View Full Version : SPF 15 Lip Balm Protection suggestions?

06-17-2015, 02:30 PM
I currently use Blistex, it stays on for a few minutes at best. I'm looking for something longer lasting, preferably not waxy, that can be worn under lipstick. (have tried Burt's Bees, it is worse than Blisxtex) Prefer something with no parabens if possible. Thanks.

06-22-2015, 03:55 PM
I love cliniques lipsticks- High Impact. They have SPF of 15 and have enough color that they look like regular lipstick. If you insist on a balm underneath, try Niveas, I found that to stay on longer!

06-23-2015, 04:57 PM
You're a genious! I wish the gal at the Sephora counter had suggested this when I was there last week!

09-10-2016, 03:31 AM
I use Garnier SOS.. the one in the red package.. I tried blistex, sephora, nivea, but I always come back to this Garnier