View Full Version : life after ileocecal resection and Nissen Fundoplication surgeries

04-09-2015, 06:09 PM
I am now 10 weeks post op after terminal ileum, appendix, 1/5 of colon removal/resection AND Nissen robotic assisted laproscopic Fundoplication. I would love to tell you all that I am feeling so much better than pre surgery but I am not. The Fundoplication appears to have successfully treated GERD and I am thankful for that. However the surgical removal of the ileocecum appendix and partial bowel seems to have awakened the Kraken! I suffer daily from severe cramping, acute tenderness/soreness of my entire gut, extensive bloating. I had initially noticed that joint pain had subsided after the surgery but then by week 8 it began to come back. I am fatigued, have had significant changes in left eye vision, have developed some questionable bumps on skin. Went for 2nd post op CT scan with contrast today no results yet. Has anyone else experienced this? First CT (5 weeks post op) appeared normal. Totally tired of docs saying everything looks good! I felt better than this before surgery! Interested in any advice! 50 yrs old, diagnosed June 2014 had no issues prior. Look forward to hearing from ya'll. Thanks!

Ok, Monday of this week my GI calls to say that I have SIBO. I looked it up on the internet and was surprised to see that virtually all of my symptoms are described! It is hard for me to believe that none (and I have 7) of my doctors ever mentioned this before. I'm now on antibiotic/probiotic treatment but am looking into some diets which may help manage long term as I do not want to stay on antibiotics. If you have any experience with SIBO and what worked for you please let me know. Thanks!