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04-03-2015, 01:43 AM
I have been having strange and odd symptoms that started several years ago. Numbness that started down my right arm and was passing out in a dept store. My Doc at the time put me in the hosp, ran several tests, they came out fine, then took the easy way out and blamed my pain meds, which was imo wrong. My opinion was backed up with my other Doc's who prescribed me my medications btw. When I asked her to dig deeper and for a sec opinion and she argued with me, my husband tried to stand up for me... and mentioned the Ca Med Board and so I was kicked out of her office and then later recieved a letter from the med center stating I could not come back to any other doc at that facility.

Then... a couple of months later I had a thyroid scare, basically had half my thyroid removed but no cancer... but my symptons persisted. No passing out like in the store but I was sleeping all the time, similar to narcolespy. No numbness down the arm though. But the sleeping was really strange.

Then last Sept, I noticed a rather large lump in my right armpit. I had a mammo - that was clear. When I went in for a follow up with my surgeon, I showed him the lump, I also told him about this aching I had in the front of my throat where my thyroid is... that I used to get before the surgery but I always thought it was because the nodules were swelling or growing so I thought it was weird now that the half is gone. I get this aching quite often.. Anyway as it turns out I had one large lympth node on my right side and three very small lympth nodes in my left armpits that I had no idea where there. He said lets wait until you have to have your neck ultra sounded and then take a look in Jan. Jan comes.. I go in and there's no order for it, only my neck. UGH.

So I go back in... he acts like it's nothing.. Well it's something to me... especially since weird stuff is happening to me for the last few years. He says that Maybe we can feel this node because I'm thin. sigh. But he says that he can ultra sound it in his office so he makes the appt for the following month. So at least I am happy for that.

So I go in the other day. Btw one of the lympth nodes in the left armpit has grown by alot now. This is within a months time.

So I go in, he finds the one on the left side and just measures it. He says it's about an inch big. He doesn't even find the one on the right. And I know it's there, all I remember him saying is *We all have lympth nodes.* And he was ready to do a Core Biospy just in case because I had to sign some papers before etc. But he never did.

Man... if only he did, he could have just ruled it out for me ya know? The friggen needle was sittin right there!!!

I know that Lymphoma can look like many different things, so I am trying not to jump to conclusions. In fact, it very well could be RA since I have a Cervical Stenosis in my Neck and have been having a lot of Hip and joint pain lately, but especially in my hip and also in my left chest recently. And it's been really painful. In fact when my chest started hurting and it scared me because it hurt to breath for awhile... I thought maybe it was my asthma or something. Now it's better tho. But then remember I thought that he was going to help me at this appt... arghhhhh....

Now I am so frustrated I feel Like I am back at square one.

I had a very strange episode on Christmas Morning where I passed out and woke up slumped over my dryer, then went downstairs and was in some type of weird daze, confused and delirious, walking around my kitchen for... I have no idea how long... looking for white garbage bags of all things. I mean I was tearing my kitchen apart! All I could remember was *Where's the white garbage bags?* And finally I started calling upstairs in a panic for my husband (this was like 5 in the morning) yelling for my husband and yelling about white garbage bags... and my son heard me and came to the stairs.. he was like whats wrong mom? I just kept yelling get Dad, I need the white garbage bags! Okay so anyway I finally started coming out of it... And yes right then I should have gone to the hospital but I didn't... for some strange reason... we just finished getting ready and left for out of town.

Later I asked my son what I looked like at the stairs and he said mom, you looked confused and delirious. You had one hand on the staircase and your other hand on your forehead...

So when I made an appt with my doctor, he thinks I had a mini stroke. He has set me up with an appt with a neurologist, but I am having problems getting approved with my insurance so I haven't had the appt yet.

I have had other symptoms, like I do have night sweats BUT I am also in menopause, but the night sweats just started about 4 months ago although my menopause stuff started 4 yrs ago along with my weight loss (but I did that on purpose) and my sleeping episodes etc..

Other symptoms
pins and needles in my hands and feet
Break out in Chills (but could also be due to menopause)
persistent cough - have already had a dose of anti biotics in Jan
blurry vision got glasses a little over a yr ago
low blood pressure
have had two episodes with intense stomach pain - have no idea if it's related but it was really painful
Headaches - more then usual
Stumbling and tripping over my feet
Short term memory loss

Anyway, I am just really frustrated. Maybe I should just go to my Doc and ask him to do some blood work and ask about RA? That would be and easier rule out don't you think? At this point I'm feeling a bit exhausted and discouraged. I also have two boys with Autism and one of them has depression and he's battling it hard right now and it's breaking my heart so I am stressing out for him...

Stoopid Doctors. All he had to do was just take the sample!

Thanks for listening. What do you guys think. Does this sound more towards Lymphoma or maybe something else? I know I know... you are not Doctors... no worries... :)