View Full Version : OCD and dental anxiety ... Need help

06-01-2015, 11:44 PM
Hello everyone, I wanted to post here and maybe see if I can get some advice from anyone. I was diagnosed with OCD back in middle school and have been taking medication for it for the past 4 years. Ill start from the beginning. 4 years ago I went to the dentist to have some fillings done. The dentist did the fillings but my bite never felt right. I was constantly going back to her to have her check my bite because it felt off. I think my OCD may have played a part in this. Most people I think wouldn't be constantly checking their bite. Also, I grind my teeth at night have have ground down my bottom teeth a bit as well as the back of my upper teeth :/ I now wear a night guard for grinding. I ended up going to a different dentist to get a second opinion who was absolutely wonderful with me. She listened to all my concerns and didn't make me feel bad for being so overwhelmed with it. She told me I have an overbite and first thing would be to go into ortho to straighten my bite and help my occlusion. I wore braces for a year and during that year is when I went to see psychiatrist and psychologist to talk about my fears and get on medication for my anxiety and OCD. I noticed when I had my braces my upper left front tooth would hit my bottom bracket which scared me because I didn't want to crack my tooth. My ortho put bumpers on but I was always worried I would crack my tooth. During my treatment time in braces towards the end my left front tooth started to become slightly sore. Not the whole tooth just the left side of the tooth (if that makes sense) I thought maybe I had cracked my tooth since I had many Craze lines on my teeth and saw I had developed one right where my top tooth hit the bottom bracket. Fast forward to when I got my braces off and for the first couple months i was fine. No anxiety. Then all of a sudden it came back with a vengeance! I was constantly looking in the mirror with a flashlight looking at all the cracks i had in my teeth. I was so worried my teeth were ruined so I made a dent it appointment. She told me they were craze lines and were only on the surface. She also checked my bite and told me my left bottom front tooth was hitting the side of my top front tooth (just on the side) where I get my mild sore sensation. periodically I would get a tiny zap when I ate but this was very rare. My dentist took x rays and said she couldn't see anything and said it was my bite so she did a bite adjustment. I went and got a second opinion from an Endodontist. He took X-rays and couldn't find anything wrong either. I kept bringing up that fact that I had cracks (craze lines) on my teeth and was worried I had cracked tooth syndrome. He said he thought it was my bite also. so I left feeling better. a few months later I went AGAIN to another dentist to get a 3rd opinion in Feb. He took X-rays and also did 3-D X-rays bite tests, pressure tests all the same as the last two dentists. He also agreed it was my bite. that my bottom tooth was prematurely hitting my top front tooth on the side. Well me being me I went online and saw that symptoms for CTS were a zapping feeling when eating and sensitivity to cold or hot. I was convinced they all 3 were wrong.......
When I move my bottom teeth forward when I bite the first spot that hits is that part of my tooth gets sore. Sometimes it becomes sore when I wake up in the morning and rarely it will give me a tiny zing when eating. Now i am convinced I have a vertical tooth root fracture. Is the X-rays didn't pick up the tiny fracture that COULD be there? Why is it so hard for me to believe that it is my bite that is causing me this sensation of soreness and little zaps? I do have a lot of craze lines on the back and front of this tooth. How do they know that it isn't a small microscopic crack causing this sensation? I feel crazy as i am writing this down but in my head it is a real fear... I have made a ortho appointment tomorrow morning to see if maybe he can do something to get my bite worked out. But i am still worried my tooth is cracked.. I am sorry this post is so long and I thank you for reading my ramblings but I needed to vent.