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04-17-2015, 02:37 PM
Hi everyone,

I have had high platelets (normal 130-400) for years and my doctor just figured that was my "normal"
10/13/09: 401
12/16/09: 416
01/07/10: 439
01/23/10: 412
02/04/10: 399
01/13/11: 402
06/15/11: 419
11/30/11: 430
05/15/12: 414
08/15/12: 414
09/20/12: 397
01/31/13: 422
02/20/13: 334
03/20/13: 419
09/16/13: 346
11/29/13: 376
01/23/14: 416
12/22/14: 410
03/23/15: 353
03/24/15: 397
04/10/15: 438

But then last Friday, a low MPV showed up along with the high platelet, and that's when my doctor referred me to a hematologist, and my appointment is on Tuesday.

This is NOT the first time, however, that I have had a low MPV number show up along with a high platelet number. But it IS only the 2nd time in about 5 years that my platelets have been this high.
MPV (9.3-12.5) Platelet (130-400)
1/13/11: MPV 8.8/Platelet 402
6/15/11: MPV 9.2/Platelet 419
11/30/11: MPV 9.0/Platelet 430
3/20/13: MPV 9.2/Platelet 419
12/22/14: MPV 9.2/Platelet 410
4/10/15: MPV 9.0/Platelet 438

Over the past 4 months, a BUNCH of blood tests have been run, and the only other issue that came up was low ferritin. I have been battling that for 6 years now and is now back up in the "normal" range (albeit, VERY VERY LOW normal)

I, of course, consulted Dr. Google and so many scary things come up. I have completely convinced myself I have cancer. I have been having tingling in both my hands, both my feet and sometimes in my face since mid-December. I have seen a neurologist APNP twice now and she says she doesn't see "any red flags". I did a 6 week stint of once a week physical therapy, which helped the neck pain I have been having, but didn't affect the tingling.

Just wondering if any of you can give me any insight while I wait the next 4 days until the hematologist appointment.

Thanks in advance!