View Full Version : Could It Be Cancer?

07-08-2015, 02:38 PM
Roughly two years ago a large bump grew seemingly out of nowhere on the back right side of my neck. It was probably the size of a nickel and very noticeable. I joked about growing a 3rd eye. It didn't necessarily hurt, but it was irritated. After a couple weeks the swelling started to go down and was no longer visible. If I feel around I can still feel the bump. Much smaller, I would guess a centimeter or so. It doesn't hurt and it is not visible.

My doctor didn't even really notice it until I pointed it out. He told me the good news was that cancerous lumps tend to not just shrink. However, he said the fact that it is painless and been there so long is concerning. He has referred me to an ENT for a second opinion.

My doctor did not think it was a cyst, because he said swelling would typically take longer than a couple weeks to go down. He did think it was a lymph node but he said it was questionable/not certain. He also said the fact that it has not grown in size over the last couple years in encouraging. Still, I'm so concerned about it being cancerous.

Is there any reason a lymph node could stay swollen this long that is not cancer? Can anyone share insight about my story, the placement, etc.?

Anything would be helpful.