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  14. Dhea?
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  16. Aging and high altitude, dry climate question
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  21. Adult Diapers question
  22. Thin skin on arms
  23. I'm only 23 but I feel so old and I'm afraid of getting old
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  25. I am in my mid 50's and already getting thin skin. Help!
  26. Dizziness in Elderly
  27. Depressed grandfather
  28. Gray Hair
  29. Slowing the aging process?
  30. Feeling Depressed About Age
  31. Any triluma users?
  32. What is Dermabrasion?
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  35. 92 yrs old female-sudden physical weakness
  36. lipoic Vs. glycolic acid
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  40. 39 And Already Afraid Of Dying!!!
  41. I am 35 holy crap!!!
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  45. Whats the most difficult to deal with...
  46. 32 and wrinkles is this right !!!
  47. Question about getting older
  48. allergy to sunscreen products
  49. Co 10 coenzyme lotions for wrinkles
  50. why do i have grey hair? stress, hygeine, or environmental factors?
  51. My MOM is not a mom anymore...
  52. Whats going on with my MOM ?
  53. Do taste buds and digestion change as we age?
  54. Problems w/ elderly dad
  55. Strivectin for wrinkles
  56. Grandma has no appetite
  57. Women Over 40
  58. I don't age
  59. like or hate looking older?
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  61. Elderly Father In Law
  62. Sagging upper eye lids
  63. Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
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  65. Grey Hair at 18!
  66. loss of balance in elderly people
  67. I look too old for my age!
  68. Dealing with my elderly Mom
  69. Leg Aches and Pain
  70. feeling old
  71. The Perks of Being Over 40
  72. Rogaine anyone?
  73. The importance of vitamins and enzymes concerning anti aging
  74. A Women's prayer
  75. Upcoming 45th Birthday-Any Ideas?
  76. Hubby of nearly 40 yrs on Zoloft and doesn't care about sex anymore, what to do?
  77. Ineed help with my 80 year old father
  78. At what age do you realize you don't wake up "painfree" anymore?
  79. Being alone and getting sick or aging!
  80. Short-term memory loss
  81. smelling bad as you get older
  82. What is the best way to prevent facial wrinkles?
  83. Aging with women, I'm turning 40!
  84. Pillows that stop wrinkles
  85. I'm a 24yr, Male, 5'6", & haven't aged or grown 1" since 16. What can I do?
  86. Attitudes about getting carded
  87. Three strange lines appeared this past year on his forehead
  88. Ache ALL OVER if Poked-Try This
  89. Broken Hip
  90. Age spots on hands
  91. At what age are you "old"?
  92. Wrinkles when I smile
  93. incredibly sexy man at age 52......
  94. now I find myself old and alone at 50
  95. aching pain in hip joint won't go away
  96. Depressed..... Lines under the Eyes
  97. Vein showing through skin in my face
  98. Mother dying, suddenly hostile
  99. Sore thigh
  100. Lines above my cheeks and a little bit under my eyes, look like bags
  101. Facial Exercises
  102. Why are the elderly so cold
  103. Alone, almost 50, My Teenagers ignore me, Never spend time with me anymore.
  104. Facial exercises WORK!
  105. Am I too old for him?
  106. left atrial myxoma (heart tumor)
  107. Being more specific....what physical symptoms come with age 40?
  108. What is just under the lower RT side rib cage?
  109. how do i move on with this fear?
  110. droopy face :( !
  111. progeria - aging disease
  112. Red in the face
  113. Do Human Growth Harmones really work???