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  1. Help needed for 14yo daughter
  2. Chugs every drink he gets
  3. Boyfriend’s daughter is moving in
  4. Don't trust my boyfriend's 12 year old son
  5. Is my boyfriend’s daughter jealous?
  6. Discussing abortion with child - Advice
  7. Help!!! Im at my wits end
  8. 19 year old moved out ...
  9. Stepmother help?
  10. Issues with child's stepmother
  11. Stepson Influenced by Bio-Mom and Bio-Brother=Destructive behavior at home
  12. Concerned mom
  13. I don't know how to parent
  14. 3 year old out of control!
  15. Help with Teenage daughter going off the rails.
  16. What is appropriate teenage/adult touching
  17. Son asked inappropriate question.
  18. Needs constant cuddles at 10. Normal or not?
  19. I think my 21yo son joined a cult
  20. Why Am I Not Content???
  21. Behavioral issues or just a normal three year old?
  22. How can I teach my daughter that being physically strong is not everything?
  23. Teen mom's and diffuculty's
  24. Teenage 13Y Girl night problems?
  25. Something wrong with my daughter?
  26. Help my 19 yr old is dating a 30 yr old girl!
  27. Teen Pulling Away?
  28. Am i a bad mother?
  29. Am in a bad mother? (Parents)
  30. my disruptive 11 yr old ...
  31. Has step-children but wants a child but the fiancé says no
  32. Worried my daughter's grandma is going too far
  33. Is it true?
  34. Daddy preference
  35. Concerned with Daughter's Nudity
  36. GF doesn't love daughter (yet?)
  37. Problems
  38. Depressed about my children growing up
  39. Stepmom needs help
  40. My daughter's boyfriend issue.
  41. Too young to stay home alone - night??
  42. Bipolar Daughter
  43. My daughter dreams of harming people
  44. ADHD ODD 15 year old girl
  45. My swimming class has only women in it, should I still take it?
  46. Daughter
  47. My teenage son has spent the whole summer in his room
  48. Teen Anger issues
  49. My 9 Month Old Girl Gets Upset & Angry At Her Toys For No Reason!
  50. Advice on Unhealthy Relationship
  51. Did I make the right decision
  52. Can women over 40 here PLEASE help!?
  53. kids ignoring mom
  54. Devastated
  55. Kids Staying at Grandparents House
  56. 8 Year old having tantrums
  57. Our 8 year old boy caught playing with a 7 year old boy - Need advise please
  58. Just need to hear from other parents
  59. 5 year old talks about unusual things
  60. how much do you check up on your 16/17 yo?
  61. Help With 15 Year Old?
  62. Appropriate for child in a same sex family?
  63. Going away for a week,toddler advice for parent withdrawal
  64. My 18yo Daughter is dating a loser, What can we do?
  65. Teen son having anger meltdowns
  66. Problems with Adult Daughter
  67. Destructive child
  68. Step Son
  69. Help with my "daughter"
  70. Parenting question
  71. I feel like a bad mom, don't know what to do
  72. need good avice and help from women that are older with her?
  73. My son is moving out and I am devastated
  74. Would you allow your daughter to attend a co educational swim class in school?
  75. Teen pregnancy and discipline
  76. Help please, I think my cousin's masturbating?
  77. 5 year old daughter self stimulating in class
  78. Teaching a child to zip a Jacket.
  79. mother/daughter relationship breakdown
  80. Puberty
  81. Concerned about 10-year-old girl sleeping with parents
  82. child custody
  83. dealing with unwanted advice/opinions - am I wrong?
  84. Concerned Parent
  85. Should I take my daughter to visit her mother in jail?
  86. smack my son feeling awful for it
  87. Soon to be 4 year old son is constantly playing with himself. help!
  88. Need some advice! Depression or puberty?
  89. Step daughter doesnt want to come visit us
  90. exhausted from my 11 years old kid
  91. Tween Issues... 12 year old daughter
  92. My 19 year old daughter just crushed me to my soul
  93. Discipline Issue With Daughter
  94. my 9 year old daughter is messing with her feces
  95. My 11-yr old lied about abusive discipline to her therapist!
  96. A 32 yr old bullying my 3 yr old - HELP
  97. Should I sever ties?
  98. My 13 yr old son is addicted to X box
  99. Daughter just doesn't feel "normal"
  100. Need advice 15 y/o son trouble at school
  101. teen daughter getting panic attacks-help!
  102. Enough is enough!
  103. Single father
  104. HELP With my teenager
  105. My almost 9 year old step son has got some major behavior issues!!!
  106. Feel very guilty about spanking my 6 year old daugther.
  107. Dysfunctional Family
  108. 3 year old anger issues
  109. first time college student parents
  110. 4yo reveals he knows there's no grampa
  111. My 5yr old wont behave in kindergarten! Help!
  112. Deeply Depressed and Disturbed
  113. 17 year old daughter doing drugs/having sex
  114. Crazy
  115. In a panic..5 year old starts Kgrtn in 8 weeks. Acting out / not potty trained
  116. so sad my kids are getting older
  117. possible masturbation on 6 year olds part?
  118. Step Son's masturbation
  119. Need help with my teenager
  120. Help my grown stepdaughter hates me
  121. 15 yr old boy not turning in school work
  122. 3 Yr Old Livid - Undermining at Play?
  123. how do I help my daughter
  124. Worried About the Future.
  125. 9yr old boy biting himself
  126. behavior consequences chart for a 3 yr old? PLEASE HELP
  127. my sons' behavior is VERY concerning need advice PLEASE
  128. REDBULL + Children = Bad Parenting?
  129. Losing my daughter to her Step Mother
  130. Genetic Disposition to a taller younger sister? Effect on my son?
  131. Potty Training
  132. 14 year old daughter has very little/ no respect for me, her mother
  133. Males showering together
  134. Thanksgiving I hate it!
  135. Celebrating my wife's Ex Bday at home?
  136. Stepmother looking for help
  137. Co-Ed Sleepovers? SERIOUSLY?
  138. Annoying stepdaughter
  139. My 21 year old son does not get it
  140. 16 Year Old Boy Mean To Parents!
  141. Defiant 4 year old
  142. Is this Normal Behavior or Something to be Concerned About?
  143. Would you be friends with these people?
  144. Childrens Vesectomies
  145. Made my 8 year old daughter leave
  146. My sister in law does not care
  147. Should Child Services be involved?
  148. Seven year old daughter sneaking food
  149. Keeping older sibling out of baby's crib
  150. Daughter too young for boyfriend?
  151. I resent my step daughters
  152. Kids don't want to go with ex-husband
  153. 20 year old daughter driving me nuts!
  154. My 17 year old daughter and her thongs..
  155. Now My Younger Brother is Going Through It
  156. my daughter was molested by her grandfather
  157. Need honest and objective opinion on situation
  158. Mental Health and Step parent
  159. Daycare issues
  160. I don't know what else I can possibly do...
  161. Adult kids sucking the life out of me
  162. infant masterbastion
  163. 11 yr son cries all the time. Help please
  164. picky eater or eating disorder
  165. Please someone help me - teen daughter acting up
  166. son just turned 18
  167. So upset - please help
  168. Sensitive, complicated subject...
  169. Am I over reacting?
  170. Is my daughter showing signs?
  171. My 5 year old is afraid of men
  172. How do I protect my 2 year old daughter against her Narcissistic father
  173. My 4 year old son, negative attention?
  174. angry bipolar daughter
  175. 17 yr old Son dating a older Woman
  176. 10 year old and social issues
  177. why is my 8 year old so angry
  178. 9 year old son bipolar or narcissist???
  179. 2yo who chews his hands
  180. How to stop a 5 year old boy from peeing on furniture and floors
  181. Took my son to the police station tonight
  182. Mother in Law holding my daughter to cry herself to sleep.
  183. Don't want my Step Son to hang around my Kids anymore
  184. 4 year old intentionally soiling?
  185. Poor relationship with my 19 year old daughter
  186. Is my teen sexually active?
  187. Overprotective Parents - Need Advice
  188. Is this a bipolar teen?
  189. difference between ADHD and Bipolar disorder. Help my son is
  190. 17 year old curfew and friends.. Help!
  191. 19 month old wakes up several times during the night
  192. Teen Driving long distance
  193. Child abuse ???
  194. My Teen Daughter has a Cinderella Complex
  195. Help, I have 3 and 2 year old that are very destructive!
  196. I am done being a Step Mom
  197. Son won't get out of bed
  198. Toilet training, my son forces his wee out so hard he poops?
  199. Problems with future step-kids
  200. why would my child use the bathroom on the floor
  201. When is a female child too old to sleep with Daddy
  202. 13 Year Old Step Son
  203. Toddler hitting and pushing
  204. how to get my 9 month old to sleep in his own bed
  205. 11 month old baby SCREAMING at night
  206. teenage son problems! Advice please!
  207. why does my toddler take his nappy off and smear it everywhere?
  208. 11 year old is depressed
  209. boy touching boy
  210. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  211. Son seems insecure after starting daycare
  212. Deadbeat Dad returns
  213. Parenting teenager over relationship issues
  214. Step Daughter
  215. My 7 year old is angery all the time.
  216. Problem with my daughter's 7 year old friend...
  217. I hit my 16 y.o son today
  218. Other children HITTING my child
  219. Daughter has become very angry! Need help!
  220. Leaving kids in the car for 1 minute
  221. annoyed by irresponsible son
  222. Tough love an answer to alcoholic grandson?
  223. I was molested by my grandfather, i need help.
  224. Mother needs advice about teen daughter
  225. board games and kids crying if they start to lose....
  226. living in a jail because of my 4 year old
  227. my 4 year old wont quit touching her private parts
  228. daughter 11 with anorexia
  229. 4th grade bullying issue. How upset should I be? What should I do?
  230. My daughter's boyfriend is a jerk!
  231. How to discipline an 18 month old
  232. how can i get my 4 year old to stop peeing her pants
  233. why won't my 7 year old communicate with me
  234. Have one of the friends kids staying here i can't take it anymore!
  235. teaching a child to wipe bottoms
  236. 32 year old daughter still living with parents
  237. Son arrested while visiting for xmas...
  238. how to punish 12 year old boys
  239. Bipolar parents raising bipolar kids...anyone have more advice
  240. 4 year old.....eating issues
  241. How can I help my daughter who pulls her eyelashes
  242. 6 year old destroying things and hurting siblings
  243. what causes mood swings in a 11 month old baby
  244. how many bowel movements per day is normal for a 1 year old
  245. Pediatrician vs General Practitioner
  246. What does this sound like? Help?
  247. step parenting woes...
  248. 5 year old hissy fits over clothes - advice needed
  249. Disrespectful 12 year old (Extremely Lazy)
  250. children and abandonment issues