View Full Version : Scary progressing symptoms! Pls!!! Anyone!!!

07-06-2015, 09:24 PM
Hello: thanks for those taking time to read this. I'm 29 years old and female. I have been having a heck of a time the last year. Multiple of doctors and specialists. Blood tests after tests. Anyways. My symptoms have been whole body twitching,( jaw jerking), severe calf leg pains, I also starting to get pains in my arms as well and now I'm starting too get these cold sensations in my right leg. No doctor can tell me what's wrong! I have had every blood test they can possibly do for me. And all normal!!! Is this a neurological thing? Do I need to see an neurologist? Anyone have these symptoms or know someone with this and know what it is so I can tell my doctor what it might be! It's causing severe anxiety now! I can't live like this anymore! Pls anyone. And no I haven't had an MRI. Surprisingly no one has even mentioned it. It's a year now and I just can't take this!

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