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06-25-2015, 09:56 AM
Hello all,

I know your not a doctor but what does this mean ... lol. I had numerous x-rays earlier and obviously my spine has problems. Any help translating this to english (layman's terms) would be extremely helpful. Did anyone else have similar results?

Thank you in advance.

<-----BEGIN 1 ----->


Findings: The vertebral body and heights and alignment are preserved. There are mild degenerative changes of the lower lumber spine, as evidenced by mild joint space narrowing and mild endplate spurring. No acute fracture or subluxation is identified. The sacroiliac joints are grossly symmetrical.

<----- END 1 ---->

Is my sacroilic normal or no? I hate the wording they use. So confusing.

<------ BEGIN 2 ------>


Findings: The vertebral body heights and alignment are preserved. There a multilevel degenerative changes of the spine, as evidenced by disc space narrowing, endplate sclerosis and spurring, and hypertrophic changes of the posterior elements. There is a mild levoscoliotic curvature of the lumber spine, partially visualized. No acute fracture or subluxation is identified.

<----- END 2 ------>

I also had a cervical x-ray done but that came back normal ... I was shocked about that one. I supposed to go get an MRI of my spine once my insurance approves it.

I believe most of the xray results is related to my previous dx of osteoarthritis and scoliosis. I also have a positive romberg sign so I am hoping the mri will show up a lesion or something. Because I often feel I am being pulled to the side - does anyone else have this? From what I understand only thing left to cause this is a lesion on the spine somewhere. They've ruled the majority of everything else within the last 3 years.

Had appointment today and it went well he gave me anti-inflammatories and robaxin. The robaxin seems to helping the lower pain but not the upper back pain.

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise with the xray results. smile It is so GREATLY APPRECIATED!