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  1. can ya have a stroke from hypertension?
  2. What are some of your OCD rituals?
  3. Luvox
  4. Scrupulosity/OCD is the pits
  5. Schools for children with OCD?
  6. Fear of getting poisoned
  7. Might have it...not sure..
  8. Does OCD come from repressed anger?
  9. Has anyone switched from Luvox to Zoloft?
  10. Zoloft Starter pack question
  11. chills and anxiety?
  12. my prozac makes me feel out of it?
  13. Link between hormones and OCD?
  14. can't stop looking in the mirror
  15. Dr switching me from Luvox to Zoloft!!
  16. trichotillomania?
  17. Can't stop worrying!
  18. Worriers and Pure Obsessionals
  19. OCD makes me a BIG procrastinator.
  20. fear of relapse/lingering doubts
  21. impulses to do inappropriate things? other ?s also
  22. OCD or a need for reassurance?
  23. Guilt Guilt Guilt
  24. Zoloft?
  25. Hoarding 6 year old
  26. OCD & Disease
  27. too many feelings of guilt and anxiety
  28. Anyone dealing with a teen with OCD
  29. Like a skipping record
  30. Obsessive Worrying
  31. Dream and OCD
  32. I still have OCD, I have violent thoughts, and I am hearing voices.
  33. Any success on lexapro or prozac???
  34. luvox wearing off fast!!!!!!!
  35. Luvox vs. Prozac ????
  36. I can offer hope to those in despair about ocd.
  37. I beat OCD!!!!!!!!!
  38. Should I confess?
  39. meds with the least side effects
  40. OCD and television
  41. Switching from luvox to Zoloft!
  42. obsession with words, grammar and pronunciation causing self-harm - help!
  43. OCD and religious thoughts,
  44. Xanax for OCD,
  45. OCD and lost faith
  46. OCD about Locks
  47. OCD or extreme jealousy?
  48. Violent thoughts
  49. Picking my skin raw...
  50. stains
  51. Can OCD come back?
  52. Anafranil for OCD
  53. Luvox and weight gain!
  54. Public Restrooms
  55. Driving my family nuts (weird)
  56. Any Born Again Christians with religious OCD?
  57. serotonin vs norepinephrine
  58. Very disturbing sexual thought
  59. OCD and mercury toxicity
  60. Hair plucking
  61. How can I make my Hubby understand??
  62. diet pepsi and panic disorder
  63. Pica
  64. Is this just OCD or should I go to the hospital immediately?
  65. Anyone been on abilify?
  66. Being obsessively compulsive ABOUT having OCD
  67. Qutting wellbutrin xl cold turkey?
  68. Cant stop checking my pulse!!!
  69. packing to move . . .
  70. sudden onset OCD
  71. OCD and heart???
  72. Health anxiety and OCD postpartum
  73. luvox vs Zoloft
  74. remission--not a good thing!
  75. Getting too far out of hand
  76. am i too obsessed with my ex ?
  77. Luvox and feeling like crap!
  78. Sports (tennis) and OCD
  79. Risperdal anyone?
  80. turning round the right way to be even!
  81. Intucive Thoughts? OCD? Anxiety? Going Crazy? Please help
  82. anyone overcome superstitius ocd
  83. Catch 22
  84. Does anyone take luvox in the morning instead of night?
  85. Taking Luvox in the morning
  86. Luvox vs other drugs!
  87. Help - I Just Started Zoloft Today
  88. Obsessive Behavior...
  89. Alternatives?
  90. How to overcome OCD WITHOUT therapists, medicines and self-help books?
  91. Caffeine Addiction and OCD
  92. Philosophical OCD!!!Anyone?
  93. Obsession with letters/numbers
  94. Should I take medication or not?
  95. Marks and Scratches- OCD.
  96. holding down job and relationships??
  97. T.V. and computer OCD problems???
  98. luvox and 300 mg.
  99. Mental exhaustion
  100. Obsessed with looks
  101. Verbal Repitition & other OCD obsessions
  102. prozac users
  103. My OCD story...I don't know what to do...please help
  104. this obsession is weird
  105. Living a life of patterns - OCD
  106. Always playing with eyebrows!
  107. Ocd-Obsessed with Teeth
  108. intrusive thoughts problem...
  109. Obsession with boyfriend
  110. Meds and Sex Drive
  111. Glancing/Intrusive Thoughts - Anyone Understand Me?
  112. Took my first dose of Luvox last night!
  113. Pure-O
  114. I hate myself
  115. obsessions so severe they cause physical illness
  116. 8 yr. old daughter with ocd - need advice
  117. Maths Thoughts
  118. Can anyone relate to this obssesive disorder...
  119. Pregnant with OCD and anxious
  120. from 50mg prozac 60mg, whats going on???
  121. This is killing me
  122. Everything perfect - and then what?
  123. do you use luvox?
  124. Eyeglasses, 14 year battle, any advice?
  125. Ocd and Tmj too much!
  126. Obsession Is Ruining My Life!
  127. OCD, Parnate and Bipolar
  128. Effexor and severe Constipation!!!!
  129. ocd and tmj
  130. does prozac help with compulsive behavior? ROP
  131. OCD or Generalized Anxiety?
  132. I Cured my OCD
  133. Sudden Horrible THoughts!!!
  134. Anyone take Celexa?
  135. IQ loss
  136. Intrusive thoughts???
  137. checking and doubt ocd
  138. stressed/obsessed about being 'right' ?
  139. OCD/Depression better after stopping BCP
  140. How Do I Cope With Ocd Spouse???
  141. Thoughts of my husband & other women
  142. Can i have your opinions on whether i have ocd or not?
  143. celexa has really helped me rationalize my thoughts
  144. OCD/caffeine dilemma
  145. Disturbing Dream
  146. how do we know ? insanity?
  147. Biting myself
  148. Waves of anxiety
  149. Am I breathing OK?
  150. Has "Brain Lock" book helped anyone overcome OCD?
  151. Relationship-OCD???
  152. any smokers notice they feel more panicky and ocd when they smoke?
  153. Anyone taking Seroquel (Quetiapine)?
  154. OCD coming out of the closet
  155. scars on lips
  156. OCD and pregnancy
  157. Skin Rolling
  158. Plagued by Compulsive Intrusive Thoughts... please help!!!
  159. Mouth Noises? Eating Noises?
  160. Irrational thoughts
  161. Elevator Fears
  162. Disturbing image yesterday! How do I make it go away??
  163. is anyone else w/ OCD also a "shopaholic?"
  164. Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous
  165. strange obsession/fear...of being arrested?
  166. wedding obsessed?
  167. Anyone have scrupulosity OCD
  168. Recurrent Obsessions of Terminal Disease
  169. anybody try Cymbalta yet??
  170. I am numb....
  171. OCD CURE - please read :)
  172. I ruined the one good thing that happened to me
  173. is anyone else taking Zyprexa for obsessive thoughts?
  174. I can't stop pulling my eyelashes out! Someone please help me...
  175. OCD has ruined my life.
  176. Risperdal questions!
  177. Plagued by "what if" worries
  178. Let Go and Let God
  179. Has anyone else ever had this specific fear?
  180. I'm free
  181. Everything has to be even, eating, touching etc..
  182. has anyone had a feeling that they'll die soon??
  183. Memory OCD
  184. Help! (ODC & relationship)
  185. Death OCD Thoughts
  186. responsibility/ guilt ocd
  187. Does OCD has any effect on your driving?
  188. OCD, Worrying = Unproductive
  189. Do I have OCD, Depression... Both or what pls help!
  190. OCD help - important information for all sufferers , gay ocd , relationship ocd etc..
  191. Anyone have OCD unwanted and intrusive thoughts.
  192. My Driving Anxiety
  193. A little advice please
  194. Is it the meds or just my idle mind?
  195. OCD and caffeine
  196. Breakthru
  197. Pure Obsessions Anyone
  198. i seem to go through strange phases
  199. living in hell
  200. What causes mental illness, OCD and schizophrenia
  201. how to stop intrusive thoughts?
  202. what is ODC??
  203. these dreams...i cant handle these dreams!
  204. did you beat OCD ?
  205. Anyone tried Weekly Prozac?
  206. hocd thoughts worse in busy places?
  207. Temporary obsessions?
  208. HOCD...am i better?
  209. Do I have OCD??
  210. face exoriation - picking, ocd and pulling hair
  211. Making a loop tape for exposure
  212. With OCD when do you feel "better?"
  213. I have a common question
  214. Rinsing Compulsion
  215. Sexual or Sexuality OCD: Read this before posting.
  216. I feel as if I am controlled by someone else
  217. if..then... statement
  218. OCD and Addiction: The same or not?
  219. Does anyone else take Luvox????
  220. Anyone here with OCD get so frustrated they throw or break things or hit themselves?
  221. Fear of mental illnesses
  222. Intrusive Thoughts
  223. OCD Symmetry & Cleanliness
  224. This may sound stupid but
  225. New Med. combo-Has anyone tried this?
  226. Hello, new here...and a question
  227. waking up in middle of night very anxious!
  228. Inappropriate Religious Thoughts
  229. What the ocd doctor said 2 day
  230. bad mood
  231. parnanoia/ocd?
  232. ocd & Pregnancy: have question about medication
  233. hair obsession
  234. OCD and Prozac
  235. What is the best way to tell someone that I have OCD?
  236. Does anyone take Luvox (Fluvoxamine)?
  237. ON Zoloft
  238. What Sigmund Freud Said About Ocd
  239. taking a break from my boyfriend because of ocd
  240. Do i have OCD
  241. Constant fear of being dumped/cheated on
  242. Weight Gain And Luvox
  243. Always Thinking About My Breathing
  244. OCD or Anxiety??
  245. Can someone tell me if I have OCD?
  246. amy ocd where are you???? also, comment on relationship obsession
  247. WAts the difference between desired thoughts and unwanted thoughts?
  248. "stages"
  249. Has anybody had a problem with generic Prozac?
  250. Wine