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  1. OCD is tearing my life apart..... help me
  2. anyone experience judgemental attitudes?
  3. does anyone grin/smile while having OCD thoughts?
  4. extremely self conscious
  5. Does anyone else feel like this?
  6. To Stop OCD Scratching...
  7. Music in head
  8. two people with ocd in romantic relationship
  9. Paxil Side-Effects
  10. OCD and pregnancy
  11. Urges with Harm-O?
  12. Pure O Hell
  13. My husband's OCD is ruining our marriage..
  14. I've relapsed....need to talk....could trigger
  15. ocd and autism spike
  16. Anyone Else?
  17. pure-O
  18. tingling in head after seeing gory images
  19. almost engaged relationship ocd. especially advice from married/engaged people
  20. what does the future hold?
  21. Obsessional about hoovering
  22. new and scared to death.
  23. Obsessiona doubt of molestation, again :(
  24. Obsessive shopping & a little about me & my OCD!
  25. Checking locks and stove over and over!
  26. OCD with Diabetes Causing Living Hell
  27. really bad intrusive thoughts today, need help :(
  28. Fear of food poisoning/getting sick from food
  29. Anafranil side effects
  30. wellbutrin or anafranil and pregnant! HELP!
  31. Need suggestions to overcome Intrusinve thoughts
  32. Thinking About Breathing
  33. Afraid something bad will happen to my loved ones...
  34. Anyone with Religious OCD gone to Confession?
  35. My OCD is almost gone--here is my update
  36. Zoloft or Luvox?? which is best to treat OCD?
  37. Military pilot with problems
  38. Hair Growth on Body
  39. Can intense aerobic exercise offset the sexual side effects from SSRI medications?
  40. why cant i just relax???long post
  41. tappers
  42. What is everyone's outlet...
  43. fear of harmed/molested
  44. Please help - Am I an attention seeker
  45. Petrified of blood and hitting someone in my car! Help!!!
  46. worry,worry, worry.........what a waste of life!!!!!!!
  47. OCD or just weird?????-warning may be triggering/visual
  48. Oh my this is getting worse, just need to vent!!!
  49. intrusive violent thoughts really ruining my days :(
  50. Fear of Sex
  51. Burning, shaking fingers... anxiety?
  52. Getting off Effexor
  53. Iím new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself
  54. Self punishment for what is "not right"?!?
  55. weighing myself
  56. Intrusive-obsessive Worry Of Going To Prison, Help Me!
  57. severe anxiety and contamination fears
  58. "HELP unwanted thoughts when I read"Am I losing my mind
  59. Luvox Takers - what time of day?
  60. Help With Luvox! I was Prescribed Luvox and quit it after 2 days due to side effects
  61. Anyone taking Cymbalta for OCD
  62. Letting horrible thoughts "be there"
  63. Reactive OCD
  64. First Night with Luvox
  65. vitamins and nutrition to help treat OCD?
  66. repetitive sounds
  67. Fear of hitting a person with my car
  68. My girlfriends past - OCD?
  69. benzos to help with OCD
  70. super clean?
  71. Luvox for Obsessive Thoughts
  72. Intrusive Self Destructive Thoughts Concerning God Help Help
  73. OCD and Zoloft, should I try something else...Please help!
  74. success on non-SSRIS? & Fatigue...
  75. Rate your OCD meds here:
  76. High Self-Awareness Prevents Sleep Onset?
  77. My OCD! What med?
  78. ocd and depersonalization
  79. Fear of other mental illnesses????
  80. changind meds, effexor vs. wellbutrin augmentation
  81. Can't get old friend out of my mind- Obsession?
  82. Obsessions About Existence
  83. constant checking of pulse
  84. is this OCD or just thinking too much?!
  85. Distrust OCD - coping when hubby goes out.
  86. Crippling fear of losing a loved one
  87. Sam-e For Treatment Of OCD.
  88. Isn't it true that germs die after a few hours?
  89. OCD and dreaming?
  90. Is fear a symptom of OCD?
  91. OCD and an addictive personality
  92. magical thinking
  93. OCD? It's Stealing My Life!!!
  94. OCD documentary
  95. obsession with men and relationships
  96. How long before you see results with Zoloft for ocd? rop
  97. Porn obssession
  98. weirdness
  99. art and people with ocd
  100. St Johns wort for OCD
  101. Found out I have OCD
  102. The Constant Battle with my Mind
  103. My OCD story, meds, anxiety, and how to bring 100% again
  104. Spinning around (seriously)
  105. why do some noises drive me crazy
  106. mental checking
  107. ocd and dating someone with an std
  108. prozac success
  109. surroundings
  110. Is this OCD??
  111. hand washing and the menstrual cycle
  112. Skin chewing
  113. OCD is a physiological disorder
  114. Effexor & Weight Gain
  115. horrible thoughts....
  116. Can anyone relate - flu shot?
  117. strange question about the occult
  118. vivid dreams
  119. Obsessing about other mental illnesses..
  120. Obsession about being poisoned
  121. Alcohol and ocd?
  122. "HELP Please_OCD & Having Weird Thoughts/Voices What Meds Work?
  123. Withdrawing from Effexor...In need of help!
  124. Effexor & Sweating!
  125. intrusive thoughts
  126. morbid OCD? someone please help
  127. Anyone w/ urges?????
  128. Health/Death Obsession
  129. undermethylation / high homocysteine.. who knew...
  130. OCD in the shower
  131. Question about Lexapro
  132. Paxil is driving me crazy...
  133. Chest Pain & Anxiety
  134. Inositol???
  135. OCD stemming from anxiety??
  136. HELP ME! Long but PLEASE read and help.
  137. Anyone taken Geodon?
  138. Keeps dwelling in the past and won't move on
  139. Rhythms repeating in my head, advice, please
  140. Lexapro-pros and cons
  141. will lexapro make me lose my passion for things?
  142. st.johns wort for OCD???????
  143. does anyones ocd get so bad they dont want to be here anymore?
  144. OCD strikes again!
  145. Any OCD'ers in peak physical shape?
  146. Has any supplements/vitamins helped your ocd?
  147. Is there a less severe form of OCD?
  148. OCD and washing?
  149. am i just convincing myself that i'm depressed?
  150. Why am I not allowed to have sex???
  151. Obsessed with my vision getting better or worse.
  152. Taking Anafranil with Lexapro
  153. anyone else fixated on sharp objects? looking for support.
  154. Ocp
  155. Should i take St. Johns Wort instead of the Lexapro i was prescr.?
  156. Obsessed with death
  157. antipsychotic meds for Pure-O?
  158. a question for emetophobics(fear of vomiting)
  159. does lexapro make u feel weird and will it help ocd?
  160. Jobs and OCD
  161. Voices in head? or OCD acting up?
  162. Hypnogogic/hypnopompic
  163. So I'm definitely a "pure o"...
  164. pure obsessional - relationship ocd
  165. Do you find your thoughts become automatic?
  166. Punkdizzle
  167. Amberay, Gatsby and pure-O
  168. Lexapro, OCD and worrying about HIV
  169. How do you prove you Don't have OCD to your spouse.
  170. Anybody Anxious About switching Meds ?
  171. Pure-O
  172. Hello! "Pure O" here! I've finally realized I have a problem,thought I'd join ya!
  173. Wellbutrin & Celexa for OCD
  174. Throat obsession
  175. OCD and bowel syndrome?
  176. trich? I can't stop. It's hopeless. I give up.
  177. Lexapro and OCD
  178. Paranoia?
  179. Kleptomania / Compulsive Stealing
  180. OCD..this is my story and I really need help
  181. Afraid to draw!
  182. Does my girlfriend have OCD?
  183. Worried About My Future!
  184. Hair Sniffing
  185. fire obsession
  186. Being an artist(Especially a musician) with OCD is HELL!
  187. Convinced that my thoughts are true
  188. antipsychotics for racing thoughts?
  189. I'm obsessed with death. And it's taking over my life.
  190. POCD...need a lot of advice...PLEASE HELP!!
  191. Caffeine makes my OCD worse
  192. Trouble leaving the house
  193. OCD is tough
  194. Do obssesive/intrusive thoughts go thru cycles?
  195. Anafranil?????
  196. My OCD
  197. Does OCD effect your work/schoolwork?
  198. Funny OCD stories
  199. OCD as "cool"?
  200. OCD and self-injury?
  201. OCD and repeating things
  202. Zoloft Scare ( Prescribed for Anxiety / Obsessive Irrational Fears)
  203. disturbing visions with ocd
  204. Feeling TOTALLY UNREAL please help
  205. help w/ 9 year-old son
  206. Constant need to walk, stretch and jog
  207. OCD and driving?
  208. excessive skin rubbing
  209. Obsessions change as your life changes???
  210. Low Self Esteem Associated With OCD???
  211. Anyone taking Effexor XR for OCD?
  212. pregnancy doubts. Help, please.
  213. Constantly looking for "hidden" meanings
  214. Menstruation and OCD Symptons?
  215. Is there anything I can do before it gets worse? I'm scared of chemicals!
  216. Staring At Nose Problem?
  217. OCD worse with depression/anxiety?
  218. Triggers for OCD
  219. prozac weekly
  220. scared all the time
  221. Anafranil experiences?
  222. Reliving the past over and over
  223. Feel like I am going crazy sometimes
  224. I think my OCD is coming back. What do I do?
  225. Can't Stop Counting
  226. negative voices in head....
  227. Panic and Anxiety Disorder, Severe Depression and OCD
  228. High Doses of Prozac...very high!
  229. Horrid thoughts, fear and guilt
  230. i can't control the evil thoughts
  231. Trichotillomania..28 years +
  232. Anyone w/ Religious OCD question going to Church?
  233. studies on ocd and infertility?
  234. I think everyone has OCD in some way or another!
  235. Repetitive sounds - irritating - OCD?
  236. How about obsessing over people??????? :/
  237. How much real harm am I doing to my eyes by pulling?
  238. Prozac and best dose for OCD????
  239. Can smoking make OCD worse?
  240. Those Suffering with Religious Scruples
  241. Wellbutrin XL
  242. hand washing
  243. Another day, another obsession :-s
  244. derealization/depersonalization?
  245. How do I stop the obsessions...it's ruining my life!!!
  246. Thyroid and OCD Conncection???
  247. Daily routines of OCD?
  248. Inositol for ocd?
  249. fever dreams with OCD
  250. I have overcome OCD!