View Full Version : Anybody have pain before getting diagnosed?

03-28-2015, 07:40 AM
A couple weeks ago my husband went to the E.R. The doctor felt pretty strongly that it was appendicitis and it needed to come out, so he cut him off water and sent him to a CT Scan to be sure. It came back his appendix was fine, but now it's "worrisome for lymphoproliferative disorder, such as lymphoma."
I'm scared. We go to the oncologist on Monday. We would have already been there, but the E.R. doctor sent him to a gastro surgeon, who sent him to an oncologist.
Can anybody tell me how they found your issue? Was there pain?

The weird thing is that his blood work is fine! I'm serious! His CBC came back normal! How is that even possible??????? (Seriously, if you have any idea/theory, please let me know.)

I'm truly hoping someone will write me back. I'm desperate to find others who have been through this who could tell me if any of this seems normal and how they got diagnosed.

Thanks so much.

03-28-2015, 10:44 AM
Hey there,

Really sorry to hear about your husband, wishing you both support and hope that you hear positive news on Monday.

I haven't been through it, but I have covered some oncology during my education (this doesn't make me an expert, so don't take what I say as solid fact).
There are two types of lymphoma's, hodgkins and non-Hodgkins, which are classified based on the appearance. I'll name hodgkins as HL and non-hodgkins as NHL

HL- Usually occurs around 30-40 years of age.
Blood count comes back normal. On closer inspection, B cells are lacking immunoglobins.
Symptoms (commonly)- lymph nodes are swollen (usually painless), Enlarged liver and/or spleen (this is usually noticable on examination without scans), in about 25% of cases a fever is present, often night sweats are present and weight loss (this is usually defined as more than 10% of bodyweight reduction), fatigue, loss of appetite, (occassionaly, alcohol-induced pain at lymph nodes).
Investigations- Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (this will be higher han normal), Liver biochemistry (abnormal), serum lactate dehydrogenase (high is bad), uric acid (can be normal or raised), CT scans and chest x-ray. For a definite diagnosis a lymph node biopsy must be done.
Even in advanced stage there is a good rate of 5 year survival

NHL- becoming increasingly more common, especially in males, usually occurs at age 55+
Blood count can come back normal especially in early stage, later stages shows an increase in white blood cells. Often patients show signs of renal failure, other scans are similar to HL and must be diagnosed with a biopsy.
Symptoms- usually painless and visable lymph node enlargement, fevers, sweats, loss of appetite and weight loss, often signs of other organs involvement is present (i.e. gastrointestinal complaints, lung, brain, skin).
Treatment and survival are hard to comment on (there are a lot of subtypes).

My thoughts are with you both