme, its Babesia Ducanti
  92. Bullseye rash info
  93. SOS regardings vitals, tacchycardia, asthma and Rocephin
  94. Help - What lyme test should I be asking for???
  95. Hot Bath/Shower and Rash
  96. Lyme Literate Doctor in Maryland
  97. TERRIBLE day
  98. Lymes, Lupus or autoimmune?
  99. Could I have Lyme disease?
  100. To those that think Lyme doesn't kill....
  101. Protocols: Epsom salt baths & Sauna
  102. Lyme In Northeast Ct
  103. Fatigue x 50
  104. Leaky gut and lyme test results
  105. Help with a doc in PA/MD
  106. Advice Please on my Test Results ?
  107. Red eyes
  108. I have LD, on meds..developed a staph infection..nervous.
  109. Lyme disease and numbness
  110. Can Lyme be misdiagnosed as staph?
  111. Lymes treatment and diet
  112. Under Our Skin
  113. Rocephin, and flagyl is this enough?
  114. Lyme's connection? My problems + testing options...
  115. Testing for coinfections-HELP!
  116. results and questions
  117. Chronic Lyme
  118. Is this a true herx
  119. Sun Expossure while taking Amoxicillin....is it okay?
  120. Help.. please :(
  121. Stabbing pains
  122. What symptoms are you currently dealing with?
  123. Hello to Bill S
  124. lyme information
  125. Reading Lyme Tests Results...anyone know how?
  126. Reading Lyme Tests Results...anyone know how>
  127. more questions on picc line treatment
  128. I blacked out this morning.
  129. Questions on blood work results ?? Western Blot
  130. Musical Hallucinations
  131. feel like im going in circles
  132. IGG Bands Results
  133. Dr. M in Rockville??
  134. Tips before doctor visit?
  135. Unbearable morning sickness!
  136. Lyme and Spinal health
  137. Could this be Lyme?
  138. PC won't give referral
  139. picc line treatment questions
  140. Doxycycline side efffects? Been taking them for 2 weeks.
  141. Treatment for lymes
  142. Dizziness with doxy
  143. Back on lyme board and Doxy...
  144. Been a while since I have been on, going back on picc
  145. It seems like most of us are lucky to get even one person respond
  146. 2 1/2 weeks on meds
  147. For those of you who just can't come up with the money for a doctor
  148. Lymes & Tick Identification
  149. Possible lyme disease
  150. More rashes?
  151. Herx Duration
  152. Justify Lyme Treatment to Health Insurance Company?????
  153. why does pee smell like coffe and do not drink coffee?
  154. TV Show
  155. Lyme Disease??
  156. Lyme & Babesia on list of 12 deadly diseases to spread with climate change
  157. Cipro / Malarone Combo
  158. Can it really take years to show up?
  159. Dr. R patients?
  160. Argh.. weaning off meds, now rash?
  161. Medication for muscle, joint stiffiness, pain, fatigue and depression
  162. Yet another rash - changing my name to "spot"
  163. decreased sweating with lyme disease
  164. ??? lyme disease doctor in san antonio
  165. Dr. Oz
  166. could this be lyme
  167. How long did it take you?
  168. Herxing..
  169. Final straw
  170. Is it Lyme? My painstaking journey until I find out what it is .
  171. What made you test for lyme?
  172. western blot p 41
  173. Great news
  174. ?? how to find Lyme disease doctor list???
  175. What would you do?
  176. Horrible stomach reaction taking biaxin and omnicef-help
  177. any knowledge how to read my 3 yr old sons western blot, PLEASE?
  178. Is this it?
  179. Females- hormone question
  180. Tales from the Darkside w/ Questions
  181. Please answer-for those of you fortunate enough to see a rash.
  182. Help Single Mom Lyme Disease Ruining my life
  183. Recommended reading
  184. Pulse Therapy ?
  185. How long does the bullseye rash last?
  186. Does Rocephin Works For Bartonella
  187. IGENEX results in need your help
  188. lyme disease doctors and clinics
  189. A week away :)
  190. Iowa Medicaid
  191. Something Odd
  192. Recently diagnosed with acute lyme - med dosage question
  193. what are these please
  194. Small circular rough patches on skin - very weird - anyone got these?
  195. What really works??
  196. Do you think I should get tested for lyme disease? (Illinois Resident)
  197. Mepron - side effects?
  198. muscles dealing with lyme
  199. lyme doctor
  200. Neurological symptoms
  201. Went to LLMD yesterday...
  202. Finishing 1st round of antibiotics
  203. I really need some help.
  204. Any Lyme Literate Doctors in GA or Florida?
  205. Dr. C visits
  206. Insurance
  207. Know of a Lyme Dr in northwest Wisconsin?
  208. Rocehpin,Erythromyacin,and flagyl
  209. good feeling?
  210. misdiagnosed for two years.
  211. Update on my appt with Dr. E (some new abx)
  212. are your treatments working?
  213. My lab results
  214. Money for Doctors
  215. Biaxin / Bartonella
  216. Back and forth Symptoms
  217. Ceftin and colitis?
  218. another good book
  219. Tell me about Igenex
  220. Bitten by Tick 3 Weeks Ago-I am not Feeling Well!
  221. Help with test results - line 41
  222. Thank you to Bill S!
  223. Another 6 weeks of Doxycycline
  224. co-infections??
  225. ?s on Lyme relating to amox/tests/cysts
  226. concerned about having lyme
  227. Lyme and Stomach Lining Erosion
  228. How many of you have ...
  229. Describe your issues with yeast overgrowth...
  230. Lyme docs in Arizona
  231. Appt w neuro need feedback
  232. tick bite back on june 4th ... no lyme but..
  233. looking for wi. dr. to work with dr. crist from mo.
  234. oral antibiotics for neuro lyme
  235. So exhausted..waiting for results..
  236. Does Rife treatment work or not?
  237. Ticker.....
  238. the ending of lyme
  239. I think I may have had lyme disease for a while....
  240. questions about IVs and neuro Lyme
  241. OMG! Just rode my bike around the block! (short story of hope)
  242. Still lyme free
  243. queasy stomach head pressure ringing ears dizzy fatigue whats this/
  244. what is the best drug cocktail for neuro lymes
  245. Rocephin,flagyl, eurythromiacin
  246. IV Rocephin treatment
  247. Lyme Disease
  248. my update...
  249. Diflucan/Amox Side effects Q?
  250. Anyone sent a test kit to IgeneX from abroad and had problems?