View Full Version : Heroin - is he still using?

04-27-2015, 06:09 AM
my boyfriend is/was a heroin user. I am not sure if he is still using or not. He took a sub in front of me yesterday (well only half) after i asked him to because i swore i saw his arm where he injects and it looked bruised. he said oh it will bruise. he showed me his arms about 3 weeks ago and i saw the track marks from his use - but he supposed to be clean since then. so to see bruises now raised some flags for me. he swears he's not using and thats why he agreed to take the sub in front of me - but after reading online - track marks wont just bruise - only fresh marks will and i thought you couldnt take heroin and subs at the same time - it would make you really sick, but after reading some people do do both. i feel so lost and so alone in all this. i know i cant trust a drug addict but i want to beleive him so bad. i know to make this all go away i can just drug test him but whenever i question him about any of it he gets really mad and i know if he wasnt using he wouldnt get mad? right? any support or advice i would appreciate it. i feel so lost and so alone - i dont want to lose him - whether if he is still using, kicking him out - or if he isnt and i'm pushing him away questioning him. i just dont know what to do.

05-17-2015, 03:53 AM
Hello ifeelsolost and welcome. :wave:

If you continue seeing the bruising,it could either be the early signs of infection setting in or he could be using.

I say if he's willing to take suboxone in front of you,he really shouldn't have an objection to a drug test....

Unless he's hiding something.

The unfortunate thing is if he is still using,you won't need to worry about losing him,due to the fact that he has lost himself in a priority shuffle.

Please consider looking into a nar-anon support group,for there's definitely strength in numbers.