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04-22-2015, 02:43 PM
Hey everyone!

This is my first post on this site, and I hate to be concerned without significant reason, but... I'm concerned.
I noticed a lump near my groin about a month ago. (FYI I'm a 25 year old female). I thought it was a zit or something starting, but it stayed under my skin. I couldn't get an appt. with my doctor for a few weeks, so I settled for an appt. with my OB GYN who first said it was a lymph node but changed her mind and said it was a lipoma fatty mass. I wasn't convinced, so I still made an appt. with my general practitioner.

I just had the appt on Monday, and she said they are swollen lymph nodes and that she can feel 3 (I only feel 2, one large and one smaller). She asked about other symptoms (no fevers, no infections, occasional fatigue, joint pain). She ordered a ton of blood tests including every STD, hepatitis, etc. I haven't gotten the STD or hep results yet but I would be shocked if anything came back positive.
I got my CBC and WBC differentials, and there are a few things concerning me, especially in the WBC diff. My overall WBCs are within range, but neutrophils are 30% (range 50-70) and lymphocytes are 68% (range 20-50). Also basophils are 2% when the range is 0-1%. It also says Microcytes 1+ and Polychromasia 1+ which concerns me about a possible problem with my bone marrow. I am also iron deficient but my hgb and hct levels are normal.
My doctor said she would be in contact with me about abnormalities but she hasn't contacted me yet. I emailed her asking to clarify what my results might mean, but I know she is very busy and hasn't gotten back to me yet.

What should be my next move? I hate the "watch and wait" thing, I've had a tumor before that ended up being very locally invasive and I was lucky that my healthcare team was really on the ball with getting it taken care of. If this is anything that could be problematic, I would like to get it taken care of asap. Could these be indicative of lymphoma? Anything else that is more likely? I seem to be the queen of experiencing very rare things health-wise, so I have a bad habit of expecting the worst.

Sorry this was so long, thanks for any advice you can give :)


04-23-2015, 06:40 PM
I got my STD and hepatitis results, all negative. I spoke with my doctor and she said not to be concerned and that it is likely an infection that has caused my swollen nodes, but I haven't had any symptoms of an infection. I know it is possible to have an infection without symptoms, but since all my tests were negative and swollen inguinal nodes seems to usually be caused by a more localized infection, I'm not so sure. I'm getting my blood tested again in a few weeks to see if my lymphocytes are still high and I guess I'll go from there.